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13:06:11 <Qiming> hi, guys, any outstanding issues to discuss today?
13:06:13 <ruijie> 0/
13:06:32 <elynn> Hi Qiming ruijie
13:07:03 <ruijie> hi elynn Qiming.
13:07:23 <Qiming> elynn, long time no see, :)
13:07:39 <elynn> I don't have issue to discuss ~ Just to keep in pace with you guys.
13:08:15 <elynn> ..... Some meeting from ONAP are conflict with senlin weekly meeting..
13:08:29 <Qiming> okay
13:08:32 <elynn> Sometimes I have to choose...
13:08:46 <ruijie> oh, just proposed patches about revising GC work
13:09:14 <Qiming> no problem, elynn
13:10:50 <elynn> I guess ruijie get used to being a PTL now :)
13:11:12 <Qiming> starting next week, ruijie will host the weekly meeting?
13:11:26 <ruijie> okay Qiming:)
13:12:18 <Qiming> cool
13:12:30 <ruijie> Noticed next week is Queens Goals Research?
13:12:39 <ruijie> it's about the PTG or all projects?
13:13:01 <elynn> Will you attend PTG?
13:13:20 <Qiming> both ptg and goals research
13:13:56 <Qiming> no funding from my side to attend this PTG
13:13:56 <ruijie> no, I am not going there :)
13:14:21 <Qiming> not a cheap trip for people out of US
13:14:53 <Qiming> PTG is against non-americans, ... just my personal feeling
13:14:56 <elynn> Yes, ticket isn't free.
13:15:14 <ruijie> flight is expensive :)..
13:17:08 <elynn> We could hold some virtual meeting if needed.
13:17:23 <Qiming> another patch you may want to review is about the one about lb policy improvement
13:17:27 <elynn> to discuss the features.
13:17:59 <Qiming> +1
13:18:33 <ruijie> we can have virtual meetings or we can find a place to have a meeting?
13:19:17 <elynn> Both works for me.
13:19:51 <elynn> Xinhui and me might attend the PTG next week, the week after next week is fine.
13:20:12 <Qiming> okay
13:20:39 <elynn> ONAP plan to do code freeze next week, it's super busy for us these weeks
13:22:26 <Qiming> alright
13:22:40 <elynn> Qiming, you mean this patch about lb policy https://review.openstack.org/#/c/500713/ ?
13:23:17 <Qiming> yes
13:23:24 <Qiming> that is a good starting point at least
13:23:28 <ruijie> btw elynn, what do you mean by having virtual meeting? we have other tools besides IRC?
13:24:59 <elynn> ruijie, we can find some tools  for virtual meeting, webex , zoom, or skype which support screen sharing.
13:25:40 <elynn> In ONAP, we use zoom for weekly meeting, it's a nice tool.
13:28:35 <elynn> Qiming, it seems they need to adopt existing VIP into LB policy?
13:28:51 <Qiming> yes
13:29:11 <Qiming> I commented that those LBs should be deleted when the policy is detached
13:30:39 <elynn> Sounds like a feature
13:35:49 <elynn> It's a good start to support this case.
13:38:15 <Qiming> agree
13:51:30 <Qiming> if we don't have more topics to discuss
13:51:33 <Qiming> we can end the meeting now
13:52:19 <Qiming> #endmeeting