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17:00:23 <devkulkarni> #topic Roll Call
17:00:27 <devkulkarni> Devdatta Kulkarni
17:00:28 <ashishjain> Ashish Jain
17:00:43 <devkulkarni> Good evening ashishjain
17:00:44 <thingee> o/
17:00:48 <devkulkarni> hi thingee
17:00:57 <muralia> o/
17:00:57 <dimtruck> o/
17:00:58 <ashishjain> good morning devkulkarni
17:01:07 <muralia> hi all
17:01:08 <devkulkarni> hi muralia dimtruck
17:01:13 <ashishjain> o/
17:01:16 <devkulkarni> here is the agenda for today's meeting:
17:01:21 <devkulkarni> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Solum
17:01:31 <devkulkarni> please take a minute to look over the agenda
17:01:43 <vijendar1> o/
17:01:44 <devkulkarni> please add to if if you want to discuss anything
17:01:48 <devkulkarni> hi vijendar1
17:02:15 <devkulkarni> alright..
17:02:22 <devkulkarni> #topic Announcements
17:02:33 <devkulkarni> Congratulations to Vijendar Komalla (vijendar1) on being promoted to core reviewer status.
17:02:39 <devkulkarni> congrats vijendar1
17:02:42 <muralia> congrats!
17:02:50 <vijendar1> thanks devkulkarni muralia
17:02:51 <devkulkarni> I had sent an email last week and we received all positive replies
17:02:57 <ashishjain> Congrats vijendar
17:03:05 <vijendar1> thanks ashishjain
17:03:15 <devkulkarni> vijendar1 is now a core reviewer (and has already exercised his +2 rights :))
17:03:21 <dimtruck> yay!
17:03:23 <vijendar1> :)
17:03:25 <ashishjain> wow :)
17:03:28 <devkulkarni> great work vijendar1 over last several months
17:03:46 <devkulkarni> amazing to see your contributions
17:03:56 <devkulkarni> keep up the good work
17:04:07 <devkulkarni> any other announcement from anyone else?
17:04:45 <devkulkarni> ok, lets move to next topic then
17:04:51 <devkulkarni> #topic Review Action Items
17:05:03 <devkulkarni> there were no action items from last meeting
17:05:39 <devkulkarni> #topic Blueprint/Bug review and Discussion
17:05:50 <devkulkarni> ok, so this topic has several things today
17:05:57 <devkulkarni> lets go over them one by one
17:06:09 <devkulkarni> 1) App parameters
17:06:15 <devkulkarni> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/267182/
17:06:21 <devkulkarni> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/267809/
17:06:34 <devkulkarni> vijendar1: do you want to provide quick update on these patches?
17:06:42 <devkulkarni> you had given context in the last meeting
17:06:52 <devkulkarni> but there might be folks who were not there in that meeting
17:06:53 <vijendar1> devkulkarni: sure
17:07:44 <devkulkarni> cool, please proceed. floor is yours
17:07:56 <vijendar1> These patches enable us to provide custom parameters
17:08:20 <vijendar1> current parameters file is a flat list of key value pairs
17:08:37 <vijendar1> with this change, you can group parameters into logical sections
17:08:44 <devkulkarni> +1 vijendar1
17:08:50 <muralia> i thought i voted +2 on this last time. :) did i not? i remember we discussed this last week and i reviewed the patch.
17:08:59 <muralia> im good with the changes.
17:09:04 <devkulkarni> muralia: yes, we discussed this last time
17:09:12 <devkulkarni> but both the patches need one more +2
17:09:16 <ashishjain> somehow I am unable to open the links
17:09:28 <ashishjain> "Proxy Error"
17:09:34 <muralia> yes, same here
17:09:42 <devkulkarni> ashishjain: hmm.. yeah, I have seen gerrit replying that way many times this week
17:09:59 <vijendar1> muralia: It seems you did not +2  last week
17:10:05 <muralia> doing it now
17:10:10 <devkulkarni> it just opened up for me
17:10:14 <devkulkarni> after spinning for a while
17:10:20 <vijendar1> it opened for me as well
17:10:28 <devkulkarni> probably gerrit servers are experiencing lot of load
17:10:28 <dimtruck> it's an apache redirect error
17:10:42 <dimtruck> are ya'll logged in?
