17:00:52 <tmcpeak> #startmeeting security
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17:00:57 <hyakuhei> o/
17:00:58 <tmcpeak> #chair hyakuhei
17:00:58 <openstack> Current chairs: hyakuhei tmcpeak
17:01:07 <hyakuhei> Hey everyone :)
17:01:09 <timkennedy> o/
17:01:11 <elmiko> heyo/
17:01:13 <hyakuhei> Thanks for kicking off tmcpeak
17:01:16 <browne> hi
17:01:18 <yaya> salut
17:01:19 <tmcpeak> sure, np
17:01:24 <dave-mccowan> \o
17:01:46 <tkelsey> o/
17:02:25 <hyakuhei> Ok...
17:02:29 <hyakuhei> So Agenda
17:02:53 <hyakuhei> I haven't seen much going on with Bandit or Anchor
17:02:57 <hyakuhei> Mid-Cycle obviously
17:03:02 <tmcpeak> Bandit is quiet before the storm
17:03:18 <tmcpeak> I'm anticipating going nuts on it next week, want to do other things in life first :P
17:03:35 <tmcpeak> chair6 did some work though
17:03:35 <hyakuhei> Yeah I've been in a similar camp, trying to tie things off before next week
17:03:45 <tristanC> o/
17:03:46 <hyakuhei> Nice
17:04:00 <hyakuhei> I suspect this might be a shorter meeting than normal
17:04:02 <tmcpeak> agenda wise michaelxin and co released their API testing tool initial version
17:04:02 <hyakuhei> hi tristanC
17:04:09 <chair6> o/
17:04:10 <tmcpeak> probably be good to get some info on that
17:04:22 <hyakuhei> He's not here atm
17:04:49 <tmcpeak> a very solid point :)
17:05:02 <tmcpeak> I asked if he'd be willing to do an intro on it next week at midcycle and he said sure
17:05:04 <tmcpeak> ^ there he is
17:05:12 <michaelxin> sorry, I am late
17:05:28 <hyakuhei> I think a demo at the midcycle would be great
17:05:33 <elmiko> +1
17:05:33 <hyakuhei> welcome michaelxin!
17:05:38 <michaelxin> sure
17:05:44 <hyakuhei> Can one of you add it to the agenda?
17:05:50 <tmcpeak> sure
17:05:52 <hyakuhei> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/security-liberty-midcycle
17:06:06 <michaelxin> hi, everyone
17:06:12 <elmiko> hi michaelxin
17:07:11 <hyakuhei> #topic midcycle
17:07:20 <tmcpeak> done :)
17:07:39 <hyakuhei> So I'd really like it if everyone could take a look at the link above and ensure that the topic reflect things that you want to be involved in
17:08:11 <tmcpeak> there's a lot of stuff now, probably won't have time for half of this
17:08:18 <hyakuhei> That's fine
17:08:32 <hyakuhei> We'll continue to do it unconference style. Decide what we think is most important
17:08:44 <tmcpeak> +1
17:08:47 <tkelsey> +1
17:08:53 <tkelsey> worked out well last time
17:08:54 <michaelxin> +1
17:08:57 <hyakuhei> Some of the discussions like TA & Crypto can be lengthy or wrapped up quickly if we have some clear objectives.
17:09:27 <hyakuhei> I'm quite excited to be doing this again, the last two have been such a success!
17:09:39 <elmiko> nice, i'm eager to see how it all goes down =)
17:09:44 <tmcpeak> yeah, the weeks are a whirlwind but super productive
17:09:58 <hyakuhei> Chaos but lots of sprints, lots of LOC and lots of good progress :)
17:10:30 <michaelxin> first timer. Excited.
17:10:41 <hyakuhei> Heh
17:10:46 <hyakuhei> So onto other exciting things
17:10:50 <hyakuhei> #topic Summit
17:11:09 <hyakuhei> The agenda is out, Security has 12 slots on the summit, design stuff is yet to be decided
17:11:36 <tmcpeak> didn't seem like we had much of a track this time, any reason in particular for that @hyakuhei?
17:11:48 <hyakuhei> 12 sessions is a pretty good track
17:12:01 <tmcpeak> looked like we got all day Thurs and 2 or 3 hours weds
17:12:17 <hyakuhei> Yeah, I think we had 2-3 more slots last time
17:12:20 <hyakuhei> Depends on a lot of things
17:12:32 <hyakuhei> Most of which I don't have much visbility of tbh
17:12:43 <dave-mccowan> there is no monday, so every track is short a few slots.
17:12:43 <tmcpeak> cool fair enough
17:12:56 <tmcpeak> dave-mccowan - ah, interesting
17:14:43 <hyakuhei> One thing I need to do is request the rooms we want for design sessions
17:15:06 <michaelxin> hyakuhei: +1
17:15:30 <hyakuhei> As before we have fishbowl slots (largish rooms) and Workroom slots (smaller) as well as meetup-sessions on the Friday afternoon (likely sparse)
17:15:57 <hyakuhei> I'm hoping to get 4 workrooms and 2 fish bowls.
17:16:22 <hyakuhei> workrooms will be for point-tasks: Future of Bandit, Fixing Fuzzing, Anchor roadmap etc
17:16:31 <hyakuhei> fishbowl will be wider more community facing topic
17:16:51 <hyakuhei> We can try for more fishbowls but there's a lot of competition
17:17:05 <hyakuhei> Maybe I'll request 4-3 and we'll see what happens :)
17:17:45 <tmcpeak> do you want to do a show of hands who is planning to attend?
17:17:59 <hyakuhei> Tokyo overall?
