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21:00:59 <oneswig> hi
21:01:04 <martial> hello Stig
21:01:15 <oneswig> apologies, zero prep - dog ate my homework :-)
21:01:17 <oneswig> how about you?
21:05:33 <martial> just jumped here after my last meeting :)
21:05:52 <martial> friendly people, smiling faces, etc
21:07:58 <oneswig> Having fun?
21:10:34 <martial> yep, setting up systems iDRAC in the office :)
21:11:29 <martial> it is funny how being able to update systems remotely helps :)
21:12:38 <oneswig> Too much going on over here.  One interesting event from today was that we moved our hosted infrastructure to an OpenStack cloud that sells hot water as a byproduct of the IaaS - https://www.greenedge.cloud
21:17:12 <martial> seems really nice
21:19:14 <b1airo> o/
21:19:24 <oneswig> It's pretty snappy so far.  Caused me to do a lot of technical debt on the infra playbooks
21:19:27 <oneswig> Hey b1airo
21:19:31 <b1airo> howdy
21:19:31 <oneswig> #chair martial b1airo
21:19:32 <openstack> Current chairs: b1airo martial oneswig
21:20:09 <oneswig> Just us at present it seems.  I didn't manage to do any advance prep or organisation, alas.  Too much going on today :-(
21:20:15 <b1airo> sorry for being late - wedding anniversary, so had to take my time with morning coffee :-)
21:20:51 <b1airo> sounds familiar oneswig
21:21:28 <oneswig> b1airo: congratulations!
21:21:55 <b1airo> thanks. 10 years seems to have snuck up!
21:22:15 <b1airo> also makes me realise I must be getting old
21:22:16 <martial> yep congratulations :)
21:22:26 <martial> "better with age" :)
21:22:59 <b1airo> martial: how much experience do you guys have with kubeflow?
21:23:06 <julianp> Hi all. Been lurking. And congratulations b1airo!
21:23:19 <b1airo> hey julianp - thanks
21:23:27 <oneswig> This could be a good opportunity to discuss future session content
21:23:35 <oneswig> hi julianp, good to see you
21:23:53 <b1airo> good plan oneswig
21:24:59 <martial> not used it much. We do a lot of microservices with istio for people to deploy their ML frameworks, but GPU starvation is real
21:24:59 <oneswig> I think there's some interesting new user stories coming through, we should try to bring some of those in to the discussion.
21:25:55 <oneswig> b1airo: Bharat from our team wrote this up last year: https://www.stackhpc.com/kubeflow-baremetal-openstack.html
21:28:05 <b1airo> thanks oneswig
21:34:08 <oneswig> julianp: how's the data gathering going?
21:34:33 <julianp> Just working on that now, actually.
21:34:56 <julianp> I will be sending something to OpenStack folks today.
21:35:19 <julianp> Not sure how long I'll have to wait, but they seemed keen to help, so :fingers-crossed:
21:36:04 <julianp> As soon as I hear back I'll post something to the Slack.
21:37:18 <oneswig> I think you're right, that this data would help a lot of institutions to validate their decision making
21:39:33 <julianp> Yeah, OpenStack is also getting "better with age". ;)
21:42:04 <martial> that is very true ... especially "install" wise :)
21:52:25 <janders> b1airo congrats! :)
21:52:50 <janders> sorry for rocking up 8 minutes before the end... conflicting meeting
21:54:14 <b1airo> heh, thanks janders . i too have been pulled into 3 other threads of conversation
21:54:25 <oneswig> hey janders, good to see you.
21:54:39 <oneswig> how's things?
21:55:00 <janders> oneswig thanks - good to see you guys too! :)
21:55:22 <janders> busy - but good busy as they say so not complaining
21:55:58 <janders> my team meetings moved again so I have a permanent clash with the 2100hrs SIG session - but I will try to come regularly to this (morning for me) one now
21:56:55 <janders> a random question: when do you guys think we'll see non-virtual Summits back? late 2021 or later than that?
21:58:34 <martial> kind of hoping as soon as possible
21:59:01 <martial> virtual means not happening sadly for me; other priorities take priorities if I am not "at the meeting"
21:59:37 <janders> yeah it's so much easier to focus on participation when physically at the venue, hence disconnected from BAU distractions
21:59:59 <oneswig> All true
22:00:02 <oneswig> Who knows?
22:00:05 <janders> plus as much as jet lag is a pain it's better to deal with time differences prior than during the presentation
22:00:23 <oneswig> fair point janders
22:00:31 <oneswig> we are at time, unfortunately.
22:00:39 <janders> thanks everyone
22:00:46 <oneswig> Thanks all
22:00:47 <janders> speak to you in a couple weeks! :)
22:00:52 <oneswig> #endmeeting