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15:00:58 <SotK> #link Agenda https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/StoryBoard#Agenda_for_next_meeting
15:01:15 <SotK> #topic Announcements
15:01:21 <SotK> We have Gerrit integration!
15:01:55 <Zara> :D merged on review.openstack.org, anyway!
15:01:57 <SotK> thanks to the various folk behind that :)
15:02:08 <Zara> I'm putting off making a #success announcement until it's turned on for projects
15:02:15 <SotK> fair
15:02:34 <Zara> fungi has volunteered to switch it on, http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/%23openstack-meeting/%23openstack-meeting.2016-08-16.log.html#t2016-08-16T19:19:39
15:02:40 <Zara> so thanks, fungi! :D
15:03:09 <Zara> then we will take over the worl-- I mean, then gerrit will update stories
15:03:29 <SotK> and it will be wonderful!
15:04:03 <fungi> yep, maybe later today. we'll see how far i manage to unroll my todo list
15:04:12 <SotK> woo, thanks fungi
15:04:23 <Zara> haha, yeah, i gather there were wiki fires earlier :S
15:04:34 <Zara> thanks for fixing that
15:05:01 <SotK> I think that is it for announcements/urgent things
15:07:40 <SotK> #topic In Progress Work
15:07:40 <SotK> Zara: you are first on the agenda :)
15:07:40 <Zara> oh no!
15:07:40 <Zara> haha, okay, so the page to view all boards is merged
15:07:40 <SotK> \o/
15:07:40 <Zara> and you can search boards and worklists by tasks they contain
15:07:40 <Zara> tasks and stories
15:07:40 <Zara> searching boards by title should work, but doesn't.
15:07:40 <betherly> o/
15:07:40 <Zara> ANYWAY. it's now easier to find them
15:07:40 <Zara> (hi betherly!)
15:07:40 <SotK> ah, I was going to send a patch to fix that
15:07:40 <Zara> oooh, brilliant
15:07:40 <Zara> yeah, that'll make it 9000x stronger
15:08:14 <Zara> once we have gerrit things turned on, I'll let people know on the list, because that way I can demo an automatic board in action
15:09:08 <Zara> I try only to announce big things so we don't spam.
15:09:35 <SotK> that seems sensible
15:09:45 <Zara> hopefully that will be interesting to folks. :D
15:09:48 <Zara> that's all from me on that
15:09:54 <SotK> I sent patches for an events timeline for worklists and boards
15:09:57 <Zara> \o/
15:10:06 <SotK> I also sent patches for notifications about worklists you're subscribed to
15:10:32 <SotK> said notifications are off-by-default, because of their potential to be more annoying than useful
15:10:48 <Zara> yay
15:10:57 <Zara> I started reviewing the first patch in the timeline events series
15:11:00 <Zara> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/350146/
15:11:13 <Zara> found it gave an error. it's been reworked but is still giving hte same error
15:11:18 <Zara> it doesn't break anything
15:11:41 <Zara> a smart person would already have the paste open in a tab so they could link it, gah
15:11:46 <Zara> it's in the #storyboard irc logs
15:12:09 <Zara> anyway, that's where that's at on my side; I can continue checking it or wait
15:12:51 <SotK> hm, same error in the same place? :(
15:13:11 <Zara> seems like, it's for the same actions
15:13:45 <Zara> #link http://paste.openstack.org/show/559057/
15:13:51 <Zara> that's a few different actions
15:14:34 <Zara> on the most recent version of the patch. maybe best to come back to it in-channel
15:14:44 <SotK> indeed
15:16:19 <SotK> anything else in progress?
15:16:36 <Zara> matthewbodkin has just merged a patch to fix the storyboard developer docs
15:16:55 <Zara> I'm not sure if he's in this channel
15:17:02 <matthewbodkin> Hellooo
15:17:09 <Zara> hey there! :D thanks for the docs fix!
15:17:31 <SotK> hi!
15:17:33 <matthewbodkin> It's fine, nice thing to start off with :)
15:17:34 <SotK> thanks :)
15:18:29 <SotK> hopefully our docs finally work when followed now
15:18:39 <Zara> we say that every time :)
15:19:45 <matthewbodkin> Ye let's hope
15:20:02 <Zara> :) I don't have anything else listed as in-progress; I'm on review-duty for a bit
15:20:41 <SotK> my next thing is to unblock the complex priorities patch, once I've fixed the events timeline
15:20:51 <SotK> anything else?
15:21:24 <Zara> realised we forgot to announce
15:21:40 <Zara> we had a fantastical web development meetup this week, thanks everyone!
