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15:01:36 <ilyashakhat> hello everyone!
15:01:45 <hnarkaytis> hi
15:02:01 <ilyashakhat> this is the first meeting of stackalytics team
15:02:05 <hnarkaytis> I wonder if there are anyone else eager to discuss Stackalytics roadmap
15:02:37 <hnarkaytis> lets go thru agenda
15:02:44 <ilyashakhat> the agenda: to review blueprints and proposals for the next version
15:03:36 <hnarkaytis> excellent... do we have any open blueprints?
15:03:55 <ilyashakhat> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/stackalytics
15:04:03 <ilyashakhat> we have 6 blueprints
15:04:14 <ilyashakhat> the first is https://blueprints.launchpad.net/stackalytics/+spec/review-disagreements
15:05:15 <ilyashakhat> it's a proposal to add the same stats on disagreements as in Russell's report
15:05:24 <hnarkaytis> so basically this one reproduce statistics from RUssel
15:05:30 <ilyashakhat> yes
15:05:53 <ilyashakhat> the only 'hard' thing is that we need a list of core devs
15:06:15 <hnarkaytis> well - we can use heuristics
15:06:42 <hnarkaytis> anyone who gave +2 review on a project would be a core/PTL
15:07:10 <ilyashakhat> good point)
15:07:21 <hnarkaytis> probably that will work only for PTLs
15:07:28 <hnarkaytis> need to double check
15:07:45 <ilyashakhat> no, cores do +2 as well
15:07:48 <ogelbukh> it might be former ptl/core?
15:07:48 <hnarkaytis> lets take a look on Neutron
15:07:58 <ogelbukh> or you don't look backwards
15:08:22 <hnarkaytis> we will calc stats only for particular releqse cycles
15:08:59 <ilyashakhat> the most stable way is to check 'drivers' group in LP - like https://launchpad.net/~neutron-drivers/+members#active
15:09:15 <ogelbukh> https://review.openstack.org/#/admin/groups/
15:09:18 <ilyashakhat> but this may require additional configuration
15:09:26 <ogelbukh> guys, isn't this something you're looking for?
15:10:17 <hnarkaytis> does it have a RAST API? There was a docs on dev version of API
15:10:41 <ilyashakhat> ogelbukh: yes, this list is the best source
15:10:58 <hnarkaytis> Stackalytics never uses data grabbing from web pages
15:11:05 <ilyashakhat> :)
15:11:26 <ilyashakhat> need to check in gerrit api
15:11:41 <ogelbukh> http://gerrit-documentation.googlecode.com/svn/Documentation/2.6/rest-api-groups.html
15:12:18 <hnarkaytis> ok, lets move further. Lets assume that this report would be in 0.4 release
15:12:57 <hnarkaytis> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/stackalytics/+spec/graceful-loc-statstics
15:13:17 <ilyashakhat> it's about calculating sloc not loc
15:13:27 <hnarkaytis> this one requires running sloccount on each commit
15:13:30 <ilyashakhat> but it will require to analyze every single diff
15:13:57 <hnarkaytis> probably we can run a daily butch
15:14:07 <hnarkaytis> probably we can run a daily batch
15:14:27 <ilyashakhat> will top management like slocs more than loc?
15:14:52 <hnarkaytis> that will give us not only slocs
15:15:14 <ilyashakhat> lang stats?
15:15:25 <hnarkaytis> sloccount gives a ballpark for project development price
15:15:48 <hnarkaytis> i.e. we will make a graph of $ evaluation
15:16:01 <hnarkaytis> top managers will like it
15:17:09 <hnarkaytis> lets settle that we don't need slocs from every commit, but $ graph is an option to consider
15:17:44 <ilyashakhat> ok, but let's give low priority to this BP
15:17:45 <hnarkaytis> i.e. this BP is not in 0.4 roadmap
15:17:52 <ilyashakhat> ok
15:17:58 <hnarkaytis> what's next&
15:18:23 <ilyashakhat> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/stackalytics/+spec/module-review-backlog-stats
15:18:53 <ilyashakhat> some metrics that analyze review backlog
15:19:02 <hnarkaytis> do we have anything similar in activity dashboard&
15:19:09 <hnarkaytis> do we have anything similar in activity dashboard?
15:19:10 <ilyashakhat> no
15:19:45 <hnarkaytis> how this report should look like in UI?
15:20:11 <hnarkaytis> some summary page at the bottom that particular project is filtered?
15:20:26 <ilyashakhat> it may be a list of reviews ordered by time desc
15:20:35 <ilyashakhat> Russell has something similar
15:20:48 <hnarkaytis> lets take a look
15:21:55 <ilyashakhat> http://russellbryant.net/openstack-stats/nova-openreviews.html
15:22:51 <hnarkaytis> well - just a bunch of unsorted data...
15:23:25 <ilyashakhat> that needs to be made shiny and readable
15:23:25 <hnarkaytis> do you think that it has some meaningful information?
