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15:00:44 <NikitaKonovalov> hi everyone
15:00:45 <corvus> hi
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15:00:50 <krotscheck> Hey hey
15:01:12 <krotscheck> #topic Work on Soft/Hard delete.
15:01:14 * corvus is aka jeblair
15:01:22 <krotscheck> Quick update: We’ve got a patch in for tasks
15:01:26 <krotscheck> thanks to NikitaKonovalov
15:01:28 <SergeyLukjanov> o/
15:01:40 <krotscheck> I’ve got a broken tasks for stories.
15:01:42 <krotscheck> Sorry
15:01:45 <krotscheck> Broken patch
15:01:57 <krotscheck> Anyone been working on projects?
15:02:23 <krotscheck> Guess not.
15:02:45 <krotscheck> Well, mordred went through and deleted all the not-using-storyboard tasks on thursday, so that might not come up for a while yet.
15:03:00 <krotscheck> #topic Last meeting agenda
15:03:07 <krotscheck> Sorry, that’s a more appropriate topic.
15:03:44 <krotscheck> Re: UX/UI resources, I’m in contact with HP’s internal resources, but they’’re just now hiring up that team, so unlikely to get much help re testing labs, etc from there.
15:03:52 <krotscheck> Re: ElasticSearch/Sphinx.
15:04:11 <krotscheck> NikitaKonovalov did a really good analysis of the advantages of ES
15:04:38 <krotscheck> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Storyboard_ES
15:05:10 <NikitaKonovalov> I guess we are considering only ES now, no Sphinx anymore
15:05:13 <corvus> krotscheck: did you get input from clarkb and mordred?
15:05:17 <krotscheck> I took the time to talk to mordred about that as well, and between NikitaKonovalov and mordred’s comments it quickly came out that everyone (in OS) is using ES, and nobody seems to be using sphinx.
15:05:41 <corvus> krotscheck: who is 'everyone'?
15:05:44 <krotscheck> I didn’t have the time to talk to clarkb - mostly because clarkb was in HeartBleed hell.
15:06:09 <krotscheck> corvus: Well, ruhe did a search across the openstack codebase and couldn’t find any references to sphinx
15:06:33 <krotscheck> So “everyone” to me means “the skill set in openstack seems to be heavily biased towards elastic search"
15:07:11 <krotscheck> In short: We have a bunch of information on the ES side, but little on sphinx.
15:07:22 <corvus> krotscheck: right, but we can't expect those people to just show up and start working on this; there's typically very little overlap.  moreover, they're extremely unlikely to show up and run it...
15:07:42 <krotscheck> So I’m not quite comfortable making a decision on that yet without additional ideas of what sphinx would buy us.
15:08:10 <corvus> we should also consider things like ease of deployment, extra dependencies for people running it, resources needed, administration, etc
15:08:15 <NikitaKonovalov> corvus: how hard is it to start a minimal ES installation?
15:08:23 * ruhe is here
15:08:31 <krotscheck> corvus: I’m less concerned with them “running it”, and more of “Who can we annoy with questions when we try to build up our own skills in that area”
15:08:53 <ruhe> to start local ES for development you need three steps: 1. download archive 2. unpack it 3. run shell command
15:09:08 <corvus> NikitaKonovalov: i don't know actually.  the only one i've seen in practice falls over all the time and consumes about 0.5fte just to keep it running.
15:09:26 <krotscheck> corvus: Sounds like you’re pretty invested in making sure that we make the right decision here, would you like to come up with an etherpad of pro/con arguments and make a recommendation?
15:09:48 <krotscheck> As I said, so far we’ve only got half of the picture.
15:10:11 <krotscheck> (or one third, or one fourth, given that there may be other solutions we’re not considering)
15:10:41 <corvus> krotscheck: i don't have time for that in the next several weeks.  i think we should consult clarkb on es...
15:10:48 <corvus> krotscheck: what did you learn from mordred about sphinx?
15:10:59 <krotscheck> Given that the person I was going to ask about sphinx basically said : Ehn, everyone else is using elasticsearch...
15:11:09 <krotscheck> corvus: ^
15:11:38 <krotscheck> I can dig through those logs.
