19:02:37 <SotK> #startmeeting storyboard
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19:03:05 <diablo_rojo_phon> Good day everyone :)
19:03:08 <SotK> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/StoryBoard#Agenda_for_next_meeting Agenda
19:03:18 <SotK> I think that isn't up to date for this week, but the structure is there
19:03:37 <nmagnezi> my topic is there and is up for this week :)
19:03:52 <diablo_rojo_phon> Cool :) Yeah I didn't update it.
19:04:16 <SotK> I think we don't have any announcements this week
19:04:17 <SotK> right?
19:05:17 <SotK> #topic In Progress Work
19:05:28 <SotK> #undo
19:05:29 <openstack> Removing item from minutes: #topic In Progress Work
19:05:36 <SotK> #topic Migration Updates
19:05:41 * SotK engages brain
19:05:50 <SotK> any updates diablo_rojo_phon?
19:06:33 <diablo_rojo_phon> Barbican is going Friday.
19:06:49 <diablo_rojo_phon> Talking to heat about maybe going this week, though more likely next week.
19:07:08 <diablo_rojo_phon> I thiiink that's about it here.
19:07:20 <SotK> nice, glad things are still moving pretty smoothly there
19:07:25 <diablo_rojo_phon> I guess I can note that the infra manual on making a project has removed launchpad mentions
19:07:31 <diablo_rojo_phon> Now just talks about storyboard
19:07:49 <diablo_rojo_phon> So we aren't going to have more new projects we will have to migrate.
19:08:09 <SotK> excellent!
19:09:03 <fungi> yeah, i've got the barbican migration on my reminders
19:10:27 <SotK> #topic In Progress Work
19:10:54 <SotK> I looked into fixing the bug where typing the full project name causes the save button to not be enabled
19:11:30 <SotK> it turned out more complicated than I hoped and the real fix will be to update to a more modern version of ui-bootstrap
19:11:54 <SotK> which means a bunch of churn renaming things to prefix uib-
19:12:21 <SotK> I'll look at doing either that or a more short-term workaround this week
19:13:12 <SotK> I also began working through my review backlog, I'll do more of that too
19:14:51 <diablo_rojo_phon> Yay!
19:15:05 <diablo_rojo_phon> Oh and our intern got notification she was chosen.
19:15:41 <diablo_rojo_phon> So she will start when finals are done (early/mid may)
19:15:46 <SotK> nice :D
19:16:07 <diablo_rojo_phon> Yep :)
19:16:46 <SotK> anything else in progress?
19:17:09 <diablo_rojo_phon> Nothing off the top of my head.
19:18:37 <SotK> I don't think anything changed with the blocking stories this week, so I'll skip to discussion for nmagnezi
19:18:42 <SotK> #topic Open Discussion
19:18:52 <nmagnezi> o/
19:18:57 <nmagnezi> So, hello to the storboard team.
19:19:01 <nmagnezi> My name is Nir, I'm a member of the Octavia core team.
19:19:01 <SotK> hey :)
19:19:13 <nmagnezi> migrated to storyboard some time ago, and we experience some challenges.
19:19:22 <nmagnezi> I gathered a list of issues raised by the Octavia community:
19:19:29 <nmagnezi> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/storyboard-issues
19:19:51 <nmagnezi> I would like to get some feedback from the team here on that list basically
19:20:03 <diablo_rojo_phon> nmagnezi: oh cool. Looking now.
19:20:35 <johnsom> o/
19:20:41 <nmagnezi> just to put things in context, we compere storyboard to Launchpad, the tool we used to work with. we'd really be happy to improve storyboard :)
19:20:54 <nmagnezi> oh, our PTL is here too :)
19:20:58 <nmagnezi> johnsom o/
19:22:39 <diablo_rojo_phon> I can go through the list and add links to stories that exist. I see one that's been resolved actually.
19:23:19 <diablo_rojo_phon> The Gerrit posting on the patches has been fixed nmagnezi
19:23:20 <nmagnezi> diablo_rojo_phon, yup. one got resolved.
19:24:09 <SotK> for 1., is that happening whilst the project filter is still displayed?
19:24:11 <diablo_rojo_phon> I'll definitely go through this list today though.
19:24:19 <diablo_rojo_phon> This is super helpful.
19:24:24 <johnsom> Yes
19:24:58 <SotK> ah, then that is also fixed but not deployed because it merged when our automation was broken
19:25:07 <diablo_rojo_phon> SotK can you give this a look? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/506812/
19:25:11 <SotK> I suspect our automation is still broken, I'll put that at the top of my list
19:25:32 <johnsom> For context from my side, there has been a lot of push back on using Storyboard.
19:25:47 <SotK> diablo_rojo_phon: I remember an in-depth discussion about that patch in a meeting a while back
19:26:13 <SotK> I don't remember what the outcome was, I'll try to find some logs later
19:27:18 <SotK> johnsom: do you know which issues are causing the most pain?
