05:02:06 <yamahata> #startmeeting servicevm-device-manager
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05:02:37 <yamahata> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/ServiceVM agenda
05:02:49 <yamahata> #topic announce
05:03:14 <yamahata> the repo on stackforge isn't created yet. It's too slow
05:03:35 <yamahata> So I create temporal repo until the creation on stackforge
05:03:45 <yamahata> #link https://github.com/yamahata/tacker-specs for specs
05:03:53 <yamahata> #link https://github.com/yamahata/tacker
05:04:03 <yamahata> #link https://github.com/yamahata/python-tackerclient client
05:04:22 <yamahata> the main server is still WIP, but I think it's fine for api review
05:04:48 <s3wong> yamahata: nice!
05:05:11 <yamahata> Once the repo is created, we can move to stackforge
05:05:23 <yamahata> does anyone have anything to announce?
05:05:55 <natarajk> Brocade's DNRM code is available in github now
05:06:07 <natarajk> https://github.com/Karthik-Natarajan
05:06:16 <natarajk> It can be used in tacker project
05:06:49 <gongysh> DNRM?
05:06:49 <yamahata> natarajk: cool. Now we have 4 independent implementations. We should consolidate somehow
05:07:01 <yamahata> #link https://github.com/Karthik-Natarajan brocade DNRM
05:07:09 <natarajk> Dynamic Network Resource Management (DNRM)
05:07:27 <yamahata> natarajk: do you have any documentation? API documentation?
05:07:55 <natarajk> I'll add the design docs as well
05:08:16 <bmelande> Cisco implementation with CSr1kv as first VM appliance is here: https://github.com/CiscoSystems/neutron/tree/csr1kv_for_routing_juno
05:08:17 <gongysh> yamhata: what is the url for reviewing of the code and BP spec?
05:08:19 <yamahata> I saw the quite old one, https://wiki.openstack.org/w/images/7/71/Dnrm-blueprint-001.pdf it doesn't seem to match the implementation
05:08:53 <yamahata> #link  https://wiki.openstack.org/w/images/7/71/Dnrm-blueprint-001.pdf dnrm spec seems too old
05:09:06 <s3wong> yamahata: with these implementation, what is the plan to consolidate or integrate (in case they are all addressing different aspects of serviceVM)?
05:09:10 <natarajk> The supervisor service will maintain a pool of VMs
05:09:29 <natarajk> If some parts can be reused, we are happy to help
05:09:46 <yamahata> I think the plan is implement l3_plugin that talks with servicevm project as PoC.
05:10:32 <s3wong> yamahata: but what is the scope of serviceVM in tacker?
05:10:37 <yamahata> Then we can validate that routerVM(cisco, brocade) can be consolidated to tacker.
05:10:40 <yamahata> s3wong: yes.
05:11:00 <yamahata> And we can also confirm tacker API is enought (at least) rounterVMs.
05:12:00 <yamahata> At first cisco/brocade router implementation may/can differ, eventually we should consolidate the implementations somehow.
05:12:25 <yamahata> I'm willing to implemente l3 service pluging for PoC.
05:12:48 <yamahata> Cisco and Brocade can work on their implementation in parallel.
05:12:57 <s3wong> yamahata: so we can try to put L3 plugin to integrate with serviceVM project, then see if Cisco and Brocade router VM implementation can be integrated?
05:13:20 <yamahata> s3wong: that's what I have in mind. any opinions?
05:13:29 <natarajk> That's fine.
05:13:31 <bmelande> yamahata: Are you talking about the l3 plugin in Neutron tree?
05:13:40 <yamahata> bmelande: yes.
05:14:15 <yamahata> L3 plugin in Neutron that talks to tacker to spin up/down VM
05:14:33 <natarajk> yamahata: Are the tacker API's ready for review ?
05:14:55 <gongysh> yamahata:  why not l3 agent?
05:14:58 <yamahata> natarajk: not ready for code review. ready for API review.
05:14:58 <bmelande> yamahata: Ok. One thing though. I think that plugin needs to be properly modularized.
05:15:09 <yamahata> gongysh: including l3-agent
05:15:11 <bmelande> yamahata: It is not at the moment.
05:15:49 <yamahata> bmelande: Do you mean l3pluging needs to be refactored for modularity?
05:16:07 <yamahata> l3pluging l3-plugin
05:16:09 <bmelande> yamahata: Yes, it really needs that IMHO.