15:12:07 <corvus> krotscheck: so we'll learn a lot just by asking clarkb.  i expect he'll say one of "no way man i'm not running another one of those" or "sure, a small one will probably be fine".  and then we'll have the ops story.  :)
15:12:09 <krotscheck> Extract more information, but the only meaningful statement about sphinx was that it was the de-facto standard back when mordred was an sql consultant.
15:12:48 <corvus> if anyone else knows someone who has run a small-scale es, that would be great to know.
15:12:56 <krotscheck> corvus: Well, I want to make sure that storyboard is as self-contained as possible, right?
15:13:17 <krotscheck> Requiring a large dedicated ops team doesn’t lead to easy adoption inside of orgs, etc etc...
15:13:31 <krotscheck> But yeah, I’ll check with clarkb
15:13:36 <corvus> krotscheck: exactly; i think we should target being able to run this all on a single modest server
15:14:01 <krotscheck> Ok, so ES/Sphinx investigation to continue.
15:14:03 <corvus> (for a small set of projects; and scale up after that)
15:14:07 <NikitaKonovalov> Anyway, we may say that ES is optional and servers for a performance
15:14:29 <NikitaKonovalov> If some one does not use it then fall back to sql
15:14:31 <corvus> NikitaKonovalov: oh that makes sense; would you fall back on a full table scan?
15:14:34 <corvus> ok cool
15:14:55 * corvus reads etherpad quickly
15:14:59 <krotscheck> Ok, so that’s an appropach should we decide to go with ES
15:15:08 * krotscheck speak good engrish
15:16:05 <corvus> i wonder if we could trigger a background es update from the api?
15:16:08 <krotscheck> Honestly, search isn’t a super pressing issue _yet_, since at best we’re a week out of actually implementing it, but let’s all keep it in mind as we continue.
15:16:22 <krotscheck> Anything else re: es/sphinx?
15:16:34 <corvus> so we're not blocking like the explicit flow
15:16:39 <corvus> and we don't have to wait for esriver
15:17:13 <NikitaKonovalov> corvus: we can use evenetlet or even another process to do that
15:17:54 <corvus> NikitaKonovalov: cool.  maybe we could start with explicit but then make that a future enhancement for performance...
15:18:15 <corvus> oh, i just noticed the 'updated_at' part of es river
15:18:21 <corvus> that might not be so bad then.
15:19:11 <krotscheck> With any luck, we’ll be able to reduce the number of search queries anyway by being smart about determining what’s relevant to a particular user.
15:19:16 <corvus> i think i still lean toward explicit or something like it because it's simpler (fewer dependencies)
15:20:23 <corvus> heh, i can't really decide between those two; i'll keep thinking about it :)
15:20:24 <krotscheck> Feels like y’all want to do some design discussion, let’s put search into the design discussion list and move on to the MVP 1.01 topics ttx didn’t get around to last time.
15:20:37 <corvus> krotscheck: ++
15:20:49 <krotscheck> #topic Stories with all alnded tasks should not be in primary UI filter
15:21:02 <krotscheck> So, I’m working on that right now.
15:21:09 <krotscheck> Because it annoys the living daylights out of me.
15:21:16 <krotscheck> My current approach is….
15:21:21 <krotscheck> Well, I’d like some feedback on it.
15:21:41 <ttx> FTR the MVP 1.01 stuff are all the things I *think* would make a better experience at our early dogfooding stage
15:21:42 <krotscheck> ttx: before I continue too much down that road, could you look at the patch and see if it does what you want it to?
15:21:56 <ttx> feel free to add more stuff to it
15:22:15 <krotscheck> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/86452/
15:22:18 <ttx> krotscheck: sure
15:22:38 <ttx> might not manage to get to it today though
15:22:42 <ttx> this week is a bit busy
15:22:47 <krotscheck> ttx: That’s ok, I don’t know why it’s breaking anyway :)
15:23:01 <corvus> of the things in ttx's list, the ones i most feel the need for are: ui filter, assignments, story activity
15:23:18 <krotscheck> kk
15:23:23 <corvus> one that i would like to add is: some kind of priority.
15:23:34 <krotscheck> “Tasks can’t be edited” is done.
