13:00:05 <yanyanhu> #startmeeting senlin
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13:00:22 <yanyanhu> hello
13:00:52 <Qiming> hi
13:00:59 <yanyanhu> hi, Qiming
13:01:17 <lixinhui> hi
13:01:23 <yanyanhu> hi, lixinhui
13:01:37 <yanyanhu> lets wait for a while for other attenders
13:01:43 <lixinhui> ok
13:01:43 <lvdongbing> hi, all
13:01:48 <yanyanhu> hi, lvdongbing
13:01:57 <elynn> o/
13:02:06 <yanyanhu> hello, elynn :)
13:02:40 <yanyanhu> ok, lets start
13:02:44 <yanyanhu> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/SenlinAgenda#Agenda_.282016-11-15_1300_UTC.29
13:02:59 <yanyanhu> here is the agenda, please feel free to add items
13:03:03 <yanyanhu> hi, XueFeng
13:03:08 <XueFeng> hi,all
13:03:19 <XueFeng> :)
13:03:30 <yanyanhu> ok, first topic is ocata work items, as usual
13:03:37 <yanyanhu> #topic ocata work item
13:03:44 <yanyanhu> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/senlin-ocata-workitems
13:03:56 <yanyanhu> performance test, no progress
13:04:23 <yanyanhu> will consider to move it back to TODO list since may don't have time to work on it in short time
13:04:37 <yanyanhu> Health management
13:04:37 <Qiming> wondering we can have someone from CMCC work on it
13:04:53 <yanyanhu> Qiming, that will be great
13:05:03 <yanyanhu> maybe we can talk with junwei about it?
13:05:26 <Qiming> Junwei told me that he will consider this, but we have to check with him
13:05:32 <yanyanhu> the basic support has been there, just need to add more context and scenario support
13:05:37 <yanyanhu> Qiming, ok
13:05:48 <Qiming> yes
13:05:49 <XueFeng> how to do this test
13:06:07 <Qiming> it is about rally plugin, XueFeng
13:06:20 <XueFeng> got it
13:06:43 <yanyanhu> XueFeng, you can refer to the wiki of rally to get the basic guide about using rally. Senlin scenario has been added to rally in last cycle
13:07:04 <yanyanhu> so you can use rally to evaluate the performance of some typical senlin operations like cluster creating/deleting
13:07:29 <yanyanhu> if you need more information or guide about it, please free feel to ping me :)
13:07:35 <XueFeng> OK
13:07:47 <yanyanhu> ok, lets move on
13:07:54 <yanyanhu> health management
13:07:58 <yanyanhu> hi, Qiming, lixinhui
13:08:01 <yanyanhu> your turn
13:08:10 <Qiming> no update in this thread
13:08:13 <lixinhui> I tried mistral in the past week
13:08:23 <lixinhui> and found it only
13:08:25 <yanyanhu> I noticed elynn sent mail to adam to ask for the meeting time of HA team
13:08:35 <lixinhui> provide retry
13:08:39 <yanyanhu> but haven't got response yet?
13:08:41 <elynn> no response yet.
13:09:03 <yanyanhu> lixinhui, you mean retry of workflow?
13:09:04 <elynn> I saw nobody attend their meeting yesterday
13:09:10 <lixinhui> ...
13:09:11 <yanyanhu> elynn, I see...
13:09:16 <lixinhui> elynn
13:09:31 <lixinhui> did they skip the meeting this week
13:09:34 <lixinhui> ?
13:09:46 <lixinhui> no people contribute
13:09:56 <elynn> No, they don't ,but besides chair man, no one attend it
13:10:16 <lixinhui> ok...
