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13:00:37 <Qiming> hi, there
13:00:41 <haiwei> hi
13:00:45 <lkarm> hi
13:00:53 <yanyanhu> hello
13:01:03 <Qiming> #topic add topics to agenda
13:01:06 <lixinhui> yes
13:01:13 <Qiming> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/SenlinAgenda
13:02:26 <Qiming> the first thing I have in mind is about the talk proposal
13:02:36 <Qiming> #topic Tokyo summit talk proposal
13:03:02 <Qiming> we have a draft abstract reviewed and approved for submission
13:03:20 <Qiming> I have tried to do this after having collected info from some of you
13:03:32 <yanyanhu> nice, so the abstract will be proposed for final voting?
13:03:44 <Qiming> but ... unfortunately, I don't think the website is friendly to Chinese developers
13:03:55 <Qiming> yes, yanyanhu
13:03:58 <haiwei> what do you mean
13:04:02 <yanyanhu> the website?
13:04:07 <Qiming> so I have asked lkarm to do me a favor
13:04:34 <Qiming> haiwei, the talk submission site is not working from China I believe
13:04:45 <haiwei> oh
13:04:53 <Qiming> every time you save the presentation (abstract indeed), it is still empty
13:04:56 <yanyanhu> oh, you mean the blocking done by the 'great firewall'
13:05:12 <lkarm> I have just submitted the proposal. We can still edit things until July 15 though if something needs to change
13:05:15 <Qiming> maybe some APIs made from that website point to Google
13:05:26 <Qiming> thanks, lkarm
13:05:37 <Qiming> do you have a link ?
13:05:59 <Qiming> presenters please check if you have a cool photo there, :)
13:05:59 <lkarm> https://www.openstack.org/summit/tokyo-2015/call-for-speakers/manage/4187/summary
13:06:37 <Qiming> em, I'm getting this: "You cannot edit this presentation"
13:06:56 <lkarm> I think probably since I submitted it, I am the only one that can edit it?
13:07:16 <Qiming> maybe
13:07:22 <lkarm> Can you not see it at all?
13:07:43 <Qiming> I cannot see anything except the single line of error message
13:08:35 <Qiming> anyway, we can check it offline
13:08:38 <yanyanhu> I can see that page
13:08:48 <lkarm> Oh maybe you have to be listed as a speaker to see it
13:08:59 <haiwei> i got this message : You can't edit this presentation
13:09:27 <Qiming> I'm working with some Magnum guys on a new proposal about the interaction between Magnum and Senlin
13:09:43 <yanyanhu> haiwei, you are also on the speaker list
13:09:50 <Qiming> it would be focused on managing clusters of containers
13:09:54 <yanyanhu> so I guess you can also access it
13:09:54 <lkarm> haiwei, what email did you use to sign in. maybe i used a different one
13:10:14 <yanyanhu> I just logged in using my work email
13:10:25 <haiwei> xu-haiwei@mxw.nes.nec.co.jp this is different from what I currently use
13:10:46 <haiwei> ok, leave it later
13:10:59 <haiwei> the container topic
13:11:23 <Qiming> the container specific topic is still under development
13:11:39 <Qiming> we give you all an update when we come up with something solid
13:12:06 <yanyanhu> ok, this is will be an very attractive topic I believe
13:12:20 <Qiming> in case you cannot edit the current submission, please drop lkarm an email
13:12:24 <haiwei> that means senlin will create a container type node?
13:12:46 <Qiming> yes, haiwei, we are recruiting some university students to do that
13:13:12 <Qiming> the work has just get started, they are studying magnum and senlin
13:13:27 <Qiming> let's move on
13:13:37 <Qiming> #topic liberty-2 milestone targets
13:13:55 <Qiming> please check the etherpad page here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/senlin-liberty-workitems
13:14:14 <Qiming> we have listed the todo items there
13:14:22 <Qiming> all targeting liberty-2
13:14:59 <Qiming> most of the items are about test cases
13:15:14 <yanyanhu> about unit test, I think we have a good progress till now
13:15:39 <Qiming> we have many "missing test case" bugs filed, and guys are claiming them
13:15:45 <Qiming> great!
13:16:13 <yanyanhu> yes, I think all bugs about test cases have been claimed :)
13:16:46 <Qiming> hopefully, we can achieve a 90% test coverage by the end of this month
13:17:02 <haiwei> that will be great
13:17:10 <yanyanhu> yes, I think we have big chance ;)
13:17:22 <Qiming> I will be focusing on the complex scaling policy implementation in the following weeks
13:17:50 <yanyanhu> ok, cool
13:18:15 <yanyanhu> that is another important feature we want to support in liberty release
13:18:16 <haiwei> the docs seems nearly finished, Qiming
13:18:26 <Qiming> just realized that we don't have a single line of test case for python-senlinclient ...