15:23:39 <ttx> the projectgroup thing makes a better experience for storyboard specifically, since that allows to see "all of it"
15:23:44 <corvus> i'm not sure where the priority discussions ended up at; i wasn't keeping up with that...
15:23:49 <ttx> but it's useless without the ui filter
15:24:04 <NikitaKonovalov> krotscheck: it should be easy to filter completed tasks on server side, and have a fetch_all_flag to get all the rest
15:24:07 <ttx> priority handling is still a bit up in the air
15:24:25 <krotscheck> You have to click on the actual task to bring up the edit form, so the UI needs to change, but you can do it.
15:24:35 <krotscheck> Ok, guys. One topic at a time please.
15:24:37 <ttx> I mean, we know how to do it the dumb way (high/medium/low)
15:24:45 * ttx freezes
15:25:10 <krotscheck> corvus: ttx I agree that priority should probably be mvp 1.01
15:25:11 <ttx> krotscheck: i'll mark it done
15:25:15 <krotscheck> Anyone else?
15:26:05 <ttx> krotscheck: the ideas we had for "priority" were a bit ambitious, with crazy kanbans and stuff :)
15:26:05 <krotscheck> Sorry, edited agenda
15:26:06 <krotscheck> Ok
15:26:10 <krotscheck> Support for Project Groups
15:26:18 <krotscheck> #topic Support for Project Groups
15:26:23 <ttx> project group is a key feature as we add more projects
15:26:41 <ttx> at this point it's only useful to see storyboard (two projects) in one shot
15:26:42 <krotscheck> ttx: How many levels deep were you thinking on that?
15:27:10 <ttx> krotscheck: you mean, shall we have groups of groups ?
15:27:25 <NikitaKonovalov> ttx: shoud those groups match OS Programs
15:27:28 <krotscheck> ttx: Yeah, for instance: We could have “Openstack-Infra” as a group, “Storyboard” as a subgroup, etc.
15:27:40 <NikitaKonovalov> if so, let's call them programs also?
15:28:06 <corvus> NikitaKonovalov: that's a neat idea
15:28:13 <ttx> krotscheck: in my view we can model everything with a single level
15:28:43 <krotscheck> Works for me
15:28:44 <ttx> i/e/ storyboard-webclient would be part of several groups ("storyboard", infra, official openstack stuff, etc)
15:28:51 <krotscheck> Gotit
15:28:58 <ttx> that said, groups of groups would make specifying those groups easier
15:29:18 <ttx> i.e. if you add a project to "infra" it could automatically appear in "official stuff"
15:29:36 <ttx> so I can see the benefit of that
15:29:41 <krotscheck> Yeah, but if one project can be a part of many groups, then we could have a parent group composed of subgroups and individual projects, and quite frankly that’s a set of edge cases that may be a little too complex for how young the project is.
15:29:54 <ttx> the only "needed" part is the ability for one project to belong to multiple groups
15:30:06 * krotscheck is just trying to keep our features and commits digestible :)
15:30:10 <ttx> because some of them just won't be a subgroup of another
15:30:42 <ttx> for example you could have a "UI project group" that goes Horizon, Storyboard-webclient etc
15:30:52 <krotscheck> Oh man, that would make me so happy
15:31:05 <krotscheck> I could create a “Javascript only” project group and ignore all the silly python stuff.
15:31:07 <krotscheck> :D
15:31:07 <corvus> i agree, groups of groups would be nice; we can probably start with just direct membership and expand it later
15:31:16 <ttx> krotscheck: ideally we would also support "personal project groups" which would be like your personal list
15:31:24 <corvus> should just need an extra mapping table
15:31:45 <krotscheck> Alright, so any disagreements with keeping project groups in MVP 1.01?
15:31:45 <ttx> that can be baked into the same system, or be done more like a subscription thing
15:31:54 <corvus> (gerrit lets you compose group membership, and we use it quite often)
15:32:15 <krotscheck> corvus: You suggested that it might be less important than UI filter, activity, and assignments?
15:32:30 <corvus> ttx: ++; i lean toward subscription there for ease of end-user use
15:32:43 <corvus> krotscheck: only because we only have 4 projects now, but yes
15:32:45 <krotscheck> Subscription is definitely a better metaphor.
