21:03:01 <b1airo> #startmeeting scientific-wg
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21:03:05 <anteaya> b1airo: hello
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21:03:13 <oneswig> Greetings!
21:03:22 <rockyg> o/
21:03:24 <james__> Hi
21:03:31 <b1airo> ah g'day there you are - the list of lurkers here is ridiculous
21:03:39 <rbudden> hello
21:03:52 <anteaya> b1airo: if you use the command #chair oneswig the Stig can also be chair
21:03:53 <anteaya> b1airo: you are chair since you started the meeting
21:04:04 <b1airo> thanks anteaya
21:04:12 <anteaya> welcome
21:04:13 <b1airo> #chair oneswig
21:04:14 <openstack> Current chairs: b1airo oneswig
21:04:19 <oneswig> ooh, the power
21:04:33 <b1airo> don't go all voldemort on us
21:04:37 <anteaya> now it will recognize commands from either of you
21:04:41 <CraigSterrett> o/
21:05:05 <b1airo> #topic roll-call
21:05:10 <dabukalam> o/
21:05:11 * dfflanders yawns
21:05:17 * dfflanders waking up
21:05:18 <oneswig> \o/
21:05:30 <james__> \o/
21:05:34 <b1airo> any IRC first timers here for scientific-wg
21:05:35 <b1airo> ?
21:05:44 <rbudden> kinda
21:05:45 <james__> I am from sanger
21:05:53 <rbudden> not new to IRC but new to the OpenStack IRC meetings
21:05:55 <oneswig> certainly not an old hand at this
21:05:58 <ptrlv> ditto here
21:06:03 <b1airo> if you can shout out hello that'd be good - so we get an idea of who is actually participating
21:06:12 <b1airo> rbudden: me too
21:06:22 <rbudden> hello
21:06:24 <dfflanders> g'day!
21:06:27 <james__> Hello
21:06:48 <CraigSterrett> hello
21:06:49 <oneswig> Ready?
21:06:50 <rbudden> b1airo: yeah, I usually lurk in openstack-ironic
21:07:26 <oneswig> #topic Newton cycle activity planning and brainstorming
21:07:41 <b1airo> well this is my first time on IRC in months, was using it for our cloud here in australia but then moved over to slack so that the managery folks could get engaged easuer
21:07:45 <b1airo> *easier
21:08:26 <b1airo> first question / discussion point
21:08:39 <anteaya> very common usecase
21:08:45 <oneswig> We have two meeting times, which is going to make it tricky to reach a split-brained consensus on things
21:09:05 <oneswig> But we'll converge I expect
21:09:18 <b1airo> is anyone aware of any specs we should be cognisant of?
21:09:18 <anteaya> folks who want to agree find a way
21:09:43 <anteaya> well this group keeps mentioning the scheduler in nova
21:09:48 <anteaya> is anyone following that work?
21:09:56 <anteaya> or attending the scheduler meetings?
21:10:17 <b1airo> i have to admit i have not yet done my usual post-summit spec perusal
21:10:17 <oneswig> Not me but I'm interested in the scheduler's revised treatment of Ironic
21:10:42 <rbudden> not following yet, but had some discussions at the summit about it
21:10:57 <oneswig> I'm also interested in the work on Ironic serial console support, while we are there
21:11:08 <anteaya> okay well whoever is interested in tracking scheduler decisions make themselves known so I can help you find meetings and specs
21:11:13 <oneswig> A long-standing spec seems to be finally getting traction
21:11:40 <rbudden> the short story I was told is that they are aware a slew of issues and a major rewrite is under way
21:11:58 <rbudden> but i’d defer to their meetings for the full truth ;)
21:12:04 <anteaya> for instance here is the scheduler team meeting info
21:12:16 <anteaya> #link scheduler meeting http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/#Nova_Scheduler_Team_Meeting
21:12:32 <oneswig> anteaya: thanks for that
21:12:40 <rbudden> thanks
21:12:50 <anteaya> welcome
21:13:00 <b1airo> i think where we can add value here as a working group is in ppl discussing issues with the specs in this forum and then we can take that to the project on the mail-list or what have you. the problem i've found with this in the past is that, whilst you can comment on specs easily enough, you're just one little voice that (probably) no-one on the dev team knows.