13:19:11 <yanyanhu> so maybe we should put this work item in liberty3?
13:19:14 <Qiming> well ... the getting started docs work is still not finished
13:19:16 <haiwei> python-senlinclient should be done in L3?
13:19:56 <Qiming> s/should/may have to/
13:20:10 <yanyanhu> about the doc, I suggest we merge the first version if it has been ready and then complete other parts step by step
13:20:21 <yanyanhu> since it is so important for other guys to understand Senlin
13:20:49 <yanyanhu> and provide a guide about how to contribute to this project
13:20:50 <Qiming> okay, the patch is here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/198538/
13:21:12 <Qiming> and this is what it will look like when finished: http://docs-draft.openstack.org/38/198538/5/check/gate-senlin-docs/f4890a7//doc/build/html/getting_started/index.html#how-to-use
13:22:05 <Qiming> the current patch contains a rough structure, some drafts about profile types, profiles, and clusters
13:22:17 <Qiming> I think that is big enough for a patch to review
13:22:46 <Qiming> will start a new patch to work on docs related to nodes, membership, bindings, policies, etc
13:22:55 <yanyanhu> nice
13:23:35 <Qiming> hopefully this doc can be finished by this week
13:24:22 <yanyanhu> hi, Qiming, about the wiki page
13:24:46 <yanyanhu> is it actually similar to the doc?
13:24:55 <yanyanhu> about the content
13:25:21 <Qiming> yanyanhu, no, I don't think we will maintain two copies of the same content in different places
13:25:32 <yanyanhu> ok
13:25:56 <yanyanhu> so the wiki should give a more brief description?
13:26:05 <Qiming> on wiki page, we may want to emphasis on the high level designs and even visions
13:26:47 <Qiming> wiki site is not something we can do good version control
13:27:16 <yanyanhu> ok, understand
13:27:31 <Qiming> I think we have covered the documentation topic
13:27:38 <Qiming> #topic open discussions
13:28:19 <Qiming> something to update to you all
13:28:36 <Qiming> yanyanhu and I visited a customer last week
13:28:57 <Qiming> showing them the HA work we have done before and the Senlin project we are working on
13:29:13 <Qiming> they are pretty interested in this work
13:29:23 <haiwei> good news
13:29:30 <lkarm> thats great
13:29:39 <Qiming> they are actually from NFV (Network Function Virtualization) domain
13:29:49 <Qiming> HA is very important a feature to them
13:30:16 <haiwei> something similar here, a company want to do auto-scaling without using heat, our job is their desire
13:30:19 <Qiming> so I'm invited to share what we have done and what we are doing to their world-wide community tomorrow
13:30:45 <Qiming> haiwei, that sounds great.
13:30:53 <Qiming> when talking to them, we are all ears
13:31:05 <jruano> very good news
13:31:20 <Qiming> we need to listen to them, capture their real requirements
13:31:45 <haiwei> I will give a brief introduction to the openstack community team in our company :)
13:32:01 <Qiming> thanks, haiwei
13:32:27 <Qiming> yet another thing to update
13:32:44 <Qiming> we have talked with some core contributors from the Magnum community
13:33:07 <Qiming> that is why are are proposing another talk proposal to the summit
13:33:34 <Qiming> it is about clustering and scaling support to Magnum, at least the infrastructure layer
13:33:59 <Qiming> Kubernetes and swarm each has their own solutions to scale containers
13:34:34 <Qiming> the main question is about collecting container metrics to trigger autoscaling
13:34:44 <Qiming> and using LBaaS for load balancing
13:35:01 <haiwei> the Magnum guys said they don't want to use stack forge project , didn't they?
13:35:02 <Qiming> there are other topics such as scheduling support
13:35:26 <Qiming> haiwei, yes, that what we heard from Adrian
13:35:54 <Qiming> but, things may change at unexpected paces
13:36:01 <jruano> metric collection will probably have to happen through monasca. not sure if you can collect application level metrics from ceilometer
13:36:12 <haiwei> so push senlin integrated is important
13:36:20 <lkarm> so does Magnum mostly want to use the policies that senlin provides?
