13:00:21 <Qiming> #startmeeting senlin
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13:00:32 <Qiming> evening, morning
13:00:47 <elynn> hi
13:00:54 <XueFengLiu> hi,all
13:01:32 <Qiming> let's see who else is joining
13:01:40 <Qiming> I know yanyan is on biz trip
13:02:10 <Qiming> proposed meeting agenda is here: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/SenlinAgenda#Weekly_Senlin_.28Clustering.29_meeting
13:02:15 <XueFengLiu> oh, so happy
13:02:20 <Qiming> pls feel free to add items
13:03:39 <Qiming> okay, maybe we can get started
13:03:45 <Qiming> #topic pike workitems
13:03:54 <Qiming> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/senlin-pike-workitems
13:04:06 <Qiming> profile-only support
13:04:26 <Qiming> the sdk side and client side patchs are merged
13:04:39 <Qiming> however, we are still missing the api layer patch
13:04:43 <Qiming> that is ... weird
13:05:05 <XueFengLiu> need check
13:05:39 <Qiming> oh, request objects have been changed
13:06:46 <Qiming> just the history.rst needs a change and we need to bump microversion to 1.6 to enable this
13:07:47 <XueFengLiu> Yes , tow hongbing and guoshan cooperate to do this bp
13:08:04 <Qiming> alright, changed the work item to reflect the reality
13:08:24 <XueFengLiu> ok
13:08:25 <Qiming> next item
13:08:32 <Qiming> feature rich nova server
13:08:38 <XueFengLiu> maybe we can notice them to add history
13:08:58 <elynn_> Saw your comments
13:09:09 <elynn_> Sorry I haven't got time to update it.
13:09:17 <Qiming> last time we discussed working on nova server and vdu profile in parallel, maybe elynn_ still wants to fix vdu first
13:09:21 <Qiming> i'm fine with that
13:09:46 <Qiming> just want to let you know, I'm starting to look at server adoption
13:09:56 <elynn_> Yes, I would like to let vdu stable first
13:10:03 <elynn_> Then back port to nova profile
13:10:06 <Qiming> which means I'm gonna propose changes to nova server profile
13:10:14 <XueFengLiu> Qiming,greate
13:10:25 <elynn_> okay...
13:10:34 <Qiming> so ... it may make your future back port a little difficult
13:10:37 <elynn_> When you do that, add me as reviewer
13:10:50 <Qiming> hopefully I'm not changing a lot of existing code
13:11:04 <Qiming> pls keep working on the vdu profile
13:11:15 <elynn_> I will update them this week
13:11:20 <Qiming> rumors said we have got the talk on this accepted
13:11:39 <Qiming> it means ... at least we have a preview version for people to try out
13:11:56 <elynn_> Haven't got any emails about the results yet.
13:11:56 <lxinhui> On my side, still test VDU with vims
13:12:05 <Qiming> hi, xiao xin
13:12:06 <lxinhui> some problems jum out
13:12:11 <lxinhui> hi Qiming
13:12:30 <lxinhui> not sure if it is caused by template or wrong attributes
13:12:48 <lxinhui> the ims service can not serve normally as heat template did
13:12:57 <lxinhui> will dig more to root cause the error
13:13:04 <Qiming> great we are making progress on this, ...
13:13:27 <elynn_> Maybe I should not swallow the jinja2 errors...
13:14:08 <Qiming> right, that 'pass' is masking out a lot of error conditions
13:14:32 <elynn_> The design now is when encounter attributes error raised by jinja2 , it will silently pass and use the un-replaced user_data instead.
13:14:56 <Qiming> em, that deserves a -1
13:16:09 <elynn_> I did that because if someone just want to use {{}} in their user_data, then senile won't raise errors...
13:16:52 <elynn_> I guest I worry too much...
13:16:53 <Qiming> failing silently is not good anyway
13:17:09 <elynn_> Will modify that
13:18:10 <Qiming> left a comment with a -1 as reminder, :)
13:18:21 <Qiming> more on this topic?
13:18:23 <elynn_> :)
13:18:50 <Qiming> moving on
13:18:53 <Qiming> engine improvement
13:19:18 <Qiming> cracking NODE_CHECK actions
13:19:32 <XueFengLiu> yes, Qiming
13:19:41 <XueFengLiu> not update
13:19:45 <XueFengLiu> need review
13:19:55 <Qiming> I'm thinking if we should make this a little bit self managed
13:20:43 <Qiming> for NODE_CHECK, CLUSTER_CHECK actions originated/derived from health manager
13:21:02 <Qiming> we can label them as self destroyable
13:21:32 <Qiming> when we do action_mark_complete in database, the action delete itself
13:21:51 <XueFengLiu> OK
13:22:00 <XueFengLiu> I thought this before
13:22:05 <Qiming> for end users, actions not originated from client requests are strange
13:22:32 <Qiming> i was even thinking of other alternatives instead of forking actions
13:22:52 <Qiming> a little bit difficult ...