21:13:29 <b1airo> and of course gerrit is not that great for conversations
21:13:41 <dfflanders> +1 this is the purpose of the WG having task-forces per cycle
21:13:49 <oneswig> I agree, I've found most issues raised from here have common cause with many others
21:13:51 <anteaya> when you read the meeting minutes anything with #link stands out
21:14:03 <anteaya> b1airo: agreed
21:14:32 <b1airo> ok so -
21:14:33 <dabukalam> b1airo: I've also noticed that in the past, groups that meet regularly on IRC gain traction slowly over time if they're consistent, which means that little voice turns into a much larger and well-respected voice.
21:14:50 <b1airo> #action ALL: raise specs of interest to the working-group on the mailing list
21:14:50 <oneswig> #agreed collective input on specs is good
21:14:58 <dfflanders> as to which of the task-forces in this WG does the scheduler work align to?
21:15:21 <anteaya> plus you can link to meeting logs as they are archived
21:15:22 <anteaya> so that helps to show that a group has made a decision
21:15:22 <anteaya> or is in accord
21:15:22 <anteaya> dabukalam: very much so
21:15:40 <b1airo> dfflanders: no clear one - but accounting might be closest
21:15:50 <b1airo> also ironic
21:15:58 <christx2> nuage here - interested in ironic / baremetal use cases
21:16:02 <rbudden> there are definitely scheduler issues with ironic
21:16:25 <b1airo> hi christx2
21:16:31 <christx2> hi
21:16:39 <dfflanders> important that we have a clear statement for what we are jointly representing on behalf of the user.
21:16:48 <dfflanders> scientific users
21:17:05 <LyleWinton> slash research users.  ;)
21:17:11 <b1airo> dfflanders: are you raising "mission statement" as a point of discussion?
21:17:29 <oneswig> Shall we go through the four tasks in turn
21:17:39 <dfflanders> +1
21:17:48 <b1airo> one item of house-keeping first
21:17:54 <oneswig> go ahead
21:17:57 <anteaya> dfflanders: well for starters I think it is important for those interested to start tracking the existing work
21:18:11 <b1airo> task-tracking - is everyone happy to use trello for the moment?
21:18:17 <anteaya> setting up barriers to doing that actually slows things down
21:18:27 <dfflanders> blairo +1
21:18:35 <b1airo> (we can defer to established infra practices where appropriate, but storyboard seems a bit overkill for us at this point)
21:18:49 <oneswig> I am happy with trello for tracking where we are
21:18:58 <oneswig> I don't think we'll overflow it
21:19:02 <james__> I dislike trello however.... if that is the standard
21:19:12 <b1airo> i suspect it'll mainly be used by oneswig and i anyway
21:19:41 <anteaya> james__: it isn't
21:19:48 <dfflanders> yes good way for chairs to keep track of task-force progress
21:20:07 <b1airo> more of a chair coordination thing, but useful to ping people assigned to tasks and gather extra details in one place
21:20:17 <anteaya> can we find other words that don't militarize the effort?
21:20:46 <dfflanders> anteaya: glad to let's discuss on the user-committee mailing list.
21:20:55 <anteaya> or here
21:20:56 <oneswig> Given Trello has zero setup effort, little is lost if we decide to drop it again
21:21:03 <anteaya> the point of the meeting is to discuss thing
21:21:04 <anteaya> s
21:21:13 <b1airo> sorry anteaya, which words?
21:21:19 <anteaya> not just punt everything to a mailing list
21:21:20 <anteaya> task force
21:21:26 <b1airo> ah right
21:21:34 <anteaya> I don't think the effort needs militarizing
21:21:37 <b1airo> sub-team ?
21:21:45 <oneswig> activity?
21:22:00 <anteaya> b1airo: that works
21:22:01 <b1airo> red-wing ;-)
21:22:01 <anteaya> oneswig: so does that
21:22:01 <oneswig> activity sub-team??