05:16:25 <yamahata> bmelande: I have same feeling.
05:16:34 <s3wong> bmelande: is that part of serviceVM project though?
05:17:22 <bmelande> yamahata, s3wong: No it is not part of service VM. Just that if we target to add to the existing l3 plugin, it will get even worse.
05:18:22 <yamahata> s3wong: bmelande Without actual service, servicevm project won't have any value. I think servicevm project needs real example
05:18:39 <s3wong> yamahata: agreed
05:19:35 <bmelande> yamahata: That I agree with too. Just wanted to mention that aspect. We don't need to go deeper into that issue here/now.
05:20:15 <yamahata> So we have 5 tasks now
05:20:46 <yamahata> #action natarajk write DNRM API documentation
05:20:50 <bmelande> yamahata: I wonder about the service instance etc. Is that stuff really needed in service VM?
05:20:56 <yamahata> #action tacker api review
05:21:36 <yamahata> bmelande: I'll drop it because we haven't reached consensus.
05:21:46 <yamahata> bmelande: Just template and hosting device
05:21:56 <bmelande> yamahata: ok
05:22:04 <yamahata> the code is there, but I'll remove it.
05:22:26 <yamahata> #action yamahata start 3-plugin poc code/blueprint
05:22:55 <yamahata> #action someone l3-plugin refactoring blueprint/spec/code
05:23:37 <yamahata> Is there any announcement?
05:24:11 <s3wong> yamahata: you were saying 5 tasks? you listed 4, what is the last one?
05:24:38 <yamahata> s3wong: ouch, 4. I can't count numbers.
05:24:42 <gongysh> yamahata: how to review tacker api? is there gerrit review URL set up?
05:24:45 <s3wong> yamahata: OK :-)
05:25:03 <yamahata> #link https://github.com/yamahata/tacker-specs/blob/master/specs/juno/api.rst  api spec
05:25:22 <yamahata> I'll remove service resource.
05:25:43 <yamahata> Does github support commenting or something?
05:25:48 <bmelande> yamahata: will the REST API implementation be based on some particular framework?
05:26:13 <yamahata> If no, I'll move it to google-doc.
05:26:27 <gongysh> I don't think github support comment
05:26:33 <yamahata> bmelande: What do you mean by 'some particular framework'?
05:26:35 <natarajk> yamahata: google-doc is better
05:26:53 <yamahata> #action yamahata move api document google-doc and announce it
05:27:22 <s3wong> yamahata: yes, putting it in .rst format but not on gerrit basically negates the reason why it was in .rst in the first place :-)
05:27:40 <yamahata> Now it's 5 tasks. :-)
05:29:08 <yamahata> bmelande: I plan to implement tacker based on neutron one. Do you have any preference?
05:29:35 <bmelande> yamahata: That's fine with me. Just asked given that there's been discussions to migrate Neutron to pecan.
05:30:12 <yamahata> bmelande: Yes, that's my concern. Any idea?
05:30:40 <yamahata> I just use neutron because it is there. No other special reason
05:31:00 <bmelande> yamahata: Yes that makes sense to get going fastest.
05:31:00 <natarajk> yamahata: i think markmcclain was planning to migrate to pecan
05:31:07 <natarajk> we can check with him
05:31:52 <yamahata> yes fastest way for working code. later we can fix it.
05:32:05 <yamahata> #topic api discussion
05:32:10 <yamahata> we already discussing on api
05:33:22 <yamahata> Do we have anything else on servicevm api/implementation?
05:33:54 <yamahata> Okay let't move on
05:33:55 <natarajk> yamahata: i wanted to bring up with cross-tenant port attachement issue in nova
05:34:04 <natarajk> does anyone have a solution for it ?
05:34:32 <yamahata> natarajk: do you have any links?
05:35:06 <natarajk> i don't have any links. I sent you a e-mail last week on that issue
05:35:15 <bmelande> natarajk: There was a recent reveiw out for change to policy
05:35:47 <natarajk> bmelande: link please
05:36:07 <bmelande> natarajk: searchign for it...
05:36:22 <bmelande> one sec...
