20:00:58 <harlowja> #startmeeting state-management
20:00:58 <harlowja> hmmmm
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20:01:03 <harlowja> ah, just slow
20:01:05 <adrian_otto> hi
20:01:11 <harlowja> hi there!
20:01:13 <kebray> hello
20:01:17 <harlowja> hi hi
20:01:19 <cliu> hello~
20:01:20 <kchenweijie> hello
20:01:46 <harlowja> *sorry about getting that invite email out late* always get busy with other stuff and forget to send it, lol
20:01:50 <jlucci> hurr
20:02:07 <harlowja> #action harlowja make cron-job that sends it ;)
20:02:44 <harlowja> so maybe just a little status check before moving to other stuff
20:02:49 <harlowja> #topic status-check
20:03:04 <harlowja> who all has anything to report?
20:03:08 <harlowja> *i do*
20:03:22 <kebray> create an action for me to propose a TaskFlow talk for summit, please :-)
20:03:32 <harlowja> any problems/things being worked on that are really cool?? ;)
20:03:35 <kebray> or, I guess I can create actions too?
20:03:40 <adrian_otto> anyone can
20:03:42 <harlowja> #action kebray taskflow talk for HK summit
20:03:54 <harlowja> there u go
20:04:06 * kebray celebrates technology.
20:04:32 <jlucci> Umm, not too much here. Been doing a lot of documentation/research type stuff
20:04:35 <harlowja> so i got cinder to work using the current taskflow, unit tests are adjusted, nothing major there, working on a few review comments and awaiting final merge (need taskflow to appear somewhere first)
20:04:59 <harlowja> *the cinder flow for creating a volume*
20:04:59 <adrian_otto> kudos, harlowja
20:05:21 <adrian_otto> that's a milestone worth recognizing, for sure
20:05:21 <harlowja> def, its a piece of the puzzle
20:05:37 <harlowja> *reminds me of the nova prototype a little that we showed at the prefvious summit
20:05:51 <kebray> awesome harlowja!  I've been following the gerrit reviews.. you've done great work.
20:05:59 <harlowja> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/29862/
20:06:04 <harlowja> alot of people liking it, so thats great
20:06:23 <harlowja> makes me feel good, haha, "While I definitely applaud this work," and such...
20:06:31 <harlowja> so thats great :)
20:06:42 <harlowja> jlucci what kind of research/documentation stuffs?
20:07:07 <jlucci> So, I explored gear as a possible option to replace celery in distributed
20:07:16 <harlowja> gear?
20:07:41 <harlowja> #link http://www.gearman.org/ i think right?
20:07:42 <jlucci> Since infra was already using gearman, using gear might've made some people less antsy to introuce a new dependency
20:07:47 <jlucci> yessir
20:08:14 <jlucci> However, through said research, found that gear actually required more overhead than celery, in that you had to spin up and maintain a delegated gearserver
20:08:41 <harlowja> i've talked to others and they agree, celery seems better than gearman
20:08:44 <jlucci> While you can run celery locally without any additional resources required (although you can split it up if you felt like it)
20:08:52 <jlucci> yups
20:08:54 <jlucci> Also
20:08:59 <jlucci> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Celery
20:09:06 <harlowja> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Celery
20:09:14 <harlowja> cool
20:09:15 <jlucci> Documented exactly what celery is, what the architecture looks like, usage, and how to debug
20:09:23 <harlowja> reminds me also
20:09:31 <harlowja> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/TaskFlow for the wiki i was assigned to work on
20:09:35 <harlowja> *pieces filling in*
20:09:36 <jlucci> For anyone unfamiliar with celery to sort of answer all the questions peeps keep asing
20:09:38 <jlucci> asking *
20:09:46 <jlucci> Yeah. The wiki is looking good!
20:09:46 <harlowja> very cool!
