12:59:42 <Qiming> #startmeeting senlin
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13:01:23 <Qiming> any senliner online?
13:04:42 <XueFengLiu> hi,all
13:06:18 <Qiming> hi
13:06:29 <Qiming> seems just you and me
13:07:00 <XueFengLiu> seems so
13:10:06 <Qiming> alright
13:10:21 <Qiming> do you know fengyaohua?
13:10:32 <Qiming> XueFengLiu ?
13:10:47 <Qiming> oh ... yaofenghua
13:10:54 <XueFengLiu> yes,
13:11:12 <XueFengLiu> he is using senlin's adopt function
13:11:22 <Qiming> right
13:11:28 <XueFengLiu> And he foud some problem
13:11:30 <Qiming> he posted a comment to the BP
13:11:32 <XueFengLiu> found
13:11:35 <XueFengLiu> yes
13:11:44 <Qiming> it is not a bug
13:11:54 <Qiming> there must be something wrong in his client
13:12:07 <XueFengLiu> ok
13:12:09 <Qiming> node adoption is defined as a POST to /nodes/adopt
13:12:27 <Qiming> there is no conflict to any existing API
13:13:18 <XueFengLiu> ok, i saw you comment in the bp
13:13:25 <Qiming> adoption preview is defined at /nodes/adopt-preview, also accepts a POST verb
13:13:51 <Qiming> because we don't have a POST to /nodes/<node_id>
13:14:15 <Qiming> so 'adopt' should never be mistakenly parsed as a node ID
13:14:21 <XueFengLiu> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/senlin/+spec/senlin-adopt-function
13:15:09 <XueFengLiu> maybe the client he used is writed by herself?
13:15:20 <Qiming> seems so
13:15:42 <XueFengLiu> Ok
13:15:45 <Qiming> I was ... working on the sdk side patch for node adopt but ... trapped into something else recently
13:16:00 <XueFengLiu> I see
13:16:40 <XueFengLiu> which problem you meet?
13:16:58 <XueFengLiu> met
13:18:03 <Qiming> just struggling with making thing look like REST calls ... :)
13:18:19 <Qiming> node adopt returns a node "adopted"
13:18:44 <Qiming> node adopt-preview only returns a half-baked profile instead of a node
13:19:15 <Qiming> modeling these two operations in SDK is a little bit tricky
13:19:41 <Qiming> but I believe there is always a workaround
13:20:04 <XueFengLiu> some info is hard to handle?
13:21:27 <Qiming> not many, just need to make it look similar to other sdk resources
13:22:07 <XueFengLiu> ok. it a hard work:)
13:23:57 <Qiming> we need to check if there are still things missing from sdk/client side after bumping api to 1.7
13:24:53 <XueFengLiu> ok
13:25:29 <Qiming> and we will need to land sdk side patches quickly so that we still have slack time for client work
13:25:30 <XueFengLiu> This seems need do a manual test now
13:26:16 <Qiming> yes, it would be great if you can organize one from your side
13:26:32 <XueFengLiu> Ok ,no problem
13:26:39 <Qiming> thansk
13:26:41 <Qiming> thanks
13:26:54 <XueFengLiu> And if senlin client tmptest is added.
13:27:02 <XueFengLiu> It will be auto
13:27:13 <XueFengLiu> API test
13:28:06 <Qiming> yep, haven't checked if api test has covered all the changes ... :(
13:28:54 <XueFengLiu> ok
13:29:40 <Qiming> other than that I don't have much to discuss
13:30:05 <XueFengLiu> Have add this to pike work item
13:30:52 <XueFengLiu> Ok, about proposal we can discuss with other cores by email tomorrow.
13:31:14 <XueFengLiu> No other things form me today.
13:31:27 <XueFengLiu> We can end meeting :)
13:31:31 <Qiming> for triggering workflow, you can check this spec: http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/senlin/tree/doc/specs/workflow-recover.rst
13:31:53 <Qiming> it was created by xinhui
13:32:20 <XueFengLiu> ok, thanks Qiming
13:32:28 <Qiming> hope it is inspiring if you want to introduce network recovery into the picture
13:32:30 <XueFengLiu> Will check this spec
13:32:36 <Qiming> okay
13:32:40 <Qiming> thanks for joining
13:32:47 <XueFengLiu> :)
13:32:51 <Qiming> #endmeeting