13:00:16 <yanyanhu> #startmeeting senlin
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13:00:35 <yanyanhu> hello, everyone
13:00:59 <ruijie_> evening
13:01:17 <yanyanhu> hi, ruijie_
13:01:41 <ruijie_> hi, yanyanhu
13:02:24 <yanyanhu> lets wait for a while for other attenders
13:02:37 <yanyanhu> xuefeng is still on the way back home I think
13:03:42 <yanyanhu> hi, lxinhui
13:03:56 <lxinhui> hi
13:04:15 <yanyanhu> Qiming, around?
13:04:41 <yanyanhu> lets keep waiting for minutes
13:04:48 <elynn> Hi
13:04:52 <yanyanhu> hi, elynn
13:05:40 <yanyanhu> ok, lets get started, I think qiming and xuefeng will catch up soon
13:05:49 <yanyanhu> here is the agenda, https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/SenlinAgenda#Agenda_.282017-01-17_1300_UTC.29
13:05:58 <yanyanhu> please feel free to add items
13:06:11 <yanyanhu> #topic Senlin Ocata meetup summary
13:06:30 <yanyanhu> first, thanks all you guys joining the meetup last weekend :)
13:06:52 <yanyanhu> we made a great discssion and the meeting is very productive I believe :)
13:07:09 <yanyanhu> we have summaried a long TODO list
13:07:10 <yanyanhu> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/senlin-ocata-meetup
13:07:34 <yanyanhu> and I guess some of you have put your +1 on some items
13:07:38 <yanyanhu> :)
13:07:48 <yanyanhu> it wil help us to decide the priority of different jobs
13:08:23 <yanyanhu> based on current voting, there are 3 items get the highest priority
13:08:34 <yanyanhu> 1.  Add command "node adopt --profile-type <type> --properties network.id=<ID> --resource <nova_id> <node_name>" +1+1+1+1
13:08:39 <yanyanhu> this is for nova server adoption
13:09:07 <yanyanhu> which can help user to adopt some existing VMs which were not created by senlin before
13:09:29 <yanyanhu> then senlin can help to manage those VMs' lifecycle
13:09:44 <yanyanhu> 2.  Enrich "nova server" profile to add more properties
13:10:25 <yanyanhu> this is for enhancing our existing nova server profile to make it support creation of new volume, network port, sec-group etc. per users' requirement
13:10:36 <yanyanhu> this is important for some use case like NFV
13:10:57 <yanyanhu> 3.  Tutorial documentation
13:10:58 <yanyanhu> :)
13:11:03 <yanyanhu> Tutorial documentation for HA
13:11:13 * ruijie_ agreed
13:11:20 <yanyanhu> sorry those three are current winner :)
13:11:38 <yanyanhu> and I have marked them using BLACK in the etherpad
13:12:12 <yanyanhu> I think we can consider to start those works asap
13:12:47 <yanyanhu> especially the first one, which is not only related to our summit proposal but also for real use case in NFV scenario
13:13:00 <yanyanhu> hi, XueFengLiu
13:13:10 <XueFengLiu> hi, all
13:13:19 <yanyanhu> we are going through those todos we summaried in meetup
13:14:04 <yanyanhu> so there are three high priority works: 1) nova serve adoption 2)enriching nova server profile 2)HA tutorial
13:14:23 <yanyanhu> XueFengLiu, I recalled you have started a spec about nova serve adoption?
13:14:43 <yanyanhu> s/serve/server
13:15:06 <XueFengLiu> Yes, will submit draft latter
13:15:22 <yanyanhu> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/senlin/+spec/senlin-adpot-function
13:15:25 <yanyanhu> this one
13:15:39 <yanyanhu> great, thanks
13:16:00 <yanyanhu> but I think we may not be able to finish this work in Ocata cycle since there are only 1 month left before the final release
13:16:11 <yanyanhu> and the o3 release will be in 2 weeks
13:16:32 <yanyanhu> so we can settle down the design in current stage
13:16:39 <XueFengLiu> Ok
13:16:56 <XueFengLiu> This cycle is to short
13:17:06 <XueFengLiu> s/to/too
13:17:09 <yanyanhu> yes, only 4 months...