17:18:00 <tmcpeak> for something like "future of Bandit" there might not be enough
17:18:03 <tmcpeak> yeah
17:18:14 <hyakuhei> I guess so
17:18:21 <hyakuhei> Show of hands - who's going to be in Tokyo?
17:18:23 <hyakuhei> o/
17:18:26 <elmiko> o/
17:18:29 <dave-mccowan> o/
17:18:32 <michaelxin> o/
17:18:43 <tristanC> or maybe a civs poll to select the sessions topics ?
17:18:47 <tristanC> o/
17:18:48 <hyakuhei> tkelsey will be
17:18:52 <tmcpeak> sigmavirus24, browne, Daviey, tkelsey?
17:19:03 <hyakuhei> chair6: possibly
17:19:08 <browne> o/
17:19:12 <tkelsey> o/
17:19:22 <tmcpeak> ahh ok cool, looks like there would be enough for Bandit then
17:19:36 <hyakuhei> I'm sure we can find good content
17:19:36 <sigmavirus24> I don't think I'll be in tokyo fwiw
17:19:44 <hyakuhei> There'll be a lot of stuff to continue from the mid-cycle
17:19:53 <tmcpeak> I will also not be
17:20:00 <hyakuhei> :(
17:20:04 <elmiko> =(
17:20:08 <hyakuhei> Where's the next one, austin ?
17:20:12 <elmiko> yea
17:20:14 <tmcpeak> eat all the sushi for me
17:20:33 <hyakuhei> will do!
17:20:49 <hyakuhei> ok cool, I've put in a request for three fish bowls and 4 work rooms
17:21:26 <hyakuhei> We'll see what the OpenStack gods decide to give us.
17:21:50 <tmcpeak> +1
17:22:39 <hyakuhei> Cool. I didn't have much else to cover today, running around trying to get things ready :)
17:22:47 <elmiko> question about midcycle
17:22:54 <elmiko> how will we decide the sessions?
17:23:02 <tmcpeak> dart throwing mostly :)
17:23:06 <elmiko> haha
17:23:10 <hyakuhei> Morning and after lunch
17:23:16 <hyakuhei> I'll take the group through options for the day
17:23:23 <hyakuhei> people jump on things that need jumping on
17:23:32 <elmiko> ok, sounds good
17:23:48 <hyakuhei> It works pretty well, means you can change tasks without burning out, or just go learn about something new etc
17:23:57 <elmiko> cool
17:24:41 <hyakuhei> I'll put my contact info at the top of the etherpad in case anyone gets into difficulties
17:24:58 <tmcpeak> I'll drop mine also
17:25:17 <chair6> i'll update with the address etc a little later today too
17:25:23 <tmcpeak> well email address at least :P
17:25:43 <hyakuhei> So the address is on the logistics page but it'll do no harm to put it on the etherpad too
17:26:18 <elmiko> and we'll just need a driver's license, or passport, or something to get guest passes for hp?
17:26:45 <elmiko> (sorry, little unfamiliar with the process)
17:26:50 <browne> SSN#, bank account #, etc
17:26:58 <hyakuhei> All of the above please.
17:27:00 <elmiko> ok, should i just post it here ;)
17:27:04 <hyakuhei> Oh and cash for erm, security
17:27:07 <elmiko> lol
17:27:11 <michaelxin> :-)
17:27:18 <hyakuhei> Yeah just bring some sensible photo ID
17:27:30 <elmiko> sensible you say...
17:28:19 <hyakuhei> heh yes.
17:28:24 <hyakuhei> #topic Any other business
17:28:43 <michaelxin> The link for API fuzzing tool is located at https://github.com/rackerlabs/syntribos
17:28:53 <tristanC> anyone tried syntribos yet ?
17:28:58 <michaelxin> please feel free to play with it and send us your feedback.
17:28:59 <hyakuhei> Not yet
17:29:10 <tmcpeak> I haven't but will soon
17:29:13 <michaelxin> my email is michael.xin@rackspace.com
17:29:14 <elmiko> haven't run it, just been browsing the code and instructions
17:29:34 <chair6> bandit fellas, there's a small review at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/216885/ introducing some basic per-run metrics
17:29:48 <michaelxin> We want to hear back from community before adding too many stuff
17:30:00 <hyakuhei> looks nice
17:30:17 <michaelxin> for bandit, one of my guys created a script to convert report to html and pdf
17:30:53 <hyakuhei> So you might want to add a work topic on Syntribos for the mid-cycle, I can see people wanting to throw new code into the mix, up to you
17:31:03 <tmcpeak> michaelxin: very cool, is there code for it somewhere?
17:31:24 <michaelxin> let me dig it out for you.
17:31:35 <chair6> michaelxin that sounds interesting, could be something to add to tools/ in the bandit repo..
17:31:44 <tmcpeak> +1
17:32:52 <hyakuhei> ok, anything else to discuss today?
17:32:54 <tmcpeak> a native HTML / PDF report formatter could be cool too
17:33:14 <elmiko> nothing here
17:33:20 <michaelxin> tmcpeak: It is currently in our internal githhub
17:33:28 <tmcpeak> michaelxin: ahh ok cool
17:33:31 <michaelxin> I will ask him to make it public and send it to you
17:33:36 <tmcpeak> cool, thank you
17:33:39 <michaelxin> in openstack-security.
17:34:21 <hyakuhei> Good plan!
17:34:28 <hyakuhei> Ok, I think that's a wrap then....
17:34:32 <tmcpeak> thanks everybody
17:34:36 <hyakuhei> #endmeeting