13:02:07 <yanyanhu> #startmeeting senlin
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13:02:25 <yanyanhu> hello
13:03:04 <yanyanhu> Qiming is still in travel and can't join the meeting tonight
13:03:40 <yanyanhu> so if you guys have anything want to update, please feel free to add it to the agenda, thanks
13:06:10 <yanyanhu> will wait for a while. If there is no topic we want to discuss, will just skip this meeting
13:11:32 <yanyanhu> hi, haiwei
13:11:38 <haiwei> hi
13:11:51 <yanyanhu> I guess other guys haven't joined
13:12:03 <haiwei> only both of us?
13:12:10 <yanyanhu> planned to do some update about current workitem
13:12:22 <yanyanhu> seems so
13:12:44 <yanyanhu> but I think if just two of us, maybe we just skip this meeting?
13:14:33 <haiwei> it is ok i think
13:14:47 <haiwei> the network in my home is really bad
13:15:02 <haiwei> I thought I can't attend this room
13:16:11 <yanyan> just dropped when I was typing 'me too'...
13:16:27 <haiwei> yanyanhu, about this week's plan, I will try to finish the exception handling of other driver modules
13:16:37 <yanyan> network is not very stable, I'm using my phone as hot spot
13:16:39 <haiwei> haha
13:16:43 <yanyan> :)
13:16:45 <yanyan> cool
13:17:02 <yanyan> I think we need to fix the test case issue
13:17:09 <haiwei> ok, don't need to bear it
13:17:17 <yanyan> it blocked the progress of rework exception handling of keystone driver
13:17:25 <yanyan> ok
13:17:57 <yanyan> so will try to recheck those open patches and merge some of them
13:18:08 <haiwei> ok
13:18:18 <yanyan> I will keeping working on functional test
13:18:26 <haiwei> cool
13:18:32 <yanyan> I think the basic workflow has been ok now
13:18:47 <yanyan> the first test case can be run correctly in gate
13:18:47 <haiwei> I will join that job too, if I have time
13:18:57 <yanyan> nice :)
13:19:24 <haiwei> ok, that's all for the meeting
13:19:33 <haiwei> see you tomorrow
13:19:49 <yanyan> ok, see U
13:19:57 <yanyan> will end the meeting
13:20:00 <yanyan> thanks
13:20:31 <yanyan> #endmeeting
13:22:27 <yanyan> umm, seems after relogging, I'm not the chair of the meeting...
13:24:33 <yanyanhu> #endmeeting