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21:01:31 <oneswig> greetings
21:02:10 <oneswig> julianp: hi there
21:02:19 <julianp> Hi oneswig!
21:02:36 <julianp> How is everyone?
21:02:45 <oneswig> Hello!  I've been neglectful recently (year end approaching).
21:03:07 <julianp> Is work busy?
21:03:22 <oneswig> All well over here.  We've been working on completing some federated research cloud projects
21:04:02 <oneswig> It's always nice to talk about these things, and great fun to do them.  A bit harder to finish them though, huh?
21:04:19 <julianp> Heh. Yeah, I know what you mean.
21:04:19 <oneswig> How's things with you?
21:04:38 <julianp> Not bad at all.
21:05:05 <julianp> Are your projects all around Europe?
21:05:38 <oneswig> The majority are
21:06:01 <oneswig> We are lucky to work in a lot of far-off places too, mostly nice and sunny ones
21:06:15 <julianp> Oh my. Yes that's not bad at all.
21:06:54 <oneswig> I'm not sure how that worked out that many of our clients also happen to be in holiday destinations :-)
21:07:27 <julianp> Let me know when you find out the secret.
21:07:42 <oneswig> How's Arizona, speaking of sunny places?
21:08:10 <julianp> Very sunny! And getting warm. It's spring break here, so most of the students are off somewhere.
21:08:49 <oneswig> On their European tour perhaps.  We were in Portugal last month and there were quite a few American students in town
21:09:37 <julianp> Huh. Yeah, that could well be. I can only imagine how many university students there are around the world right now.
21:09:57 <julianp> (Traveling)
21:10:30 <julianp> Do you have a long lead time on your research cloud engagements?
21:11:46 <oneswig> I don't think there's a consistent pattern.  Sometimes we get asked to intervene in a down system that day.  Sometimes it can take months and months to get something started.
21:12:08 <oneswig> Somewhere in between the extremes is good, of course.
21:12:33 <julianp> Yes, I imagine that helps quite a bit with scheduling.
21:13:05 <oneswig> How's the uptake for Exosphere going - are you busy with that?
21:13:40 <julianp> Yeah, I am now full-time on Exosphere. We have a few contractors. Starting to think about sustainability models.
21:14:14 <julianp> George Mason University have been evaluating it, and they like it a lot so far.
21:15:02 <julianp> Well, not 'starting to think', but more 'starting to put in place'...
21:15:06 <oneswig> Nice work julianp
21:15:34 <julianp> Thank you oneswig! I can't believe it's been over 4 years since our extremely rough prototype.
21:16:05 <julianp> I want to do a time-travel style retrospective, showing how it's evolved over the years.
21:16:38 <oneswig> That's quite a journey, no doubt
21:17:12 <julianp> Indeed. Right now we're focused on making sure that researchers LOVE the Jetstream2 experience.
21:17:32 <oneswig> I was wondering if we should attempt to bag a slot for the PTG - would be good to share updates
21:17:40 <oneswig> Are you planning to go to Berlin in June?
21:18:09 <julianp> Yes, I'm hoping to get there.
21:18:15 <julianp> You?
21:19:01 <oneswig> Yes, I'll be there, circumstances permitting.
21:19:28 <julianp> Fingers crossed. I haven't been to a conference in person... in a while.
21:19:35 <oneswig> I haven't seen anything about booking sessions for the Summit, don't want to miss that opportunity
21:20:03 <julianp> Yeah, good point.
21:22:09 <julianp> Do you know the breakdown of novice/intermediate/power users of the research clouds you work with?
21:22:53 <oneswig> For the users, no.  In most cases we know the admins, they know the users.  Occasionally we get the war stories :-)
21:22:59 <julianp> Heh. I bet.
21:24:24 <oneswig> I'll ask about space for a session at Berlin.
21:25:13 <julianp> cmart & I gave a lecture to some masters students learning distributed computing. They are encouraged (strongly) to use the OpenStack API and programmatic methods to manage their resources (as opposed to point-and-click). It has always been a goal for me to enable people to 'level up' from UI to 'programmable infrastructure', and I'm toying with some ideas.
21:26:24 <oneswig> It's really cool what can be done via the API.
21:26:31 <oneswig> I'm already looking forward to Berlin - I suspect that enthusiasm will result in subsidising an evening beer/dinner
21:26:43 <julianp> Indeed!
21:29:20 <julianp> I have never visited Germany, and I even have some family there. May try to combine it with catching the German MotoGP race!
21:30:40 <oneswig> Oh nan - that would be fantastic.
21:30:47 <oneswig> (man!)
21:31:26 <oneswig> I've mailed about getting a SIG forum on the summit schedule.
21:31:41 <julianp> Excellent.
21:33:11 <oneswig> OK, should we stop there?  I have a couple of loose ends to tie off before turning in.
21:33:18 <julianp> Yes, was about to suggest that.
21:33:40 <julianp> Well, I'm glad to hear you may be at the conference in Berlin.
21:34:09 <julianp> Catch you next time! 👋
21:34:21 <oneswig> Same to you julianp, already looking forward to it
21:34:24 <oneswig> #endmeeting