21:22:10 <anteaya> sure
21:22:25 <oneswig> any others?
21:22:41 <b1airo> i like "activity"
21:22:45 <anteaya> I don't know what red-wing means
21:22:45 <anteaya> I think blackbird on that
21:22:59 <anteaya> also noone needs to be blessed to attend any meeting or track and comment on any spec
21:23:15 <dfflanders> time check
21:23:24 <anteaya> so please don't feel you need permission from anyone to do so, if you are interested in a thing, track it
21:23:24 <oneswig> #agreed we'll call the activities "activities" from here on
21:23:41 <jmlowe> so is the scientific meeting still going? I'm a bit late
21:23:48 <oneswig> #topic User Stories
21:23:50 <oneswig> Hi Mike
21:23:52 <b1airo> hi jmlowe - yep
21:23:58 <jmlowe> whew
21:23:58 <rbudden> hello Mike
21:24:03 <jmlowe> Hey Bob
21:24:06 <anteaya> jmlowe: welcome, can you read the channel topic in your irc client?
21:24:21 <qwebirc65959> join
21:24:23 <anteaya> jmlowe: that is a good way to see what activity is currently ongoing in a channel
21:24:27 <jmlowe> ah, yeah, just noticed
21:24:36 <jmlowe> thanks
21:24:36 <oneswig> It seems the foundation's got some doubts about the wiki
21:24:38 <anteaya> jmlowe: awesome
21:24:49 <anteaya> oneswig: not the foundation
21:24:52 <oneswig> Is there a more appropriate way of storing information?
21:24:54 <anteaya> the infra team
21:24:55 <b1airo> the infra team
21:24:56 <anteaya> which maintains the wiki
21:25:01 <oneswig> anteaya: right
21:25:06 <anteaya> use the wiki for now
21:25:22 <qwebirc65959> boas@systemfabricworks.com join
21:25:23 <oneswig> anteaya: was there a decision or still collecting feedback on wiki uses?
21:25:37 <oneswig> Hello Bill
21:25:44 <b1airo> my first question re. user stories is, is there a standard we need to follow - i assume there is just a repo somewhere with an RST template and away we go?
21:26:02 <oneswig> Several levels of standards I think
21:26:05 <qwebirc65959> Hi Stig
21:26:05 <leong> for the user story, the product wg has a template and repo
21:26:05 <b1airo> hi Bill (qwebirc65959)
21:26:16 <oneswig> I need to read some of them - should have prepared
21:26:36 <qwebirc65959> hi Blair
21:26:37 <anteaya> we just have a long term direction of finding information sharing tools that are less attractive to spammers
21:26:38 <anteaya> the decision was to take the next year and find tools that are less attractive to spammers
21:26:38 <anteaya> oneswig: so use the wiki as you need to
21:26:41 <rockyg> leong, ++  You can start by using the Prod wg template
21:26:41 <oneswig> #action oneswig to read user stories and understand their scoping
21:27:00 <leong> here's a link the the product wg user story repo
21:27:10 <leong> #link product_wg user story repo: https://github.com/openstack/openstack-user-stories/tree/master/user-stories/proposed
21:27:15 <b1airo> oneswig, yes i think it's the scoping that i'm wondering about too
21:27:19 <oneswig> leong: thanks
21:27:30 <b1airo> that will help us determine what stories we might contribute
21:27:32 <leong> the product wg follow the openstack development flow and using gerrit to track
21:27:45 <oneswig> But there are also reference architectures, which are more detailed, right?
21:27:53 <leong> the template can be found here:
21:28:00 <b1airo> i get the feeling it's closer to personas that specific use-cases, but just guessing really
21:28:04 <leong> #link product_wg user story template: https://github.com/openstack/openstack-user-stories/blob/master/user-story-template.rst
21:28:30 <leong> Enterprise WG is working on a series of Reference Architectire
21:28:57 <ptrlv> Each activity has an etherpad ready to go right? was the intention to distill info into those? eg.