13:10:20 <yanyanhu> maybe we can consider to add topics to discuss if needed
13:11:03 <lixinhui> adam is the key person
13:11:12 <lixinhui> I think
13:11:26 <yanyanhu> yes, at least we can make some sync with them
13:11:58 <lixinhui> you can do it as PTL of senlin :)
13:12:18 <lixinhui> then we contribute labor
13:12:19 <yanyanhu> lixinhui, sure. But I'm not the expert of HA :)
13:12:30 <yanyanhu> I can just help to bridge you guys
13:12:52 <lixinhui> elynn can keep touch adam for the base
13:13:17 <yanyanhu> yes, so at least, we need get their response I feel :)
13:13:30 <elynn> no problem lixinhui
13:13:47 <lixinhui> :)
13:14:00 <yanyanhu> will talk with elynn and Qiming about it
13:14:07 <yanyanhu> to see how to drive this work
13:14:16 <lixinhui> ok
13:14:29 <lixinhui> the retry of mistral is based on times
13:14:34 <lixinhui> of execute some action
13:14:49 <yanyanhu> so retry is enabled by default?
13:14:50 <lixinhui> and time of wait between different try
13:15:05 <yanyanhu> e.g. when a workflow fails, it will be reexecuted automatically?
13:15:06 <lixinhui> no, need configure when define the actiom
13:15:12 <yanyanhu> I see
13:15:35 <yanyanhu> how mistrival decides workflow succeeds or not?
13:16:00 <lixinhui> they can not judge based on any status
13:16:12 <lixinhui> just execute the defined sequence
13:16:31 <lixinhui> there are quiet big gap as we expect
13:16:34 <yanyanhu> um, if so, how to decide whether try is needed?
13:17:02 <elynn> will it interrupt when some tasks were failed?
13:17:03 <yanyanhu> ok, so sounds it doesn't work as we expected before...
13:17:16 <lixinhui> that is the problem I raise this problem, yanyanhu
13:17:26 <lixinhui> yes, elynn
13:17:53 <lixinhui> it can switch to some branch if exception is got
13:18:11 <lixinhui> but still very easy control nowdays
13:18:17 <yanyanhu> I see.
13:18:38 <lixinhui> qiming, one question is difference between us with workflow based recover
13:18:53 <yanyanhu> oh, btw, do we need to contribute code to mistral if we want it to support senlin workflow?
13:19:04 <lixinhui> Qiming, could you share your mind to compare the two?
13:19:07 <yanyanhu> e.g. by implementing a plugin/driver for senlin
13:19:20 <Qiming> no idea/experience with mistral ...
13:19:28 <lixinhui> yanyanhu, I will investigate more about this
13:19:40 <yanyanhu> lixinhui, great, thanks
13:20:07 <lixinhui> okay, Qiming
13:20:14 <lixinhui> that is my part.
13:20:18 <Qiming> it is all about vm ha ... could be an engine/policy-centric solution, could be a workflow centric solution
13:20:39 <Qiming> need some evaluation on the second one to make decision
13:20:49 <lixinhui> oh
13:20:57 <lixinhui> yes, you are right
13:21:20 <lixinhui> will discuss with you when find more
13:21:37 <lixinhui> that is my part update
13:21:49 <yanyanhu> lixinhui, great, thanks for the effort
13:21:58 <yanyanhu> ok, next one
13:22:05 <yanyanhu> document, no progress I think
13:22:11 <yanyanhu> versioned request
13:22:22 <yanyanhu> me, Ruijie, XueFeng and lvdongbing are working on it
13:23:01 <yanyanhu> receiver is almost done, only left ones are support for receiver delete and trigger
13:23:13 <yanyanhu> Ruijie, is policy support done as well?
13:23:21 <Ruijie> yes, yanyanhu
13:23:30 <Ruijie> policy and policy type have been done
13:23:36 <yanyanhu> ok, great, will remove it from etherpad
13:23:52 <yanyanhu> hi, lvdongbing, how about profile support?
13:24:09 <lvdongbing> it's in good progress
13:24:17 <yanyanhu> nice
13:24:18 <Qiming> one thing is about the change to object field, the json schema generated now will skip the 'required' property if no property is actually needed
13:24:34 <Qiming> this will help ease some request modeling
13:25:20 <yanyanhu> Qiming, ok. Currently all objects have at least one field who is not nullable
13:25:44 <yanyanhu> XueFeng is working on action/event support. I think it is in good progress as well
13:26:08 <XueFeng> Yes
13:26:24 <XueFeng> A question
13:26:30 <XueFeng> action create/delete not support in client
13:26:31 <yanyanhu> yes
13:27:05 <yanyanhu> XueFeng, good question :)
13:27:15 <XueFeng> And in api layer,delete not support
13:27:43 <XueFeng> in engine layer create/delete all support
13:27:44 <yanyanhu> we do have the plan to let users to customize and create/delete action(s)
13:27:51 <yanyanhu> or even suspend/resume
13:28:28 <yanyanhu> but we haven't figured out what is the appropriate way to implement it.
