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13:00:46 <Qiming> evening
13:00:58 <elynn> Hi~
13:00:59 <haiwei_> hi
13:01:03 <lixinhui> Hi
13:01:09 <yanyanhu> o/
13:01:38 <Qiming> oops
13:02:00 <Qiming> if you have item to add to the agenda
13:02:17 <Qiming> please use this link: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/SenlinAgenda
13:02:35 <Qiming> as usual, let's check the etherpad first
13:02:44 <Qiming> #topic netwon work items
13:02:51 <Qiming> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/senlin-newton-workitems
13:03:23 <Qiming> blockers for scalability test
13:03:52 <Qiming> with experience sharing from CMCC on CCTC, I believe we can do something more
13:04:21 <Qiming> the general suggestion is to have separate rabbitmq instances
13:04:31 <Qiming> I'm removing that item for now
13:04:50 <lixinhui> what okay
13:04:59 <lixinhui> Okay, Qiming
13:05:01 <Qiming> tempest testing
13:05:21 <yanyanhu> ethan was working on it last week
13:05:22 <Qiming> elynn has commited patch bug the gate is actively rejecting it
13:05:26 <elynn> I'm maintain an etherpad for tests we need
13:05:39 <elynn> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/senlin-tempest-plugin
13:06:14 <elynn> and also submit a patch for enable gate for it.
13:06:27 <elynn> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/316544
13:06:46 <elynn> Just saw your comment, will change it later :)
13:07:04 <elynn> And will continure to add rest tests, then negative tests.
13:07:11 <elynn> That's it.
13:07:25 <yanyanhu> jenkins_jobs.errors.JenkinsJobsException: Failed to find suitable template named '{pipeline}-senlin-dsvm-tempest-{test_type}-{backend}{job-suffix}'
13:07:46 <Qiming> nice
13:07:46 <Qiming> seems the job name is no good
13:07:46 <Qiming> I don't know what qualifies a good job name
13:07:46 <Qiming> but having cloud_backend name injected into that string is weird
13:07:47 <Qiming> we should have named the dummy backend just 'dummy' instead of 'openstack_test'
13:07:51 <yanyanhu> looks like the job template definition is incorrect
13:07:53 <Qiming> it is bad name
13:08:24 <elynn> {backend]
13:08:35 <elynn> oops , should change ] to }
13:08:38 <Qiming> other than that, I'd also suggest we remove {backend} from the job name template
13:08:50 <yanyanhu> right
13:09:04 <elynn> Why?
13:09:11 <elynn> if remove {backend} from name
13:09:21 <Qiming> I don't think we need to do each test type using two or more backend drivers
13:09:29 <elynn> How do we pass the backend parameter?
13:09:46 <Qiming> for api_test, it will only use the dummy driver, that is fine
13:10:00 <yanyanhu> hi, ethan, maybe we can tell it based on the test-type :)
13:10:01 <Qiming> for scenario test, we may need to do things with real drivers
13:10:15 <yanyanhu> e.g. for api, default backend is dummy/openstack_test
13:10:23 <Qiming> yup
13:10:36 <elynn> okay , I get it.
13:10:57 <elynn> Then I just judge the test_type and decide what kind of backend to use.
13:10:59 <Qiming> each test type has a goal, we don't need too many combinations
13:11:11 <Qiming> sounds a life saver
13:11:40 <Qiming> so from etherpad, I can remove line 6-8, right?
13:11:52 <Qiming> just leave line 9 there, and remove it when gate is up
13:12:12 <yanyanhu> yes, I think so
13:12:16 <elynn> yes
13:13:09 <Qiming> xinhui, do we have news on stress tests?
13:14:13 <lixinhui> These days
13:14:22 <lixinhui> I am packing everything together
13:14:49 <lixinhui> I prepare use the same test bed for a demo for integration between VIO and Senlin
13:15:02 <lixinhui> after that, we can continue the stress things
13:15:11 <Qiming> you mean you are building an end-to-end solution demo?
13:15:12 <lixinhui> based on the first item just discussed
13:15:25 <lixinhui> just first step
13:15:30 <Qiming> okay
13:15:32 <lixinhui> use ansible to deoloy Senlin
13:15:39 <lixinhui> with VIO together
13:15:40 <Qiming> would love to see how that works
13:15:47 <lixinhui> sure
13:15:50 <lixinhui> still some problems
13:16:02 <lixinhui> for the network settings in VIO env
13:16:02 <Qiming> ask questions on IRC then
13:16:06 <lixinhui> okay
13:16:11 <lixinhui> thanks in advance
13:16:14 <Qiming> okay, ask your colleagues, not on IRC
13:16:20 <Qiming> :)
13:16:23 <lixinhui> both I think :)
13:16:28 <Qiming> np
13:16:39 <Qiming> Rally support ?
13:16:52 <Qiming> patch #301522 is there for some time now
13:17:06 <yanyanhu> yes, didn't get time to work on it last week
13:17:11 <yanyanhu> need to pick it up
13:17:22 <Qiming> yes, it has been more than 40 days
13:17:28 <yanyanhu> hope in next week, push a new patchset
13:17:41 <yanyanhu> yes
13:17:55 <Qiming> you mean after May 24?
13:18:13 <yanyanhu> nope, the weeking from tomorrow :)
13:18:16 <yanyanhu> week
13:18:29 <Qiming> just tried to clarify
13:18:33 <Qiming> cool
13:18:42 <Qiming> Health
13:19:13 <Qiming> neutron bug is still there, lixinhui ?