21:29:03 <oneswig> leong: thanks, I'll look for those too and report back
21:29:05 <ptrlv> #link stories https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/scientific-wg-austin-summit-stories
21:29:13 <b1airo> #link https://github.com/openstack/openstack-user-stories/blob/master/HACKING.rst looks like a good place to start reading oneswig
21:29:50 <b1airo> ptrlv: that's one option for sure
21:29:53 <oneswig> b1airo: thanks
21:30:03 <dc_mattj> sorry all, had a family A&E visit so missed the first half of this meeting
21:30:18 <christx2> if someone can pass the nova scheduler issues with ironic on, a review item - that would be great
21:30:20 <b1airo> dc_mattj: yikes!
21:30:34 <dc_mattj> nothing serious in the end, but obviously takes hours
21:30:51 <oneswig> dc_mattj: thanks for making it
21:30:57 <james__> /o\ dc_mattj
21:31:00 <christx2> we are doing work on provisioning networks to ironic baremetal instances
21:31:07 <christx2> thanks
21:31:36 <oneswig> ptrlv: are you thinking for planning here and now or tracking as we go along?
21:31:54 <oneswig> christx2: don't think we've got on to that yet
21:32:28 <b1airo> christx2: what action did you want there - "raise nova-scheduler issues with ironic for further discussion on mailing list" ?
21:32:44 <b1airo> ok, let's hold it and finish user-stories
21:32:57 <LyleWinton> Not sure about the rest of you, but thinking we should look for use cases with community wide traction.  How do we discuss/determine which these are?
21:33:05 <dc_mattj> sorry if you guys have already done this, but do you have an open ether pad I can refer to ?
21:33:25 <anteaya> if we can lets use links to git.openstack.org
21:33:25 <anteaya> git.openstack.org is the infra supported servers
21:33:25 <anteaya> github is propriatary and we don't have control over their decisions
21:33:25 <anteaya> so links to git.openstack.org is preferred please
21:33:26 <anteaya> christx2: what do you mean?
21:33:30 <anteaya> LyleWinton: community wide meaning scientific community wide?
21:33:35 <ptrlv> oneswig: I was thinking the main etherpad was a mess and we could summarize things a little more coherently. Dunno, what did you intend those other pads for?
21:33:36 <oneswig> LyleWinton: I think every use case I've heard of has some differences but much in common
21:33:38 <b1airo> i think we have LyleWinton (in the summit meetings) - but we can be always open to new stuff if there are ppl willing to work
21:33:42 <LyleWinton> Yep
21:33:58 <oneswig> LyleWinton: it might come down to who comes forward to document their case
21:34:06 <christx2> oneswig: cool, will hang back until we do..
21:34:23 <anteaya> LyleWinton: Yep to what?
21:34:24 <LyleWinton> Sure, happy to let it evolve.
21:34:43 <LyleWinton> (yep to "community wide meaning scientific community wide?")
21:34:48 <b1airo> ptrlv: actually that's another action i think - moving some etherpad content to wiki and also creating a parking lot
21:35:03 <oneswig> Etherpads: it's a good idea ptrlv, we can revive those from the summit session
21:35:06 <anteaya> LyleWinton: ah thank you
21:35:37 <anteaya> LyleWinton: if you are replying to a specific querant it helps to use the querant's name
21:35:47 <anteaya> for instance for you in my client I type Ly and hit the tab button
21:35:59 <dc_mattj> oneswig: probably good to start some new ones with the main points as topics, and with the summit ones linked
21:36:00 <anteaya> and you name autocompletes
21:36:04 <LyleWinton> anteaya: will do.  IRC noob
21:36:05 <anteaya> LyleWinton: so you know I am replying to you
21:36:08 <b1airo> we should make it a goal of this cycle to not create the (effectively) the same etherpad again in Barcelona (which seems to happen more than it should)
21:36:23 <anteaya> LyleWinton: yup, I know, glad you are here, happy to support the learning process
21:36:32 <dc_mattj> blairo: +1
21:36:43 <oneswig> There's an action outstanding for solidifying some of the etherpad notes into wiki statements, can anyone take it (or shall I?)