17:10:54 <devkulkarni> good question dimtruck
17:11:08 <muralia> i logged in. it logged me out and failed again :)
17:11:10 <vijendar1> muralia: thanks
17:11:25 <dimtruck> :) sorry for the tangent
17:11:28 <vijendar1> muralia: for +2
17:11:47 <devkulkarni> muralia: whenever you get a chance today, you can +2 the patches then (probably you already have)
17:11:55 <muralia> sure
17:11:55 <devkulkarni> in that case, thanks muralia
17:12:04 <devkulkarni> cool
17:12:14 <devkulkarni> so the next one is:
17:12:22 <devkulkarni> 2) App scaling
17:12:28 <devkulkarni> let me give an overview about this
17:12:39 <devkulkarni> and then I can point to the three patches
17:13:15 <devkulkarni> so the basic requirement is we want to support something like 'solum app scale <app-name> <target>
17:13:31 <devkulkarni> where target is the number of instances of that we want to create for an app
17:13:56 <devkulkarni> upon receiving such a request, we want to deploy that many instances of the DU
17:14:11 <devkulkarni> consider when we have a backend such as Magnum/Carina
17:14:56 <devkulkarni> we will have a deployer which will instantiate as many number of target instances as required.. if the currently deployed
17:15:09 <devkulkarni> instances are 3, and the target is 5, we will add 2 more
17:15:25 <devkulkarni> whereas if the current number of instances are 5 and the target is 1, we will delete 4
17:15:50 <devkulkarni> when we go to multi-service/multi-container apps, the command line might look like
17:16:10 <devkulkarni> solum app scale <app-name> <service1:target1> <service2:target2>
17:16:25 <devkulkarni> but since we don't have support for multi-container apps yet,
17:16:45 <devkulkarni> the current command line is just taking input the app-name and the target
17:16:58 <devkulkarni> ok, so that is the high-level idea
17:17:19 <devkulkarni> I have three patches which together setup the required infrastructure to implement above
17:17:39 <devkulkarni> the first patch on the api side adds a column to the app table named 'scale_config'
17:17:48 <devkulkarni> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/275793/2
17:18:05 <devkulkarni> the data structure that is used is a json blob
17:18:20 <muralia> what do you expect to put in there? will that be config for magnum or heat?
17:18:47 <devkulkarni> muralia: the content will be three things (which are neither magnum related nor heat related)
17:19:11 <devkulkarni> these are: <the specified target, current number of instances, location of the du>
17:19:40 <devkulkarni> the specified target is what is sent in as part of the app scale command line
17:19:56 <devkulkarni> the current number of instances is basically how many instances we were able to really create
17:20:16 <devkulkarni> we need to maintain this as it is possible that while performing the scaling operation, we may fail in between
17:20:28 <devkulkarni> and may not be able to create all the instances
17:20:30 <vijendar1> so target is the desired number of instances after executing scale command…correct?
17:20:41 <devkulkarni> vijendar1: yes, that is correct.
17:20:46 <muralia> ah i see. this info is not really app related directly, so we put it there.  why the location of DU though, we should already know that right. we are storing that somewhere
17:21:37 <devkulkarni> muralia: so the reason to store DU info there is primarily for convenience purpose — that way all the information that is required for scaling is available in a single place
17:21:48 <devkulkarni> but you are right, it is available in the Image table as well
17:21:53 <vijendar1> we may need du info, for example multi service app  may have multiple DUs…
17:22:01 <muralia> ok.
17:22:16 <devkulkarni> that too.. although, for multi service apps also we will have the DU locations in the Image table
17:22:34 <vijendar1> you are right
17:22:44 <devkulkarni> so technically, we are still duplicating the info
17:23:04 <devkulkarni> but I think it is okay as it provides a single place with all the required info..
17:23:18 <devkulkarni> if we find it is becoming problematic, we can change that
17:23:23 <vijendar1> if required we can get rid of that info in future
17:23:33 <devkulkarni> yes, that is what I am thinking
17:23:41 <devkulkarni> good questions muralia
17:23:50 <devkulkarni> now let me talk about the second patch
17:24:12 <devkulkarni> hmm.. I am getting 503 Service unavailable
17:24:22 <devkulkarni> let me just explain what the second patch is doing
17:25:00 <devkulkarni> so in the second patch, I am populating the scale_config column
17:25:46 <devkulkarni> the main changes are in three places.. one, as part of the initial 'solum app deploy' call, we save the du location in the scale_config column.
