17:04:53 <yamahata> #startmeeting servicevm-device-manager
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17:05:04 <yamahata> #topic Announcement
17:05:18 <yamahata> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/ServiceVM agenda
17:05:46 <yamahata> neutron advanced service mid cycle is planned
17:06:34 <yamahata> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/advanced-services-kilo-midcycle  advsvc nid cycle
17:07:09 <SridharRamaswamy> yamahata: is the location & logistics decided yet ?
17:07:14 <yamahata> neutron spec proposal deadline(SPD) and spec approval deadline(SAD) is Dec 8, Dec 15
17:07:48 <yamahata> SridharRamaswamy: According to the link, it's under planning. not fixed yet.
17:07:50 <s3wong> SridharRamaswamy: no, as a member of the "advanced service library" team we have NOT decided when/where the mid-cycle will be
17:07:55 <hareeshp> hello all, sorry a bit late to join
17:08:10 <SridharRamaswamy> yamahata: s3wong: okay, thanks
17:08:41 <yamahata> any other announcement?
17:08:54 <bobmel> Adv. servie library... does that mean we're like librarians then?
17:09:15 <s3wong> bobmel: at this point, this is the language used in the proposal :-)
17:09:28 <SridharRamaswamy> for those following NFV subgroup .. it now renamed as TelcoWorkingGroup!
17:09:32 <bobmel> s3wong: I know. :-)
17:10:26 <s3wong> bobmel: as you know --- we are really dissecting the language used in markmcclain's email :-)
17:10:55 <s3wong> yamahata: something probably every member of the team has looked at: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-November/050961.html
17:11:29 <yamahata> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-November/050961.html neutron split proposal
17:11:55 <s3wong> the proposal of splitting out advanced services (all L4-7) from Neutron into an independent repo is sent out by markmcclain and mestery
17:11:59 <hareeshp> s3wong: you want to make sure everyone reads it :)
17:12:02 <yamahata> Tacker is already split. fotunately or unfortunately.
17:12:23 <SridharRamaswamy> s3wong: we are all dissecting that for sure.. particularly the "optional" part !
17:12:56 <s3wong> hareeshp: TBH, I want people to respond to it on the ML --- just to get the clearest of clarity of what it really means
17:13:10 <yamahata> #action everyone make sure read/respond http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-November/050961.html
17:13:49 <s3wong> Guys: there is a suggestion that we should have the proposal on gerrit such that we can ALL comment on. I think we should (as a team) suggest that also (it was suggested by armax in the first place)
17:14:22 <yamahata> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/134680/ Proposal for Neutron core and vendor code decomposition
17:15:54 <yamahata> armando uploaded his proposal to gerrit.
17:16:45 <yamahata> any announcement?
17:17:14 <bobmel> yamahata: I updated the tacker wiki with descrition of tacker
17:17:14 <yamahata> moving on...
17:17:30 <bobmel> yamahata: And SridharRamaswamy added use cases
17:17:34 <yamahata> bobmel: great
17:17:47 <yamahata> #topic Action Items from the last week
17:18:17 <s3wong> yes, time to go over the action items from last week :-)
17:18:47 <SridharRamaswamy> I added the use-cases.. tried to pencil in target release and priority
17:18:56 <SridharRamaswamy> please review when u get a chance
17:19:21 <bobmel> SridharRamaswamy: I think they look good
17:19:36 <yamahata> SridharRamaswamy: So far it looks good.
17:19:46 <hareeshp> SridharRamaswamy: looks good
17:20:06 <SridharRamaswamy> bobmel: yamahata: hareeshp: thanks!
17:20:44 <yamahata> bobmel: also fullfilled his action.
17:20:49 <yamahata> But I failed.
17:20:59 <yamahata> #action yamahata to move current Tacker spec to a Google doc and share with team
17:20:59 <hareeshp> i did a first cut on the tacker dependencies here servicevm/dependencies
17:21:14 <bobmel> yamahata: You're forgiven :-)
17:21:24 <s3wong> hareeshp: in fact, you did it right after the last meeting --- talk about efficiency :-)
17:21:29 <yamahata> bobmel: :-)
17:21:48 <hareeshp> s3wong: i have a tendency to forget :)
17:22:33 <yamahata> any other items left?
