05:30:27 <dtruong> #startmeeting senlin
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05:30:42 <dtruong> who's here to join?
05:30:47 <JudeCross> o/
05:31:01 <dtruong> hi judecross
05:32:17 <JudeCross> Looks like its just us today :)
05:32:37 <dtruong> yup
05:32:46 <dtruong> plus the bot =)
05:32:57 <dtruong> ok, let's get started
05:33:05 <dtruong> #topic announcements
05:33:34 <dtruong> the senlin project update has been scheduled at the berlin summit
05:34:23 <dtruong> if any senlin cores will be at the berlin summit, please join me at the senlin project update session
05:34:28 <dtruong> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/berlin-2018/summit-schedule/events/22776/senlin-project-update
05:35:31 <dtruong> ok, next is the autoscaling forum discussion
05:35:39 <dtruong> #topic autoscaling forum at berlin summit
05:36:48 <dtruong> there is a email thread on-going with some responses from heat people about possibly integrating heat and senlin autoscaling
05:37:17 <dtruong> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2018-September/134770.html
05:37:47 <dtruong> if you have thoughts on the topic, feel free to reply to the email thread
05:38:46 <dtruong> ok, let's move on
05:38:51 <dtruong> #topic blueprint status
05:39:43 <dtruong> implementation and testing of fail-fast blueprint is on-going
05:40:05 <dtruong> multiple detection modes blueprint implementation is done
05:40:14 <dtruong> but we need more eyes for the code review
05:40:32 <JudeCross> ideally people outside of the blizzard group :)
05:40:33 <dtruong> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/589990/
05:40:48 <dtruong> judecross: yes
05:41:28 <dtruong> judecross: any update on the cooldown blueprint / spec?
05:42:10 <JudeCross> Not yet, little roadblocked by other projects ATM. but i think I will be able to work on it by the end of next week.
05:42:20 <dtruong> cool, thanks for the update
05:42:58 <dtruong> #topic stein community goals
05:43:12 <dtruong> no update on either python3 or update-checkers
05:43:38 <dtruong> still looking for someone to own update-checkers goal if anyone is interested
05:44:46 <dtruong> moving to the next topic
05:44:58 <dtruong> #topic open follow-up items
05:45:41 <dtruong> i have not done any work on oslo.versionedobjects investigation to be used by profile and policy
05:46:32 <dtruong> ok, that's all i have.
05:46:51 <dtruong> anybody have anything else to discuss?
05:48:28 <JudeCross> If we asre the only ones here for this meeting we should do it during the day :P
05:49:25 <dtruong> we can propose to have biweekly meetings with different meeting times
05:49:49 <dtruong> actually that didnt sound right after i typed it
05:49:57 <JudeCross> that might be the better solution as to not block our brothers and sisters on the other side of the planet out.
05:49:59 <dtruong> we can have weekly meetings but alternate the meeting time
05:50:52 <dtruong> ok, i can propose that in an email to dev ML
05:51:53 <dtruong> ok, i guess that's all for today
05:52:02 <dtruong> thanks for joining judecross
05:52:11 <JudeCross> no problem :)
05:52:15 <dtruong> #endmeeting