17:26:17 <devkulkarni> second, as part of the 'solum app scale' call, we update that column with the value of scale_target that is passed in
17:26:45 <devkulkarni> third, as part of the deployer, we inspect the scale_config column and then take appropriate action
17:26:54 <devkulkarni> the third part is not implemented yet
17:27:10 <devkulkarni> I will implement it in a follow up patch
17:27:36 <devkulkarni> then there is the cli patch
17:28:05 <devkulkarni> this patch makes the changes to support 'solum app scale' command
17:28:30 <muralia> thanks dev
17:28:31 <devkulkarni> that is about it
17:28:42 <devkulkarni> vijendar1: I have seen your comments on the patch
17:28:51 <devkulkarni> vijendar1: I will address them today/tomorrow
17:28:58 <ashishjain1> Devkulkarni, was looking at all your 3 patches
17:29:07 <devkulkarni> ashishjain, muralia, dimtruck: please review the patches
17:29:15 <devkulkarni> ashishjain1: thanks
17:29:24 <ashishjain1> The deployment of multiple du's is yet to be implemented?
17:29:38 <devkulkarni> ashishjain1: yes, that is correct
17:29:42 <ashishjain1> In heat.py def scale
17:30:05 <ashishjain1> Is the one which will take the action as required?
17:30:05 <devkulkarni> ashishjain1: yes, the new scale api addition is to support scaling of a single container apps
17:30:11 <devkulkarni> ashishjain1:
17:30:14 <devkulkarni> yes, that is correct
17:30:35 <ashishjain1> So will you modify the generated heat template for this
17:30:56 <devkulkarni> ashishjain1: yes, we will have to do that
17:30:57 <ashishjain1> Heat has got tags for that?
17:31:05 <ashishjain1> Okay cool thanks for this
17:31:27 <devkulkarni> ashishjain1: will have to check what features, if any, are available in heat that we might be able to leverage for this
17:31:48 <devkulkarni> vijendar1: do you think we might be able to use any heat features for single app scaling?
17:33:00 <devkulkarni> vijendar1: feel free to jump in later..
17:33:08 <devkulkarni> lets move to the next one
17:33:08 <ashishjain1> Devkulkarni: Heat has got a autoscaling group
17:33:19 <devkulkarni> ashishjain1: oh that's correct
17:33:30 <devkulkarni> ashishjain1: yes, then we should definitely explore how might we use it
17:33:30 <ashishjain1> Which has got a field called min and max
17:33:42 <devkulkarni> yep, thanks for refreshing my memory
17:34:02 <ashishjain1> yeah we should see that
17:34:08 <devkulkarni> agreed
17:34:12 <devkulkarni> thanks ashishjain1
17:34:19 <devkulkarni> lets move to the next one in the list
17:34:26 <devkulkarni> 3) Deploying pre-created DUs
17:34:37 <devkulkarni> Ok, let me give background on this one
17:35:22 <devkulkarni> the basic idea is to be able to deploy a DU without building it first.. such a DU might be available, say, from a CI run that has happened outside of Solum
17:35:34 <devkulkarni> ashishjain1 has implemented a poc of doing just this
17:35:49 <devkulkarni> he has a setup where CI is done by Jenkins, completely out of Solum
17:36:02 <devkulkarni> and then Solum is called only to deploy the DU
17:36:26 <devkulkarni> the patches below are first step in supporting this use case
17:36:31 <devkulkarni> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/271111/
17:36:38 <devkulkarni> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/271115/
17:36:49 <devkulkarni> the first link is api side changes
17:37:04 <devkulkarni> the second link is cli side changes
17:37:24 <devkulkarni> currently on the api side, I have implemented support only for DUs that are stored in glance
17:38:03 <devkulkarni> from the cli, you can pass in glance image id of the DU and that will be deployed, without going through the build and test steps
17:38:34 <devkulkarni> vijendar1: I saw your comments on the patch, I will address them today/tomorrow
17:38:47 <devkulkarni> others, please review the patches
17:38:48 <vijendar1> devkulkarni: thanks
17:39:40 <devkulkarni> alright, lets look at two other items next
17:39:51 <devkulkarni> 4) Converting bash scripts to Python
17:39:57 <devkulkarni> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/196498/
17:40:04 <devkulkarni> this is currently in merge conflict