13:28:49 <yanyanhu> so you can see related service call is left there
13:29:05 <yanyanhu> but no related API interfaces are exposed to end user
13:29:28 <XueFeng> Ok, So in engine layer create/delete need changed to versioned request.
13:29:38 <yanyanhu> XueFeng, yes, I think so
13:29:42 <yanyanhu> we can define it now
13:29:55 <yanyanhu> and use it to implement API interface in future
13:30:00 <XueFeng> Ok ,will do this
13:30:09 <yanyanhu> XueFeng, great, thanks a lot :)
13:30:34 <yanyanhu> ok, lets move on?
13:30:42 <yanyanhu> container profile
13:30:55 <XueFeng> move
13:30:56 <yanyanhu> haiwei is not here I think
13:31:09 <yanyanhu> no progress as well I guess
13:31:11 <yanyanhu> next one
13:31:18 <yanyanhu> event/notification
13:31:28 <yanyanhu> Qiming 's spec has been merged
13:31:50 <yanyanhu> I believe all of the team have checked it
13:32:37 <yanyanhu> so lets wait for the patch from Qiming and have further discussion based on it
13:32:55 <elynn> what spec?
13:32:56 <Qiming> yes working on it
13:33:07 <yanyanhu> elynn, the spec about notification/event support
13:33:29 <yanyanhu> https://review.openstack.org/394874
13:33:30 <elynn> okay~
13:34:15 <yanyanhu> looking forward to the patch :)
13:34:28 <yanyanhu> ok, next one
13:34:34 <yanyanhu> batch policy
13:34:39 <yanyanhu> should have been done by Ruijie
13:34:42 <yanyanhu> will remove it
13:34:54 <yanyanhu> NFV/baremetal support
13:35:00 <yanyanhu> no progress I guess
13:35:08 <Ruijie> yanyanhu, I want to resume it later..
13:35:11 <Ruijie> :)
13:35:30 <yanyanhu> Ruijie, ok, please add it back to etherpad if you further work on it :)
13:35:38 <Ruijie> okay :)
13:35:47 <elynn> I think baremetal is not fully supported by sdk?
13:36:03 <yanyanhu> elynn, no sure about it...
13:36:29 <yanyanhu> if so, we may need to add more support for ironic into sdk first
13:36:54 <yanyanhu> ok, that's all work items in etherpad
13:37:24 <yanyanhu> any additional ones?
13:37:38 <yanyanhu> you guys are working on but not on the list?
13:37:52 <yanyanhu> ok
13:37:55 <yanyanhu> next topic
13:38:08 <yanyanhu> #topic new core reviewer announcement
13:38:26 <yanyanhu> I'm very pleased to announce that Ruijie is now core reviewer of senlin :)
13:38:31 <yanyanhu> Ruijie, congratulate
13:38:37 <Ruijie> thanks yanyanhu.
13:38:43 <Ruijie> So happy to work with you all.
13:38:50 <yanyanhu> me too
13:39:05 <yanyanhu> looking forward more contribution from you :)
13:39:17 <Ruijie> I will ^ ^
13:39:24 <XueFeng> Congratulations,Ruijie
13:39:29 <XueFeng> :)
13:39:36 <Qiming> welcome
13:39:46 <Ruijie> thanks XueFeng, Qiming
13:39:50 <lvdongbing> welcome :)
13:40:11 <yanyanhu> please put +2(-2 if needed:P on patches based on your review :)
13:40:26 <Ruijie> thank lvdongbing.
13:40:36 <yanyanhu> we do need more eyes on patches
13:40:53 <Ruijie> yes, yanyanu, will spend more time on reviewing.
13:40:59 <yanyanhu> thanks a lot :)
13:41:17 <yanyanhu> ok, open discussion now
13:41:22 <yanyanhu> #topic open discussion
13:41:47 <yanyanhu> any topics you guys want to discuss?
