05:01:35 <yamahata_> #startmeeting servicevm-device-manager
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05:02:02 <yamahata_> Today Bob doesn't attend
05:02:38 <yamahata_> Do we have s3wong?
05:03:12 <natarajk> yamahata: I want to introduce vish from Brocade
05:03:19 <yamahata_> seems no. anyway today we don't have much topics.
05:03:22 <yamahata_> natarajk: sure.
05:03:28 <natarajk> he will be contributing to ServiceVM
05:03:31 <yamahata_> #topic Announcement
05:03:50 <yamahata_> #chair natarajk
05:03:51 <openstack> Current chairs: natarajk yamahata_
05:04:04 <vishwanathj> Hello everybody....I am Vish and work with Karthik at Brocade
05:04:17 <yamahata_> vishwanathj: hi
05:05:02 <natarajk> yamahata:  i have added review comments in the latest Tacker spec
05:05:25 <yamahata_> natarajk: Sure, I'll check it today or tomorrow.
05:05:36 <s3wong> sorry, a bit late
05:05:57 <yamahata_> I have some questions on it. I'd like to discuss it later
05:06:00 <yamahata_> s3wong: Hi
05:06:03 <natarajk> i still see some requirements regarding physical topology support
05:06:04 <yamahata_> no problem
05:06:43 <yamahata_> natarajk: what kind of requirement?
05:06:51 <natarajk> in tacker spec
05:07:29 <natarajk> i couldn't completly understand the topology related requirements (It is documented under responsibilities section)
05:07:36 <yamahata_> I see. I think attach/detach interface api is needed in additio
05:08:03 <natarajk> yes
05:08:31 <yamahata_> #topic servicevm spec review
05:09:02 <yamahata_> natarajk: which line of the spec?
05:09:27 <natarajk> line 54
05:09:43 <natarajk> is it physical topology of VMs ?
05:10:02 <natarajk> what is it used for ?
05:10:50 <yamahata_> It's about service insertion/chaining
05:11:11 <natarajk> do we need to store it
05:11:13 <natarajk> ?
05:11:18 <yamahata_> wait
05:11:56 <yamahata_> Sorry, I misunderstood. It's about physical appliance case.
05:12:30 <natarajk> For physical appliance why do we want to discover the topology ?
05:12:39 <yamahata_> Cisco CSR1k supports both physical/virtual. So they want uniform API for virtual/physical
05:13:34 <natarajk> would we use the topology information to do policy based allocation ?
05:13:50 <yamahata_> natarajk: Correct. For that purpose.
05:14:19 <natarajk> i think we need to add some examples in the responsibilities section
05:14:32 <yamahata_> natarajk: For routervm l3 plugin case, we have mostly none for it.
05:14:59 <yamahata_> Bob proposed the sentence, and he'd like to clarify future direction.
05:15:00 <natarajk> yes, that's what i thought
05:15:10 <natarajk> we can continue the discussion in gerrit
05:15:16 <yamahata_> natarajk: sure.
05:15:46 <yamahata_> #topic openstack conference submition
05:16:06 <yamahata_> natarajk: you have submitted the proposal.
05:16:12 <natarajk> yes
05:16:13 <yamahata_> natarajk: thanks
05:16:36 <natarajk> welcome. Let's hope it gets selected :)
05:16:58 <yamahata_> (Un?)Fortunately, the proposal is also submitted from Intel internal queue.
05:17:03 <s3wong> natarajk: yes, Thanks!
05:17:10 <yamahata_> Later we will arbiterate
05:17:20 <yamahata_> natarajk: Probably I'll contact you later.
05:17:31 <natarajk> yamahata: sure
05:18:15 <yamahata_> #topic open discussion
05:18:54 <natarajk> yamahata: i saw that l3 db mixin refactoring is getting good comments
05:19:07 <yamahata_> natarajk: Yes. Today I'll respin it.
05:19:19 <yamahata_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/108728/ l3 db mixin refactoring
05:19:39 <yamahata_> natarajk: Do you have any requirement on refactoring?
05:20:03 <yamahata_> natarajk: I hope it's also useful for vyatta l3 plugin
05:20:13 <natarajk> yamahata: in my l3 plugin, i am using the rpc notifier for the firewall agent
05:20:45 <natarajk> as firewall agent needs messages from l3 plugin
05:20:53 <natarajk> regarding router config updates
05:21:26 <yamahata_> natarajk: I see. Do you have firewall driver publicly available? or not yet?
05:21:45 <natarajk> we have a POC
05:21:58 <yamahata_> cool
05:22:39 <natarajk> but as firewall service plugin framework is getting refactored, i am waiting for it to get stabilized
05:22:49 <yamahata_> natarajk: understand
05:23:00 <yamahata_> I have one question on l3 plugin implementation
05:23:04 <natarajk> yes
05:23:15 <yamahata_> RE: router-remove-interface
05:23:31 <yamahata_> The neutron port is deleted on behalf of nova detach interface
05:24:15 <yamahata_> Since the device owner of neutron port is router, so doen't port deletion fail?
05:24:41 <yamahata_> Or you do some trick to work around it?
05:24:43 <natarajk> we change the owner during the port deletioin process
05:24:56 <yamahata_> Oh. Got it.
05:24:59 <natarajk> you can check the code.
05:25:16 <yamahata_> I missed it. I'll recheck the code.
05:25:27 <natarajk> we set the device_owner to empty before deleting the port
05:25:44 <yamahata_> Makes sense
05:26:27 <yamahata_> thanks for explanation
05:26:38 <natarajk> welcome
05:26:54 <yamahata_> anything else to discuss?
05:27:49 <yamahata_> okay thank you everyone
05:27:56 <yamahata_> see you next week
05:28:13 <vishwanathj> bye
05:28:18 <s3wong> bye
05:28:26 <yamahata_> #endmeeting