17:40:19 <devkulkarni> I have pinged james_li to take a look at it
17:40:28 <devkulkarni> hopefully this will be merged soon
17:40:43 <devkulkarni> thanks muralia for approving the other bash-to-python patch from james_li
17:40:55 <muralia> sure
17:41:16 <devkulkarni> vijendar1: if you have any comments on bash-to-python patch, please add them to the currently outstanding patch
17:41:26 <vijendar1> devkulkarni: sure
17:41:42 <devkulkarni> alright.. the last one is about cutting a release
17:41:48 <devkulkarni> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-February/086152.html
17:42:15 <devkulkarni> this morning ttx sent an email listing projects who need to do releases in next few weeks
17:42:41 <devkulkarni> since we are now using release-with-intermediate cycle, we need to release something before april 1st
17:42:50 <devkulkarni> just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention
17:42:56 <devkulkarni> what I would like to do is
17:43:20 <devkulkarni> merge as many of the currently outstanding patches as possible in next two weeks
17:43:51 <devkulkarni> then, in the second week of march I will propose a change to the release repo with the commit
17:43:54 <devkulkarni> for release
17:44:17 <devkulkarni> so everyone's help in reviewing and approving patches will be good
17:44:52 <devkulkarni> alright.. we have fifteen minutes for open discussion now
17:44:59 <devkulkarni> #topic Open Discussion
17:45:14 <devkulkarni> lets quickly go through the first topic and then we can discuss install docs
17:45:18 <devkulkarni> 1) Austin summit
17:45:24 <devkulkarni> We have submitted three talks -- one by ashishjain and devkulkarni, another by vijendar and devkulkarni, and another by mkam, dimtruck, and two openstack security contributors. Will post the links when I have them.
17:45:50 <devkulkarni> dimtruck: have you seen the links for voting anywhere?
17:45:52 <devkulkarni> I have not
17:46:13 <devkulkarni> ashishjain1: Travel support: February 9, 2016 (https://www.openstack.org/summit/austin-2016/austin-and-travel/#travel-support)
17:46:26 <devkulkarni> deadline is today
17:46:34 <devkulkarni> to apply to travel support
17:46:50 <ashishjain1> Ya i have not submitted i am relying on my org :)
17:46:59 <devkulkarni> ashishjain1: :) sounds good
17:47:10 <ashishjain1> Btw have not received atc code
17:47:27 <devkulkarni> ashishjain1: they should send out another batch in next couple of weeks
17:47:35 <ashishjain1> Ok
17:47:53 <devkulkarni> alright.. lets talk about next topic
17:48:07 <devkulkarni> (thingee) Install docs
17:48:11 <thingee> so install docs, what's available today for solumn?
17:48:13 <devkulkarni> floor is yours thingee
17:48:19 <dimtruck> i have not devkulkarni (sorry, my irc client froze)
17:48:41 <devkulkarni> thingee: we have an architecture diagram on how solum can be deployed in prod
17:48:50 <thingee> link?
17:48:56 <devkulkarni> beyond that, we have some chef receipes that we use internally at rax
17:49:04 <devkulkarni> dimtruck: you might want to add
17:49:09 <devkulkarni> thingee: let me get it
17:49:21 <dimtruck> yeah, i'm looking for it too
17:49:21 <thingee> ok, so people who aren't rackspace and don't use chef will have some trouble?
17:49:30 <dimtruck> thingee: not necessarily
17:49:57 <dimtruck> the main chef codebase to deploy paas is in https://github.com/rackerlabs/cookbook-openstack-paas
17:50:14 <dimtruck> all rackspace bits do is override a few attributes in that cookbook
17:50:29 <devkulkarni> also, I think ashishjain1 your team is working on kolla based deployment for solum, right?
17:50:33 <dimtruck> #link https://github.com/rackerlabs/cookbook-openstack-paas
17:50:46 <thingee> Yeah ok, I was a bit afraid of this. So just from an outsiders perspective, I attempted over the weekend to figure out solum. When you go to the wiki you're presented with a vagrant demo.
17:50:51 <thingee> I don't use chef
17:50:58 <thingee> I don't believe vagrant is install option
17:50:59 <ashishjain1> Devkulkarni yeah
17:51:22 <thingee> and I don't know what each process is to figure out how to run things.