20:09:47 <kebray> jlucci.. one piece of feedback on the Celery wiki… you make several references to "Celery Client", but the "Client" doesn't show up in any of your diagrams.
20:10:03 <jlucci> Ah yeah
20:10:06 <kebray> But, overall, looks great!
20:10:08 <jlucci> The client is part of your application
20:10:14 <jlucci> I guess I should say that somewhere. :P
20:10:27 <harlowja> kebray adrian_otto  if u want to checkover https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/TaskFlow that'd be great also, hopefully nothing to incorrect there ;)
20:10:36 <harlowja> *any others feedback is welcome to*
20:10:49 <jlucci> Anywaaay. That stuff, trying to get to harlowja's reviews as well
20:10:55 <harlowja> thx :)
20:10:58 <kebray> k… read that one at some point, but need to spend more time with it.  I will review.
20:11:06 <harlowja> much appreciated
20:11:13 <jlucci> And that's it for me
20:11:28 <harlowja> cool, same for me, kchenweijie how are u doin
20:11:36 <harlowja> hopefully don't hate me that much yet ;)
20:11:41 <harlowja> lol
20:11:48 <kchenweijie> doing well. working on making the generic types the api, like we discussed in the other irc yesterday
20:11:59 <kchenweijie> its working so far, so i just need to finish it up
20:12:04 <harlowja> awesomeness
20:12:08 <kchenweijie> ill submit another code review as soon as its done
20:12:20 <harlowja> sounds great
20:12:21 <adrian_otto> #action adrian_otto to review/edit https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/TaskFlow
20:12:31 <harlowja> thx adrian_otto
20:12:34 <adrian_otto> np
20:12:35 <kchenweijie> thats pretty much it for me
20:12:38 <harlowja> *its not complete, not sure it will ever be of course ;)
20:12:53 <harlowja> great stuff
20:13:11 <harlowja> any at&t folks around??
20:13:33 <changbl> yes
20:13:40 <harlowja> we followed up with the nttdata folks, they are doing a little, but mostly busy with other stuff at the moment (guess thats how it goes(
20:13:56 <harlowja> changbl any kind of stuff u need help with, or want any input on?
20:14:20 <harlowja> or any other complaints ... ;)
20:14:24 <changbl> harlowja, sorry that my progress indeed got delayed
20:14:36 <harlowja> np, its how it goes :)
20:14:50 <changbl> Yun Mao here is leaving the company, and I need to take over his projects
20:14:53 <harlowja> :(
20:15:03 <harlowja> sad
20:15:05 <changbl> I planned to work on ZK backend storage and locking
20:15:23 <harlowja> is he leaving openstack also?
20:15:28 <harlowja> *if u know*
20:15:30 <adrian_otto> I did some research on locking using an SQL table
20:15:48 <changbl> harlowja, maybe, less relevant to openstack
20:15:52 <changbl> he will join FB
20:15:59 <harlowja> ah, double sad
20:16:03 <harlowja> adrian_otto what did u find out :)
20:16:05 <adrian_otto> and I'm now convinced that it could be done safely with MySQL, because the isolation level is selectable within the session.
20:16:18 <harlowja> very cool, adrian_otto do u want to do the locking api ;)
20:16:28 <adrian_otto> so that could work for low concurrency use cases where ZK is not desired
20:16:40 <adrian_otto> at the very least I'll outline it
20:16:42 <changbl> harlowja, i will still stick to ZK backend for storage and locking, how does the plan sound?
20:17:00 <harlowja> changbl that'd be great, if u have time, but completly understandable if u don't
20:17:10 <changbl> harlowja, thanks!
20:17:17 <harlowja> adrian_otto that would be much appreciated, more knoweldge sharing the better
20:17:45 <adrian_otto> for the locking API, are we thinking library methods, or a REST interface?
