13:04:34 <XueFeng> #startmeeting senlin
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13:04:50 <XueFeng> hello, everyone
13:05:02 <Qiming_> hi
13:05:05 <chenyb4> Hello
13:05:27 <XueFeng> ok, let's wait a moment
13:06:02 <XueFeng> hi Qiming_,chenyb4
13:06:31 <XueFeng> Here is Senlin rocky work items:https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/senlin-rocky-workitems
13:07:27 <XueFeng> OK, let' start
13:08:22 <XueFeng> hi, Qiming_ chenyb4, any import problems need to discuss?
13:08:31 <XueFeng> important
13:08:50 <Qiming_> I'm curious about the work items during Rocky
13:09:11 <Qiming_> One thing (important bug) I can think of is the micro-version support
13:09:24 <Qiming_> the support is broken at SDK side
13:09:40 <XueFeng> yes
13:09:53 <chenyb4> I was commit patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/555231/
13:10:07 <chenyb4> but exist problem
13:12:41 <XueFeng> So this patch is still in review. I will add it to important bug work item
13:12:52 <chenyb4> Wait for Monty review
13:13:19 <XueFeng> Ok
13:13:33 <Qiming_> Please review also this spec: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/532814/
13:13:50 <Qiming_> It is about how SDK exposes and leverages the microversion support in various services
13:15:24 <Qiming_> Also this one worth a reading: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/444892/
13:15:37 <XueFeng> OK, I have add me to reviewer
13:16:05 <chenyb4> OK
13:16:53 <Qiming_> The key is to understand the intent and design of microversion and also the SDK architecture
13:17:48 <XueFeng> yes
13:17:59 <XueFeng> OK, let' move
13:19:15 <XueFeng> #topic Senlin Dashboard
13:19:49 <XueFeng> We have add cluster resize operation recently in senlin dashboard
13:20:48 <Qiming_> cool
13:21:33 <XueFeng> We can add more operations in dashboard which senlin has supported in senlin api.
13:22:00 <XueFeng> And we also made Angular-based panels as default in senlin dashboard
13:23:15 <Qiming_> great
13:24:18 <XueFeng> Any body can free  to  add cluster operations in senlin dashboard
13:24:58 <XueFeng> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/551253/
13:25:08 <XueFeng> You can reference this patch
13:25:33 <XueFeng> s/reference/refer to
13:30:15 <XueFeng> let's move
13:30:39 <XueFeng> #topic K8s on Senlin
13:32:20 <XueFeng> As I know, some guys have start for this
13:32:49 <XueFeng> For examples:https://review.openstack.org/#/c/556809/
13:33:35 <chenyb4> I have just start´╝îFound two problems and have submitted patch.
13:33:37 <XueFeng> Also this one:https://review.openstack.org/#/c/556745/
13:34:12 <XueFeng> OK, this a good beginning
13:34:32 <XueFeng> Let's work hard for this together:)
13:34:51 <XueFeng> Qiming_
13:35:05 <Qiming_> Yes, we need hands to improve it
13:35:16 <XueFeng> Any suggestions about this?
13:36:54 <Qiming_> Work on it
13:37:07 <Qiming_> Not just talk about it
13:37:47 <XueFeng> HaHa, ok. Also, any guys who is interested in k8s and Senlin can feel free to work on it.
13:40:31 <chenyb4> Ok
13:41:18 <Qiming_> We need to think from user's perspective, ... what can we do to make deploying k8s on nova clusters easier?
13:42:22 <Qiming_> I'm also looking at the gophercloud project, which is providing Go SDK for openstack
13:42:30 <Qiming_> Senlin is not there yet
13:43:25 <Qiming_> Also, dims has developed a cloud-controller-manager for openstack: https://github.com/dims/openstack-cloud-controller-manager
13:43:31 <dtruong2_> @qming: we are actually working on adding senlin support to gophercloud
13:43:33 <dtruong2_> https://github.com/gophercloud/gophercloud/issues/823
13:44:21 <Qiming_> https://github.com/dims/openstack-cloud-controller-manager/blob/master/pkg/cloudprovider/providers/openstack/openstack.go#L556
13:44:38 <dtruong2_> we just started this effort with gophercloud and it will take awhile
13:44:57 <Qiming_> Oh, my, thank you so much!
13:45:21 <XueFeng> wow, so great
13:45:46 <dtruong2_> we have a lot of the code already.  just to clean up and submit the pull request
13:46:13 <XueFeng> Thanks dtruong
13:46:30 <Qiming_> Saw that, the concern was .... TOO BIG, :)
13:46:49 <dtruong2_> yes, so we are splitting up the pull requests
13:46:49 <dtruong2_> https://github.com/gophercloud/gophercloud/pull/824
13:46:51 <Qiming_> That is fine, we can break it into smaller PRs for easier review
13:46:59 <Qiming_> beautiful
13:47:05 <dtruong2_> i'm working with that developer
13:47:34 <dtruong2_> so we will be making more pull requests to add all the APIs over the next weeks
13:48:05 <Qiming_> don't hesitate if there are helps needed
13:48:25 <dtruong2_> have you had discussions with dims about senlin integration in the cloud controller manager?
13:49:42 <Qiming_> Not yet, I just came across yet last weekend
13:50:02 <Qiming_> s/yet/it/
13:51:09 <Qiming_> I'm still trying to allocate some time for a better understanding of the cloud controller manager interface
13:52:34 <XueFeng> ok.Qiming_, dtruong2_, more detail for this maybe you can share by email to us
13:52:41 <XueFeng> to senlin core team
13:52:42 <dtruong2_> ok.  sounds good
13:52:48 <Qiming_> sure
13:52:57 <XueFeng> let's move on
13:53:10 <XueFeng> #topic open discussion
13:55:21 <XueFeng> Summit will come in May 21. We can have a Senlin update in the summit
13:56:18 <Qiming_> cool
13:56:42 <chenyb4> cool
13:57:28 <XueFeng> If we finished more about k8s on Senlin. Maybe we can  have a Senlin onboarding as well
13:58:16 <XueFeng> Ok, that's all from me
13:58:33 <XueFeng> Qiming_, chenyb4, dtruong2
13:58:48 <Qiming_> Nothing from my side
14:00:27 <XueFeng> OK, Thanks.
14:00:33 <XueFeng> #endmeeting