21:36:45 <leong> blairo +1
21:36:55 <b1airo> i will
21:37:05 <oneswig> b1airo: good man
21:37:23 <b1airo> #action b1airo to "solidify" etherpad notes to wiki
21:37:23 <oneswig> #action b1airo to collect notes from etherpads from sessions into WG wiki
21:37:29 <b1airo> lol
21:37:31 <oneswig> split brain!
21:37:36 <dc_mattj> look at that for teamwork
21:37:39 <oneswig> you drive :-)
21:37:40 <b1airo> well, there are two main etherpads
21:37:43 <anteaya> if one of you does #undo the last command is removed from the minutes
21:37:54 <oneswig> how to arbitrate?
21:38:05 <oneswig> I will
21:38:06 <b1airo> rock, paper, scissors ...? ;-)
21:38:10 <dc_mattj> vote
21:38:14 <oneswig> #undo
21:38:15 <openstack> Removing item from minutes: <ircmeeting.items.Action object at 0xa7f8a10>
21:38:19 <oneswig> phew
21:38:25 <b1airo> that was a close one
21:38:29 <oneswig> OK, next item?
21:38:34 <b1airo> kinx
21:38:35 <LyleWinton> One more agreement coming from the Austin friday morning face to face: We'd like to promote our scientific cloud profiles but we were unsure where.
21:38:37 <b1airo> *jinx
21:38:51 <ptrlv> #link austin-pad https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/scientific-wg-austin-summit-agenda
21:39:09 <b1airo> LyleWinton, i think that'll come with a new page on openstack.org
21:39:17 <oneswig> LyleWinton: Is this the register of community clouds?
21:39:21 <b1airo> amirite dfflanders ?
21:39:39 <b1airo> however, we could get started now with a wiki page
21:40:15 <LyleWinton> There were 2 thoughts.  First https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/science-clouds which we updated.  The second, more coming from flanders afterwards, was to work on a new Marketplace category for community/scientific could listsing.
21:40:27 <leong> LyleWinton you mean something like http://www.openstack.org/enterprise
21:40:31 <oneswig> There was a short list gathered, but it will need details on access, availability etc
21:40:40 <b1airo> ok cool. i'm gonna take that into my wiki update action then
21:40:55 <oneswig> leong: great page!  yes!
21:41:00 <leong> e.g. http://www.openstack.org/scientific?
21:41:04 <b1airo> #action b1airo to wiki-ify #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/science-clouds
21:41:09 <LyleWinton> Like https://www.openstack.org/marketplace/public-clouds/
21:41:29 <b1airo> ok, we need to move onto bare-metal
21:41:35 <oneswig> When does a publ
21:41:43 <oneswig> public cloud become a science cloud?
21:41:46 <b1airo> #topic bare-metal
21:42:09 <LyleWinton> leong: that would also be cool!
21:42:25 <b1airo> oneswig, good question... maybe when it is not-for-profit ?
21:42:35 <james__> Its to do with the work load I would say
21:42:38 <LyleWinton> A science cloud has community access restrictions.
21:42:46 <anteaya> b1airo: oh I think that would be a ball of yarn
21:42:55 <james__> science is more cpu heavy than most web serving for example
21:43:10 <b1airo> LyleWinton, yes good point
21:43:18 <anteaya> b1airo: I think have you and oneswig decide what goes on the page for now and then build criteria from that
21:43:19 <james__> There is commericial and accedemic science clouds
21:43:25 <leong> i think there are two things: if you are talking about offering a scientific cloud for people to use, that might fall under the marketplacce
21:43:27 <oneswig> OK, so there could be distinctions
21:43:39 <oneswig> Ironic anyone?
21:44:00 <b1airo> christx2?
21:44:13 <rbudden> we use Ironic
21:44:16 <oneswig> I'm restating, I'm interested in tracking the serial console work.  Had some good discussions with the chameleon team wrt this at the summit
21:44:17 <rbudden> so I’m interested
21:44:19 <LyleWinton> james__: There's commercial use of cloud from scientific, but that's different.  I think we have to keep it a simple definition.
21:44:21 <christx2> hi
21:44:48 <LyleWinton> oneswig: link to serial console work?