20:18:28 <adrian_otto> it's probably only useful if you can reach it remotely in the distributed use cases
20:18:52 <harlowja> library i think, but library backends could be one with a rest interface
20:19:13 <adrian_otto> yes, that's what I'm thinking as well
20:19:15 <jlucci> +1 library
20:19:38 <harlowja> cool
20:19:58 <adrian_otto> ok, jlucci let's plan to touch base on this so we end up with something that works with your distributed use case
20:20:27 <jlucci> Sounds good to em
20:20:29 <jlucci> me *
20:21:10 <harlowja> sweet
20:21:42 <harlowja> any nova folks in the room, i have been watching a little there, but would be interested in how that is going
20:21:50 <harlowja> russellb do u know?
20:22:34 <harlowja> ok, will wait a little to see whats happening when there meeting happens
20:23:19 <harlowja> so how about we open discussion on the heat requirements, does that seem fine?
20:23:36 <adrian_otto> yep
20:24:16 <harlowja> #topic heat-requirements
20:24:20 <harlowja> #link #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Heat/TaskSystemRequirements
20:24:24 <harlowja> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Heat/TaskSystemRequirements
20:24:38 * harlowja letting people check it out
20:25:04 <harlowja> a few things that we might have to address (possibly in different ways also)
20:25:19 <harlowja> - Tasks run in parallel (without going fully distributed?)
20:25:40 <harlowja> - Tasks can spawn other tasks (this or similar is being discussed right now)
20:26:11 <adrian_otto> the parallel task requirement does not require distributed
20:26:15 <harlowja> - Tasks can time out (this implies that u have an entity that can kill the task when it times out, the implications of that sound scary)
20:26:43 <adrian_otto> if kill=rollback that's not bad
20:27:08 <jlucci> small interjection - celery (distributed approach here) already has that capability
20:27:17 <jlucci> It can also set an action to perform on timeout
20:27:30 <jlucci> Doesn't necessarily have to be a kill (could be a try this other task instead type thing)
20:27:39 <jlucci> And timeouts can be set during runtime
20:27:43 <harlowja> but if kill == stop task will its still running, thats weird, since then u are basically stopping code from running at a random point, that usually requires some pretty complicated stuff (what if the task is using a file, or locks, or ...)
20:28:22 <harlowja> i'm pretty sure linux has a whole substructure just to do that cleanup, so we might need to get clarification on the scope of 'kill'/timeout
20:29:02 <kebray> harlowja, isn't that what exceptions/desctructor-cleanup stuff is for?  You can signal a task to die, but that doesn't mean it stops execution immediately.. it means it gets a signal to gracefully exit and clean up as soon as possible, no?
20:29:02 <adrian_otto> harlowja: ok, make a note in the wiki about what clarification is needed
20:29:37 <adrian_otto> there are different kinds of "kill" and that ambiguity needs to be clarified
20:29:40 <harlowja> kk
20:29:47 <kebray> anyway, that's how I interpreted Zane's requirement.. basically to allow for tasks to exit gracefully upon signal to kill-self.
20:29:48 <harlowja> #action get clarification on timeout
20:29:59 <kebray> clarification is good :-)
20:30:34 <harlowja> well that means tasks have checkpoints right?
20:30:34 <harlowja> #action harlowja  get clarification on timeout
20:30:43 <adrian_otto> yes
20:30:44 <harlowja> so it brings up the question of should tasks have checkpoints, or should workflows have checkpoints and tasks shouldn't...
20:30:50 <adrian_otto> in fact, he raises that as a requirement
20:30:57 <adrian_otto> when he mentions yield
20:31:37 <harlowja> so that brings up an interesing question, is why should a task have checkpoints, if its a single unit of code that does one thing, why should it be doing many things that require checkpoints ;)
20:31:46 <harlowja> split up the task instead right?