13:17:27 <yanyanhu> about the enriching nova server profile(or a new profile), I think we should start to work on it soon
13:17:47 <elynn> yes
13:17:58 <yanyanhu> elynn, Qiming and me have had some discussion about it today
13:18:13 <yanyanhu> about some implementation detail actually :)
13:18:20 <lxinhui> :)
13:18:44 <yanyanhu> but I believe the entire work should be supported by most people :)
13:18:47 <elynn> I put them on etherpad https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/senlin-vdu-profile
13:19:00 <yanyanhu> elynn, great
13:19:04 <lxinhui> Yes
13:19:08 <elynn> And I'm working on a PoC code
13:19:15 <lxinhui> When elynn got the poc done
13:19:16 <yanyanhu> guys, please help to review and leave your comments
13:19:20 <XueFengLiu> great
13:19:21 <yanyanhu> cool
13:19:30 <lxinhui> I can help to use it with VNF
13:19:31 <ruijie_> Great job
13:19:44 <lxinhui> then we will know the result and where to improve
13:19:59 <yanyanhu> lxinhui, yes
13:20:04 <yanyanhu> and actually XueFengLiu have given me a quick call few minutes ago about the Senlin NFV proposal to Boston summit
13:20:07 <elynn> yes lxinhui
13:20:17 <yanyanhu> I believe this is very important for us
13:20:32 <yanyanhu> to show the ability of senlin of managing the resource pool in real case
13:20:41 <yanyanhu> a real and important case
13:21:22 <yanyanhu> since the deadline of proposal is Feb.6th, and I guess most of the team will start their vacation for Spring festival since the end of the month
13:21:34 <ruijie_> I just talked to my boss about the use case
13:21:35 <yanyanhu> before the end of the month :)
13:21:51 <ruijie_> Since we are having an annual meeting
13:21:55 <yanyanhu> so I think we'd better complete the proposal before we starting our vacation
13:22:02 <yanyanhu> ruijie_, yes
13:22:32 <lxinhui> Yes
13:22:32 <ruijie_> We will find an project with 1000s of vm
13:22:41 <ruijie_> To implement sending
13:22:44 <yanyanhu> ruijie_, great!
13:22:45 <XueFengLiu> We have a use cause use tacker now. I talk with them
13:23:05 <yanyanhu> ruijie_, if so, we can try to build another propsal based on it
13:23:16 <yanyanhu> to share your experience
13:23:23 <elynn> I think the enrich profile can be a contrib and don't need to carry by a senlin release, so that we can continually improving it.
13:23:43 <ruijie_> Yes yanyanhu, will try to detail it later
13:23:46 <yanyanhu> elynn, sure, it can stay in contrib dir for a while
13:23:52 <yanyanhu> ruijie_, thanks :)
13:24:14 <yanyanhu> hi, XueFengLiu, so I think maybe you can start a thread about NFV propsal and include elynn lxinhui and haiwei
13:24:23 <yanyanhu> and lets see how to build that topic
13:24:42 <yanyanhu> since it could include both Senlin and Taker and your real use case
13:24:56 <yanyanhu> sorry, Tacker
13:25:08 <lxinhui> Yanyanhu
13:25:14 <yanyanhu> yes
13:25:14 <XueFengLiu> Yes, will send a mail tomorrow to discuss details
13:25:21 <yanyanhu> XueFengLiu, thanks
13:25:36 <lxinhui> do you mean the node adoption
13:25:39 <lxinhui> ?
