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15:01:16 <tonyb> Anyone here for the stable meeting?
15:02:06 <tonyb> it's a holiday in the US so perhaps only me and the Europe folks?
15:07:09 <ttx> o/
15:07:37 <ttx> tonyb: no longer a holiday in the us now
15:08:25 <tonyb> ttx: okay.
15:09:53 <tonyb> ttx: Is there anything you'd like to discuss?
15:09:59 <ttx> nothing pressing
15:10:22 <ttx> tonyb: looks like we have a pretty good process laid down now
15:10:44 <tonyb> ttx: Yeah I think mostly it's working okay.
15:11:09 <ihrachys> o/
15:11:13 <ihrachys> I have one thing
15:11:23 <tonyb> ttx: the biggest "problem" is deciding what from the big tent to include on the grand kilo EOL
15:11:31 <tonyb> ihrachys: hey!
15:11:38 <tonyb> ihrachys: please go ahead
15:11:54 <ihrachys> tonyb: re kilo, why not drop it globally? :)
15:12:22 <ihrachys> so my thing is, I finally have a document for proactive backporting process: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/322273/
15:12:35 <ihrachys> that could make use of some attention from core stable folks
15:12:43 <tonyb> ihrachys: because that isn't what's happend in the past.
15:12:45 <ihrachys> note it's proposed for project-team-guide
15:13:01 <ihrachys> so I tried to stay generic in wording
15:13:07 <ihrachys> even though atm it's neutron thing
15:13:20 <tonyb> ihrachys: some clients like to stay "open"
15:13:33 <ihrachys> I have people interested in the process for other projects, so...
15:13:54 <ttx> ihrachys: I'll review it soon
15:13:56 <tonyb> ihrachys: Yeah I had your project-team-guide on the agdenda to bring up for awareness
15:14:00 <ihrachys> tonyb: got it. don't they have any functional tests that would require other components?
15:14:10 <ihrachys> thanks folks :)
15:14:20 <tonyb> ihrachys: I'll review it today (technically it's Wednesday here)
15:14:46 <tonyb> ihrachys: Yeah some do and that where tha ball of string starts to unravel
15:15:12 <tonyb> ihrachys: originally I had a list + devstack + requirements
15:15:38 <tonyb> ihrachys: which effectivly means EOL'ing anythign that has a hard requirement on those projects IIUC
15:16:39 <ihrachys> leaving just unit tests and pep8
15:16:45 <tonyb> I want to avoid bugging infra too much but I think I just need to send the list and the proposed process and see what happens
15:17:13 <ihrachys> when will those get dropped? do we set some counter?
15:17:32 <tonyb> ihrachys: Yeah, the part I'm most worried about is missing something and leaving the gate full of -1's from jenkins
15:18:09 <ihrachys> meh. I would claim it's not supported across the board and move on.
15:18:26 <tonyb> ihrachys: IIUC infra will at some point stop running any tests on the kilo branches but I don't have a clear idea of when that'll happen
15:18:45 <tonyb> ihrachys: You're right I'm probably over thinkign it :D
15:19:06 <ihrachys> tonyb: maybe you are not if we don't have it as a policy.
15:19:21 <tonyb> #action tonyb drop kilo ASAP
15:19:28 <ihrachys> tonyb: at least for next time we need that, I would prefer we have a consistent message for all projects.
15:20:13 <tonyb> ihrachys: Yeah.  I'm tryign to follow what we did for juno and apply that to kilo+big tent
15:21:48 <ihrachys> fair enough
15:24:35 <tonyb> Anything else?
15:25:20 <ttx> tonyb: maybe for future meetings we could try to get agenda / attendance beforehand and skip if we don't have topics/quorum
15:25:30 <ttx> that would avoid keeping you up for little value
15:25:58 <tonyb> ttx: Yeah Normally Matt runs this meeting but he's on vacation
15:28:18 <tonyb> ttx: we did have an agenda but it's mostly boiler plate that I skipped as it was the 3 of us
15:28:49 <tonyb> anyway if there is nothgin else I'll call this done ...
15:29:31 <ttx> You shall
15:30:06 <tonyb> Thanks ttx and ihrachys
15:30:09 <tonyb> see you round
15:30:14 <tonyb> #endmeeting