21:44:49 <christx2> primary use cases are network provisioning to a baremetal instance
21:45:15 <anteaya> oneswig: the chameleon team?
21:45:28 <oneswig> #link serial console etherpad https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ironic-newton-summit-console
21:45:33 <christx2> i heard earlier that ironic is broken, so i'm curious who is using it and what network topologies they use
21:45:39 <james__> One worry about ironic is in the clean up
21:45:42 <oneswig> Chameleon is an NSF project, bare metal research cloud
21:45:51 <b1airo> christx2, which part of the network provisioning? tenant and provider, or provisioning network?
21:45:56 <dc_mattj> oneswig: us public clouds will take anyone who gives us money
21:46:00 <christx2> tenant
21:46:02 <anteaya> christx2: can you expand on 'I heard earlier that ironic is broken'?
21:46:26 <christx2> on the channel earlier  a comment was made "nova scheduler issues affecting ironic"
21:46:31 <james__> +1 to "broken" for tenants.
21:46:48 <LyleWinton> dc_mattj:  Us community clouds will take anyone from the community... and possibly who give us money... ;)
21:46:57 <dc_mattj> LyleWinton: lol
21:47:08 <ptrlv> the bare-metal/ironic discussion in austin was mostly rbudden's experience
21:47:10 <oneswig> So what I know about tenant networking in Ironic is that you need a provisioning network which probably has to be flat.  Additional networks can be segmented (vlans)
21:47:17 <b1airo> i don't know really anything current about ironic, but i'm surprised by the notion that tenant networks are "broken", there must be more to it
21:47:18 <rbudden> christx2: we have nova scheduler issues that cause issues provisioning our cluster
21:47:34 <ptrlv> rbudden: I recall much interest from other so maybe you cansummarize your stuff in more detail
21:47:35 <christx2> okay, is this documented and which release of openstack?
21:47:40 <b1airo> oneswig, surely segmentation requirement goes without saying
21:47:41 <oneswig> There was a talk on it at Tokyo, I'll dig for it
21:47:53 <b1airo> (assuming you want tenant networks for isolation in the first place)
21:47:59 <christx2> yep, the vlan segmentation is what we are targeting with what we do
21:48:03 <james__> I have heard things around accounting, cleaning the machine out.
21:48:06 <dc_mattj> its quite interesting there seems to be a lot of this around ironic - is there a definitive document which says what works, what's broken etc. ?
21:48:19 <rbudden> ptrlv: main overview at PSC is that we have an 800+ node HPC cluster being managed by Ironic
21:48:20 <christx2> okay, got it. the HW we use is HP and interfacing ilo
21:48:23 <b1airo> hypervisor support matrix?
21:48:39 <dc_mattj> is it still the case that everything has to be in the same L2 domain ?
21:48:54 <ptrlv> rbudden: yeah, more thinking that you hit problem which others hit too
21:48:55 <james__> For example the clean out I have heard doesn't work on "standard" ilo's
21:48:55 <oneswig> #link tenant network isolation in ironic https://www.openstack.org/videos/video/tokyo-1929
21:49:03 <rbudden> ptrlv: we’ve hit some issues with the largest issue being the nova scheduler and race conditions when trying to simultaneous provision large portions of the cluster
21:49:09 <b1airo> rbudden, cool! but i guess you don't have ironic managing any tenant isolation
21:49:21 <rbudden> no, we aren’t using Neutron
21:49:23 <b1airo> just for your own provisioning management?
21:49:32 <oneswig> dc_mattj: unfortunately there is only one document - python sources
21:49:42 <oneswig> unfair
21:49:44 <b1airo> then you run a regular batch-system over it?
21:50:03 <anteaya> oneswig: thank you
21:50:04 <anteaya> christx2: on which channel?
21:50:04 <anteaya> jroll: ^^
21:50:05 <anteaya> b1airo: thank you, I also am curious about details on this assertion
21:50:07 <anteaya> I'm still not clear where the asserstion came from that anything is broken
21:50:19 <rbudden> b1airo: correct, we run Slurm as the default for doing batch scheduling, then use Puppet to dynamically configure the nodes into things like separate Hadoop clusters, etc. when necessary
21:50:22 <jpr> science is also code word for pets. ;)  so we also want to encourage good cloud dev habits.   acknowledging that there will be a period of adoption/pain as app deployment models migrate.
