12:59:50 <yanyanhu> #startmeeting senlin
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13:00:02 <yanyanhu> hello, everyone
13:00:20 <XueFeng> hi,all
13:00:32 <yanyanhu> hi, XueFeng
13:00:40 <lvdongbing> hi
13:00:45 <yanyanhu> hi, lvdongbing
13:00:46 <XueFeng> hi,yanyan,dongbing
13:01:04 <lvdongbing> :)
13:01:08 <Ruijie_> evening :)
13:01:11 <yanyanhu> evening :)
13:01:25 <Qiming> hi
13:01:28 <yanyanhu> hi, Qiming
13:02:08 <yanyanhu> ok, lets start
13:02:10 <yanyanhu> here is the agenda, please feel free to add items
13:02:14 <yanyanhu> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/SenlinAgenda#Agenda_.282016-11-22_1300_UTC.29
13:02:40 <yanyanhu> #topic ocata workitems
13:02:42 <yanyanhu> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/senlin-ocata-workitems
13:02:52 <yanyanhu> ok, lets start from ocata workitems
13:03:01 <yanyanhu> test
13:03:26 <yanyanhu> I think Ruijie_ has spent sometime to understand senlin rally plugin?
13:03:35 <yanyanhu> some time
13:04:03 <Ruijie_> yes, yanyanhu, working on it
13:04:11 <yanyanhu> related workitem has been put back to TODO list, so please feel free to pick it up :)
13:04:16 <yanyanhu> thanks a lot for working on t
13:04:36 <yanyanhu> please ping me any time you meet problem
13:04:43 <yanyanhu> hi, electrofelix
13:04:51 <Ruijie_> just proposed a patch about cluster_scale_in'
13:04:51 <Ruijie_> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/407433/
13:04:51 <elynn> Hi sorry I'm late.
13:04:52 <Ruijie_> sure :)
13:05:00 <yanyanhu> sorry, electrofelix, wrong ping :)
13:05:02 <yanyanhu> hi, elynn
13:05:10 <yanyanhu> elynn, no problem :)
13:05:11 <elynn> ;)
13:05:20 <yanyanhu> ok, next one
13:05:26 <yanyanhu> Health management
13:05:47 <yanyanhu> xinhui is not here I guess?
13:06:06 <yanyanhu> I have read the patch xinhui proposed
13:06:52 <yanyanhu> it looks good
13:06:59 <yanyanhu> just a small question about the detail
13:07:13 <yanyanhu> may need to confirm with her offline
13:07:23 <elynn> Have you discuss about it?
13:07:33 <yanyanhu> no, just left comment there
13:07:45 <yanyanhu> let me find the patch
13:07:54 <yanyanhu> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/402296/
13:07:55 <yanyanhu> this one
13:08:54 <yanyanhu> just have a question about the location to generate event
13:09:02 <yanyanhu> the same as the question from Michael
13:10:06 <yanyanhu> I recalled xinhui said ocatavia team hope us to join their meeting to discuss this proposal
13:10:21 <yanyanhu> may need to have further discussion on it
13:10:40 <yanyanhu> ok, lets move on
13:10:49 <yanyanhu> versioned request
13:11:00 <yanyanhu> only receiver_notify and webhook_trigger left I guess
13:11:07 <yanyanhu> hi, XueFeng, has your part been done?
13:11:25 <XueFeng> action create/delete need to do
13:11:26 <Qiming> seems there are still a few left to do
13:11:44 <yanyanhu> I see
13:11:54 <yanyanhu> will work on it soon
13:12:01 <yanyanhu> hope this can be done by this week
13:12:07 <XueFeng> If senlinclient need add action create/delete?