05:37:22 <s3wong> Speaking of that, I almost forgot. Last week at the LBaaS mid-cycle, there was some work done on creating a new "advanced service" role (in addition to admin and tenant)
05:37:34 <s3wong> the review is here: #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/101281
05:37:40 <bmelande> Here is the review I was mentioneing:https://review.openstack.org/#/c/101281
05:37:50 <bmelande> s3wong: you were faster. :-)
05:37:54 <s3wong> bmelande: that's the one :-)
05:38:01 <natarajk> s3wong: thanks
05:38:36 <s3wong> bmelande: turns out we were talking about the same thing :-)
05:39:45 <yamahata> cool.
05:40:04 <bmelande> s3wong: indeed. :-)
05:40:38 <yamahata> #topic neutron review
05:40:53 <yamahata> we already covered one
05:41:25 <yamahata> We have three specs floating.
05:41:54 <yamahata> l2-gateway/vlan-aware-vm, portsecurity extension and unaddressed port
05:42:30 <yamahata> l2-gateway and unaddressed port needs more review to make progress
05:42:31 <s3wong> yamahata: aren't those reviews marked as NFV ones?
05:42:49 <yamahata> s3wong: yes, they are marked as NFV ones.
05:43:03 <bmelande> yamahata: you can add the 101281 to that list.
05:43:34 <yamahata> bmelande:  Sure. Can you please add it to the wiki page?
05:43:47 <bmelande> yamahata: ok
05:43:49 <s3wong> bmelande: that one is sent out by mestery, don't you dare to give him a -1 :-)
05:43:56 <yamahata> #action bmelande add 101281 to code review tracking list
05:44:31 <bmelande> s3wong: Yes, let's not go near that one. :-)
05:44:58 <natarajk> we can some +1s :)
05:45:04 <natarajk> we can give
05:45:08 <natarajk> some +1s
05:45:15 <s3wong> natarajk: :-)
05:46:19 <yamahata> anything else for review?
05:46:41 <yamahata> #topic open discussion
05:47:14 <s3wong> yamahata: the 2 interfaces to same network one is picking up traction as well
05:47:29 <yamahata> s3wong: agree. link?
05:47:35 <s3wong> #link https://review.openstack.org/97716
05:48:02 <yamahata> #action s3wong add 97716 to review tracking page
05:48:13 <yamahata> #action everyone review specs/codes
05:48:20 <yamahata> s3wong: thanks for the link
05:49:07 <yamahata> natarajk: I had a quick look at the code, the concept looks quite different from servicevm. Could you please explain a bit here?
05:49:28 <yamahata> especially what does resource mean and it's action.
05:49:44 <natarajk> yamahata: every VM is a resource
05:49:59 <natarajk> Resource manager will maintain the pool of VMs
05:50:33 <natarajk> l3 plugin will talk to the resource manager service to get the list of VMs
05:50:51 <natarajk> scheduler will allocate the VM satisfying the policy
05:51:15 <yamahata> natarajk: I see.
05:51:53 <natarajk> i'll also send out the design doc for DNRM
05:52:14 <yamahata> natarajk: Yes, please. Then we can make discuss on it.
05:52:19 <natarajk> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_A2UJDGngzkicY3Zx95TgXg5Fu6wn5ZL_Gx2zJt4m18/edit?pli=1
05:52:26 <natarajk> Can you access it ?
05:52:54 <yamahata> natarajk: I also looked at neutron and code. But they have only master branch. It is difficult to get diff from plain neutron/nova
05:52:55 <s3wong> natarajk: the doc is a Mirantis doc?
05:53:15 <yamahata> natarajk: I'm seeing mirantis doc
05:53:16 <natarajk> Brocade used Mirantis consultants
05:53:42 <yamahata> natarajk: can you please add the link to the wiki page?
05:53:48 <s3wong> natarajk: from your description, it is a service VM pool manager?
05:54:02 <natarajk> Yamahata: Yes, that's correct
05:54:11 <yamahata> #action natarajk add dnrm page to the wiki
05:54:44 <bmelande> natarajk: The scheduler is not part of resource manager, right?
05:54:57 <natarajk> yamahata: Correct. It's part of Neutron
05:55:22 <natarajk> yamahata: But we had a very simple scheduler to start with
05:57:11 <yamahata> natarajk: thanks for explanation.
05:57:19 <yamahata> anything else to discuss?
05:57:37 <natarajk> yamahata: Welcome. DNRM's Neutron/Nova code is based on havana. Resource manager can be reused now
05:58:16 <yamahata> Okay let's meet next week. (or on nfv meeting)
05:58:26 <yamahata> #endmeeting