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10:05:03 <tonyb> Anyone around for the stable meeting?
10:14:55 <tonyb> Well for the logs  Things I/we promised to do at the PTG:
10:15:03 <tonyb> 1) update releases.o.o with dates that projects switch to $next phase
10:15:21 <tonyb> 2) create and maintain an openstack/stable-$something repo for tools and documents about stable
10:15:37 <tonyb> 3) update the project-team-guide with more details about how stable teams are managed and how cores are added to $project-stable-core
10:15:42 <tonyb> 4) Find trusted stable reviewers to help with reviewing releases from stable/* branches in openstack/releases
10:15:48 <tonyb> 5) flesh out an alternate model for stable project teams that relies on a stable-CPL to help notice and grow $project stable teams ideally it would be someone other than the PTL
10:15:59 <tonyb> I think that's it so basically this cycle is about tech-debt and documentation
10:16:14 <tonyb> Oh and I need to wrap up the liberty and pre-liberty cleanups so I can get started on the mitaka EOL (early April)
10:17:08 <tonyb> #endmeeting