13:12:10 <XueFeng> OK
13:12:24 <XueFeng> Will do it tomorrow
13:12:26 <yanyanhu> since next week will be the time for ocata-2
13:12:35 <yanyanhu> XueFeng, thanks a lot :)
13:12:39 <Qiming> just search the word 'request_context'
13:13:07 <Qiming> if all have changed to 'request_context2', it means we have get the whole thing completed
13:13:13 <yanyanhu> yes
13:13:20 <XueFeng> ok
13:13:41 <yanyanhu> than we can remove those old service calls
13:13:54 <yanyanhu> and switch to new ones
13:14:01 <Qiming> rename all the xyz2 to xyz
13:14:07 <yanyanhu> yep
13:14:09 <XueFeng> yes
13:14:28 <yanyanhu> ok, lets move on
13:14:36 <yanyanhu> container profile
13:14:44 <yanyanhu> haiwei is also not here I think
13:14:53 <xuhaiwei> I am here
13:14:59 <yanyanhu> sorry :)
13:15:06 <xuhaiwei> just get in
13:15:21 <XueFeng> About container, I used it this week.@xuhaiwei
13:15:48 <yanyanhu> XueFeng, met any problem?
13:15:50 <xuhaiwei> XueFeng, you can report bug :)
13:16:36 <xuhaiwei> shall we discuss about the container image?
13:16:41 <yanyanhu> xuhaiwei, I noticed some change on DB apis
13:16:44 <yanyanhu> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/404547/
13:17:08 <yanyanhu> but just some user invisible change
13:17:30 <XueFeng> Need some guideline, I can't  use it smooth:(
13:17:41 <XueFeng> smoothly
13:17:59 <yanyanhu> I guess we still don't have a doc or guide for creating container cluster :)
13:18:16 <XueFeng> Need add
13:18:20 <Qiming> XueFeng, does it work?
13:18:24 <yanyanhu> that will be the best if there could be an example
13:18:50 <Qiming> I was only reading the code and doing imagination, aka, day dreaming
13:18:53 <XueFeng> I create a vm cluster
13:19:01 <xuhaiwei> XueFeng, maybe this can help you a little https://github.com/openstack/senlin/blob/master/doc/specs/approved/container-cluster.rst
13:19:48 <XueFeng> use ubuntu image which installed docker and py-docker
13:20:12 <xuhaiwei> XueFeng, the image doesn't work, I think
13:20:49 <xuhaiwei> XueFeng, you should make the docker daemon running in the vm when it is started
13:21:07 <XueFeng> I do this
13:21:33 <XueFeng> We can discuss in #senlin later
13:21:52 <xuhaiwei> ok, I used to test it before, it worked, but didn't test it recently
13:22:11 <yanyanhu> yes, and I think we need a doc for it finally
13:22:23 <xuhaiwei> yanyanhu, yes, agree
13:22:26 <yanyanhu> or at least a simple guide :)
13:22:40 <XueFeng> The biggest problem maybe the docker network?@xuhaiwei
13:22:46 <yanyanhu> to help user understand how to set it up
13:23:13 <xuhaiwei> XueFeng, I am not sure, I didn't meet the network problem before
13:23:47 <yanyanhu> XueFeng, you mean the network connection between senlin engine and docker deamon inside VM?
13:24:21 <xuhaiwei> I think so
13:24:28 <XueFeng> Yes
13:24:38 <Qiming> why is that a problem?
13:24:42 <yanyanhu> if senlin-engine is not located in network controller, that could be a problem
13:25:03 <Qiming> then heat won't be able to do software config, right?
13:25:17 <xuhaiwei> XueFeng, you should confirm if the docker client get the right url to docker daemon
13:25:22 <Qiming> all os-collect-config ... things will break
13:25:24 <yanyanhu> um, it's a little different I think
13:25:36 <yanyanhu> but basically yes
13:25:46 <Qiming> and ansible won't be usable
13:25:54 <yanyanhu> right
13:26:12 <Qiming> although I know a lot of people/projects are deploying software into vms using ansible
13:26:24 <Qiming> ansible is just a ssh
13:26:38 <xuhaiwei> according to my test, if docker client gets the right url, it can reach to the docker daemon
13:26:49 <yanyanhu> so, haiwei, maybe you can share some details abot the deployment progress with XueFeng
13:27:09 <xuhaiwei> sure, yanyanhu
13:27:43 <XueFeng> thanks :)
13:27:56 <yanyanhu> thanks, xuhaiwei
13:28:04 <yanyanhu> ok, lets talk more about this issue later
13:28:07 <yanyanhu> lets move on
13:28:13 <yanyanhu> event/notification
13:28:16 <xuhaiwei> XueFeng, I think you need to check two things, if docker engine is running, and if docker client got the right url
13:28:25 <yanyanhu> hi, Qiming, I think most work has been done?