13:25:46 <lxinhui> XUeFengLiu
13:26:03 <yanyanhu> lxinhui, no, NFV proposal is about enriching nova server profile to support NFV requirement
13:26:05 <lxinhui> The real use case is in your envrionemtn
13:26:16 <yanyanhu> - Design a "feature rich" nova server, including, e.g. volume, network, security group, etc. +1+1+1+1
13:26:18 <XueFengLiu> About NFV use cause,lxinhui
13:26:18 <yanyanhu> this one
13:26:41 <yanyanhu> hi, xuhaiwei
13:26:53 <xuhaiwei> hi yanyanhu, everyone
13:27:03 <lxinhui> hi, xuhaiwei
13:27:40 <lxinhui> Yes, definitly, we can discuss
13:27:51 <yanyanhu> xuhaiwei, actually we are talking about Senlin NFV proposal to summit. XueFengLiu will start a thread tomorrow and include you guys to decide how to make it
13:28:20 <yanyanhu> I believe your work for integrating Senlin and Tacker will be important part of that topic
13:28:21 <xuhaiwei> yanyanhu, ok, that's fine
13:28:36 <yanyanhu> so lets build that topic together :)
13:28:55 <XueFengLiu> OK.Thanks all:)
13:29:00 <yanyanhu> :)
13:29:04 <xuhaiwei> My boss also wants me to propose some session in the coming summit, we can work together I think
13:29:05 <lxinhui> :)
13:29:15 <elynn> :)
13:29:16 <yanyanhu> sure, we have the same goal :P
13:29:22 <XueFengLiu> sure
13:29:25 <xuhaiwei> yea
13:29:25 <yanyanhu> so that's a simple summary about the summit
13:29:37 <XueFengLiu> We can together to do this
13:29:57 <lxinhui> Phone call maybe much more efficient
13:30:14 <lxinhui> XueFengLiu
13:30:15 <yanyanhu> lxinhui, sure, but we can start from the mail to let everyone know the item
13:30:28 <XueFengLiu> We have a network element, use tacker and heat now.
13:30:28 <lxinhui> could you schedue some meeting
13:30:33 <yanyanhu> and let them get the chance to involve :)
13:30:56 <XueFengLiu> I talked with them, we can do a demo us senlin to do this
13:31:06 <XueFengLiu> s/us/use
13:31:16 <ruijie_> Are you using Dingding or something
13:31:31 <ruijie_> It support video meeting etc
13:31:47 <lxinhui> Good suggestion ruijie_
13:32:24 <lxinhui> I have VNF can share for demo purpose
13:32:39 <elynn> Nice.
13:32:59 <yanyan> sorry, just dropped...
13:32:59 <yanyan> so any further discussion on meetup summary?
13:33:16 <XueFengLiu> ruijie_, good idea
13:33:29 <elynn> Could you schedule the meeting at afternoon since I'm busy tomorrow morning.
13:33:44 <yanyan> if not, I think we can keep discussing the nfv proposal offline :)
13:33:44 <yanyan> and decide more detail
13:33:59 <xuhaiwei> there is tacker meeting from 13:30 beijing time tomorrow
13:34:18 <yanyan> yes
13:34:28 <XueFengLiu> I can send a mail first
13:34:40 <yanyan> please just want to remind that the tacker meeting will be in 13:30 beijing time tomorrow
13:34:42 <xuhaiwei> yanyan: about the nfv topic , I am interested in it
13:34:44 <XueFengLiu> Then we can decide time
13:34:45 <yanyan> and hope you guys can join it
13:35:04 <ruijie_> Will join it
13:35:12 <yanyan> xuhaiwei, sure, lets work on it together
13:35:46 <yanyan> maybe after 4:00 pm tomorrow?
13:35:56 <elynn> Will join and watch it to see if there's any requirements.
13:35:57 <yanyan> looks like all of us are free at that time?
13:36:03 <lxinhui> yes
13:36:08 <lxinhui> works for me
13:36:12 <elynn> Sounds good to me.
13:36:12 <XueFengLiu> I'am ok
13:36:18 <xuhaiwei> I am ok I think
13:36:21 <yanyan> xuhaiwei, and you?
