13:04:05 <ruijie> #startmeeting senlin
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13:08:29 <Qiming> hi
13:08:55 <ruijie> evening Qiming
13:09:12 <elynn> Hi
13:10:10 <ruijie> let's get started :)
13:10:26 <ruijie> we catch up with the release cycle last week
13:10:45 <ruijie> the senlinclient and senlin had Q2 had released
13:11:24 <elynn> We are in Q3 now?
13:12:04 <ruijie> yes elynn
13:12:11 <elynn> time is so fast
13:12:31 <ruijie> almost 2018 ~
13:13:22 <ruijie> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/523965/  the lifecycle spec has updates
13:14:26 <ruijie> so we may need to extend the deletion policy to support the lifecycle hook
13:16:16 <ruijie> last time, we mentioned the improvement of the listener in health manager
13:16:52 <ruijie> I am going to handle it and try to give an spec/detail later
13:18:23 <elynn> great
13:18:46 <Qiming> cool
13:19:50 <ruijie> :)
13:19:51 <ruijie> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/515321/
13:20:23 <elynn> Refactor the patch last week
13:21:06 <elynn> almost the same as the demo one, haven't add any new features for now.
13:21:30 <Qiming> haven't done a in-depth review yet, will do
13:22:06 <elynn> xuefeng mentioned that should rename the senlin.kubernetes.node to senlin.kubernetes.worker
13:22:38 <elynn> Sounds good, will do it in next patchiest.
13:24:07 <ruijie> some limitations need to be added?
13:24:26 <ruijie> like the min size of the cm cluster should be 1
13:24:46 <elynn> yes, min and max size should be 1.
13:24:55 <elynn> Have add those check for now.
13:25:18 <elynn> We can do that in do_cluster_create.
13:25:34 <elynn> Just not get much time for validation and necessary check.
13:26:23 <elynn> or maybe in do_validation.
13:26:48 <ruijie> cool!!
13:26:50 <elynn> Add some todo in TODO.md
13:28:22 <elynn> Maybe we can merge this draft resource first and do a quick iteration.
13:28:33 <elynn> if you think it's ready.
13:29:10 <elynn> When it's mature, we can put it to the main code of senlin.
13:29:39 <ruijie> sure elynn, will review it
13:31:26 <ruijie> XueFeng had a topic about the interaction of senlin and k8s on last weekly meeting
13:32:25 <elynn> Any comments from him?
13:32:57 <ruijie> no, the time was run out ~
13:33:19 <elynn> Ah, I recalled.
13:33:44 <elynn> He suggest to discuss it in senlin channel later.
13:35:59 <ruijie> we can talk about that with him later :)
13:36:10 <elynn> sure
13:36:49 <ruijie> hi Qiming, how about the book now?
13:36:59 <Qiming> revising
13:37:11 <Qiming> a lot contents added to the networking chapter
13:37:20 <Qiming> it is a huge topic but I cannot cover them all
13:37:30 <Qiming> and ... I myself is not an expert in that field
13:40:04 <ruijie_> computer went down ..
13:42:12 <ruijie_> great ! hope to read it :)
13:42:58 <Qiming> wait ...
13:43:39 <ruijie_> hah, yes sure
13:43:44 <ruijie_> so,  do we have other topics for today?
13:43:52 <elynn> he you will give you a table of contents and ask for money later :)
13:44:28 <ruijie_> lol
13:45:13 <Qiming> sure, I'll do
13:47:36 <ruijie_> okay, Gentlemen, thanks for joining and happy Double 12 :)
13:47:46 <Qiming> :D
13:48:15 <ruijie_> good night :)
13:48:23 <ruijie_> #endmeeting
13:49:15 <Qiming> has to be ended by 'ruijie', not 'ruijie_'
13:49:34 <ruijie_> emm
13:50:20 <ruijie> #endmeeting