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13:00:46 <Qiming> hi, guoshan
13:00:56 <yanyanhu> hi
13:01:05 <Qiming> evening, yanyan
13:01:15 <elynn> o/
13:01:22 <yanyanhu> evening
13:01:28 <Qiming> xinhui just texted me that she cannot join because of stomachache
13:01:36 <Qiming> hi, elynn
13:01:46 <yanyanhu> hope she will be fine
13:01:48 <Qiming> let's get started, quite somethings to go thru
13:02:01 <Qiming> #topic newton work items
13:02:13 <Qiming> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/senlin-newton-workitems
13:02:41 <yanyanhu> about rally plugin, just kept working on profile context support last week
13:02:53 <Qiming> still some complaints about rally patch?
13:02:56 <yanyanhu> may need more time to finish it
13:02:59 <yanyanhu> yes
13:03:11 <yanyanhu> but I think there is no critical issue
13:03:24 <Qiming> fine. let's go their way
13:03:41 <Qiming> integration test
13:03:43 <yanyanhu> just need more discussion on some detail
13:04:10 <yanyanhu> another fix has been proposed and need another +2 and workflow
13:04:26 <yanyanhu> hope this is the last fix needed...
13:04:35 <Qiming> okay
13:04:54 <Qiming> if needed, we may ping the reviewers for a push
13:05:00 <yanyanhu> sure, Qiming
13:05:08 <Qiming> health management
13:05:17 <Qiming> POC almost done
13:05:23 <yanyanhu> great news
13:05:27 <Qiming> fixed a lot of corner issues
13:05:42 <Qiming> we can listen to nova events and take recover actions automatically
13:05:56 <elynn> Great!
13:06:06 <Qiming> though there are follow ups about fencing, fixed in some other patches
13:06:23 <Qiming> the reason is that we were doing fencing regardless the failure's nature
13:06:54 <Qiming> if we are already got an event notification from nova, that means the vm is already stopped, shutdown, deleted etc.
13:07:08 <Qiming> we don't need to do a 'fencing' operation to ensure that the vm is dead
13:07:27 <yanyanhu> Qiming, so in that case, fencing just means "confirmation" maybe
13:07:33 <Qiming> fencing is still needed, if we are detecting vm failure from external monitoring software/service
13:07:49 <Qiming> current fencing implementation is a forced delete
13:07:59 <yanyanhu> I see
13:08:05 <Qiming> however, if we unconditionally enables fencing that means:
13:08:12 <yanyanhu> the most completed one
13:08:54 <Qiming> server deleted -> nova sends notification -> senlin heard it -> senlin try to 'fence' it -> senlin force delete the server -> nova sends another notification -> senlin heard it again ...
13:09:15 <Qiming> it is an endless loop
13:09:31 <Qiming> another fix is we temporarily removed network/storage fencing
13:09:33 <yanyanhu> the second notification was caused by deleting request from senlin?
13:09:38 <Qiming> because they are not there yet
13:09:46 <Qiming> yes, yanyan
13:09:58 <Qiming> so I have my node recovered twice ...
13:10:09 <yanyanhu> yes... that is unexpected
13:10:16 <Qiming> if I am stopping a node
13:10:38 <Qiming> yet another patch was submitted to oslo.messaging, because there are filter bugs there
13:11:03 <Qiming> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/329754/
13:11:22 <yanyanhu> nice
13:11:31 <Qiming> we sometimes got an ValueError from the listener because some notifications have 'project_id' set to None
13:11:34 <Qiming> sigh
13:11:51 <Qiming> I'm working on a new method eval_status for cluster
13:12:10 <Qiming> that can be invoked at any time to reevaluate a cluster's "health status"
13:12:23 <Qiming> https://review.openstack.org/359177
13:12:26 <yanyanhu> yes, that's a very useful interface
13:12:41 <yanyanhu> user can manually trigger it
13:12:41 <Qiming> this method can be invoked after a cluster_check operation ... when all node checks are done
13:12:53 <Qiming> we need to reassess the cluster's status
13:12:56 <yanyanhu> and build their own health check logic based on this interface
13:13:08 <yanyanhu> yes
13:13:18 <Qiming> yep, that is another possiblity, I mean, expose the interface to users
13:13:38 <Qiming> it can be invoked after a scaling operation, be it a success or a failure
13:13:50 <yanyanhu> that will be semi-auto healing :)
13:13:58 <Qiming> anyway, still work on it
13:14:02 <yanyanhu> cool
13:14:07 <Qiming> as a user, I need to know the cluster status for sure
13:14:18 <yanyanhu> yea
13:14:37 <Qiming> documentation side, fixed some trivial bugs in api-ref and user tutorial
13:14:43 <Qiming> small patches for review
13:15:05 <Qiming> profile/policy version control, yanyan has a new patchset?