17:51:36 <thingee> The project has existed since late 2013, so I'm curious why figuring this out is still difficult
17:51:37 <devkulkarni> thingee: I see.. this is great feedback
17:51:40 <devkulkarni> feedback
17:52:29 <devkulkarni> thingee: agreed that there is scope for improvement for our devstack and vagrant docs
17:52:33 <thingee> I do understand generally how OpenStack projects work being former ptl for cinder and a contributor for a while now and I can't even figure it out, or how to run things in a liberty environment.
17:53:06 <dimtruck> so you're right in that if you don't use chef, it'll be more challenging.  vagrant is being upgraded to use devstack plugins and should be ready shortly (i believe that are a few patches in progress)
17:53:40 <thingee> the main reason I bring this up though is because I'm interested in presenting to app developers how to use openstack. I saw the early presentations by Adrian otto an it's impressive, but I'm curious what public clouds make use of it, or even how to deploy it for private cloud cases.
17:53:40 <dimtruck> thingee: in that case, and we'll need to document that more explicitly, but it's just enable_service solum and enable_service python-solumclient
17:53:41 <devkulkarni> that is correct dimtruck.. we haven't completely converted our vagrant setup to use devstack plugin model
17:54:06 <thingee> I'm looking at murano and the new anisble 2.0 module which hides a lot of bad openstack api details behind shade. But I appreciate you all listening to me rant.
17:54:25 <dimtruck> but yes, that is good feedback, and we'll update documentation to alleviate your concerns
17:54:27 <devkulkarni> thingee: this is great feedback actually
17:54:36 <dimtruck> devkulkarni: if there's a bug for docs out there, assign it to me
17:54:43 <dimtruck> i'll take care of it
17:54:53 <dimtruck> if not, i'll create one haha
17:54:53 <devkulkarni> thingee: our most recent user/contributor from outside of rax has been ashishjain1
17:55:06 <devkulkarni> ashishjain1: would you mind sharing your experience with all of us?
17:55:27 <ashishjain1> Sure
17:55:51 <kzaitsev_mb> someone said murano and I'm a bit out of the loop, but willing to help/clarify things, if that's possible )
17:55:52 <ashishjain1> It has been great working with all you guys
17:55:54 <thingee> so is there anybody making use of solum today? I hear rackspace, but I haven't found an GUI similar to the one presented on solum's wiki on rackspace's portal
17:56:26 <ashishjain1> I am still in the learning phase about solum and of course openstack
17:56:46 <dimtruck> thingee: solum is in internal beta at rackspace right now
17:56:54 <devkulkarni> thingee: internally we had a UI which is different than the horizon ui.. but is not yet integrated with rax's main ui portal
17:57:03 <dimtruck> right
17:57:07 <thingee> kzaitsev_mb: it was me. And I don't believe there is confusion. I'm trying to find things that are readily everybody today to talk about with app developers and other users.
17:57:10 <ashishjain1> And have been getting good guidance from all and an awesome mentor like dev
17:57:42 <devkulkarni> thingee: I believe there is some interest by ashishjain1's org as well
17:57:50 <thingee> ok good information everyone. thanks again!
17:57:57 <dimtruck> thank YOU
17:58:09 <devkulkarni> thanks thingee for trying out solum
17:58:17 <devkulkarni> sorry that the experience was not smooth
17:58:37 <devkulkarni> we will take your feedback and look to improving the first user/operator experience
17:59:17 <devkulkarni> alright.. we are almost at the end of our meeting time
17:59:40 <devkulkarni> thanks everyone for joining today.. we had great discussion
18:00:01 <thingee> Yeah I just worry with projects that have existed a bit and adoption. If this isn't something available across public clouds, it's difficult to rely on from users looking a federated cloud cases.
18:00:02 <devkulkarni> I am available on solum irc today (and everyday)
18:00:53 <devkulkarni> point noted thingee .. good to have you today.. hopefully you will join more of our meetings
18:00:54 <dimtruck> thingee: very valid concern.  and i'd say that before the last couple of weeks (integration with magnum, scaling, workflow fixes), it was very hard to utilize solum to full extent
18:01:09 <devkulkarni> good point dimtruck
18:01:37 <devkulkarni> hopefully, we are now able to showcase value of solum more
18:01:49 <devkulkarni> thanks everyone for joining today
18:01:55 <devkulkarni> see you all next week
18:02:03 <devkulkarni> #endmeeting