13:43:24 <yanyanhu> oh, BTW, I do want to remind the team that the first miletone of ocata release will pass soon
13:43:26 <yanyanhu> https://releases.openstack.org/ocata/schedule.html
13:43:37 <yanyanhu> Nov. 14-18
13:43:59 <yanyanhu> the second one will be in a month
13:44:33 <Qiming> this is gonna be a short cycle
13:44:34 <XueFeng> Today is Nov. 15
13:44:40 <yanyanhu> so we may need to consider and adjust the plan we made if needed
13:44:42 <yanyanhu> yes
13:44:59 <Qiming> any high priority bugs to fix?
13:45:26 <yanyanhu> Qiming, currently no I think. Although there are several important features we want to support after this cycle
13:45:44 <Qiming> i see
13:46:02 <yanyanhu> I will look through the bug list to reconfirm it
13:46:57 <Qiming> this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/senlin/+bug/1594352
13:46:57 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1594352 in senlin "could not list node sorted by "created_at:desc" " [High,Triaged] - Assigned to Qiming Teng (tengqim)
13:47:19 <Qiming> may need to check if the workaround suggested by milan works
13:47:21 <yanyanhu> ok
13:48:05 <Qiming> the oslo.db side unit test is not an easy task for me ... haven't got cycles to dig into it
13:48:26 <yanyanhu> Qiming, I see... I recalled you fix on oslo.db side
13:48:37 <yanyanhu> about the sort issue we met
13:49:37 <yanyanhu> ok, any more topics?
13:49:59 <yanyanhu> if not, I guess we can finish the meeting a little bit earlier?
13:50:44 <yanyanhu> ok, thanks all you guys for joining
13:50:48 <XueFeng> https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-openstacksdk/+bug/1640013
13:50:48 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1640013 in OpenStack SDK "JSONDecodeError happened in senlin-api when running a senlin command" [Undecided,Confirmed]
13:50:58 <XueFeng> this bugs in openstacksdk
13:51:05 <XueFeng> s/bugs/bug
13:51:05 <yanyanhu> ah
13:51:15 <yanyanhu> this is a bug of sdk actually
13:51:18 <XueFeng> need point out to help user
13:51:23 <Qiming> it is solved in 0.9.10
13:51:39 <XueFeng> yes
13:51:45 <Qiming> it is an SDK bug
13:51:53 <Qiming> 0.9.9 sdk is not working properly
13:52:19 <yanyanhu> so it influences all senlin cmds?
13:52:22 <yanyanhu> or part of them
13:52:36 <Qiming> global requirements have been patched to avoid 0.9.9 version: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/397650/1/requirements.txt
13:52:45 <XueFeng> Yes,all list comment
13:52:53 <yanyanhu> I see
13:52:54 <XueFeng> s/comment/command
13:52:55 <Qiming> what else do you mean by "point out to help user", XueFeng ?
13:53:16 <yanyanhu> just without 0.9.9, zaqar message receiver doesn't work...
13:53:30 <yanyanhu> so we will wait for 0.9.10 I think
13:53:54 <XueFeng> Some user may confused if use openstacksdk-0.9.9.Point out in the meeting
13:53:59 <Qiming> it is already there: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/397510/
13:54:25 <yanyanhu> great
13:54:39 <Qiming> 0.9.10 was created and released, upper constraints raised, 0.9.9 version now forbidden
13:54:56 <Qiming> what else do we want?
13:54:56 <yanyanhu> if 0.9.9 is now forbidden in requirements, it is ok I think
13:55:12 <XueFeng> yes
13:55:19 <Qiming> this thing has been discussed in senlin channel today
13:55:37 <yanyanhu> ok, I see
13:55:50 <yanyanhu> great
13:56:15 <yanyanhu> so this bug report can be closed I guess
13:56:32 <yanyanhu> since upper constraint has been updated
13:57:07 <yanyanhu> ok, any more items?
13:57:54 <yanyanhu> ok, thanks you guys again for joining :)
13:58:00 <yanyanhu> have a good night
13:58:11 <yanyanhu> #endmeeting