15:32:47 <ttx> krotscheck: I think projectgroup is not very useful until we have ui filter
15:32:53 <krotscheck> kk
15:33:02 <krotscheck> But still MVP 1.01?
15:33:04 <krotscheck> Or not?
15:33:06 <ttx> the idea being to get to the relevant information
15:33:13 <ttx> for me yes
15:33:18 <krotscheck> corvus?
15:33:22 <krotscheck> NikitaKonovalov?
15:33:27 <krotscheck> SergeyLukjanov? ^
15:33:28 <NikitaKonovalov> agree
15:33:34 <corvus> krotscheck: yes, we'll be able to use it in mvp1.01 when it exists
15:33:35 <ttx> juggling between storyboard and storyboard-webclient is my #1 pain with SB at the moment
15:33:42 <krotscheck> ok
15:33:43 <ttx> so projectgroup would fix that for me
15:33:57 <krotscheck> ttx: Quick side question: Is that for creating tasks, or for listing things?
15:34:16 <ttx> for listing things. Tasks should always point to a specific project
15:34:21 <krotscheck> kk
15:34:25 <krotscheck> Good to know.
15:34:34 <krotscheck> Ok, Project groups stays in MVP 1.01
15:34:42 <krotscheck> #topic Story Activity
15:34:52 <SergeyLukjanov> probably we should start from simple filtering on ui
15:34:59 <krotscheck> SergeyLukjanov: I agree.
15:35:12 <ttx> I added this one because it's still difficult to follow what happens on a story
15:35:21 * SergeyLukjanov batch processing meeting logs like Hadoop
15:35:42 <ttx> status changes, who did what is as valuable as the discussion
15:35:53 <ttx> we can emulate it by leaving comments, but the time info is still missing
15:36:19 <NikitaKonovalov> ttx: yes, but should it be mixed with comments in one flow?
15:36:43 <krotscheck> ttx: Part of me thinks that this is a part we really should give a lot of design attention to, because it’s going to be the primary way in which we engage our users.
15:36:48 <ttx> NikitaKonovalov: that would be my preference, I think. Could be convinced otherwise I guess
15:36:58 <krotscheck> Deltas on tasks and stories are going to drive things like emails, notifications, etc.
15:37:09 <ttx> usually a comment can only be parsed as part of the story  history
15:37:37 <ttx> reading comments out of context of what happened to that story would imho be difficult
15:38:05 <ttx> but maybe I'm spoiled with Launchpad habits here
15:38:06 <NikitaKonovalov> so we are replicating LP behavior as is
15:38:17 <ttx> so I'm willing to hear alternate suggestions
15:38:36 <NikitaKonovalov> I didn't say it's bad
15:38:42 <krotscheck> I haven’t thought enough about the problem to have alternate suggestions.
15:38:58 <krotscheck> But I really want to have them.
15:39:08 <corvus> ttx: i like the updates in comments flow;  if we put enough metadata in the db, we can change it later
15:39:18 <ttx> I think they should appear in the same timeline -- we could have timeline filters if people really don't want to see certain things in that
15:39:43 <corvus> but maybe planning for that basic functionality now is a reasonable approach
15:39:44 <SergeyLukjanov> personally, I like the LP-way with status change == comment but with ability to filter only service comments
15:39:45 <NikitaKonovalov> ttx: +1 for filtering comments
15:39:52 <ttx> but I never heard the complaint that LP discussion contained extraneaous info
15:40:23 <ttx> krotscheck: would you keep both comments and activity in the same table, or try to mix two tables ?
15:40:42 <krotscheck> ttx: Honestly, I agree with you on UI completely, I just have strong opinions about the implementation.
15:41:03 <corvus> krotscheck: in what way?
15:41:13 <krotscheck> I feel that it should be modeled as a stream of events of different types, which then carry with them references to the appropriate records.
15:41:25 <krotscheck> I don’t feel overloading the comments table is the right way to go about it.
15:41:48 <krotscheck> And that a story event could be, say “status changed”, or “comment, status changed”, etc etc.
15:41:52 <ttx> krotscheck: fair enough. i just fear we would duplicate the comment in the activity table saying "dude left a comment"
15:41:58 <corvus> krotscheck: so a timeline with ids and timestamps, and then 'comment' and 'event' tables link to that?