13:15:14 <yanyanhu> yes
13:15:21 <yanyanhu> a new patchset based on your comments
13:15:21 <Qiming> will review it tomorrow
13:15:26 <yanyanhu> thanks a lot :)
13:15:42 <Qiming> haiwei is not in, right?
13:15:49 <yanyanhu> seems so
13:15:49 <Qiming> haven't heard from him for a while
13:16:00 <Qiming> then we can skip container support today
13:16:14 <Qiming> recevier with zaqar
13:16:23 <Qiming> saw your patches, almost there I think
13:16:37 <yanyanhu> support in sdk side has almost been done
13:16:44 <yanyanhu> yes, will fix those issues you mentioned
13:16:44 <Qiming> I have added an item to the meeting agenda for you to talk about the receiver design
13:16:57 <yanyanhu> thanks
13:17:03 <Qiming> versioned notification ... emm ... no cycles on that
13:17:05 <yanyanhu> will quick go through the basic idea
13:17:25 <Qiming> have been contacting brian about sdk version cut
13:17:38 <yanyanhu> great
13:18:00 <Qiming> I think we are in good shape for a new sdk version and we actually need it badly, it is breaking senlin gates
13:18:00 <yanyanhu> hope it will include all those features we are expecting
13:18:10 <yanyanhu> yes
13:18:17 <yanyanhu> the gate is broken now...
13:18:27 <Qiming> any other topics beside policy/profile validate and zaqar support?
13:18:37 <yanyanhu> nope from me
13:18:45 <elynn> no
13:18:49 <Qiming> I was thinking about adding start_server and stop_server today
13:18:57 <Qiming> as part of the HA story
13:19:15 <Qiming> if we know a sever was just accidentally stopped, we can just start it
13:19:30 <Qiming> it can even get used in an autoscaling scenario
13:19:35 <yanyanhu> yes, that will be useful
13:19:48 <Qiming> if you want to scale out, just "start" a sever that was previously stopped
13:19:59 <Qiming> that will make things very quick
13:20:00 <elynn> yes, like nova-compute are shutdown and recover
13:20:09 <elynn> Then we might need to start our vm nodes.
13:20:41 <Qiming> it is a little bit complicated when we are talking about nova-compute ...
13:20:42 <yanyanhu> maybe this feature can be used to support quick scaling :)
13:21:04 <Qiming> I hope there are notifications about nova-compute going down, but got no confirmation so far
13:21:05 <yanyanhu> as well as scaling to standby cluster
13:21:10 <Qiming> yes
13:21:20 <elynn> oh, you remind me a topic about standby cluster
13:21:26 <yanyanhu> elynn, :)
13:21:28 <Qiming> it could be very easy, 90% documentation + 10 % code
13:21:35 <yanyanhu> yes
13:21:51 <Qiming> okay, anything else about newton work items?
13:21:52 <elynn> it is a useful scenario.
13:22:09 <Qiming> we'll try get a new sdk version this week and have the gate fixes
13:22:11 <Qiming> fixed
13:22:17 <yanyanhu> then standby cluster will be real "standby"
13:22:28 <Qiming> then we freeze senlinclient, then senlin rc1
13:22:35 <zzxwill> @Qiming, based on OSC 3.0?
13:22:39 <yanyanhu> Qiming, ok, will finish the patches for zaqar v2 api
13:22:50 <Qiming> zzxwill, we already support OSC
13:23:00 <zzxwill> Thanks.
13:23:03 <Qiming> just there are some defects about the --profile parameter
13:23:19 <Qiming> it is ... a conflict with the existing osprofiler parameter
13:23:25 <Qiming> we don't want to change the name
13:23:50 <Qiming> so OSC will deprecate '--profile' parameter in April 2017, according to the plan
13:24:04 <Qiming> then we can completely throw away our own CLI
13:24:07 <elynn> Since people seldon enable osprofiler in their env, that would be ok...
13:24:07 <zzxwill> Got it. I saw your comments to a bug.
13:24:49 <Qiming> that is the best result we can get, considering the concern about the existing users
13:25:14 <Qiming> #topic health checking update
13:25:28 <Qiming> I think I have gone thru most of them just now
13:25:54 <Qiming> there are still a lots of gaps, will do my best to close them one by one
13:26:15 <Qiming> any questions/comments about health?