13:23:20 <Qiming> next thing is about server adoption, and maybe stack adoption
13:23:35 <XueFengLiu> yes
13:23:37 <Qiming> current thought is to add a node-adopt api
13:23:52 <Qiming> implemented as a do_adopt() method in each profile type
13:24:23 <Qiming> the method carries a 'confirm=False' parameter and a 'snapshot=False' parameter
13:24:52 <XueFengLiu> yes ,this is the base for adopt
13:24:59 <Qiming> which means by default, do_adopt will extract relevant properties from an exising server, filling a new profile spec using the property values
13:25:26 <Qiming> but ... since confirm is False, we don't create a new profile yet
13:25:40 <Qiming> since snapshot=False, we don't create a server snapshot yet
13:25:55 <XueFengLiu> Ok
13:25:59 <XueFengLiu> I got the idea
13:26:00 <Qiming> from client side, user must explicit specify confirm=True
13:26:11 <Qiming> then a new node will be created, with a new profile created
13:26:36 <Qiming> user can provide a dict to override the properties extracted from an existing server/stack
13:27:30 <Qiming> with confirm=False, user will always get a chance to "preview" what kind of a new profile senlin will create for him/her
13:28:11 <Qiming> a skeleton is ready, need some test cases to be added before submit for review
13:28:30 <Qiming> one thing I met is about networks
13:28:51 <XueFengLiu> OK
13:28:51 <XueFengLiu> which problem
13:29:00 <Qiming> from server properties extracted, it is really hard to determine whether the server should be created using network name, port id or fixed ip ...
13:29:16 <Qiming> the input and the output are different for network properties
13:29:34 <Qiming> that could be something we really need user's intervention
13:29:56 <Qiming> another problem is that I haven't find an api to get the admin password for a nova server
13:30:11 <Qiming> although we can specify it when creating one
13:30:58 <Qiming> just an update on the current progress, pls let me know if you have suggestions, on #senlin channel
13:31:06 <Qiming> moving on to next topic
13:31:18 <Qiming> RDO shipment
13:31:24 <XueFengLiu> Ok
13:32:09 <XueFengLiu> Add requirements in sepc and debug in centos 7
13:32:27 <XueFengLiu> Not difficult
13:32:29 <Qiming> have you consulted RDO guys?
13:32:50 <XueFengLiu> have not
13:33:04 <XueFengLiu> Will ping them in #rdo
13:33:21 <Qiming> okay, feel free to ask questions, there is not many cannibals on earth today
13:33:38 <Qiming> thanks for driving this
13:33:49 <XueFengLiu> Ok
13:33:58 <XueFengLiu> My pleasure:)
13:34:05 <Qiming> alright, meeup in Nanjing
13:34:12 <Qiming> your input, XueFengLiu ?
13:34:33 <XueFengLiu> Yes
13:34:48 <Qiming> thanks for drafting the tutorial, I'll spend some time reading it
13:34:51 <XueFengLiu> There is a meetup in NanJing 2017,3,18
13:35:04 <XueFengLiu> Ok
13:35:30 <Qiming> please also check my paper, it is a more comprehensive introduction from developer's perspective
13:35:35 <XueFengLiu> On the meetup the first topic is about senlin:)
13:35:44 <XueFengLiu> Will
13:36:18 <Qiming> I'll try my best to join you, but ... cannot promise a thing yet
13:36:44 <Qiming> I'm overcommitted ...
13:36:55 <XueFengLiu> OK:)
13:37:12 <Qiming> next topic
13:37:15 <Qiming> health
13:37:25 <Qiming> I'm not aware of progress in this thread
13:37:44 <XueFengLiu> If you can come, it will be more professional
13:38:02 <Qiming> :D
13:38:21 <Qiming> next is about senlinclient functional test
13:38:41 <Qiming> I think the gate is ready, we can start adding test cases now
13:39:04 <XueFengLiu> That's good
13:39:30 <XueFengLiu> We can distribute ti to team to help do this
13:39:39 <XueFengLiu> s/ti/it
13:39:44 <Qiming> sure
13:39:56 <Qiming> policy improvement
13:40:05 <XueFengLiu> :)
13:40:18 <Qiming> ruijie has been improving lb policy for CLUSTER_RECOVER action
13:40:46 <XueFengLiu> yes, two patches for this
13:40:49 <ruijie_> yes, but still need improvement
13:41:00 <ruijie_> for parsing action data
13:41:10 <Qiming> okay
13:41:34 <Qiming> so far... for actions, we are not fully utilizing its "outputs" property
13:42:10 <Qiming> we have been heavily using its 'inputs' and 'data' property for input parameters and policy decisions respectively
13:42:36 <ruijie_> It is used outer Senlin .. e.g. MQ message
13:42:38 <Qiming> I cannot recall whether LB policy is alreadying using action.outputs
13:43:10 <Qiming> we may want to make sure all actions record there results into 'outputs'
13:43:23 <Qiming> though we don't have a strong use case for it yet
13:43:50 <Qiming> it's just an option, ruijie_, you can still use action.data for LB improvement
13:44:14 <Qiming> it is not the only valid solution
13:44:24 <ruijie_> Qiming, you mean dump the data to action.data but not action.outputs?
