15:02:01 <gagehugo> #startmeeting security
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15:02:13 <gagehugo> #link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/security-agenda agenda
15:02:29 <Luzi> o/
15:02:35 <fungi> oh hey there
15:02:59 <gagehugo> o/
15:04:30 <gagehugo> #topic open discussion
15:04:38 <gagehugo> There isn't anything on the agenda, so the floor is open
15:08:16 <fungi> we had an ossa since the last meeting
15:09:21 <fungi> https://security.openstack.org/ossa/OSSA-2020-006.html
15:09:43 <fungi> #link https://security.openstack.org/ossa/OSSA-2020-006.html OSSA-2020-006: Live migration fails to update persistent domain XML
15:10:54 <fungi> also i posted a reminder on the neutron bug grooming ml thread suggesting that we'd appreciate some review of outstanding public security bugs for neutron (and any other projects for that matter)
15:11:35 <fungi> it's prompted them to go through and comment on a few of them, i've noticed. i have a small backlog to catch up on a few of them and switch them to regular bugs or otherwise close our ossa tasks
15:12:24 <fungi> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2020-September/016929.html [neutron][security-sig] Bug deputy report August 24 - 30
15:17:22 <gagehugo> cool
15:18:22 <fungi> that's all i had, i think
15:18:37 <fungi> sorry, juggling multiple meetings right now, as usual
15:22:55 <gagehugo> Yeah same
15:22:58 <gagehugo> thanks fungi
15:23:08 <gagehugo> Luzi: do you have anything for this week?
15:23:36 <Luzi> no nothing from my side
15:24:58 <gagehugo> thanks everyone, have a good rest of the week
15:25:02 <gagehugo> #endmeeting