13:36:24 <yanyan> great
13:36:36 <yanyan> ok, lets reconfirm it tomorrow
13:36:54 <yanyan> I will call you in the irc channel before it starts
13:37:10 <yanyan> ok, lets move on, still have several topics need to get through :)
13:37:20 <yanyan> #topic Ocata Work Items
13:37:20 <xuhaiwei> there should be discussion about node adoption in senlin in tacker meeting I thinnk
13:37:39 <yanyan> xuhaiwei, yes, that item is also in our list with high priority :)
13:37:43 <yanyan> just as qiming said today
13:37:51 <xuhaiwei> ok
13:37:53 <yanyan> that job will be started soon
13:38:02 <xuhaiwei> just remind other members
13:38:06 <yanyan> hope that will be helpful to erase the concern from tacker team
13:38:06 <yanyan> :)
13:38:22 <yanyan> ok, we really need to move on :P
13:38:30 <XueFengLiu> :)
13:38:36 <yanyan> #topic Ocata Work Items
13:39:27 <yanyan> ok, I think most of the items in the list have been discussed in last weekend
13:39:27 <yanyan> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/senlin-ocata-workitems
13:39:27 <yanyan> and I have added the one about enriching nova serve profile
13:40:24 <yanyan> about the test, ruijie_ have started working on it
13:40:27 <yanyan> and about HA, we will try to add mistral workflow support and prepare a proposal based on it
13:40:37 <ruijie_> Yea. I am working on it
13:40:47 <ruijie_> Will finish it this week
13:40:47 <yanyan> and lxinhui has reached to Mistral team to see their feedback
13:41:04 <yanyan> ruijie_, great. No need to hurry, just take you time :)
13:41:17 <ruijie_> Sure yanyan
13:41:24 <lxinhui> yanyan
13:41:32 <yanyan> lxinhui, I think we can focus on the workflow based HA part and then show it to Mistral team and ask their opinion
13:41:52 <lxinhui> yanyan, I touched the team is for middle-cycle
13:42:05 <lxinhui> about proposal,I will think more about that
13:42:07 <yanyan> oh, you mean ptg
13:42:12 <yanyan> lxinhui, sure
13:42:21 <lxinhui> let us focus on the NFV case proposal now
13:42:32 <yanyan> we can listen to those guys idea
13:42:32 <yanyan> before we make the decision
13:42:45 <yanyan> ok
13:43:23 <yanyan> so looking forward to more feedback from the them in the PTG :)
13:43:30 <lxinhui> haha
13:43:42 <lxinhui> Who else will be on PTG?
13:43:51 <lxinhui> XueFengLiu
13:43:51 <yanyan> :)
13:43:51 <yanyan> ok, next topic
13:43:55 <yanyan> #topic Ocata-3 releas
13:43:58 <lxinhui> you will be there?
13:44:00 <XueFengLiu> Yes, will go
13:44:06 <lxinhui> nice
13:44:13 <yanyan> lucky people :)
13:44:14 <XueFengLiu> :)
13:44:22 <xuhaiwei> lxinhui, about NFV proposal which project will be involved ?
13:44:39 <yanyan> xuhaiwei, both senlin and tacker I think
13:44:46 <xuhaiwei> ok
13:44:47 <lxinhui> Yes
13:44:54 <lxinhui> and acrually
13:44:59 <yanyan> just we need to figure out how to organize the topic
13:45:03 <lxinhui> we can give common NFV support
13:45:07 <yanyan> and how to build the case
13:45:44 <yanyan> we can have more discussion on it based the thread XueFengLiu will start
13:45:58 <lxinhui> Sure
13:46:06 <yanyan> :)
13:46:07 <XueFengLiu> Yes, to highlight senlin with this proposal
13:46:10 <yanyan> ok, about Ocata-3 release, it will come in a week
13:46:35 <yanyan> please pay attention to those critical bugs that are still not addressed
13:46:40 <xuhaiwei> according to my thought previously, I was planning to make it a small session about 15mins, but if we think about it more, we can make it a big one maybe
13:46:44 <XueFengLiu> Some bugs have fixed
13:46:56 <XueFengLiu> About project_safe
13:46:59 <yanyan> xuhaiwei, that's for sure
13:47:04 <yanyan> XueFengLiu, yes, saw your patch
13:47:34 <yanyan> enabling project_safe for admin user does bring us some problems :)
13:47:45 <xuhaiwei> XueFengLiu has a use case for NFV?