13:44:33 <Qiming> it depends
13:44:50 <ruijie_> I mean for the LB policy
13:44:54 <Qiming> if the data you are dumping are more suitable to be treated as 'outputs', you can do it
13:45:03 <XueFengLiu> What is the different about action.data and action.outputs
13:45:03 <Qiming> then in LB policy you will check it
13:45:39 <Qiming> action.data is designed for internal use, policies use action.data to pass information from one to another
13:46:01 <ruijie_> Currently, we dump the data to outputs only if node_recover succeeded
13:46:02 <Qiming> action.outputs is about the final result from an action's execution
13:46:12 <Qiming> okay
13:46:14 <Qiming> that is fine
13:46:51 <Qiming> I was not saying it has to be done this way or that way
13:47:07 <ruijie_> yes Qiming
13:47:22 <Qiming> okay, take your time on this, sir
13:47:35 <ruijie_> :)
13:47:46 <Qiming> guess that's all about pike work items,
13:48:04 <XueFengLiu> OK ,I see,  if action finished, all policies also finished, then we can use "outputs" which is designed for final result
13:48:20 <ruijie_> not really Xuefeng
13:48:31 <Qiming> looking ahead ... we are about to prioritize things we want to get done duing Pike
13:48:34 <ruijie_> there is still an post_op be executed after the action
13:48:45 <Qiming> I've checked the blueprints
13:49:08 <Qiming> some are already approved, some need more clarifications
13:49:27 <Qiming> #topic pike goals
13:49:52 <XueFengLiu> Yes, ruijie_
13:50:02 <Qiming> my personal opinion on pike goals
13:50:35 <Qiming> container support, complete health support, usable VNF support
13:51:10 <Qiming> others may include node adoption
13:51:23 <Qiming> which has already started
13:51:37 <XueFengLiu> Yes
13:51:53 <Qiming> a more dirty work is to rebase profile and policy schema onto versioned objects
13:52:11 <Qiming> then we have a better versioning support all profile/policy versions
13:52:13 <XueFengLiu> Qiming, this is you personal things want to do or personal option?
13:52:25 <Qiming> my personal view
13:52:44 <Qiming> pls don't view them as all in my plate
13:52:51 <Qiming> I cannot eat that much
13:53:04 <XueFengLiu> haha:)
13:53:08 <XueFengLiu> Got it
13:53:19 <Qiming> I'm asking your suggestions
13:53:31 <Qiming> what do you think should we give a higher priority
13:53:59 <Qiming> if you don't have an answer right now, pls think about it and share with team later
13:54:16 <XueFengLiu> Ok
13:54:25 <XueFengLiu> adoption is high
13:54:44 <XueFengLiu> others I will share later
13:55:03 <XueFengLiu> In next weekly meeting
13:55:05 <Qiming> check TODO.rst and FEATURES.rst
13:55:26 <Qiming> need some tuning to those lists
13:55:34 <XueFengLiu> Yes
13:55:34 <XueFengLiu> And about https://blueprints.launchpad.net/senlin/+spec/cluster-lock-cluster-unlock
13:55:40 <Qiming> for example, api wg conformance is not a big issue now
13:55:52 <Qiming> we have been closely following their guidelines
13:56:06 <XueFengLiu> need discuss wiht ruijie_ and Qiming
13:56:28 <XueFengLiu> Which is senlin want for cluster-lokc-unlock
13:56:49 <Qiming> right, that blueprint needs some details
13:57:30 <Qiming> #topic open discussions
13:57:36 <Qiming> still a few minutes
13:57:39 <ruijie_> My thought is mark it as ERROR or something before.
13:58:06 <Qiming> ERROR is a state you can recover from
13:58:22 <Qiming> I was thinking that a cluster is frozen
13:58:46 <Qiming> no more actions are accepted before an 'unfreeze' ... :)
13:58:53 <ruijie_> Right Qiming, only recover action could make it alive again
13:59:18 <Qiming> how about adding your comment to the etherpad
13:59:33 <ruijie_> sure Qiming
13:59:33 <Qiming> time's up, guys, thx for joining
13:59:37 <Qiming> ttyl
13:59:40 <XueFengLiu> OK, will add more in that
13:59:41 <Qiming> #endmeeting