13:00:22 <ruijie_> #startmeeting senlin
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13:00:50 <ruijie_> evening :)
13:01:09 <XueFeng> hi, ruijie
13:01:21 <ruijie_> hi XueFeng
13:01:30 <Qiming> HELLO
13:01:40 <ruijie_> hi Qiming
13:01:56 <XueFeng> hello, Qiming
13:02:55 <ruijie_> let's get started :)
13:03:04 <ruijie_> the tempest plugin
13:03:06 <ruijie_> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/506550/
13:03:07 <patchbot> patch 506550 - governance - Add senlin-tempest-plugin to project list
13:03:16 <ruijie_> this patch is under reviewed
13:04:01 <ruijie_> another one is abuot the lb policy: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/504548/
13:04:01 <patchbot> patch 504548 - senlin - Add code to fix the problem that support existed l... (MERGED)
13:04:11 <ruijie_> sorry I merged it myself ..
13:04:43 <Qiming> it's fine, it looks okay to me
13:04:51 <Qiming> do you still have some concerns?
13:05:14 <ruijie_> yes, since that improvement could be proposed later
13:05:51 <ruijie_> another thing is the schedule of the meetup
13:05:54 <ruijie_> :)
13:07:42 <ruijie_> so, the 2nd weekend of Oct is a little bit early, I guess
13:12:20 <ruijie_> about that patch, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/504548/2/senlin/policies/lb_policy.py, can we just ignore the error when attaching?
13:12:20 <patchbot> patch 504548 - senlin - Add code to fix the problem that support existed l... (MERGED)
13:12:27 <XueFeng> Hi, ruijie_, how about  the main works this cycle?
13:12:37 <Qiming> I replied on the mailinglist, I won't be able to join you if it is scheduled on Oct 14/15
13:12:45 <Qiming> I will be traveling to Wuhan
13:13:30 <ruijie_> yes Qiming, I saw the e-mail, the schedule is flexable, so that we all can join it
13:14:14 <ruijie_> XieFeng, actually, the meetup is aim to discuss features
13:14:46 <XueFeng> ok
13:15:21 <ruijie_> may need to talk to each other, we have options
13:15:44 <ruijie_> if we cannot get most of up together, then we can use zoom or something to have a virtual meeting
13:15:51 <ruijie_> up/us
13:16:16 <Qiming> one week later would be good for me
13:16:18 <XueFeng> Better to together
13:16:44 <ruijie_> yes Qiming, XueFeng, I did't get all the replies
13:19:26 <ruijie_> okay, Qiming, XueFeng, I am going to ping everyone to check the schedule and opinions :)
13:19:34 <Qiming> thanks
13:19:52 <ruijie_> that's my job :)
13:20:24 <ruijie_> about the patch we just talked about, I received e-mail from Tingting Yu
13:20:45 <ruijie_> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/504548/
13:20:45 <patchbot> patch 504548 - senlin - Add code to fix the problem that support existed l... (MERGED)
13:21:21 <ruijie_> the patch itself is fine, about the TODO in commonts, that is not easy to roll back
13:22:03 <Qiming> yes
13:22:31 <Qiming> some nodes successfully joined the LB pool, others failed
13:23:03 <ruijie_> yes, need to erase the lb info in node.data either
13:23:45 <ruijie_> can we just ignore the error, since we support cluster_recover in lb policy
13:30:05 <Qiming> we may need a design on how to handle such kinds of partial failures
13:32:26 <ruijie_> em.. that may be fine we have 10 nodes in the cluster and in the attaching process, 9 success, 1 fail
13:33:02 <Qiming> it may be and may be not okay
13:33:10 <Qiming> really depends on the usage scenario
13:36:07 <ruijie_> but we can recover the failed nodes later
13:37:53 <ruijie_> we do not know whether the lb service went down, or just network problems, but we can be optimistic and provide methods to recover it?
13:41:58 <ruijie_> will think about it latter :) Qiming, XueFeng: that's all from my side
13:42:23 <Qiming> yes, it makes sense
13:42:59 <Qiming> however, I am not quite sure cluster_recover operation can cover these failure scenarios
13:43:08 <Qiming> we can talk about it duing meetup
13:43:35 <ruijie_> yes Qiming, then we can improve the cluster_recover operation :)
13:43:40 <ruijie_> sure
13:46:33 <ruijie_> Qiming, XueFeng, do we have other topics to share
13:47:22 <Qiming> no
13:49:16 <ruijie_> thanks for joining, Gentlemen :)
13:49:36 <ruijie_> we can end it a little bit early :)
13:49:50 <ruijie_> #endmeeting