13:48:01 <yanyan> need to address all potential issues before release
13:48:08 <XueFengLiu> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/417697/
13:48:42 <yanyan> yes
13:48:47 <XueFengLiu> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/420631/
13:48:47 <yanyan> that one has been fixed
13:49:17 <yanyan> I guess there are still some corners need to seek
13:49:28 <XueFengLiu> Yes
13:49:29 <yanyan> hope we won't miss something :)
13:49:38 <XueFengLiu> need check
13:49:42 <yanyan> yes
13:49:55 <ruijie_> Found 2 bugs before about senlin client
13:50:08 <ruijie_> Will look forward to it tomorrow
13:50:13 <XueFengLiu> Also about do_check
13:50:18 <yanyan> ruijie_, great, thanks a lot
13:50:33 <XueFengLiu> do_recover
13:50:37 <yanyan> ah, right
13:50:41 <XueFengLiu> some issues
13:51:02 <yanyan> XueFengLiu, so please help to confirm they all work correctly, thanks
13:51:32 <XueFengLiu> Ok
13:52:13 <yanyan> I plan to cut the release on Tuesday or Wednesday next week
13:52:21 <XueFengLiu> If no much time, will fix high priority first
13:52:25 <yanyan> since Friday will be Chinese Spring festival
13:52:34 <yanyan> XueFengLiu, sure :)
13:52:44 <yanyan> will also help to check it
13:53:06 <yanyan> ok, any more question about this topic?
13:53:30 <yanyan> ok, lets move on
13:53:42 <yanyan> Proposals for Boston Summit. We have discussed it.
13:54:07 <yanyan> and remind again, hope you guys can join the Tacker meeting tomorrow
13:54:18 <yanyan> Beijing time 13:30, UTC 0530
13:54:18 <lxinhui> when is it?
13:54:25 <yanyan> tomorrow
13:54:27 <lxinhui> you are so nice :)
13:54:30 <XueFengLiu> OK
13:54:31 <yanyan> :)
13:54:56 <yanyan> ok, open discussion now, we still have 5 minutes :)
13:55:46 <yanyan> hi, xuhaiwei, how urgent the server adoption feature is required based on the feedback you got?
13:56:20 <yanyan> if it is for NFV use case
13:56:27 <xuhaiwei> Tacker team hopes to finish senlin integration jobs in ocata release
13:56:39 <xuhaiwei> but it is very difficult IMO
13:56:43 <yanyan> xuhaiwei, but the spec is still pending...
13:56:45 <yanyan> yes...
13:56:56 <lxinhui> strange
13:57:23 <xuhaiwei> yes, the PTL seems to support this feature, but some cores are asking strange questions
13:57:59 <yanyan> I see. Anyway, we try our best to drive it
13:58:09 <xuhaiwei> yes
13:58:31 <yanyan> but we can't decide the result by ourselves :)
13:58:48 <xuhaiwei> I think the spec will be merged soon
13:59:09 <yanyan> xuhaiwei, yes, I think so too
13:59:26 <yanyan> so lets discuss it more in tomorrow's meeting
13:59:29 <yanyan> Tacker meeting
13:59:36 <xuhaiwei> yea
13:59:36 <yanyan> ok, time is almost over
13:59:45 <yanyan> thanks all you guys for joining
13:59:47 <xuhaiwei> see u
13:59:50 <yanyan> have a good night :)
13:59:56 <yanyan> and talk to you tomorrow
14:00:00 <ruijie_> Good night
14:00:01 <XueFengLiu> good night
14:00:11 <yanyan> #endmeeting
14:00:31 <yanyanhu> #endmeeting