20:31:54 <harlowja> then have the workflow do the checkpointing
20:32:02 <adrian_otto> a workflow could be implemented as a task, in which case if tasks support a yield equivalent, then that's enough
20:32:33 <adrian_otto> I think that's what he's thinking about when he mentions that tasks create subtasks
20:32:45 <harlowja> not quite sure there
20:32:54 <jlucci> I disagree
20:32:59 <jlucci> Tasks should not be implemented as a workflow
20:33:06 <adrian_otto> reverse
20:33:22 <jlucci> A task is the smallest executable bit of data within a workflow
20:33:37 <jlucci> If you want a task to accomplish multiple things, you should split that task up into a set of tasks
20:33:53 <harlowja> yielding to me is a way to switch coroutines, which is in a manner creating a structure of yields that is a workflow
20:33:53 <harlowja> our workflow is explicit, via yielding u can make it somewhat implicit
20:34:10 <harlowja> so this is one of those pieces where the yielding code is different than taskflow :)
20:34:35 <harlowja> likely we just need to figure out what way to go, yielding makes it hard to run in distributed afaik, since u need the explicit structure i think
20:34:44 <adrian_otto> would that allow the representation of a "arbitrary directed acyclic graph"?
20:35:07 <harlowja> so thats another interesting one, its not really arbitary after they construct the DAG right?
20:35:19 <harlowja> the user provides a document, they construct the DAG, at that point its not arbitrary anymore
20:35:32 <harlowja> so i'm not sure about that requirement so much
20:35:39 <adrian_otto> yes, but they are generated on the fly
20:35:44 <adrian_otto> that's what he's getting at
20:36:04 <adrian_otto> you need the ability to build one up, and then set it into action
20:36:15 <jlucci> Sooo, I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing this, but distributed has that capability
20:36:20 <harlowja> :)
20:36:30 <jlucci> You can create and modify worfklows on the fly/during runtime
20:36:41 <harlowja> i think the heat requirement isn't even at runtime :)
20:36:51 <harlowja> it seems to be more of a build time dynamic, which yes we have
20:37:03 <harlowja> and build time dynamic is really nice, since then we can analyze it
20:37:18 <kebray> distributed can deal with flows that have cycles though..  so, it need not be a DAG, although you could require it to be a DAG.
20:37:28 <harlowja> agreed
20:37:31 <adrian_otto> in Heat stacks can be modified
20:37:36 <adrian_otto> in which case the graph is updated
20:37:45 <harlowja> interesting
20:37:45 <adrian_otto> so it is a runtime requirement
20:38:06 <harlowja> i wonder how much updating they allow, because u can basically invalidate the whole DAG
20:38:30 <harlowja> if a task can invalidate the DAG it is in, i wonder how that DAG being broken is resolved
20:38:37 <adrian_otto> I have not reviewed that code, so I can't speak intelligently about the implementation.
20:38:41 <harlowja> np
20:39:11 <harlowja> #action harlowja figure out what kind of DAG modifications heat can do
20:39:33 <kebray> adrian_otto does Heat actually keep the graph around and modify it on a modify stack operation?   I don't know the code well enough to say.
20:39:55 <adrian_otto> I think it gets persisted, and can be recalled, but I'm not certain.
20:40:01 <harlowja> that scares me, it brings up a whole world of problems when thats possible
20:40:11 <harlowja> which one is persisted, all of the modified ones ;)
20:40:38 <harlowja> and so on
20:40:38 <harlowja> if a DAG is broken in the middle after an update, do u revert back to the previously persisted one to rollback
20:40:47 <adrian_otto> I do know it's possible to ask the api for the current stack in a serialized representation (JSON)
20:40:47 <adrian_otto> and that's the current state, not the original statew
20:40:52 <adrian_otto> and it comes "from the database"
20:40:59 <harlowja> interesting
20:41:16 <harlowja> i defintly wonder how that works
20:41:20 <adrian_otto> no rollback is implemented that I know of
20:41:29 <adrian_otto> a stack can go into an error state, but can't be rolled back
20:41:45 <harlowja> ya, i can see why its pretty hard if u allow graph modifications and don't keep the previous graphs ;)
20:41:48 <adrian_otto> that's where taskflow could make it much more robust.