17:22:35 <hareeshp> if any of find, anything was missed (now or future), please let me know and i will update
17:22:45 <hareeshp> this things move very fast
17:22:46 <s3wong> bobmel, SridharRamaswamy: the wiki page looks very informative now. Thanks, guys!
17:23:05 <yamahata> Yeah, very useful now.
17:23:09 <SridharRamaswamy> yeah, i like the Mission & Scope
17:23:21 <SridharRamaswamy> btw.. any more wiki-gardening or are we done..
17:23:30 <hareeshp> +1
17:23:39 <SridharRamaswamy> the bottom half of the page has lots of links..
17:24:06 <hareeshp> i can take a first cut at arranging some of that
17:24:16 <yamahata> hareeshp: cool.
17:24:33 <yamahata> #action hareeshp more wiki-gardening
17:24:37 <SridharRamaswamy> hareeshp: great, that will be help
17:25:36 <s3wong> SridharRamaswamy, and other new team members: you may want to update the incubation page with your names on it: #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ServiceVM/Incubation
17:25:56 <SridharRamaswamy> s3wong: sure, will do
17:27:17 <yamahata> #action SridharRamaswamy add name to https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ServiceVM/Incubation
17:27:27 <yamahata> any items?
17:27:50 <yamahata> move on
17:27:53 <yamahata> #topic spec/code review
17:28:16 <yamahata> I created a page of review tracking following ML2 style.
17:28:30 <yamahata> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Tracking_ServiceVM_Reviews review tracking wiki
17:28:44 <yamahata> and added the link from the project page.
17:28:55 <yamahata> I hope it helps review
17:29:06 <yamahata> I'm open of tracking page.
17:29:30 <yamahata> I just followed ML2 and use wiki. but others may want to use etherpad or something else.
17:30:38 <SridharRamaswamy> yamahata: wiki is fine, i'll help as much to review some of these
17:31:18 <yamahata> anyway we can revise the use of wiki after some experiment period.
17:31:30 <yamahata> do we have special review topic?
17:31:33 <s3wong> yamahata: I thought we still want to finalize on the workflow?
17:32:12 <SridharRamaswamy> IMO the next significant milestone is to identify the boundary between plugin & tacker API. There was some confusion how / where this boundary lies.
17:32:17 <hareeshp> anyone knows how this nfv.russelbryant.net is setup? looks cool
17:32:21 <yamahata> s3wong: Oh sure.
17:32:38 <hareeshp> good way of tracking patches
17:33:42 <s3wong> hareeshp: well, russellb has russelbryant.net domain, it is just a matter on adding sub-domain for his own domain
17:34:25 <s3wong> hareeshp: just like you can easily have hareeshputhalath.net also :-) and you can then set up tacker.hareeshputhalath.net :-)
17:34:37 <yamahata> SridharRamaswamy: Do you have any documentation to start with?
17:34:42 <hareeshp> ya, i meant the way he can selectively track patches
17:34:57 <hareeshp> s3wong : ;)
17:35:04 <s3wong> hareeshp: I believe that is setting up filters on gerrit
17:35:05 <SridharRamaswamy> hareeshp: i believe the NFVImpact tag is used to scrub gerritt
17:35:22 <yamahata> at this point, api spec. (which I'll convert to google doc tomorrow. top priority)
17:35:25 <s3wong> hareeshp: during the NFV meeting, they talked about adding a tag on all NFV related gerrit reviews
17:35:44 <s3wong> yamahata: yes, that would be a good platform to start the workflow discussion :-)
17:36:36 <SridharRamaswamy> s3wong: yamahata: after the google doc .. lets plan for a webex conf call
17:37:08 <yamahata> SridharRamaswamy: +1 for webex
17:37:14 <s3wong> SridharRamaswamy: sure --- assuming the current spec isn't perfect already :-)
17:37:15 <natarajk> +1
17:37:52 <yamahata> #agreed plan webex meeting after the google doc spec
17:38:00 <SridharRamaswamy> s3wong: i'm sure it is :) .. atleast the call will help the newbies like me to come upto speed ;)
17:38:32 <hareeshp> +1
17:38:52 <vishwanathj> +1
17:39:30 <s3wong> SridharRamaswamy, yamahata: once the GDoc is out, we can give it a week or so for team-members to comment on it; then we should have the webex session to discuss
17:39:49 <yamahata> s3wong: +1
17:39:55 <s3wong> next week being Thanksgiving week for US team-members, I think it is perfect... NOT :-)
17:40:03 <SridharRamaswamy> s3wong: +1, make sense
17:40:04 <yamahata> #action yamahata once converted api spec, announce it
17:40:11 <yamahata> s3wong: +1
17:40:40 <yamahata> we can poll webex schedule
17:40:49 <s3wong> yamahata: +1
17:41:08 <yamahata> #action yamahata create poll page for webex meeting
17:41:22 <SridharRamaswamy> yamahata: +1
17:41:40 <SridharRamaswamy> Cisco friends can help to schedule one ?
