05:30:27 <dtruong> #startmeeting senlin
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05:30:43 <dtruong> anybody here to join?
05:35:40 <dtruong> ok, let's get started.
05:35:58 <dtruong> i don't have much to cover so it should be a short meeting :)
05:36:08 <dtruong> #topic announcements
05:36:27 <dtruong> Feature freeze is coming up the week of March 4, 2019.
05:36:40 <dtruong> Please submit your changes before then.
05:38:07 <dtruong> #topic upgrade checkers
05:38:41 <dtruong> I have pushed up a patch set that checks for unsupported health policy versions.
05:39:32 <dtruong> In Stein, we have incremented health policy to v1.1 and made breaking changes to the health policy properties.
05:39:52 <dtruong> So any existing health policy v1.0 will not work after upgrading to Stein.
05:40:50 <dtruong> The check scans the db for health policies and fails if there are any v1.0 health policies.
05:41:14 <dtruong> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/638284/
05:42:38 <dtruong> #topic Health Manager improvements
05:43:00 <dtruong> There is a patch set containing improvements to the health manager
05:43:04 <dtruong> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/634811/
05:43:54 <dtruong> Core reviewers, please take a look at it.
05:45:00 <dtruong> #topic clean up devstack tempest jobs
05:45:37 <dtruong> There are two patch sets to clean up devstack tempest jobs in master and stable/rocky
05:46:01 <dtruong> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/637664/
05:46:39 <dtruong> qiming ^ that one is the stable/rocky patch set and needs your review
05:47:05 <dtruong> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/635638/
05:47:13 <dtruong> ^ that's the patch set for master
05:48:01 <dtruong> In the new way we will use the standard devstack-tempest job as base for the senlin gate jobs.
05:48:56 <dtruong> This eliminates the need for our custom run.yaml files and allows us to use the standard vars to setup  devstack configuration.
05:49:40 <dtruong> This is needed so that we can specify the custom microversion supported for the tempest tests for each release.
05:50:51 <dtruong> #topic open discussion
05:50:57 <dtruong> That's all I have for today.
05:51:04 <dtruong> Anybody have anything else to discuss?
05:56:40 <dtruong> Looks like everything is quite.
05:56:45 <dtruong> #endmeeting