13:26:19 <yanyanhu> great. hope there will be a fantastic demo for summit
13:26:29 <yanyanhu> if our topic is accepted
13:26:33 <Qiming> I can already give you one, :)
13:26:40 <yanyanhu> cool :)
13:26:56 <Qiming> if you cherrypick the patches, you can try it yourself, ;)
13:27:06 <yanyanhu> ok, will make try
13:27:11 <Qiming> let's move on
13:27:15 <yanyanhu> hope my devstack is not too old
13:27:20 <Qiming> #topic zaqar receiver's design
13:27:33 <Qiming> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/senlin-message-type-receiver
13:27:49 <yanyanhu> yes, this is the etherpad to record the idea
13:27:54 <Qiming> if you haven't checked this etherpad, you may need to go thru it quickly
13:28:05 <yanyanhu> spent some time to think about the design of message type of receiver
13:28:29 <yanyanhu> based on my current understanding of zaqar message
13:28:55 <Qiming> okay, please do your best to avoid a new middleware
13:29:18 <yanyanhu> Qiming, yes, I considered to reuse webhook
13:29:25 <yanyanhu> just found some gaps there
13:29:36 <yanyanhu> need more thinking here
13:29:42 <Qiming> okay
13:29:50 <Qiming> webhook is already dirty
13:29:57 <yanyanhu> yes
13:30:01 <Qiming> I'm not sure if there are security breaches there
13:30:14 <yanyanhu> it could be
13:30:34 <yanyanhu> actually the same situation for message notification
13:30:55 <elynn> It might be...
13:31:56 <Qiming> so we need to create an endpoint for zaqar to invoke anyway, right?
13:32:21 <yanyanhu> yes, Qiming
13:32:25 <Qiming> that endpoint, for zaqar, is a webhook?
13:32:34 <yanyanhu> it's for subscriber
13:32:55 <yanyanhu> Qiming, yes, currently, zaqar supports two types of subscriber, webhook and mail
13:33:06 <yanyanhu> http/https
13:33:15 <Qiming> it is not like we create a listener, hook it to some target, topic then get notified?
13:33:22 <yanyanhu> no
13:33:37 <yanyanhu> it doesn't work as message broker
13:33:37 <Qiming> sigh, that is not a message queue
13:33:42 <elynn> are we going to port webhook based on zaqar?
13:33:49 <yanyanhu> another kind of message service
13:34:10 <yanyanhu> elynn, that could be possible, but the use case will be different
13:34:12 <Qiming> sounds like it could be
13:34:25 <yanyanhu> since for message type of receiver, user will send message to zaqar queue to trigger action
13:34:52 <yanyanhu> by for webhook type of receiver, user directly send http request to trigger action
13:35:10 <Qiming> that step we don't care in our code, though we can document it in senlin tutorial
13:35:25 <yanyanhu> for the former one, zaqar will stay between enduser and senlin to transimit message
13:35:47 <Qiming> for senlin, the only difference is that the zaqar is playing the user's role, invoking our webhook
13:35:48 <yanyanhu> Qiming, you mean?
13:35:56 <yanyanhu> Qiming, yes
13:36:02 <yanyanhu> just zaqar actually can do more
13:36:10 <yanyanhu> including some security help
13:36:44 <elynn> that's great
13:36:44 <Qiming> okay, so we can somehow extend webhook to accommodate it?
13:36:56 <yanyanhu> I can't find the link, but zaqar team are now working on a new feature called authenticated subscription notification
13:36:59 <yanyanhu> something like this
13:37:09 <yanyanhu> can't recall the exact name
13:37:17 <Qiming> em, sounds an interesting feature
13:37:52 <Qiming> just like the semi-autoscaling scenario previously mentioned by chuck
13:38:00 <yanyanhu> yes, with it, the subscriber, e.g. senlin can choose to reject notification from zaqar which is triggered by message posting
13:38:04 <Qiming> there are things out of senlin's domain
13:38:10 <yanyanhu> Qiming, yes, I think so
13:38:35 <Qiming> okay
13:38:53 <Qiming> POST webhooks/{webhook_id}/trigger
13:39:02 <yanyanhu> no sure this feature will be completely support after newton cycle
13:39:11 <Qiming> with a body and/or params
13:39:14 <yanyanhu> but it is very useful I think
13:39:34 <Qiming> is zaqar providing some additional info in the request body or header?
13:39:45 <yanyanhu> no, sadly...
13:40:07 <yanyanhu> zaqar simply send post request to subscriber url with fixed body
13:40:09 <Qiming> so that we know that is a notification different from others?
13:40:43 <Qiming> then maybe we can just extend webhook middleware/api?