17:41:55 <hareeshp> yes, i can do that
17:42:10 <SridharRamaswamy> i really miss webex after moving :(
17:42:24 <hareeshp> once the day and time is set, just let me know
17:42:58 <s3wong> SridharRamaswamy: yeah, please don't let yamahata do it -- I have a meeting with Intel folks once and they used SilverLight, what a disaster :-)
17:43:31 <SridharRamaswamy> s3wong: SilverLight ? SridharRamaswamy running away for a mile
17:43:32 <yamahata> s3wong: +1. We all have troubles with SilverLight...
17:45:27 <s3wong> anything else to discuss?
17:45:36 <yamahata> #topic Open Discussion
17:45:49 <hareeshp> yamahata: well, may be better than lotus sametime
17:46:26 * yamahata googling lotus sametime...
17:46:27 <bobmel> yamahata: the router vm plugin + agent,
17:46:49 <bobmel> do you think that will get into kilo?
17:47:13 <yamahata> bobmel: I'd like to. I expect the possibility is low.
17:47:25 <SridharRamaswamy> bobmel: can u provide a link for that effort ?
17:47:56 <SridharRamaswamy> is it #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/105078/ ?
17:47:57 <yamahata> given the focus of Kilo is to pay tech debt
17:47:59 <bobmel> yamahata: will it be separate from mcafee router plugin?
17:48:19 <yamahata> bobmel: Yes. They are separated.
17:49:03 <yamahata> SridharRamaswamy: Yes.
17:49:13 <yamahata> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/105078/ L3 router: modular l3 router plugin, l3 plugin/agent for routervm
17:50:34 <yamahata> any other questions? topic?
17:52:18 <yamahata> seems none.
17:52:19 <s3wong> for the US folks, do you guys still want to have a meeting next week?
17:52:31 <s3wong> it is a day before Thanksgiving holiday
17:53:03 <s3wong> I will be in office, so I am OK to meet --- just want to know if the rest of the US team-members have other plans
17:53:28 <SridharRamaswamy> i'm okay to meet
17:53:39 <yamahata> I'm fine with either way
17:53:51 <yamahata> I create schedule poll page
17:53:53 <yamahata> http://doodle.com/c4dbdpp7cnsiuu4k
17:53:59 <s3wong> cool
17:54:02 <yamahata> I just used time slot UTC1700
17:54:23 <yamahata> But not sure which time slot is preferable. If you have another time slot prefered, please ping me.
17:54:29 <yamahata> then I'll add the time slot
17:55:02 <yamahata> #link http://doodle.com/c4dbdpp7cnsiuu4k schedule poll for webex meeting
17:55:47 <yamahata> s3wong: how about you? do you want to have meeting next week or not?
17:56:07 <s3wong> yamahata: I am good. Let's have a meeting next week
17:56:36 <yamahata> s3wong: okay ,no objection to meet next week.
17:56:54 <yamahata> any other topic?
17:57:42 <yamahata> thank you everyone.
17:57:46 <yamahata> see you next week
17:57:50 <s3wong> thanks!
17:57:53 <vishwanathj> thanks and see you all next week
17:57:58 <hareeshp> ok, bye
17:58:07 <yamahata> #endmeeting