20:42:17 <harlowja> agreed, although i wonder the real need for said modifications, if we can avoid them that will make everyones lives easier, haha
20:42:43 <harlowja> although i know jlucci will be fine with them ;)
20:42:48 <kebray> modification to a deployed stack seems like a valid feature.
20:43:00 <kebray> implementation is surely up for debate :-)
20:43:09 <adrian_otto> so it seems that we need the authors of that work to participate in a collaboration session to get a better sense of what's needed.
20:43:17 <harlowja> sure, in the forward operation where u don't want to go backwards and rollback i totally see it as a feature, until u start asking the questions of errors ;)
20:43:26 <harlowja> adrian_otto 100% agreed
20:44:04 <harlowja> i think that would help tremendously, we both are doing similar stuff, so why not combine our forces into captain planet
20:44:12 <harlowja> i mean the best library possible
20:44:16 <jlucci> haha
20:44:16 <adrian_otto> let's see if we can arrange that to happen soon
20:44:23 <harlowja> and address these issues upfront instead of later
20:44:40 <adrian_otto> kebray: do you have a list of Rackers who should participate?
20:44:40 <jlucci> I'll CC on an e-mail thread we've started with Zane, adrian_otto
20:44:53 <harlowja> since later to me i think might be pretty painful for heat as a project if they don't think about errors and such, but thats my 2 cents
20:44:57 <jlucci> In regards to taskflow/heat compatability and needs
20:45:03 <jlucci> agreed
20:45:03 <harlowja> jlucci thx!
20:45:30 <harlowja> #action jlucci start nice email thread with heat folks, zaneb, other interesting fellows
20:45:47 <jlucci> :D
20:45:55 <kebray> adrian_otto:  jlucci, randall_burt, you, me, for sure…  there are a few others that may be interested.
20:45:56 <adrian_otto> I'm thinking a Hangout+irc might be a good way to discuss this.
20:46:25 <harlowja> def
20:46:28 <kebray> jlucci, you may want to correspond via the Heat OpenStack mailing list.
20:46:35 <kebray> I think there are others that may be interseted.
20:46:43 <harlowja> agreed
20:46:48 <harlowja> that'd be fine with me
20:46:52 <jlucci> Sounds good. I'll go ahead and re-do that email then
20:47:05 <adrian_otto> but I'm convinced that a requirements discussion is beyond the scope of what openstack-dev is good for
20:47:20 <adrian_otto> so let's arrange something interactive that all stakeholders can attend
20:47:26 <harlowja> great
20:47:53 <adrian_otto> kebray: do you want to lead coordination, or do you want a hand with that?
20:48:04 <harlowja> i'll try to add some comments to the requirments under [jh] and will try not to be to harsh ;)
20:48:17 * harlowja josh be nice
20:48:19 <harlowja> lol
20:48:40 <jlucci> haha
20:48:48 <jlucci> Just end every sentence with a smiley.
20:48:50 <harlowja> def
20:48:54 <harlowja> lol
20:49:21 <kebray> adrian_otto… I can add it to my to-do list… but, if I haven't gotten around to it in a few days, then will ask for some help :-)
20:49:30 <harlowja> kebray on a different topic, the summit, how many sessions do u think would be nice, all of them ;)
20:49:36 <harlowja> i think all of them
20:49:37 <harlowja> lol
20:49:39 <adrian_otto> let's simply recognize that Heat is the best OpenStack use case for the taskflow library, and it's important to make sure they get what they need
20:49:50 <kebray> #action kebray to coordinate meeting with Heat devs to discuss coordination of task management
20:49:51 <harlowja> 100% agree
20:50:06 <harlowja> the other projects, yes, they need it also, but heat is also a core user
20:50:35 <adrian_otto> kebray: Ok, I will follow up Monday if we don't have the plans secured by then.