13:28:39 <XueFeng> ok. xuhaiwei
13:28:42 <yanyanhu> the basic support
13:28:54 <Qiming> last patch for notification working poc is there for review
13:29:07 <Qiming> next thing is about adding some configuration options
13:29:28 <yanyanhu> https://review.openstack.org/406595
13:29:30 <yanyanhu> this one
13:29:32 <Qiming> so that users can customize the event types and levels to log, even options for different drivers
13:29:46 <yanyanhu> ok, great
13:29:58 <Qiming> then ... docs
13:30:01 <yanyanhu> then we can write some story about it
13:30:02 <yanyanhu> yes
13:30:48 <yanyanhu> will review the patch soon
13:31:29 <yanyanhu> so those are all items in the list
13:31:43 <yanyanhu> if there is no more question, lets go to next topic
13:31:51 <Qiming> one thing about docker
13:31:56 <Qiming> just 1 min
13:32:01 <yanyanhu> yes
13:32:08 <Qiming> xuhaiwei, pls review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/407412/
13:32:25 <Qiming> it is about a refactoring of the dependency building
13:32:50 <Qiming> thx
13:33:54 <yanyanhu> ok, lets move on?
13:34:04 <Qiming> sure
13:34:12 <yanyanhu> #topic Senlin based VDU support in Taker
13:34:29 <yanyanhu> hi, xuhaiwei, still there?
13:34:33 <Qiming> ... Tacker
13:34:41 <yanyanhu> ah, sorry, misclick
13:34:56 <yanyanhu> so have you guys reply to the invitation?
13:35:05 <yanyanhu> to join the meeting in Dec.14
13:35:20 <Ruijie_> what invitation
13:35:29 <yanyanhu> 0530UTC
13:35:30 <Qiming> I saw haiwei responded
13:35:56 <yanyanhu> Ruijie_, tacker team invite us to join their weekly meeting to discuss the senlin based VDU support
13:36:01 <yanyanhu> Qiming, ok
13:36:36 <yanyanhu> so maybe we can have a discussion about it before that meeting
13:36:38 <Ruijie_> thanks yanyanhu, will check
13:36:41 <yanyanhu> to make everything clear
13:37:07 <Qiming> good idea
13:37:09 <yanyanhu> Ruijie_, it's not a public invitation :) but we both can join it
13:37:43 <yanyanhu> yes, since I think not everyone of the team is clear about the background or the purpose of that proposal
13:37:55 <yanyanhu> this is an important use case for us I believe
13:37:55 <XueFeng> ok , whis url?
13:37:58 <XueFeng> where
13:38:10 <yanyanhu> so hope everyone can get better understand on it
13:38:15 <Qiming> the major concern, as far as I understand, is about translating TOSCA into policies parsable by Heat (or Senlin)
13:38:40 <yanyanhu> XueFeng, will ask haiwei and share it with the team
13:38:54 <Qiming> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/352943/
13:39:41 <Qiming> in the NFV world, people need to manage resource (their term, VDUs) pools, making them scalable and resilient
13:39:46 <Qiming> that is a high-level requirement
13:39:49 <yanyanhu> actually I didn't quite understand that diagram...
13:40:07 <XueFeng> great, will check
13:40:26 <yanyanhu> especially about the translation for hot template which will be used as profile spec
13:40:31 <Qiming> Tacker is mainly about VNF orchestration, and they don't want to reinvent the wheel, doing everything from scratch
13:41:11 <Qiming> it is a tosca parser thing, yanyanhu, I asked Sahdev about this, it is a trivial job for them
13:41:27 <yanyanhu> I see.