19:27:37 <nmagnezi> if it helps, I'm willing to file stories for some of the topics there are new to you guys.
19:28:14 <johnsom> These are the top issues. This list got filled pretty quickly after it was proposed.
19:29:15 <nmagnezi> IHO, number 8 is causing a lot of issues and prevents us from doing things we would like to do, such as proactive backports
19:29:17 <diablo_rojo_phon> johnsom: Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We definitely want to do all we can to make you guys happy.
19:29:37 <nmagnezi> s/IHO/IMO
19:30:13 <diablo_rojo_phon> SotK did we have a metadata fix yet?
19:30:22 <SotK> number 8 is the only one I think needs discussion beyond "is it fixed yet or not"
19:30:40 <diablo_rojo_phon> Okay shall we discuss now?
19:30:44 <SotK> yeah!
19:31:20 <diablo_rojo_phon> So. Is it another field we need to add or can we amend descriptions to support metadata?
19:31:52 <SotK> I have pretty strong opinions about importance and affected projects
19:32:49 <SotK> see the "Complex Priority" section of https://storyboard-blog.io/things-that-storyboard-does-differently.html for importance
19:34:20 <SotK> as for affected projects; in StoryBoard's data model stories aren't directly linked to projects, they're only connected via tasks
19:34:48 <SotK> and so the list of affected projects can already be obtained, just by looking at what the projects of the story's tasks are
19:35:55 <SotK> I'd need to understand more how milestones are intended to be used to have an opinion on that
19:36:20 <johnsom> I think some of the concern about these fields not being available is round making it hard to search or pin searches for stories.  Correct me if I remember incorrectly nmagnezi
19:36:50 <nmagnezi> johnsom, +1
19:37:38 <johnsom> Previously I used milestone metadata in Launchpad to target certain bugs to be fixed by a given OpenStack milestone release. The team used it to see priority bugs that need to be worked on.
19:37:39 <nmagnezi> we want to be able to search and filter by those fields, so we can eventually automate some of our workloads
19:37:49 <nmagnezi> we do that with Launchpad for Neutron
19:39:18 <johnsom> It creates a bit more urgency than a long list of backlog bugs with no timing metadata
19:40:07 <diablo_rojo_phon> Makes sense.
19:41:01 <diablo_rojo_phon> I'm not opposed to adding another field for milestones.
19:41:11 <diablo_rojo_phon> It's definitely something we get asked about a lot.
19:41:41 <SotK> I'm not strongly opposed, but I feel like its something that can already be done using a board or worklist of some kind
19:42:06 <diablo_rojo_phon> I think the problem is that it can be done but not easily.
19:42:48 <johnsom> Well, and it's super hard to search on board placement, etc.
19:43:37 <SotK> interesting, searching on boards is something we haven't really given much consideration to I think
19:45:57 <nmagnezi> SotK, any more information we can provide to help you guys with that list?
19:46:30 <diablo_rojo_phon> We could add a search that like.. filters what's on the boards
19:47:05 <SotK> diablo_rojo_phon: yeah, its something I've sometimes wanted but never given real consideration to
19:47:25 <SotK> similarly I wonder if actually adding some UI for due dates outside of boards will help
19:47:44 <diablo_rojo_phon> Not currently...but I'll give it a look in more detail in about a half hour when I get back to a laptop from this lunch meeting.
19:47:48 <SotK> like, a way of finding things that are asserted to be due by that date
19:47:50 <diablo_rojo_phon> nmagnezi: ^
19:48:25 <nmagnezi> we can follow up on that list in next week's meeting, what do you think?
19:48:28 <diablo_rojo_phon> That would work too I would think?
19:48:43 <SotK> nmagnezi: that would be a good idea I think
19:49:03 <diablo_rojo_phon> nmagnezi: I won't be around next week but definitely should keep this on the agenda.
19:49:03 <nmagnezi> johnsom, agreed? ^^
19:49:07 <SotK> (I think that 6 and 10 are fixed or at least improved, but similarly the improvement for 6 isn't deployed)
19:49:20 <johnsom> Sure, NP
19:50:41 <SotK> cool, I'll do my best to get the things we have fixed on it actually deployed in the production instance by then too :)
19:52:19 <diablo_rojo_phon> +1!
19:55:16 <fungi> catching up, it may be worth revisiting whether the milestone targeting is still useful. it used to be common practice across openstack services because the release team used it to report on which bugs were fixed at which milestones over the course of the cycle, but they ceased that practice some years ago which is part of why supporting it as a workflow in storyboard wasn't previously identified
19:55:17 <fungi> as a priority
19:56:28 <fungi> now they instead merely leave comments in bugs noting the first release in which each was fixed (and i have https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2001806 to make the release tools do the same for sb)
19:56:44 <fungi> #link https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2001806 Support StoryBoard in release tooling
19:59:11 <diablo_rojo_phon> That's a good point too
20:00:55 <SotK> ok we're out of time
20:01:00 <SotK> thanks for coming folk :)
20:01:03 <SotK> #endmeeting