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21:00:07 <dhellmann> o/
21:00:15 <tonyb> dhellmann: hey!
21:00:25 <dhellmann> howdy, stranger!
21:01:07 <tonyb> dhellmann: We've done a bad job of overlapping
21:01:20 <dhellmann> it's at least 1/2 my fault :-)
21:01:45 <tonyb> :)
21:02:29 <tonyb> dhellmann: Lets talk about your agenda item as it's likley to be just the 2 of us
21:02:47 <dhellmann> well, that's not going to do me a whole lot of good :-)
21:03:00 <dhellmann> the idea was to recruit other contributors to do some release reviews, to give you a bit of a break
21:03:01 <tonyb> dhellmann: you might be surprised.
21:03:10 <dhellmann> and to flush out the current queue of stable releases
21:03:30 <dhellmann> but asking you to do that isn't going to lighten your load at all...
21:04:45 <tonyb> dhellmann: apevec was doign good work late alst year.  I'd like to request we loop him in as a (stable) release-core
21:05:22 <dhellmann> sure, I'll go back and look at his reviews, but I wouldn't expect an issue there
21:05:24 * tonyb wonders if that could have had more typos ;P
21:05:36 <tonyb> dhellmann: Thanks.
21:06:23 <dhellmann> the other option we have is to ask the release liaisons to start doing some of these reviews
21:06:30 <dhellmann> I may go ahead and do that anyway
21:06:37 <tonyb> dhellmann: you, apevec and myself need to decide what proces works best, do we do somethign like release days or as he and I are in more-or-less opposite timezones do we just do the ones that arrivee wheil we're awake
21:07:18 <dhellmann> that's a good question
21:07:27 <tonyb> My hesitation with that is that the stable side of things isn't well understood/regarded and we may miss some stuff
21:07:36 <dhellmann> scheduling days or even weeks would work for me
21:07:58 <tonyb> dhellmann: okay.
21:08:24 <dhellmann> scheduling has worked well for the release team, though we're closer to the same tz as each other
21:08:31 <tonyb> so step one you verify your happy (or not) to add apevec and then then step 2 is we make a plan for the implementation
21:09:05 <dhellmann> yep. and step 1.5 is tell the liaisons that their releases will receive preferential treatment if they're also reviewing releases from other teams
21:09:13 <tonyb> dhellmann: Yeah the release days things seems to have worked well
21:09:30 <tonyb> dhellmann: :)  I like it
21:09:41 <dhellmann> I'll run that last item by ttx and dims and see what they think before announcing it
21:09:53 * stevemar perks up at the word preferential treatment :P
21:10:10 * dhellmann thinks stevemar has an odd irc highlight trigger set
21:10:19 <tonyb> :)
21:10:29 <stevemar> (or maybe i was just creeping)
21:10:40 <dims> stevemar : we did not say keystone :)
21:10:44 <tonyb> stevemar: you're far from creepy ;P
21:11:36 <dims> dhellmann : tonyb : +1 let's try those things
21:11:48 <tonyb> dims: Thanks
21:11:55 <dhellmann> dims : cool, thanks
21:12:53 <dhellmann> tonyb : sounds like we have a plan, and that's all I had
21:13:51 <tonyb> dhellmann: Cool.
21:14:06 <tonyb> dhellmann: I'm glad I didn't cancel this meeting last week like I was supposed to ;P
21:14:25 <dhellmann> heh
21:18:22 <tonyb> I think that's probably all there is for today. Unless y'all have more?
21:18:37 <dhellmann> nothing else here
21:18:42 <tonyb> smeet
21:18:52 * tonyb goes to the conference keynote
21:18:56 <tonyb> Thanks everyone
21:19:04 <tonyb> #endmeeting