13:19:26 <lixinhui> yes, Qiming
13:19:30 <lixinhui> today, I checked the code
13:19:39 <lixinhui> will discuss with Kobi
13:19:39 <Qiming> would be nice you paste the bug link, we need to revisit it now and then
13:19:47 <lixinhui> who is the neutron core
13:19:54 <Qiming> okay
13:19:56 <lixinhui> okay
13:20:20 <Qiming> btw, I just spent this afternoon on the HA etherpad
13:20:53 <Qiming> Please read, comment, fix, add ...
13:20:53 <Qiming> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/senlin-ha-recover
13:20:59 <lixinhui> okay
13:21:01 <lixinhui> will read
13:21:08 <lixinhui> https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1548774
13:21:09 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1548774 in neutron "LBaas V2: operating_status of 'dead' member is always online with Healthmonitor" [Undecided,Confirmed] - Assigned to Yang Yu (yuyangbj)
13:21:10 <lixinhui> this one
13:21:33 <lixinhui> healthmonitor does not update the status of member in v
13:21:35 <lixinhui> 2
13:22:09 <Qiming> that is the critical feature we need
13:22:33 <Qiming> documentation
13:22:54 <Qiming> we have completed the migration of senlin API doc from WADL to the new format
13:23:09 <Qiming> thx yanyan for the help
13:23:19 <yanyanhu> my pleasure :)
13:23:42 <Qiming> it still has some room for improvement for sure, but the content, look-and-feel are all in good shape
13:24:32 <Qiming> em .. seems I need to write some other articles ...
13:25:27 <Qiming> haiwei_, are you working on improving the container profile?
13:26:06 <Qiming> or, do you believe we can leave it as is
13:26:19 <Qiming> errhh... seems he is asleep?
13:26:43 <Qiming> engine
13:26:54 <haiwei_> I am thinking about shall we wait for Higgins or do by ourselves?
13:27:21 <Qiming> I'm signing up on the NODE_CREATE, NODE_DELETE rework
13:27:35 <Qiming> haiwei_, if you are asking my suggesion
13:27:39 <yanyanhu> I guess it will take some time for higgins to provide basic support for container management
13:27:56 <Qiming> I think we should do it using docker directly
13:28:27 <Qiming> when higgins does provide an API to use, we add that as another driver
13:28:52 <haiwei_> then we need to have a discuss on how to implement it, the impact to the existing code
13:29:05 <Qiming> my current feeling is that it will take a looooong time to get higgins up
13:29:09 <haiwei_> I will rework the spec file
13:29:25 <Qiming> okay, looking forward to a revision
13:29:57 <Qiming> line 32-38 was added by chuck
13:30:08 <yanyanhu> agree. But hope higgins API can become stable ASAP, especially those interfaces for basic container management, e.g. CUDR
13:30:17 <haiwei_> by using docker api directly, most things are in my mind, still some issues are not sure
13:30:48 <Qiming> how about we work and discuss
13:31:20 <haiwei_> yes, we can discuss in the spec patch
13:31:56 <Qiming> you know, there are many verbs for patchs: commit, abandon, merge and revert
13:33:49 <haiwei_> but if the new change will affect the existing API or database, shouldn't we be very careful?
13:34:49 <Qiming> that is for sure
13:35:04 <Qiming> we are not changing the existing API
13:35:35 <haiwei_> maybe move to a new version 1.1
13:35:51 <Qiming> we already have micro-version implemented
13:36:06 <Qiming> let's see if we do need to change the API
13:36:33 <Qiming> if we do, we will need to ensure we NEVER break user land
13:37:38 <haiwei_> sure
13:37:45 <Qiming> there are always a million items on the todo list, what we can do is to prioritize, work on them one by one
13:39:54 <Qiming> okay, that is all for things on etherpad
13:40:08 <Qiming> #topic open discussions
13:40:55 <Qiming> anything you want to discuss?
13:41:12 <yanyanhu> nope from me
13:41:36 <elynn> nothing from me.
13:41:52 <lixinhui> No for me
13:41:53 <haiwei_> from the mail list, tacker seems doing auto-scaling things
13:42:03 <Qiming> yes, I saw that
13:42:11 <haiwei_> but they don't want to use seniln currently
13:42:26 <Qiming> em, I have left some comments there
13:42:40 <Qiming> but we cannot force people to do this or that
13:43:00 <haiwei_> tacker has relationship to nfv, I will spend some time on it
13:43:28 <haiwei_> yes, want to learn their need first
13:43:50 <haiwei_> that is all from me
13:44:21 <Qiming> tbh, I really don't like the fact that people tend to ignore suggestions from "outsiders"
13:45:07 <Qiming> we have learned our lessons in a hard way, and now they want to experience that again ...
13:45:21 <Qiming> and ... if you are watching mailing list
13:45:38 <Qiming> magnum wants to reinvent a cluster management thing
13:46:08 <yanyanhu> yes, saw that mail
13:46:28 <haiwei_> have the link now?
13:46:32 <yanyanhu> actually, senlin can help them achieve their goal
13:46:44 <Qiming> in a much easier way
13:46:48 <yanyanhu> in easier way
13:46:50 <yanyanhu> yea
13:46:50 <Qiming> with less effort
13:47:12 <elynn> Which mail?
13:47:15 <Qiming> anyway, we did what we had to do
13:47:29 <lixinhui> Agree
13:47:50 <Qiming> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-May/095044.html
13:48:32 <Qiming> okay, if nothing else from you
13:48:38 <Qiming> let's call it a day
13:48:40 <elynn> thanks
13:48:42 <Qiming> thanks for joining
13:48:46 <Qiming> #endmeeting