21:50:26 <james__> Comments from the manchester meetup for me.
21:50:31 * jroll listens
21:50:37 <b1airo> jpr, yes re. pets :-)
21:50:38 <rbudden> b1airo: also use Slurm to spin up Nova Computes if we need VMs on Bridges PVT
21:50:47 <christx2> anteaya: not sure what you mean
21:50:50 <rbudden> Ironic is mainly for reimaging the machine
21:51:01 <anteaya> jroll: apparently someone somewhere said ironic is broken
21:51:13 <christx2> yes, on this channel
21:51:14 <anteaya> jroll: so now christx2 is repeating that ironic is broken
21:51:15 <rockyg> Re:  what is a science cloud?   I think what many think of as science clouds are clouds that provide resources to run scientific investigations.  So, science "loads."
21:51:22 <anteaya> jroll: but I haven't found out any details
21:51:31 <rockyg> There are lots of simulations that don't use pets, though.
21:51:32 <anteaya> christx2: during this meeting?
21:51:34 <jroll> christx2: what's broken? I see things about networking
21:51:36 <rbudden> b1airo: we don’t reimage frequently, mainly due to the nova scheduler issues and it taking 1.5 days to reimage the entire cluster ;)
21:51:38 <christx2> yeah
21:51:41 <christx2> let me scroll bac
21:51:59 <jroll> christx2: we have some... limitations, yes. we're working on it making it better
21:51:59 <anteaya> christx2: jroll is the ironit ptl (project team lead)
21:52:03 <b1airo> the issue i have with deploying ironic in a multi-tenant environment is with disconnecting the provisioning network once the instance is booted
21:52:07 <LyleWinton> jpr: "science is code for pets".  Harsh dude. Sure, we're not advanced, but our codes include decades of experimental and methods validation.
21:52:17 <oneswig> jroll: hi - follow up on the discussion re: flaky bmcs - is there anything operators could do to help with taxonomy of problems?
21:52:22 <james__> Ironic issues in ensuring that the machine is cleaned between tenants.
21:52:22 <rockyg> jroll, can only use a flat network?  L2?
21:52:38 <jpr> lylewinton, understood and not meant to be harsh.  totally recognize what's going on there.
21:52:59 <b1airo> requires switch orchestration, and generally all our management/provisioning gear is on a different part of the network with FEXes and stuff that aren't supported in Neutron
21:53:05 <jroll> rockyg: yes, L2 or L3, doesn't matter, but data plane and control plane must be the same network today
21:53:09 <christx2> b1airo
21:53:09 <christx2> christx2: what action did you want there - "raise nova-scheduler issues with ironic for further discussion on mailing list" ?
21:53:40 <jpr> there is value in those pets but  more so as image definitions rather than specific instances.   that's where the value of a curated execution environment comes in.
21:53:46 <dc_mattj> oneswig: someone who's using ironic should take an action to document that stuff for the wider community
21:53:50 <jroll> oneswig: JayF is working on a spec for handling bmcs better, you might talk to him
21:54:05 <oneswig> jroll: OK thanks, I'll look out for him
21:54:06 <jroll> s/better/more automagically/
21:54:08 <rockyg> jroll, ^^what blairo said
21:54:21 <oneswig> #action oneswig to raise BMC failure modes with JayF
21:54:53 <rbudden> dc_mattj: i have logs of some of the nova scheduler issues, along with other problems i’ve encountered. my personal goal is to file some bugs and have some fixes for what i’ve seen and tested
21:54:55 <b1airo> #action discuss/identify current working and problem use-cases for ironic in research/hpc
21:55:02 <dc_mattj> oneswig: BMC's generally are a horror of inconsistency - see recent posts to the ops list
21:55:14 <b1airo> that LCA video was great
21:55:16 <oneswig> dc_mattj: saw them, and wept
21:55:37 <LyleWinton> jpr: don't worry, not taken too harshly. On our cloud, several thousand users, probably 50 embracing new cloud architecture. So expert community building and supporting new stack development are key parts of our strategy.
