05:30:58 <dtruong> #startmeeting senlin
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05:31:37 <dtruong> anybody here to join today?
05:35:57 <dtruong> ok, let's get started
05:36:04 <dtruong> #topic announcements
05:36:26 <dtruong> call for presentations is open for openstack summit in Denver
05:36:47 <dtruong> if you have any presentation, please submit them by January 24th.
05:38:39 <dtruong> the openstack summit will be april 29 to may 1, 2019 in Denver
05:39:18 <dtruong> immediately following it from may 2 to may 4, 2019 the PTG will be held also in Denver
05:39:55 <dtruong> if anybody from the Senlin is planning to attend either the summit or the PTG, please let me know so we can coordinate the project update session
05:40:02 <dtruong> and also the PTG session
05:43:41 <dtruong> ok, moving on
05:43:50 <dtruong> #topic blueprints
05:44:11 <dtruong> no updates on the blueprints that are in progress
05:44:57 <dtruong> but judecross is working on a new blueprint to refactor the lifecycle hook implementation
05:48:08 <dtruong> #topic Reviews
05:49:12 <dtruong> Force action update is done, but if anybody has any input on it, please review it: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/624534/
05:49:55 <dtruong> Do not need specify vip_address and vip_subnet with load balancer exist: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/629087/
05:50:07 <dtruong> Looks good to me, just needs to add some unit test
05:50:21 <dtruong> But others should review it as well
05:50:46 <dtruong> Fix memory leak when create connection with openstacksdk: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/627215/
05:51:02 <dtruong> I'm trying to recreate this bug I haven't seen it myself yet
05:52:02 <dtruong> I spoke with mordred on IRC and he said that openstacksdk did have a bug with threads not being released.  But they are in the process of fixing that one.
05:52:33 <dtruong> Not sure if the bug reported the memory leak is related.
05:55:29 <dtruong> anyways, i'll keep looking into that one a bit more
05:55:39 <dtruong> #topic open discussion
05:57:38 <dtruong> that's all i have for today
05:57:47 <dtruong> anybody have anything else to discuss?
06:01:05 <eandersson> Nothing here
06:01:17 <eandersson> Got a couple of minor patches up
06:01:59 <eandersson> anyone that got time can take a look =]
06:02:27 <dtruong> here are the links: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/628697/
06:02:39 <dtruong> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/628699/
06:02:44 <eandersson> Thanks dtruong
06:02:50 <dtruong> np
06:04:07 <dtruong> ok, let's end the meeting then
06:04:36 <dtruong> next week we will have the meeting on Thursday morning US Pacific time
06:04:49 <eandersson> Thanks!
06:05:02 <dtruong> #endmeeting