14:01:02 <ricolin> #startmeeting self_healing
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14:01:32 <ricolin> witek, o/
14:01:50 <witek> hi ricolin
14:02:14 <ricolin> got any suggest topics?:)
14:03:11 <witek> I have tried to look into CI problems with Monasca auto-scaling, but didn't have too much time :)
14:03:14 <witek> :(
14:03:45 <ricolin> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/700989/
14:03:47 <witek> thanks for debugging information provided in review
14:04:42 <ricolin> the way I put in https://review.opendev.org/#/c/700989/ is the same code we have for heat
14:05:03 <ricolin> but if we can have the actual reason will be perfect
14:05:18 <ricolin> I mean the root cause
14:06:28 <ricolin> We also need to take action to update the SIG guideline for detail monasca+heat
14:07:02 <ricolin> I assume most of info we need already in your repo (the one for workshop)
14:07:02 <witek> but https://review.opendev.org/#/c/700989/ alone doesn't help, as we can see in https://review.opendev.org/700886
14:07:52 <witek> what kind of information would you like to see and where?
14:08:08 <ricolin> witek, yeah, according to the log, codes from python-monasca didn't even shows up
14:09:20 <ricolin> in some reason, the dependency python-monascaclient patch is ignored
14:11:12 <ricolin> For guideline, I only have this story set up https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2007046
14:11:47 <ricolin> the detail of guideline is what we can discuss
14:12:30 <ricolin> As long as people can read it and do it their own, will be a successful one:)
14:13:26 <witek> :) is there some document for Telemetry available?
14:15:06 <witek> we could reuse and copy some of the material we used in the workshop
14:15:07 <ricolin> nope
14:15:35 <witek> I think till now we have just linked the reference to the GitHub repo
14:16:02 <ricolin> +1 on reuse
14:16:29 <ricolin> I think most people confused when there's to many detail but no docs around
14:16:36 <ricolin> *too
14:17:17 <witek> yes, let's keep it as simple as possible
14:18:04 <ricolin> witek, right, maybe like a workshop doc for a scenario?
14:18:29 <witek> what do you mean?
14:20:30 <ricolin> We have collected some scenarios like heat+monasca, maybe we can do the guideline like heat+monasca with cpu loading detect
14:20:59 <witek> OK, get it
14:21:44 <ricolin> otherwise separate by project might be another option
14:22:29 <witek> I'll try to write up something
14:22:47 <ricolin> that's great:)
14:23:24 <ricolin> I will consult others and see if there's anyway to proper depends on python client patch
14:24:19 <witek> thanks for helping with that!
14:24:29 <ricolin> the doc and the CI job sounds like all we need at this stage
14:25:05 <ricolin> if that python client issue resolved, I can send out the CI job in very short time
14:25:43 <witek> cool
14:26:09 <ricolin> I assume that's all we got to works on
14:26:55 <ricolin> If nothing else, let's close the meeting:)
14:27:14 <witek> nothing from me
14:27:32 <ricolin> Okay, thanks for join meeting witek:)
14:27:50 <ricolin> let's keep the action rolling:)
14:27:50 <witek> thanks rico
14:27:51 <ricolin> #endmeeting