13:36:36 <Qiming> jruano, I did tried to send some samples from inside a VM to ceilometer, there are tricks
13:37:05 <Qiming> the difficulty mainly comes from authentication, you need a user/password, you need to know where the auth_url is
13:37:24 <Qiming> or else, ceilometer cannot accept your request
13:37:46 <Qiming> lkarm, they are evaluating senlin to build their bays
13:38:05 <Qiming> their bays are actually clusters in Senlin
13:38:14 <yanyanhu> actually, IMHO, senlin might be a good way to support Magnum Bay
13:38:16 <lkarm> oh okay thats really cool
13:39:02 <Qiming> currently, they are using Heat templates to create resource groups, that is not very flexible
13:39:07 <yanyanhu> and its structure also exactly matches Senlin cluster
13:39:46 <Qiming> I did heard that they can use LBaaS for load-balancing, yanyanhu
13:39:55 <Qiming> that is a good news too
13:40:07 <yanyanhu> oh, sure
13:40:38 <Qiming> that's all I have to share
13:40:51 <yanyanhu> if they can use LBaaS as the loadbalancer of Magnum dockers, some obstacle should have been cleaned by them
13:41:22 <Qiming> yes, I think so
13:41:23 <yanyanhu> the only problem is ourself don't have enough bandwidth to cover this part
13:42:13 <Qiming> glad to see lixinhui is starting code reviews as well
13:42:17 <Qiming> we need more hands
13:42:29 <yanyanhu> yep :)
13:42:46 <yanyanhu> Qiming, about the problem we meet when sync with the global requirement, I saw you propse a new patch
13:42:58 <Qiming> yanyanhu, yes, working on that
13:43:01 <jruano> i can help there... i am currently developing the resource support for magnum within heat
13:43:20 <yanyanhu> great!
13:43:41 <Qiming> jruano, I saw your patch, will jump onto it when it is finished
13:44:06 <jruano> cool... i have all the code ready. just need some feedback on the current direction
13:44:38 <Qiming> yanyanhu, the requirements error was caused by the version of Routes package, need different environment in tox.ini to make the gate happy
13:44:55 <yanyanhu> about the patch, I think maybe we can copy requirement.txt to requirement-py3.txt and only change the line that describes the package version of routes
13:45:14 <Qiming> jruano, I will review when you patch is submitted
13:45:25 <yanyanhu> and let py34 testenv depends on this new requirement-py3.txt?
13:45:31 <Qiming> yanyanhu, tried that, it didn't work
13:45:36 <yanyanhu> ok...
13:45:56 <yanyanhu> just recalled that I saw a similar patch in other project, but can't remeber the detail
13:46:07 <Qiming> there is a new restriction, no duplicate items in two requirements file is allowed now
13:46:37 <Qiming> and pip is complaining when I tried different versions
13:46:48 <Qiming> still struggling to get things straight
13:47:20 <Qiming> I think I can work it out today
13:47:26 <yanyanhu> em, since this issue also blocked the version sync of oslo.db package
13:47:28 <yanyanhu> cool
13:47:53 <Qiming> yep, that's the reason I didn't approve the requirements change so far
13:48:05 <yanyanhu> yes :)
13:48:22 <Qiming> anything else?
13:48:41 <yanyanhu> another thing is about the splitting of cluster_action, maybe this is also a workitem in L3?
13:49:03 <Qiming> well ...
13:49:10 <Qiming> we may have to
13:49:43 <Qiming> it won't be a huge task to refactor the test cases then
13:49:51 <yanyanhu> yes
13:50:06 <haiwei> about the presentation proposal, lkarm, does it related to the mail?
13:50:09 <Qiming> feel free to add this to the etherpad
13:50:14 <yanyanhu> and jruano, maybe you can also split the test case of cluster_action into multiple ones since that could be a huge module :)
13:50:39 <lkarm> haiwai, yes i used a different email address than the one that you posted above. i can try to change it
13:50:43 <yanyanhu> Qiming, ok
13:50:57 <jruano_> sure, i am starting the test case implementation today so i will figure that out later today
13:51:00 <haiwei> thanks , lkarm
13:51:22 <yanyanhu> jruano_, great ;)
13:51:40 <Qiming> +1
13:51:57 <Qiming> any module larger than 2000 lines would be a headache
13:52:21 <yanyanhu> oh, just filed a bug about using oslo_utils.timeutils to replace datetime, everyone is welcome to claim it :)
13:52:54 <lkarm> haiwei can you try to access now?
13:53:15 * Qiming wonders he should change is subscription to bugs using a different mail address
13:53:17 <haiwei> lkarm, it is ok now
13:53:21 <haiwei> thanks
13:53:27 <lkarm> good
13:54:21 <Qiming> haiwei, when the vote is open, don't forget to call for help for your colleagues, ;)
13:54:45 <haiwei> of course, sir
13:54:59 <haiwei> just remind me
13:55:01 <haiwei> :)
13:55:10 <Qiming> I WILL
13:55:23 <Qiming> anything else?
13:55:33 <yanyanhu> nope from me
13:56:08 <Qiming> okay, thank you guys for joining
13:56:13 <Qiming> #endmeeting