15:21:47 <Zara> there was lots of haribo
15:21:56 <matthewbodkin> and cake
15:22:00 <Zara> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/storyboard-js-meetup
15:22:38 <Zara> main things to come out of that were  that we need to sort out eslint things and mobile view things; actual timeline for that still mysterious
15:23:08 <Zara> matthew is looking at a bugfix for the sidebar
15:24:08 <Zara> so at some point we should plan out eslint upgradeness
15:24:25 <Zara> right that's actually all from me there
15:25:00 <SotK> :)
15:25:15 <SotK> last call for anything else?
15:26:12 <SotK> #topic Removing incubated oslo code
15:26:26 <SotK> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/349070/
15:26:43 <SotK> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/%23openstack-meeting/%23openstack-meeting.2016-08-16.log.html#t2016-08-16T20:37:27
15:27:19 <Zara> :) so this came up in last night's TC meeting, as a planned goal for Ocata
15:27:43 <Zara> the repos for the storyboard api and the python-storyboardclient are affected
15:28:29 <Zara> (I kind of wish the goals were lodged *in* storyboard since I'd've noticed it way sooner, but affected projects are scattered across trackers atm, so it's not realistic to ask anyone to use a specific one)
15:28:48 <SotK> heh
15:29:03 <SotK> I guess the most-work part of this will be the client
15:29:23 <Zara> there are more affected things in storyboard
15:29:26 <Zara> #link http://paste.openstack.org/show/550418/
15:29:32 <Zara> but I don't know how wide-ranging those things are
15:29:53 <SotK> well, the client uses oslo's deprecated apiclient thing
15:30:32 <SotK> I assume it has a replacement, but I am expecting to have to rework a bunch of things
15:31:09 <Zara> yup :( I think the best time to look at it will be sometime after I've finished reviewing events timeline things and am looking again at PUTs for worklists and boards
15:31:34 <Zara> (and in the gaps, but that's how I intend to prioritise)
15:32:44 <SotK> seems sensible to me
15:32:58 <Zara> a side-effect is that many other projects use that apiclient
15:33:13 <Zara> so we could be in a good position to help out there.
15:33:23 <Zara> alternatively, if it takes ages to get to it, we'll know where to find help...
15:35:01 <SotK> heh :)
15:35:17 <Zara> :)
15:35:49 <SotK> in the gaps is likely to be the best available time to look at extracting the other stuff from storyboard too I think
15:35:57 <Zara> yeah
15:36:06 <Zara> I think this goal is planned to be done by the Ocata release, so it's not like we need it tomorrow
15:36:09 <Zara> but in practice
15:36:15 <Zara> it's easier to do it while looking at related things
15:36:28 <Zara> and I'd rather not worry about it
15:36:39 <SotK> indeed
15:38:01 <SotK> Any other opinions on this stuff?
15:38:39 <Zara> not from me
15:38:52 <Zara> assume it's loosely assigned to me, I guess
15:39:10 <SotK> #topic Open Discussion
15:40:49 <Zara> oh yeah!
15:40:57 <Zara> I have travel confirmation for barcelona
15:41:08 <SotK> me too
15:41:18 <Zara> \o/
15:41:25 <Zara> so we should start thinking about summit things
15:41:32 <Zara> well, we probably should have done that a while ago
15:43:33 <Zara> though what we do depends a bit on where things are up to
15:43:36 <Zara> re: migration
15:43:38 <SotK> indeed
15:44:14 <Zara> if we have a list of stakeholders, some f2f time could be very helpful for establishing requirements; easier to see demo workflows in person and to ensure we understand things
15:44:25 <Zara> if we have a list of requirements, hack sessions are more useful
15:45:07 <Zara> and I guess a status report should be handy either way
15:46:59 <Zara> perhaps we're best sketching out a plan for identifying stakeholders.
15:47:03 <Zara> though I'm just thinking aloud now
15:47:05 <SotK> yep, I imagine a status report of some kind will be useful
15:48:56 <persia> To take advantage of physical presence, I'd strongly suggest hack sessions, inviting the stakeholders (identified pre-summit) to attend for discussion/review of previously described expectations.
15:50:18 <SotK> that sounds like a sensible idea to me
15:50:37 <Zara> okay, shall we have 1) identify stakeholders and 2) get requirements from them as goals to meet before summit?
15:51:08 <persia> Aside from my preference for the word "expectations" to "requirements", that sounds ideal to me.
15:51:26 <SotK> +1 for expectations
15:51:48 <persia> (where "requirements" are derived from "expectations" after reviewing multiple potentially conflicting expectations to find a way to map all desired workflows, etc.)
15:51:58 <Zara> okay, cool, that's fine
15:52:56 <Zara> now for the hard part xD
15:53:57 <SotK> :)
15:54:04 <SotK> I suspect that will take longer than our remaining time
15:54:20 <Zara> yeah, things are still hazy in my head so that's all from me for now
15:57:12 <SotK> Anything else?
15:57:21 <Zara> _o_
15:57:42 <SotK> well then, thanks everyone for your time :)
15:57:44 <SotK> #endmeeting