05:01:32 <yamahata> #startmeeting servicevm-device-manager
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05:01:38 <s3wong> hello
05:02:11 <yamahata> #topic Announcement
05:02:11 <vishwanathj> hi
05:02:29 <yamahata> neutron rc1 is released
05:02:58 <yamahata> seems neutron-spec is opened. I suppose it will be announced neutron irc meeting today.
05:03:23 <yamahata> I updated WIP reference routervm implementation
05:03:32 <yamahata> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/116773/ wip routervm plugin
05:04:01 <yamahata> I also uploaded a patch to simplify csr1kv
05:04:08 <yamahata> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/125580/ simplify csr1kv
05:04:38 <bmelande> yamahata: I'm still reviewing your patches.
05:04:39 <yamahata> I created the patch by only reading the code, so it need review by CSR1kv guys.
05:04:46 <yamahata> bmelande: thanks.
05:05:28 <yamahata> bmelande: My direction is to make routervm implementation closer to builtin router implementation like l3 agent.
05:05:53 <yamahata> In order to clear implementation wart
05:06:24 <yamahata> That's all from me. Any other announcement?
05:07:00 <yamahata> bmelande: I have a question on cfg agent. I'd like to discuss it later.
05:07:16 <bmelande> ok, yes we dan do that after this
05:08:18 <yamahata> s3wong: any update on summit session?
05:08:25 <hareeshpc> yamahata: could you add some more details to what you meant by makng the routervm closer to builtin?
05:08:37 <s3wong> yamahata: no
05:09:06 <yamahata> hareeshpc: Sure
05:09:11 <yamahata> #topic Open Discussion
05:09:11 <hareeshpc> yamahata: i meant any specific points
05:09:12 <s3wong> yamahata: also have not seen any update from tox on the ML, so probably not finalized yet
05:10:00 <yamahata> hareeshpc: I'm trying to generalize CSR1kv implementation so that it can be used for other routervm.
05:10:32 <yamahata> So far CSR1kv implementation has its own code and has many deviation from l3 agent (or l3 ha or dvr)
05:11:01 <yamahata> Such deviations causes routervm implementation ugly and so on.
05:12:04 <yamahata> If the routervm plugin can be near as much as possible to l3 agent, the implementation would be simple/clean.
05:12:29 <hareeshpc> yamahata: is not because of the fact that implementation aspects are different for both?
05:12:41 <yamahata> For that purpose, I'm trying to simplify/refactor l3_db and csr1kv code.
05:14:39 <hareeshpc> yamahata: i think the cfg-agent is more similiar to l3-agent except in the configuration parts
05:14:47 <yamahata> hareeshpc: In principle yes. I'd like to make the code clean before complicating it.
05:15:10 <hareeshpc> yamahata: completly agree
05:15:16 <yamahata> hareeshpc: that's the point. I think the code can be more simplified.
05:15:23 <yamahata> or consolidated.
05:15:36 <hareeshpc> yamahata: your-message
05:16:33 <yamahata> So far I uploaded some refactoring/cleanup patch. and I'm planning some more.
05:17:07 <hareeshpc> yamahata: ok, i will take a look. thanks
05:18:49 <yamahata> any other issues?
05:19:34 <yamahata> okay, I'd like to discuss on cfg agent.
05:19:48 <yamahata> bmelande: I'm reading cfg agent and router service code.
05:20:04 <bmelande> yamahata: ok
05:20:12 <yamahata> l3 agent has polling code for message loss/reorder.
05:20:19 <yamahata> Sepcifically _process_routers_loop method.
05:20:37 <yamahata> But I don't find counter part of cfg agent/router service.
05:20:57 <yamahata> Do I miss it? or it isn't addressed yet?
05:21:42 <hareeshpc> yamahata: the equivalent is process_services()
05:22:34 <yamahata> It syncs cfg agent with neutron db.
05:22:54 <yamahata> What if routervm itself is not in sync with cfg agent? who fix it?
05:23:44 <hareeshpc> all the service specific code has been moved to a service-helper, in this dase a routing-service-helper
05:24:34 <hareeshpc> the sync happens there, customized for each service. that is the idea
05:24:38 <yamahata> hareeshpc: I'm talking about RoutingServiceHelper.process_service()
05:25:31 <yamahata> hareeshpc: Okay, I got the idea.
05:26:11 <yamahata> thanks
05:27:25 <yamahata> any other topics to discuss?
05:27:30 <bmelande> yamahata: about routervm itself not in sync with cfg agent, are you talking about the VM  instance out of synch with agent?
05:28:04 <yamahata> bmelande: That's right.
05:28:37 <yamahata> cfg agent issues rest call to the VM.  The rest call can be lost.
05:29:08 <hareeshpc> yamahata: i will check. but the service helper collects update messages for a period (cfg-agent op interval) and sync with neutron db for those
05:29:59 <hareeshpc> yamahata: ok. i understood now
05:30:55 <hareeshpc> yamahata: the rest call if it fail should throw an exception
05:31:06 <yamahata> In l3 agent case, the agent knows the actual state of routing table etc.. , so it doesn't matter.
05:32:37 <yamahata> okay, anything else to discuss? or time is becoming up.
05:33:36 <hareeshpc> yamahata: we can take this offline, so i know i git your point
05:33:48 <hareeshpc> git -> got
05:33:54 <yamahata> hareeshpc: sure.
05:34:08 <yamahata> thanks everyone. see you next week.
05:34:35 <yamahata> #endmeeting