20:50:36 <harlowja> the other projects def need it to also, so keep that in mind ;)
20:50:36 <harlowja> nova, cinder...
20:50:36 <kebray> harlowja:   I'd like to see TaskFlow become it's own project track at the summit.. not sure how to make that happen.
20:51:00 <harlowja> interesting
20:51:16 <harlowja> *that would be interesting* (ponder ponder)
20:51:29 <kebray> ?   we had some IBM'ers express interest in contributing to TaskFlow at one point.. .we have anyone in here from "other" companies than Yahoo, Rackspace, ATT, NTT?
20:51:29 <adrian_otto> let's get it to the point where it can give a good demo
20:52:14 <harlowja> adrian_otto sure i think a great demo is useful, but also just the fundamental concepts are useful to, i guess both would be superb
20:52:18 <kebray> agreed with adrian_otto… if we can show up at next summit with a kick-butt demo and claim it "stable" for folks to be using, and have the Cinder dependency done, that will be awesome.
20:52:31 <jlucci> + 1
20:52:33 <harlowja> ah, that brings up a good question, how much of cinder :-P
20:52:43 <harlowja> jgriffith yt
20:52:46 <jlucci> How much of cinder done?
20:52:47 <adrian_otto> ideally all of it
20:53:05 <harlowja> that might require more than me just chugging away on cinder, lol
20:53:08 <adrian_otto> what's the scope of that effort?
20:53:33 <adrian_otto> it need not be all done by you
20:53:47 <jlucci> I think it would require some Cinder devs to come on board
20:53:57 <harlowja> hehe, i think the scope is all encompassing, at least it was, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/cinder/+spec/cinder-state-machine
20:53:58 <adrian_otto> if they have good examples to follow it may be easy enough to divide and conquer
20:54:01 <harlowja> agreed
20:54:15 <harlowja> #action harlowja create those examples for jgriffith and hemna
20:54:44 <hemna> :)
20:54:57 <adrian_otto> not sure if they are used to pair sessions, but that's another approach that could work
20:55:06 <harlowja> pair coding?
20:55:12 <adrian_otto> yep
20:55:14 <adrian_otto> can be done remotely
20:55:21 <harlowja> intersesting, i've never done that, but could be
20:55:42 <harlowja> i think maybe the examples and such (simple examples) would help
20:55:55 <hemna> +1
20:56:05 <harlowja> and make sure to address more questions that hemna and jgriffith  have :)
20:56:06 <harlowja> *at your service*
20:56:08 <adrian_otto> yes, that's step one, and then you pair up to provide real-time support for them to get the first one done.
20:56:16 <adrian_otto> and then they can repeat, repeat
20:56:52 <harlowja> that sounds pretty cool, might work
20:56:52 <harlowja> hemna any thoughts?
20:56:52 <harlowja> *ack 4 minutes
20:56:59 <harlowja> where does the time go, lol
20:57:14 <hemna> sounds good
20:57:24 <harlowja> sweet
20:57:31 <hemna> I'm still stuck in refactoring nova's attach code into brick
20:57:44 <hemna> so I've not been much help with this :(
20:57:49 <harlowja> did u guys rename cinder to brick
20:57:51 <harlowja> did i miss that email
20:57:57 <harlowja> *stop renaming stuff people, haha*
20:58:00 <harlowja> :-p
20:58:18 <harlowja> oh, nm, hehe
20:58:30 <harlowja> #link https://github.com/j-griffith/brick
20:58:52 <hemna> heh
20:59:09 <hemna> nah brick is a subproject for cinder and hopefully nova at some point
20:59:11 <harlowja> :)
20:59:12 <harlowja> cool
20:59:41 <harlowja> alright, until next time, anyone need more #openstack-state-management :)
20:59:44 <russellb> hemna: is that the local storage handling stuff?
20:59:57 <harlowja> #endmeeting