08:06:04 <eranrom> #startmeeting storlets
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08:06:13 <eranrom> Hi, sorry I am late
08:06:25 <kota_> hi eranrom :)
08:06:32 <eranrom> Takashi will not be able to join.
08:06:36 <eranrom> So lets start.
08:06:42 <eranrom> #topic PTG
08:06:51 <kota_> k, takashi looks absent.
08:07:36 <eranrom> The news from last week are that should we get a room (depending on being official) it will be for all day long Wed-Fri.
08:08:08 <kota_> eranrom: !?
08:08:36 <eranrom> Takashi asked if we will get a room will it be for all day long or just periods.
08:09:41 <eranrom> I think his line of thought was: If we have it for all day, perhaps it gives us enough flexibility to meet during Wed-Fri instead of unofficially on Mon-Tue
08:10:59 <kota_> eranrom: ah, ok. he inclines to keep our room FWIW if we have topics for all.
08:11:20 <kota_> make sense
08:12:38 <eranrom> I guess the question is: Do you think you will not be all caught up with Swift during Wed-Fri?
08:13:46 <kota_> ah does he ask to us?
08:14:21 <kota_> for the answer, i'm not sure if i can manage the time so flexible.
08:15:15 <eranrom> ok, I see. Since Takashi is not here lets continue to discuss next week.
08:15:39 <kota_> thinkin back to the past hackathon, we had a lot of in-flight conversation which is not addressed in official in the whole week so...
08:16:00 <kota_> eranrom: sure, thanks
08:16:33 <eranrom> kota_: ok.
08:16:48 <eranrom> #topic: packaging patch
08:17:10 <eranrom> So the devstack patch was merged, and Takashi is rebasing the packaging patch.
08:17:26 <eranrom> once rebased, are you ok with merging it?
08:17:56 <kota_> eranrom: has takashi addressed the docs for installation already?
08:18:17 <kota_> eranrom: not yet noticed the recent activity for packaging patch.
08:18:28 <eranrom> kota_: ah, good point.
08:18:46 <eranrom> If the new patch will not have it we can -1
08:19:07 <kota_> yes
08:19:12 <eranrom> ok
08:20:01 <eranrom> Once this is done, I will have few patches before I feel comfortable to get back to the TC.
08:20:25 <eranrom> that is with getting official.
08:21:17 <kota_> nice
08:21:32 <eranrom> anything else for today?
08:22:58 <kota_> not so big one from me
08:23:09 <kota_> just notify small things
08:24:16 <kota_> from my company's order, I will be about to improve/testing around multi-in and perhaps multi-out for storlets
08:24:31 <eranrom> nice!
08:24:39 <kota_> probably the first thing is confirmation for python x multi-in
08:25:25 <kota_> and we may need to consider multi-out and something around timeout/open connction (to Swift) timing for long exectution task in storlets
08:25:51 <kota_> anyway, in my idea, that happens in the new packaging dir structure
08:26:18 <kota_> that should
08:26:47 <kota_> so I'm willing to look the patch from takashi again soonly ;-)
08:26:55 <eranrom> kota_: ok. We have discussed the long execution time before. I would LOVE to have this.
08:27:08 <eranrom> kota_: Great! thanks!
08:27:34 <eranrom> please letme know if I can assist in any way (other than of corse to review)
08:28:07 <kota_> eranrom: thanks!
08:30:41 <eranrom> kota_: anything else for today?
08:30:46 <kota_> that's all from me today
08:32:01 <eranrom> ok, so thanks for joining.
08:32:10 <eranrom> talk to you later
08:32:47 <eranrom> #endmeeting