21:00:46 <oneswig> #startmeeting scientific-sig
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21:01:00 <oneswig> Greetings
21:02:20 <martial> Hi Stig
21:02:48 <oneswig> Hi Martial.  How are you?
21:03:20 <martial> doing well, thank you
21:03:44 <martial> I was looking for generic the link for the OpenStack Survey
21:03:57 <oneswig> I'm plotting network diagrams, it's like needlework
21:04:05 <martial> lol yes they usually are
21:04:14 <martial> we need to organize for SC21
21:05:04 <oneswig> OK, lets do it
21:05:43 <martial> cool, who is planning to attend?
21:05:54 <martial> just rang up the troops in slack
21:06:51 <oneswig> I'm expecting to be there but my country may have other plans for the rest of the year...
21:07:16 <martial> yes, understood and understandable
21:07:17 <oneswig> really depends on the pandemic whether I'll be allowed on (and off) a plane to the US
21:07:54 <martial> we can look up our previous submission and update it
21:08:54 <martial> I will start the task
21:08:56 <oneswig> Ever been to St Louis?
21:09:11 <b1airo> nope, sounds fun though :-)
21:09:13 <oneswig> (that's where it is, right...)
21:09:16 <martial> not so far
21:09:22 <oneswig> Hi b1airo, morning
21:09:25 <martial> I believe you are correct
21:09:27 <oneswig> #chair martial b1airo
21:09:27 <opendevmeet> Current chairs: b1airo martial oneswig
21:09:35 <b1airo> How are you folks?
21:09:55 <martial> doing well, am going to be on kid pickup duty in another 10 minutes
21:09:56 <b1airo> Been out nightclubbing this week oneswig ?
21:10:16 <oneswig> Actually doing network diagrams.  almost as much fun!
21:10:27 <b1airo> I've just dumped mine for the day martial - school holidays here..
21:10:39 <oneswig> How's winter this year?
21:11:00 <b1airo> Boris let's you out of the house and you choose network diagrams - the shame :-P
21:11:10 <oneswig> Not just that.  It's been over 30C here all week.
21:11:16 <oneswig> I haven't been outdoors much
21:11:39 <oneswig> That's tragic
21:11:51 <b1airo> *whistle*, that doesn't sound like a UK temperature
21:12:43 <b1airo> Winter is ok, has been unseasonably wet so far actually, but also plenty of nice days, and the snow was good last week
21:12:54 <martial> that and that seems to imply "sun"  :)
21:13:33 <oneswig> British summer time - the best week of the year
21:16:08 <oneswig> martial: I forget, did we do anything for SC 2020?
21:17:04 <martial> not to my knowledge
21:17:17 <martial> I think the last one was 2019
21:17:20 <b1airo> No don't think there were BOFs for SC'20 were there? I seem to recall it was the SC that wasn't?
21:17:40 <oneswig> I was the attendee that didn't
21:17:53 <b1airo> Didn't they wait until ridiculously late to accept it couldn't happen as an in person event
21:21:32 <martial> oh right, something like that
21:21:39 <martial> (sorry need to go)
21:22:39 <b1airo> oneswig: have you guys done much with Blazar lately?
21:23:39 <oneswig> Blazar, quite a bit of activity for a UK cloud federation project, yes.
21:24:01 <oneswig> I think there will be a demo of that work in the next few weeks, and I'll see if there's a way to share it publicly.
21:26:05 <oneswig> I was wondering if you'd heard much from Steve Q about the Monash projects with Bluefield
21:28:33 <b1airo> Ok cool, we're probably going to want Blazar sooner than later, so will be good to hear about developments there
21:29:28 <b1airo> Re. Bluefield, I know little bits and pieces but not clear to me how successful any of the prototyping has been thus far - I suspect the thing he is advertising for is the prototyping
21:29:40 <oneswig> Sure, I'll keep you updated on how that goes
21:31:01 <b1airo> I will touch base with him on it soon though as we are going to have a project to look at multi-tenant cloud security for data-science workloads - clearly some parallels there
21:32:44 <b1airo> The micro-segmentation approach makes sense to me from an architectural standpoint as it scales more naturally with the workloads that need it. Arguably security groups already give you the micro-segmentation control, what's missing is the visibility
21:37:00 <oneswig> Better go - the kids are up and about.
21:37:07 <b1airo> Ok, looks like it's just us at the moment. I ought to get out of the car and make my way into the office
21:37:18 <oneswig> catch you later b1airo, have a good day!
21:37:19 <b1airo> :-)
21:37:25 <b1airo> cya!
21:37:32 <b1airo> #endmeeting