15:01:40 <Zara> #startmeeting storyboard
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15:02:32 <Zara> #Announcements
15:03:23 <Zara> or even
15:03:28 <Zara> #topic Announcements
15:03:35 <Zara> We're planning a js-storyboard meetup on the 15th of August. it's mainly to get our js things up to date, etherpad here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/storyboard-js-meetup
15:03:44 <betherly> woot!
15:03:57 <Zara> the usual 'add cakes that you want' applies
15:04:42 <Zara> probably good to say if you're attending so we can get an idea of numbers, though I imagine it'll look much the same as our last js meetup
15:05:12 <Zara> I've drafted the contents but edit at will!
15:05:31 <Zara> that's all on that from me
15:05:35 <Zara> #topic urgent items
15:05:54 <Zara> none listed, speak now or forever hold your peace
15:05:55 <betherly> i will add an attendees section to the etherpad for people to add names
15:06:01 <Zara> yay, thanks! :)
15:06:20 <Zara> #topic In-Progress Work
15:06:32 <Zara> SotK is on holiday.
15:06:49 <Zara> I gather he is making progress with an Events Timeline for boards and worklists, though there's nothing up in review yet
15:07:14 <Zara> and the complex priorities UI currently looks like this: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/312666/
15:07:18 <Zara> erm
15:07:20 <Zara> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/312666/
15:07:47 <Zara> I've -1d for some small things, but I think it's nearrrrly there
15:08:23 <Zara> then storyboard will be able to express complex priority
15:08:35 <Zara> not sure it's been done like this before, so that should be interesting
15:08:43 <Zara> as for me...
15:08:57 <Zara> I've been continuing working on our dear little python client
15:09:12 <Zara> there are some patches over here:
15:09:14 <Zara> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack-infra/python-storyboardclient
15:09:47 <Zara> at this point it's possible to do most of the things you can do via the web UI via the python client, for folks that prefer using a terminal
15:10:19 <Zara> there are still some gaps (changing worklists is the biggest remaining), and some odd things, but it should still be useful
15:11:28 <Zara> I've also been working on a rudimentary commandline interface for it
15:11:36 <Zara> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/348418/
15:11:49 <Zara> since at the moment it needs to be imported into a script to run
15:12:23 <Zara> I'm not sure exactly how this should work, and I think it's up to people with this workflow to give some input there
15:12:30 <Zara> since personally, I'd use the web ui
15:13:23 <Zara> but we get a lot of questions about the api and scripting for it, so I know there's interest, and this kind of thing will make people's lives easier
15:13:55 <Zara> the idea is to be able to say on the commandline, 'for all stories with description foo, apply tag bar'
15:14:26 <Zara> which you can currently do, this just should make it easier.
15:15:13 <Zara> other things...
15:15:36 <Zara> gerrit-integration patches are believed ready for merge, and should hopefully be merged the next time gerrit needs a restart
15:16:01 <Zara> since they require a restart, so makes sense to get maximum use out of the downtime
15:16:13 <Zara> thanks everyone for your help with those!
15:17:16 <Zara> does anyone want to mention anything I've missed?
15:18:48 <Zara> #topic Open Discussion
15:18:55 <Zara> Anyone have anything to discuss?
15:19:33 <Zara> I had a couple of storyboard-dev things I'm interested in working out what we need to do for
15:19:36 <Zara> erm, horrible sentence
15:19:49 <Zara> but it's also not urgent so I'm fine with waiting 'til more people are around
15:20:59 <Zara> (I was thinking about getting started on seeding it with lots of data, and sorting out the certificates)
15:21:12 <Zara> those are things we'll need infra help with and right now I don't know what the first steps there are
15:21:23 <Zara> so yeah, fine to defer it to a time when people are less busy, that's just here for the logs
15:21:37 <Zara> anyone else have anything?
15:22:58 <Zara> okay, meeting ends in
15:23:00 <Zara> 5
15:23:02 <Zara> 4
15:23:03 <Zara> 3
15:23:05 <Zara> 2
15:23:07 <Zara> 1
15:23:10 <Zara> meeting over!
15:23:13 <Zara> #endmeeting