13:40:46 <yanyanhu> I think there should be information embedded in the request body
13:41:02 <Qiming> do hope so
13:41:05 <yanyanhu> but I don't think user can customize the notification
13:41:16 <yanyanhu> will do more investigation on it
13:41:24 <Qiming> okay, thanks
13:41:35 <yanyanhu> actually, the control bar provide by zaqar is mainly supported using "claim"
13:42:08 <Qiming> em, needs some experimentation on it
13:42:14 <Qiming> if their docs are not so great
13:42:15 <yanyanhu> which is a kind of "initiative" message grasping from queue
13:42:30 <yanyanhu> yes, need more tests
13:42:42 <Qiming> okay, that sounds something with value
13:42:47 <yanyanhu> anyway, will focus on this in coming week
13:43:03 <Qiming> thanks
13:43:06 <yanyanhu> and will also ask feilong for his suggestion
13:43:14 <yanyanhu> I think it is too late for him now :)
13:43:21 <yanyanhu> will contact him tomorrow
13:43:32 <Qiming> yep, very too late, :)
13:43:37 <yanyanhu> yes...
13:43:39 <yanyanhu> midnight
13:43:57 <Qiming> okay, move on?
13:44:03 <yanyanhu> sure
13:44:09 <Qiming> #topic open discussions
13:44:44 <Qiming> so ttx has sent out notes about room requirements during barcelona summit
13:44:55 <Qiming> we need to figure out how many sessions we need this time
13:45:01 <yanyanhu> yes, we need to figure out our work sessions
13:45:19 <Qiming> I'll create an etherpad for soliciting ideas
13:45:25 <yanyanhu> great
13:45:33 <yanyanhu> will propose the idea
13:45:34 <Qiming> will let the team know
13:45:47 <elynn> will fill things in after you created it.
13:45:48 <yanyanhu> do have something want to make f2f discussion
13:46:02 <Qiming> the space is not so plentiful when compared to austin
13:46:13 <yanyanhu> yes... seems so
13:46:15 <Qiming> cool
13:46:30 <yanyanhu> hope can get chance to travel, haha
13:46:39 <Qiming> Senlin: 1fb, 5wr, cm:half
13:47:13 <Qiming> that is the data from austin, we had 1 fishbowl, 5 working room and half day committer meetup
13:47:41 <Qiming> the last session is almost useless, would rather spend that half day talking to other teams
13:47:51 <yanyanhu> yes
13:47:55 <yanyanhu> abosolutely
13:48:02 <elynn> yes...
13:48:18 <yanyanhu> cross team communication is important
13:48:33 <Qiming> #action Qiming to create an etherpad for design summit session proposals
13:48:37 <yanyanhu> very helpful to talk some important issues and reach concensus
13:48:49 <yanyanhu> thanks, Qiming
13:49:11 <Qiming> even there is no conclusion, communication is still .... as usual ... sometimes .... useless
13:49:16 <Qiming> hahaha
13:49:20 <yanyanhu> :)
13:49:38 <Qiming> did I say useless?
13:49:41 <Qiming> I meant useful
13:49:44 <zzxwill> :)
13:49:46 <yanyanhu> that's sad, but true sometimes...
13:49:50 <guoshan> :)
13:49:59 <elynn> Talking about cross team communication, I remember haiwei mentioned that tacker will try to use senlin in their project
13:50:07 <Qiming> yes
13:50:11 <elynn> Not sure how is that going.
13:50:20 <yanyanhu> oh, right, hope can get a chance to talk with tacker team
13:50:21 <Qiming> https://review.openstack.org/352943
13:50:57 <yanyanhu> I just didn't find the bp which was approved
13:52:18 <Qiming> it will save their a lot energy doing things not aligned to the core value of tacker
13:52:32 <yanyanhu> have the same feeling
13:53:12 <Qiming> but, it is still an open community, people decides what they want to do
13:53:53 <Qiming> good news from brian just now: "I'm back to work today so I will get caught up on reviews and do a release asap. I'll let you know when it happens.
13:53:53 <Qiming> "
13:54:09 <yanyanhu> great
13:54:33 <Qiming> anything else?
13:54:33 <yanyanhu> will propose new patchset for zaqar claim support asap tomorrow
13:54:40 <Qiming> good
13:54:42 <yanyanhu> nope from me
13:54:45 <elynn> Hope we can get our patches in before cutting a new release.
13:55:03 <Qiming> yes, let's make it happen
13:55:09 <elynn> no more from me :)
13:55:25 <Qiming> alright, thanks for joining
13:55:31 <yanyanhu> thanks, have good night
13:55:32 <Qiming> it's late, good night
13:55:38 <zzxwill> Thanks, good night.
13:55:43 <elynn> good night all:)
13:55:52 <Qiming> #endmeeting