17:00:40 <lhinds> #startmeeting security
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17:00:46 <gagehugo> o/
17:00:49 <lhinds> there you go fungi :)
17:00:52 <fungi> ;)
17:01:06 <lhinds> next week will be cancelled
17:01:13 <lhinds> #topic agenda
17:01:18 <lhinds> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/security-agenda
17:01:36 <fungi> this time next week i expect toi be making my way to a pub
17:01:53 <fungi> as sessions will just be wrapping up
17:02:19 <lhinds> yep, very much! will be 6pm (I think?)
17:02:26 <gagehugo> yes
17:02:39 <lhinds> #topic PTG planning
17:02:44 <gagehugo> (5 PM)
17:02:47 <lhinds> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/security-ptg-rocky
17:03:19 <lhinds> so my plan for the PTG agenda, is that we do a quick round table at 9am and then set the agenda then.
17:03:33 <lhinds> that way people can get some bearings and see who turns up etc.
17:03:41 <lhinds> does that sound viable to you chaps?
17:04:09 <lhinds> and then set an agenda that morning - sounds better
17:04:18 <gagehugo> that should work for me
17:04:42 <fungi> yeah, as previously mentioned i probably won't be around the whole time but ping me if you need me to pop over
17:04:54 <lhinds> sure, np fungi
17:04:57 <fungi> i'll likely be running between various rooms every day anyway
17:05:21 <lhinds> I too might have to dip out for an hour on that day to another room.
17:05:34 <lhinds> so speaking of rooms, all the details are in the pad now.
17:06:53 <lhinds> so I can run through the other stuff quickly, as we will see each other on Monday!
17:07:06 <lhinds> #topic other topics
17:07:21 <lhinds> security-docs has a clear queue
17:07:35 <lhinds> bandit has a follow up fix we requested from Tin Lam: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/545738/
17:08:00 <lhinds> fungi: any VMT items you would like some extra eyeballs on?
17:08:10 <fungi> the tatu repo imports have been merging
17:08:53 <lhinds> oh so they have, interesting.
17:09:04 <fungi> #link https://launchpad.net/bugs/1750843 pysaml2 requirements vulnerability report
17:09:04 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1750843 in OpenStack Global Requirements "pysaml2 version in global requirements must be updated to 4.5.0" [Undecided,New]
17:09:20 <fungi> that one is mostly a non-event, but probably good for someone to skim
17:09:32 <fungi> i don't think it likely merits an ossn though
17:09:58 <lhinds> ack, I will take a look
17:11:05 <gagehugo> hmm
17:12:11 <lhinds> There is a queue of OSSN's, so I plan to clear these with spare time at the PTG
17:13:17 <lhinds> ok, so I think short and sweet today, unless you folks have something else to go over?
17:13:25 <fungi> nothing on my end
17:13:36 <gagehugo> I'm good
17:13:40 <gagehugo> ready for next week
17:13:45 <fungi> see you there!
17:13:56 <lhinds> yep, look forward to meeting you guys!
17:14:01 <gagehugo> same!
17:14:09 <lhinds> safe travels, for once its a really quick flight for me which will be nice.
17:14:20 <fungi> thanks, you too
17:14:25 <lhinds> cheers all
17:14:28 <gagehugo> ditto
17:14:30 <lhinds> #endmeeting