05:01:07 <yamahata> #startmeeting servicevm-device-manager
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05:01:25 <yamahata> today Karthic is absent
05:01:33 <yamahata> #topic Announcement
05:02:17 <yamahata> our proposal for openstack summit is here
05:02:25 <s3wong> hello
05:02:44 <yamahata> #link https://www.openstack.org/vote-paris/Presentation/introducing-tacker-service-vm-project
05:02:56 <yamahata> Let's promote it
05:03:27 <yamahata> Bob may want to fulfil his bio
05:03:55 <vishwanathj> FYI: i voted 3 stars for it
05:03:56 <bobmel> s3wong: Hi
05:04:04 <yamahata> #action bobmel fulfil the bio
05:04:22 <s3wong> bobmel: hello - seems like you aren't using bmelander today :-)
05:05:09 <yamahata> I uploaded WIP code for l3 routervm
05:05:16 <yamahata> #link https://github.com/yamahata/neutron/tree/l3-routervm/neutron l3 routervm WIP code
05:05:23 <yamahata> It's not yet ready for review.
05:05:37 <bobmel> Yamahata: where do I update bio?
05:05:48 <yamahata> Probably only interesting code is https://github.com/yamahata/neutron/blob/l3-routervm/neutron/services/l3_router/vrouter/l3_vrouter_plugin.py
05:05:54 <yamahata> https://github.com/yamahata/neutron/blob/l3-routervm/neutron/services/l3_router/vrouter/l3_vrouter_driver.py
05:06:23 <yamahata> bobmel: Login the rfp page, then you'll find your bio page
05:06:58 <yamahata> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/openstack-paris-summit-2014/call-for-speakers/ login page for call-for-proposal
05:07:07 <bobmel> yamahata: ok, thanks
05:07:39 <yamahata> I still working on l3 routervm plugin code.
05:08:05 <yamahata> Sorry delay for api review. I'll do it today
05:08:35 <yamahata> #topic open discussion
05:09:06 <yamahata> anything to discuss?
05:09:43 <yamahata> I'd like to raise the issue of auth token in neutron context
05:09:57 <yamahata> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/111756/ patch to add auth token to neutron context
05:10:09 <yamahata> Does it help?
05:11:19 <yamahata> Although just admin account would be used for simplicity for now, in future we'd like to use per tenant token or something
05:13:19 <yamahata> Seems no idea. Anyway it doesn't harm. I'll just push the patch.
05:13:53 <yamahata> Another topic is attach/detach interface to/from vm
05:14:23 <yamahata> Last week, we discussed a bit. But Bob wasn't there.
05:14:56 <yamahata> On behalf of router-interface-attach or plugging driver, we need to interface-attach/detach to vm.
05:15:18 <bobmel> yamahata: yes, it could be useful. We currently use admin to a void the issue.
05:15:18 <yamahata> it should be done by servicevm server, not neutron server.
05:16:09 <bobmel> yamahata: you mean the servicecm
05:16:11 <yamahata> bobmel: thanks, that encourages me. So I try to make it for Juno.
05:16:15 <yamahata> bobmel: yes.
05:16:56 <yamahata> So I'm thinking of servicevm api like /device/<deviceid>/attach/detach-interface
05:17:06 <yamahata> oops attach-interface or detach-interface
05:17:33 <yamahata> body includes {"port_id": <neutron port id>}
05:17:34 <bobmel> yamaha: sorry, typo, you mean service VM server makes the call to add/remove vif to service VM?
05:17:42 <yamahata> bobmel: Right.
05:18:00 <yamahata> the api eventually calls nova attach/detach interface with neutron port id
05:18:22 <yamahata> bobmel: Does it make sense for you?
05:18:29 <bobmel> yamahata: ok
05:18:34 <yamahata> Or plugging driver should handle it?
05:18:59 <hemanthravi> can a vif be added after the vm is launched?
05:19:17 <yamahata> hemanthravi: Yes
05:19:25 <s3wong> hotplug?
05:19:43 <hemanthravi> not all os's support hotplug
05:19:46 <yamahata> s3wong: yes, pci hot plug
05:20:04 <yamahata> guest OS support is another story
05:20:05 <hemanthravi> properly
05:20:36 <bobmel> yamahata: well, the operation needed to plug a logical service instance, e.g., neutron router, to a Neutron network/subnet, depends on what mechanism is used.
05:20:50 <bobmel> Vif hotplug is on such mechanism.
05:21:01 <yamahata> bobmel: Do you mean plugging driver?
05:21:15 <yamahata> bobmel: If so, I agree. we need to tell service
05:21:54 <bobmel> yamahata: in our implementation we tried to capture that in what we call a plugin driver.
05:22:54 <yamahata> bobmel: can you be more specific? Hopefully which code?
05:23:05 <bobmel> yamahata: one plugging could then handle case with vif hotplug, another could handle case with plugin capable of VLAN trunking all the way to the VM, etc
05:24:51 <bobmel> yamahata: The code submitted for review contains a plugging driver for VLAN trunking case (as supported by the Cisco N1kv plugin).
05:24:54 <yamahata> bobmel: I see. A sort of abstraction will be necessary. i.e. plugging driver in your case
05:25:22 <yamahata> _get_unused_service_vm_trunk_port ?
05:26:22 <bobmel> yamahata: yes, that's what we tried to achieve. Perhaps the abstraction needs to evolve but it can handle VLAN trunk case and vif hotplug case.
05:27:17 <yamahata> bobmel: Agree, the abstraction will  be evolved from simple cases.
05:27:33 <bobmel> yamahata: that's an internal function in the VLAN trunk case, the interface is in the __init__ file in the plugging driver directory
05:29:13 <yamahata> anything else to discuss?
05:30:14 <bobmel> The driver interface is here: #link: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/101002/12/neutron/plugins/cisco/l3/plugging_drivers/__init__.py
05:30:16 <yamahata> thank you everyone. see you next week
05:30:28 <bobmel> Ok, bye!
05:30:30 <s3wong> Thanks!
05:30:37 <yamahata> bobmel: thanks. Now I know where I should look at.
05:30:57 <yamahata> #endmeeting