15:42:14 <ruhe> jira has a nice way to separate different type of events/comments. it has a tab for full-history changes, tab for user comments, tab for status changes
15:42:16 <krotscheck> corvus: ….maaaybe.
15:42:36 <krotscheck> corvus: As I said, haven’t had much time to think it through.
15:42:53 <NikitaKonovalov> krotscheck: possibly a TimelineEvent table for status changes, and comment_id field to link a comment to it
15:42:55 <krotscheck> corvus: Immediate concerns are holy crap big table of ID’s is that going to be performant
15:43:01 <ttx> krotscheck: don't have strong opinions on how to do it under the hood. I think by default it should show up in the same timeline, but that's about it
15:43:34 <krotscheck> NikitaKonovalov: Yeah, something like that.
15:43:37 <ttx> krotscheck: oh, one thing
15:43:41 <krotscheck> Yes
15:43:42 <krotscheck> ?
15:43:59 <ttx> krotscheck: in LP there was the ability to leave a comment when you changed status, like to justify your change
15:44:05 <corvus> krotscheck: ok.  i don't have terribly strong feelings about the implementation at this point; i do think we all agree that what's stored in the db should be expressive enough to support the kind of filtering,etc we might want to do later
15:44:13 <ttx> and then it would appear on the same event in the timeline
15:44:25 <krotscheck> ttx: Yeah, already flagged that as a consideration.
15:44:31 <ttx> It was a good thing because it forced people to explain why they had changed something
15:44:44 <ttx> I fear if we sperarate them too much we would encourage the wrong behavior
15:44:45 <krotscheck> ttx: That’ll be interesting to figure out since status happens on tasks and comments happen on stories :)
15:45:15 <krotscheck> ttx: And it’s not very RESTful to modifiy two resources in one call :)
15:45:21 <ttx> yes, that'w why I bring it up. I hope we can preserve it, but it may not fit that well
15:45:38 <krotscheck> ttx: I feel we SHOULD preserve that, even if it doesn’t fit well.
15:45:45 <krotscheck> But given those constraints I think we can figure something out.
15:45:46 <ttx> for example, someone removing a task should almost always explain why
15:46:02 <ttx> because otherwise you just don't understand what happened
15:46:29 <ttx> he could leave a comment after the fact... but good UI would let him do it in one go. Might be a REST nightmare with two calls :)
15:46:33 <krotscheck> Ok, so summary sounds like: “Yes we all want this, possibly in one filterable timeline, but design needs some offline gray metter.” Sound about right?
15:46:41 <corvus> ayup
15:46:44 <ttx> ayup
15:46:53 <krotscheck> Alright.
15:46:58 <NikitaKonovalov> lgtm
15:47:00 <SergeyLukjanov> +1
15:47:09 <krotscheck> Honestly, I don’t think we have enough people right now to assign someone to it.
15:47:14 <krotscheck> At least not before next monday
15:47:51 <krotscheck> #agreed We all want a story timeline/activity history, possibly in one filterable timeline, but design and implementation needs oflfine gray matter
15:48:06 <ttx> arguably less urgent than the ui filter
15:48:19 <krotscheck> ttx: Yeah, taht’s why I’m focused on that :)
15:48:28 <krotscheck> Actually, NikitaKonovalov, what are you working on right now?
15:48:36 <krotscheck> Want to take this on?
15:48:42 <NikitaKonovalov> I'll take it
15:48:45 <krotscheck> Awesome.
15:48:56 <krotscheck> #action NikitaKonovalov Implement story actions/timelines
15:49:06 <krotscheck> Ok, next topic
15:49:14 <krotscheck> #topic Story priority
15:49:19 * krotscheck unfreezes ttx
15:49:41 <ttx> story priority?
15:49:52 <ttx> ok...
