05:30:37 <dtruong> #startmeeting senlin
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05:31:01 <dtruong> who is here to join?
05:33:36 <JudeCross> o/
05:34:12 <dtruong> ok, let's get started then
05:34:19 <dtruong> #topic announcements
05:34:32 <dtruong> this week is rc-1 milestone
05:35:03 <dtruong> the release team has made a rc-1 release for python-senlinclient
05:35:09 <dtruong> #link https://releases.openstack.org/stein/index.html#python-senlinclient
05:36:12 <dtruong> milestone releases for senlin are optional now
05:36:20 <dtruong> so i didn't request at this time.
05:36:45 <dtruong> i'll probably request one for rc-2
05:37:34 <dtruong> as long as i don't forgot :)
05:38:46 <dtruong> ok, moving on
05:39:09 <dtruong> there was an email on dev ML regarding cloud vision and how it relates to senlin:
05:39:13 <dtruong> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2018-October/136019.html
05:39:55 <dtruong> i didn't have time to reply
05:40:18 <dtruong> but if anyone has an opinion on this, feel free to reply to it
05:40:28 <JudeCross> I will take a look at it.
05:41:17 <dtruong> cool
05:41:56 <dtruong> #topic blueprint status
05:42:26 <dtruong> fail-fast blueprint implementation is done.  just need to add documentation and release notes
05:42:44 <dtruong> multiple detection modes blueprint implementation is done.
05:43:10 <dtruong> i also added a sphinx extension to document profile and policy (including the health policy changes)
05:43:21 <dtruong> i still need to rework the health policy sample files
05:44:00 <dtruong> judecross: scaling action acceptance blueprint is completed done?
05:44:11 <JudeCross> Yep
05:44:32 <JudeCross> The only thing I need this point is reviews on tha changes to the client
05:45:05 <JudeCross> Which I may need to reexamine now that I think of it because of your changes.
05:45:23 <JudeCross> I will do that at some point this/next week.
05:46:29 <JudeCross> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/585888/
05:50:55 <JudeCross> I also need to update the status on that blueprint... totally forgot to do that.
05:56:42 <dtruong_> ok, i'm back
05:56:55 <JudeCross> Welcome back!
05:56:57 <dtruong_> got disconnected somehow
05:57:02 <JudeCross> I figured.
05:57:17 <dtruong_> and it wouldn't let me back on with my normal IRC nickname
05:57:23 <dtruong_> so had to register with a new one
05:57:48 <dtruong_> what did i miss?  10 mins of silence?
05:58:00 <JudeCross> to reiterate.
05:58:18 <JudeCross> Scaling action acceptance blueprint is done.
05:58:26 <dtruong_> cool
05:58:26 <JudeCross> I need reviews on my client changes
05:58:36 <JudeCross> or rather
05:58:41 <JudeCross> I need to look at it again
05:58:42 <dtruong_> can you update the blueprint status to completed?
05:58:50 <JudeCross> That was the last thing
05:58:56 <JudeCross> I totally forgot to do that
05:58:58 <JudeCross> so yes.
05:58:59 <dtruong_> ok, thanks
05:59:24 <dtruong_> moving on then
05:59:32 <dtruong_> #topic stein community goals
05:59:53 <dtruong_> not work was done so no updates in for that
06:00:12 <dtruong_> oh, looks like i can't change topics because my other nickname is the meeting chair
06:01:33 <JudeCross> T.T
06:01:52 <dtruong_> oh well, we'll fix that later
06:02:04 <dtruong_> i don't have anything else anyways
06:02:20 <JudeCross> Me either.
06:02:31 <dtruong_> ok, let's finish the meeting then
06:02:46 <JudeCross> Alright Have a good night!
06:03:05 <dtruong_> good night
06:03:35 <dtruong_> #chair dtruong_
06:05:25 <dtruong> #endmeeting