15:24:11 <ilyashakhat> compare backlog length between projects may have sense
15:24:25 <ilyashakhat> at least it is discussed in ML from time to time
15:24:27 <hnarkaytis> lets put this as a low priority report
15:24:34 <ilyashakhat> agree
15:24:52 <hnarkaytis> next one
15:25:06 <ilyashakhat> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/stackalytics/+spec/review-punchcard
15:25:52 <hnarkaytis> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/stackalytics/+spec/no-down-time-updates
15:25:54 <ilyashakhat> it's about tracking usual time when engineer is awake and ready to review patches
15:26:44 <ilyashakhat> the data can be shown on user profile screen
15:26:53 <hnarkaytis> this one has some value
15:27:10 <hnarkaytis> lets schedule this one to 0.4 roadmap
15:27:17 <ilyashakhat> fine
15:27:21 <russellb> the open reviews info is *very* useful from a project management perspective
15:27:31 <russellb> i look at it a lot, fwiw
15:27:33 <hnarkaytis> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/stackalytics/+spec/no-down-time-updates - this one should be reclassified as Completed
15:28:22 <hnarkaytis> Russell - thanks for the input
15:28:40 <ilyashakhat> russellb: hi! :) we just talked about your reports
15:28:50 <russellb> yep, saw them mentioned
15:29:02 <ilyashakhat> hnarkaytis: will mark as complete
15:29:04 <hnarkaytis> lets complete review of open BPs and get back to this particular report
15:30:09 <hnarkaytis> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/stackalytics/+spec/web-filters-caching - the last one
15:30:41 <ilyashakhat> it's about caching search queries
15:30:52 <hnarkaytis> pretty strait forward - lets put it as medium priority
15:31:30 <hnarkaytis> ok - lets get back to Russell's report
15:32:12 <hnarkaytis> I want to go thru all numbers and figure out if we have required data in place
15:32:44 <hnarkaytis> Total Open Reviews: 272 - this is simple
15:33:25 <hnarkaytis> Waiting on Submitter:  - should be just a counter of reviews in particular state
15:33:46 <hnarkaytis> Waiting on Reviewer - the same
15:33:52 <ilyashakhat> we can calc a state during update and store it as attr
15:34:24 <ilyashakhat> and we have everything for time calculation
15:35:09 <hnarkaytis> Stats since the latest revision: - I wonder how to calculate wait time
15:35:55 <ilyashakhat> let's look into sources)
15:36:08 <hnarkaytis> we retrieve data from Gerrit only with the current state and do not store a history in Stackalytics
15:36:36 <russellb> it's not a count of state, exactly
15:36:44 <russellb> well depends on how you define state
15:36:44 <hnarkaytis> yeahh - need to take a look at Russell's code
15:37:05 <russellb> waiting on reviewer is reviews without any -1 or -2, and not a work in progress either
15:37:11 <russellb> something like that :)
15:38:42 <hnarkaytis> well - all this staff is not evident ... need to do reverse engineering of Russell's report
15:39:01 <russellb> it's pretty simple python code
15:39:09 <russellb> might be nice to turn it into a library
15:39:17 <russellb> separate the logic from the output
15:39:22 <russellb> so you don't just reimplement it
15:39:34 <hnarkaytis> good point
15:39:47 <hnarkaytis> then we need to agree on an interface
15:40:10 <hnarkaytis> anyway - we need to take this offline
15:40:40 <ilyashakhat> another point regarding this report is when/where to show it
15:41:00 <ilyashakhat> when metric Reviews is selected?
15:41:17 <hnarkaytis> the current UI paradigm is not suitable for this kind of reports
15:41:37 <ilyashakhat> make it popup like blueprint details
15:41:47 <hnarkaytis> probably a popup window from Project name
15:42:10 <ilyashakhat> show summary at bottom and popup with more details
15:42:42 <hnarkaytis> ok - there was one more thing that I wanted to discuss
15:43:17 <hnarkaytis> do we need to focus on drill-down reports or continue with other metrics
15:43:33 <hnarkaytis> there was an idea to added stats on IRC chats
15:43:39 <hnarkaytis> and open tickets
15:44:06 <hnarkaytis> Russell, what do you think on that?
15:44:38 <russellb> hnarkaytis: depends on who you want to serve
15:44:59 <russellb> hnarkaytis: my answer is probably different than a user, or someone in management at a company participating, or whatever
15:45:24 <russellb> decide on some user personas, and then prioritize them
15:45:33 <russellb> because each will want more information on different things, i think
15:45:48 <hnarkaytis> I believe that we already covered basic statistics required for marketing and now need to address needs of PTLs and core contributors
15:46:06 <russellb> in my very biased opinion, I prefer information that helps with running the projects :-)
15:46:16 <russellb> OK, cool
15:46:36 <russellb> so, thing that are important to me are all around "how are we doing as a project"
15:46:39 <russellb> "are we keeping up"
15:46:46 <russellb> that's why looking at stats on open reviews is important
15:46:51 <russellb> stats on open bugs is also very useful
15:47:06 <hnarkaytis> do you have report on open bugs?
15:47:11 <russellb> not yet
15:47:24 <russellb> so that might be a good one to work on, because that's a need not really being served anywhere that well that I know of
15:47:39 <russellb> and not just on open vs closed
15:47:47 <russellb> but also stats on bugs getting triaged, that's really important too
15:48:32 <hnarkaytis> ok - then lets put this way. We will start with report on bugs and implement stats similar to your stats on reviews
15:48:48 <russellb> sounds like a good set of next steps
15:48:59 <russellb> thanks for asking :)
15:49:21 <hnarkaytis> Ilya, do we have anything else in our agenda?
15:49:24 <ilyashakhat> ok, i will file bp on this
15:49:47 <ilyashakhat> no, i think that's all with agenda
15:49:57 <ilyashakhat> we have a good list of thing to do in 0.4
15:51:39 <hnarkaytis> yeahh - 3 major blue-prints for next release
15:51:54 <hnarkaytis> lets wrapup for today
15:52:06 <ilyashakhat> ok
15:52:11 <ilyashakhat> thanks everyone!
15:52:29 <ilyashakhat> #endmeeting