17:00:33 <lhinds> #startmeeting security
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17:00:46 <lhinds> hey all.
17:00:52 <lhinds> #topic roll call
17:01:47 <lhinds> anyone around, gagehugo perhaps, mdong ssathaye others..
17:05:24 <lhinds> k, let's see how we do next week. I have to run anyway, so no issue.
17:05:26 <gagehugo> o/
17:05:31 <gagehugo> ok
17:05:34 <lhinds> oh hi gagehugo
17:05:38 <lhinds> I think its just us :)
17:05:45 <jessegler> o/
17:05:45 <gagehugo> :)
17:05:49 <lhinds> hi jessegler
17:06:05 <lhinds> ok, so we have some peeps so we can have a quick meeting
17:06:20 <lhinds> #topic agenda
17:06:20 <ssathaye> o/
17:06:24 <lhinds> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/security-agenda
17:06:28 <lhinds> hey ssathaye !
17:06:33 <ssathaye> Hello!
17:06:41 <lhinds> #topic SIG
17:07:08 <lhinds> apologies not had a chance to arrange tierry coming in, it was a made week with the dnsmasq stuff
17:07:19 <lhinds> s/made/mad
17:07:29 <lhinds> #topic documentation
17:07:59 <lhinds> so our PTG session docs scrum patch on secrets management is about to land:
17:08:01 <lhinds> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/451965/
17:08:06 <lhinds> just needs a docs core
17:08:18 <lhinds> lhinds nudges asettle
17:08:20 <lhinds> :P
17:08:51 <lhinds> I also spoke to someone who would like to contribute a lot more and should be on next week I hope
17:09:16 <gagehugo> awesome
17:09:27 <lhinds> #topic bandit
17:09:34 <lhinds> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/bandit
17:09:52 <lhinds> so looks like we still have some zuul issues
17:10:10 <lhinds> I did post to the zuul 3 thread about this, and did not get a bite.
17:10:23 <gagehugo> yeah, jenkins is the one gating now though while the zuul v3 issues get sorted out
17:10:34 <lhinds> I will chase this up again, fungi had some ideas on what was causing the failure
17:10:51 <lhinds> did not know that gagehugo , thanks
17:11:06 <fungi> ooh, i did?
17:11:12 <gagehugo> :o
17:11:22 <lhinds> http://logs.openstack.org/44/504544/6/check/legacy-bandit-integration-glance_store/941b7a5/job-output.txt.gz#_2017-10-05_13_25_17_855395
17:11:23 <fungi> ahh, right, the missing requirements repo as a required project
17:11:37 <lhinds> fungi: the requirements.txt in the above.
17:11:41 <gagehugo> ah
17:11:52 <lhinds> I can't recall ah discussion, but you seemed to grok the problem
17:12:16 <lhinds> s/ah/our
17:12:23 <fungi> though this doesn't look like the earlier error
17:13:01 <fungi> here's what you're looking for: http://logs.openstack.org/44/504544/6/check/legacy-bandit-integration-glance_store/941b7a5/job-output.txt.gz#_2017-10-05_13_25_21_232260
17:13:12 <fungi> yeah, still the same problem. i'll get a patch proposed
17:13:25 <lhinds> ohh, yep.
17:13:28 <lhinds> thanks fungi
17:14:34 <lhinds> so once that is working again we can merge Rajaths haslib.new() patch
17:14:59 <gagehugo> you can merge it now if you want, it passes v2
17:15:11 <gagehugo> but we can also wait to have it pass v3 to be safe I guess
17:15:42 <lhinds> i guess we can wait, get ebrown's blessing too.
17:15:53 <gagehugo> sounds good
17:15:55 <gagehugo> yeah
17:16:12 <lhinds> same also for https://review.openstack.org/#/c/459618/
17:16:16 <lhinds> I will drop him an email
17:16:22 <lhinds> but that looks good to merge too.
17:16:46 <gagehugo> yeah that's a simple change
17:16:54 <lhinds> ping mdong
17:17:10 <lhinds> any other bandit stuff gagehugo ?