13:41:29 <Qiming> generating heat templates or senlin spes means almost the same to them
13:41:55 <yanyanhu> yes, if the translation can be done between tosca template and senlin profile directly, that will be the best
13:41:56 <Qiming> just the Tacker team prefers using heat, which can bundle a lot of things together
13:42:13 <yanyanhu> Qiming, yes, understand that requirement
13:42:27 <yanyanhu> since vm cluster is not the only resource they need to orchestrate
13:42:28 <Qiming> what I wanted to remind them is about operation
13:43:07 <Qiming> they will experience a lot of headaches if sticking to large templates for all use cases
13:43:37 <yanyanhu> yes, that could be a problem
13:44:01 <Qiming> I believe haiwei has some more details, especially regarding the translation and landing workflow
13:44:13 <yanyanhu> yes, want to listen to his idea
13:44:31 <yanyanhu> will talk with him tomorrow to find a time for further discussion
13:44:49 <yanyanhu> to help the team to understand it
13:44:55 <yanyanhu> through irc or call
13:44:57 <Qiming> meeting time: meeting to 0530UTC starting Wed Dec 14th
13:45:16 <Qiming> sounds great
13:45:17 <yanyanhu> yes, hope everyone who is interested in this topic can join it
13:45:57 <yanyanhu> ok, any more question about this topic?
13:46:23 <yanyanhu> ok, open discussion
13:46:29 <yanyanhu> #topic open discussion
13:47:22 <yanyanhu> oh, one thing I want to remind the team is next week will be ocata 2
13:47:36 <Qiming> ... what?
13:47:51 <yanyanhu> yes, Dec 12-16
13:47:54 <yanyanhu> based on the schedule
13:48:14 <yanyanhu> this is a really short cycle...
13:48:38 <yanyanhu> and ocata3 will be Jan 23-27
13:48:50 <yanyanhu> the last week before China spring festival
13:48:52 <Qiming> okay
13:49:12 <yanyanhu> so please pay more attention on the timeline :)
13:49:17 <Qiming> are we gonna make some release plans?
13:49:35 <yanyanhu> Qiming, yes, definitely
13:49:42 <yanyanhu> I will try to start a etherpad on it
13:49:57 <yanyanhu> and hope to have further discussion based on it
13:50:12 <Qiming> maybe just using the ocata workitems etherpad?
13:50:33 <yanyanhu> Qiming, yes
13:50:44 <Qiming> highlight some work items we want to complete by O2 and O3?
13:50:47 <yanyanhu> will list our goals there
13:50:56 <yanyanhu> those goals we setup at the beginning of this cycle
13:51:09 <Qiming> okay
13:51:18 <yanyanhu> #action yanyanhu list goals of ocata release in etherpad
13:51:24 <Qiming> guys, I just did some bad things
13:51:30 <yanyanhu> what...
13:51:31 <Qiming> self approved a patch again
13:51:32 <Qiming> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/407427/
13:51:46 <Qiming> I commited it on master branch
13:51:56 <yanyanhu> no problem :)
13:52:01 <Qiming> then ... dependencys become a mess again
13:52:02 <yanyanhu> ...
13:52:08 <Qiming> anyway, pls review
13:52:10 <yanyanhu> that is a bad news...
13:52:14 <yanyanhu> sure
13:52:30 <Qiming> deleted 32 lines of code with that patch, :D
13:52:46 <yanyanhu> :)
13:53:05 <XueFeng> :)
13:53:08 <yanyanhu> will looks through those opened patches tomorrow
13:53:18 <yanyanhu> trapped by some other things recently...
13:53:55 <yanyanhu> ok, any more topics for discussion :)
13:54:16 <yanyanhu> if not, we can release the channel a litte earlier this time :P
13:54:37 <XueFeng> About bare metal
13:54:38 <Ruijie_> no from me :)
13:54:43 <yanyanhu> XueFeng, yes
13:55:27 <Qiming> no from me
13:55:28 <XueFeng> Does it in progress?
13:55:40 <yanyanhu> XueFeng, nope I think
13:55:53 <yanyanhu> but we do need support on baremetal
13:56:03 <XueFeng> ok
13:56:25 <yanyanhu> so very appreciative if anyone can work on it :)
13:56:51 <XueFeng> yep
13:56:53 <yanyanhu> ok, I think that's all for this meeting
13:56:59 <yanyanhu> thanks all you guys for joining
13:57:05 <yanyanhu> have a good night :)
13:57:07 <XueFeng> Need more discuss about it.
13:57:12 <yanyanhu> XueFeng, sure
13:57:16 <elynn> thanks and have a good night
13:57:17 <yanyanhu> we can discuss it later
13:57:23 <XueFeng> good night
13:57:31 <yanyanhu> #endmeeting