21:55:42 <b1airo> ok, can we squeeze in HPFS quickly or shall we leave it for next week
21:55:45 <anteaya> oneswig: he spends a lot of time in the #openstack-ironic channel
21:55:48 <anteaya> jroll: thanks for joining on short notice
21:55:48 <anteaya> jroll: I appreciate it
21:55:48 <dc_mattj> oneswig: this is why making something like ironic work in any kind of general way across hardware platforms is horrific
21:55:48 <anteaya> jroll: :)
21:56:09 <jroll> anteaya: very welcome
21:56:10 <rockyg> anteaya, jroll ++ thanks both of you
21:56:11 <dc_mattj> +1
21:56:14 <oneswig> jroll: thanks
21:56:25 <jroll> to all of you: feel free to jump in the ironic channel whenever you want to chat more
21:56:37 <oneswig> we are almost out of time.  Any other business to raise?
21:56:41 <anteaya> b1airo: are we doing to have open discussion today?
21:56:42 <anteaya> that is #openstack-ironic
21:56:57 <rbudden> jroll: i’ve been lurking, plan on becoming more active and getting involved in some dev as time permits
21:57:01 <anteaya> I have an item for open discussion
21:57:10 <oneswig> #topic AOB
21:57:12 <jroll> rbudden: awesome :)
21:57:13 <b1airo> anteaya, i think we have had open discussion all the way through :-) but if there's anything else...?
21:58:00 <christx2> send the etherpad plz
21:58:17 <christx2> out to the group ;0
21:58:19 <LyleWinton> * waiting in anticipation for anteaya's item *
21:58:19 <b1airo> #action b1airo to setup trello and post details for anyone interested in watching
21:58:31 <christx2> or trello is fine
21:58:44 <anteaya> oh okay well I'll wait until after this topic
21:58:45 <anteaya> LyleWinton: oh okay
21:58:45 <anteaya> well I'll just charge ahead then
21:58:45 <dc_mattj> is there a new etherpad I've missed ?
21:58:46 <b1airo> LyleWinton, i think it was just a reminder of usual formality
21:59:00 <anteaya> have we been following an agenda for this meeting?
21:59:14 <LyleWinton> b1airo:  Oh, sorry, misunderstood
21:59:16 <oneswig> Well kind of, half way through it
21:59:23 <b1airo> anteaya, a very loose one
21:59:33 <dc_mattj> so you guys are going to use trello as opposed to etherpads ?
21:59:36 <b1airo> we'll tighten it up for next week
21:59:42 <oneswig> #link Agenda was https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Scientific_working_group#IRC_Meeting_May_17th_2016
21:59:47 <anteaya> okay in future after the meeting is begun can we link to the agenda?
21:59:50 <anteaya> yeah like that
21:59:55 <b1airo> dc_mattj, no not instead, but for tracking tasks yes
21:59:57 <oneswig> only at the start?
21:59:59 <anteaya> just at the beginning of the meeting next time?
22:00:08 <anteaya> oneswig: yes
22:00:08 <anteaya> thanks
22:00:13 <oneswig> thanks everyone
22:00:14 <b1airo> i have noticed ppl using etherpads as task trackers and it looks... messy?
22:00:15 <dc_mattj> blairo: ok cool, will check it out
22:00:28 <anteaya> thank you
22:00:31 <dc_mattj> blairo: that certainly can be true
22:00:36 <anteaya> great first meeting
22:00:36 <anteaya> well done
22:00:39 <dc_mattj> +1
22:00:45 <b1airo> thanks all!
22:00:46 <james__> +1
22:00:48 <rbudden> thanks everyone
22:00:54 <oneswig> until next time
22:00:54 <LyleWinton> +1
22:00:55 <rockyg> +1 and thanks for all the mentoring, anteaya!
22:00:56 <christx2> +1 thanks and bye
22:00:59 <b1airo> #endmeeting