17:17:20 <gagehugo> not that I know of atm
17:17:24 <lhinds> cool
17:17:35 <lhinds> will skip Syntribos this week
17:17:45 <lhinds> #topic OSSN
17:18:11 <lhinds> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ossn
17:18:23 <lhinds> we have a few open, dnsmasq is sorted
17:18:33 <lhinds> if anyone has an interest let me know
17:18:48 <lhinds> a good low hanging way to get involved
17:19:07 <lhinds> #topic Keystone VMT Coverage
17:19:14 <ssathaye> I am looking at it
17:19:31 <ssathaye> lhinds - will set up a separate time to chat
17:19:37 <lhinds> fungi: what would be a good time for you to work on the above with me.
17:19:40 <lhinds> ssathaye: sounds great!
17:20:00 <lhinds> fungi: thinking of zuul being a strong need for you.
17:20:14 <ssathaye> lhinds, fungi: perhaps I can listen in / participate
17:20:25 <fungi> lhinds: what needs to be talked about?
17:20:49 <fungi> keystone is already covered by the vmt (grandfathered in under earlier acceptance)
17:21:08 <gagehugo> there's a document for keystonemiddleware
17:21:09 <lhinds> would that include middleware client too?
17:21:13 <lhinds> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/447139/
17:21:25 <fungi> oh, the keystone-middleware review
17:21:35 <fungi> thanks, the meeting topic was vague
17:21:38 <lhinds> fungi: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/447139/6/doc/source/artifacts/keystonemiddleware/pike/architecture-page.rst@20
17:22:17 <lhinds> fungi: I can ping you offline about times, no need to have something now
17:22:41 <fungi> ahh, yeah i really don't know for the coming week. between elections and zuulv3 activity i'm pretty swamped
17:23:11 <fungi> we can just kick it around in #openstack-security when we're both around and free
17:23:19 <lhinds> fungi: no concern, lets look again in a week or two..I will get it started and underway with ssathaye 's help
17:23:25 <lhinds> fungi: +1 sounds good
17:23:35 <fungi> i haven't had time to look at that review yet, to be honest
17:23:41 <lhinds> np
17:23:46 <lhinds> so last of all.
17:23:53 <gagehugo> please ping me if there are any issues with that as well
17:23:57 <lhinds> #topic Sydney panel
17:24:01 <lhinds> will do gagehugo
17:24:11 <fungi> gagehugo: well, i'll leave comments on the review for sure ;)
17:24:18 <gagehugo> fungi awesome
17:24:32 <lhinds> fungi: can you remember the irc handle of the lady handling the panel members ?
17:24:53 <lhinds> allison
17:24:58 <lhinds> got it now.
17:25:12 <lhinds> so we only have gagehugo so far :)
17:25:13 <fungi> lhinds: aprice
17:25:21 <lhinds> aprice: you around?
17:25:36 <gagehugo> I asked in the keystone meeting for other volunteers to ping either lhinds or I for keystone
17:25:46 <lhinds> k, thanks gagehugo
17:25:47 <gagehugo> but I should be there and can talk
17:26:02 <aprice> I am here
17:26:04 <lhinds> we still have a little time, so lets keep it on the agenda
17:26:08 <lhinds> hi aprice
17:26:20 <lhinds> we have not had much uptake on the media panel yet
17:26:31 <lhinds> but we can keep the ask open and see what happens.
17:26:38 <aprice> yeah, Dave from the Barbican team emailed me directly.
17:26:50 <lhinds> ok cool, that's good
17:27:04 <aprice> Our team followed up with me this week that the reporter may not be attending anymore and I gave them a deadline of EOW to let me know for sure.
17:27:05 <lhinds> so you have barbican and keystone now.
17:27:19 <lhinds> ok, thanks aprice
17:27:24 <aprice> yes, which I think is good. and I will let everyone know by EOD Friday on the status of the panel
17:27:34 <lhinds> will ping you next week see what the result was
17:27:43 <lhinds> thanks aprice
17:27:44 <gagehugo> ok
17:27:45 <lhinds> ok..
17:27:49 <aprice> thank you!
17:27:53 <lhinds> #topic any other biz?
17:28:44 <lhinds> ok..thanks all.
17:28:49 <lhinds> see you next week!
17:28:51 <ssathaye> nope
17:28:55 <ssathaye> see you...thanks
17:28:59 <lhinds> #endmeeting