15:50:11 <ttx> that's one of the areas where we actually want to get smarter than Launchpad
15:50:33 <ttx> and let different groups of stakeholders have different priorities for stuff
15:50:52 <ttx> trick is it's easily said, not so easy to design
15:51:05 <ttx> My last try at it was at https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/StoryBoard/Task_Lists
15:51:18 <krotscheck> #link  https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/StoryBoard/Task_Lists
15:51:26 <ttx> i.e. use several ordered task lists instead of a "priority"
15:51:32 <ttx> so let's take a practical example
15:51:36 <krotscheck> ok
15:51:41 <ttx> for that MVP 1.01
15:52:09 <krotscheck> (quick aside: I can probably knock out Task Assignments pretty quickly, I think it’s already supported by the API)
15:52:20 <ttx> we could have had a task list where we would have listed all the things we want there, and then play with their ordering
15:52:28 <krotscheck> (since we’re running low on time)
15:52:29 <ttx> (relative priotity by ranking)
15:53:06 <ttx> It's a bit ambitious and we are not exactly following on clear footsteps here
15:53:12 <NikitaKonovalov> krotscheck: the assignee_id is pretty availbel to use
15:53:19 <ttx> so it might just be a bit crazy / unusable
15:53:46 <ttx> It's also quite a bit of work to do the crazy trello-like UI
15:54:32 <krotscheck> ttx: So, to me this sounds like priority is an integer rather than a specific status.
15:54:49 <krotscheck> And that the basic UI decision is “This is more important/less important” than it currently is.
15:55:24 <krotscheck> The question is whether we care about explicit priority, or relative priority.
15:55:29 <ttx> krotscheck: right, but also priority is only relevant in the context of a specific task list
15:55:39 <krotscheck> i.e. “This task is more important than that one” vs. “This is in the same group as these”
15:55:53 <ttx> i.e. the priority for release management may not be the priority for the core devs etc.
15:56:04 <corvus> (fwiw, i'm very open to experimentation here; i don't mind at all of we go through several completely different iterations.  i'd rather have something sooner, even if we throw it out and have to reprioritize everything)
15:56:16 <ttx> hence the idea of having multiple task lists, and infdicate priority by ordering that subset of tasks
15:56:25 <krotscheck> ttx: How many different task lists do you think there will be?
15:57:12 <ttx> krotscheck: i expect people to have their own task list, then at least one project-level one for milestone planning
15:57:35 <ttx> but i also expect people to run with them and start listing their little group priority
15:57:53 <SergeyLukjanov> sorry for offtopic: any thoughts when we could add subscriptions?
15:57:59 <ttx> (see types of task lists in the wiki doc)
15:58:05 <krotscheck> We have two minutes
15:58:21 <krotscheck> SergeyLukjanov: As soon as someone builds it :). Which, given our current backlog, looks about… 3 weeks?
15:58:32 <ttx> krotscheck: to simplify first I would keep task lists at the project level
15:58:43 <krotscheck> ttx: Ok, priority by project first.
15:58:44 <krotscheck> Check
15:59:05 <ttx> i.e. a project could have multiple task lists in a table
15:59:06 <krotscheck> FTR: I love having personal vs. project priority
15:59:47 <ttx> krotscheck: might be worth baking in a personal task list (same as the personal project group)
16:00:03 <krotscheck> Yeah, but not MVP 1.01 :)
16:00:22 <NikitaKonovalov> krotscheck: do you mean the tasks that you have created have a bigger priority than other in the same project?
16:00:27 <ttx> Oh sure, I'm not sure we can do something with priority in 1.01 :)
16:00:32 <krotscheck> Honestly, this is one place where not having FK’s is going to be magical, because we can do fun overloady thingies in the ORM.
16:00:33 <ttx> task lists could also live at projectgroup level, fwiw
16:01:00 <ttx> i.e. "storyboard priorities" rather than "storyboard-webclient priorities"'
16:01:05 <krotscheck> Anyway, we’re out of time. Any last comments before we get kicked out?
16:01:16 <corvus> ttx: :( we need some kind of priority soon
16:01:16 <ttx> nope thx!
16:01:41 <ttx> corvus: 1.02?
16:02:15 <krotscheck> corvus: We can do a really stupid task-level priority to start with if you need something RTFN
16:02:16 <corvus> i find it _very_ hard to work without some kind of sorting
16:02:19 <ttx> corvus: maybe it can be done incrementally, starting with a unique per-project list
16:02:28 <corvus> krotscheck: yeah, anything would help :)
16:02:47 <krotscheck> Ok, so let’s start with that for 1.01 and then give it some love next release
16:02:50 <krotscheck> #endmeeting