18:04:51 <dtruong> #startmeeting senlin
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18:05:15 <dtruong> Anyone here to join?
18:05:41 <dtruong> I don't have much discuss today.  Just a few reminders.
18:05:49 <dtruong> #topic announcements
18:07:02 <dtruong> We are in feature freeze period.
18:07:39 <dtruong> And RC-1 deadline is Thursday.
18:07:59 <dtruong> Reminder: Only critical bug fixes should be merged at this point.
18:08:26 <dtruong> #topic cycle highlights
18:08:52 <dtruong> I have created the senlin cycle highlights here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/643396/
18:09:03 <dtruong> Let me know if you want anything else added.
18:09:25 <dtruong> #topic stable core nominations
18:10:15 <dtruong> I will be sending out an email to the mailing list to nominate Erik Andersson and Jude Cross to the stable core team.
18:10:31 <dtruong> Please reply with your vote when you get the email.
18:11:34 <dtruong> #topic Train cycle
18:12:10 <dtruong> Thank you xuefeng for stepping up and returning as Senlin PTL for the Train cycle.
18:13:45 <dtruong> This meeting time has low attendance, so I will recommend to xuefeng to drop this meeting time for the train cycle.
18:14:10 <dtruong> If you feel like we should keep this meeting, please let us know.
18:14:23 <dtruong> ok, that's all i have.
18:16:25 <dtruong> #endmeeting