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19:01:14 <fungi> diablo_rojo: around or still on a beach somewhere? ;)
19:01:30 <nmagnezi> fungi, well, I'm from Octavia, but here to check about the etherpad list we discussed couple of weeks ago :)
19:01:52 <SotK> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/StoryBoard#Agenda_for_next_meeting Agenda
19:02:18 <fungi> nmagnezi: ahh, yeah there was some subsequent discussion of a bunch of those items ni #storyboard... some are apparently already fixed or nearly so
19:02:50 <nmagnezi> fungi, ack. would be great if I can get some pointers :)
19:02:51 <diablo_rojo> I'm here!
19:03:10 <SotK> #topic Announcements
19:03:51 <SotK> Heat migrated!
19:03:52 <diablo_rojo> SotK, I did update the agenda a bit so its accurate :)
19:03:55 <diablo_rojo> Yay!
19:04:02 <fungi> worth (re)announcing the storyboard forum session for vancouver?
19:04:13 <SotK> diablo_rojo: I noticed, thanks for that
19:04:25 <fungi> ahh, that's already on there! ;)
19:04:43 <diablo_rojo> :)
19:05:04 <SotK> yep, there is also a forum session in Vancouver
19:05:06 <SotK> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/vancouver-2018/summit-schedule/events/21736/continuing-the-migration-launchpad-storyboard
19:05:23 <SotK> we should make an etherpad for that at some point
19:05:58 <diablo_rojo> Yes we should
19:06:10 <diablo_rojo> Etherpads for all the things is one of my todo's for the day
19:06:20 <diablo_rojo> But if you want to make it go for it ;)
19:07:02 <SotK> do you have a naming convention in mind?
19:07:02 * diablo_rojo realizes she could make one now rather than talking about it and goes to make one
19:07:18 <diablo_rojo> I was just gonna name it the same as the forum title
19:07:29 <diablo_rojo> maybe shortening to SB and LP
19:07:39 <SotK> that makes sense
19:07:46 * diablo_rojo goes to make it
19:07:56 <SotK> thanks
19:08:31 <diablo_rojo> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/continuing-the-migration-lp-sb
19:08:39 <diablo_rojo> Will add it to the master list of etherpads too
19:10:46 <SotK> I think that's all for announcements
19:10:52 <SotK> #topic Migration Updates
19:13:27 <SotK> diablo_rojo: how's it going?
19:13:39 <diablo_rojo> So LOCI is set for Friday
19:14:06 <diablo_rojo> and we talked a bit about TripleO in the Infra Meeting yesterday- sounds like its basically time to just pull the trigger on all of it
19:14:28 <diablo_rojo> continuing to do a squad at a time is starting to be more trouble than its worth
19:15:04 <diablo_rojo> Don't have a date yet for that one.
19:15:07 <fungi> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Forum/Vancouver2018 list of vancoucer summit etherpads
19:15:09 <fungi> gah, my internet service went dead, sorry about the now well-out-of-context comment my ssh session had queued there :/
19:15:18 <diablo_rojo> fungi, already added :)
19:16:15 <diablo_rojo> mwhahaha, wanted to email the dev list and warn people before we go. Not sure if we want to try to fit the migration in before the Summit or when fungi thinks when would be best.
19:17:16 <fungi> perhaps better after. i've already committed to doing loci this friday, may want a moratorium on other migrations until after the conference
19:17:34 <diablo_rojo> fungi, that works for me :)
19:17:53 <diablo_rojo> lbragstad, reached out and asked me to do a test migration of keystone so thats on my list of things to do presummit.
19:18:02 * fungi could use at least one fewer thing to worry about between now and then
19:20:05 <SotK> its good to hear that keystone are interested :)
19:20:05 <diablo_rojo> fungi, you and me both- feeling a bit overwhealmed currently
19:20:10 <diablo_rojo> SotK, yeah :)
19:20:44 <diablo_rojo> Continued interest is good :)
19:21:02 <fungi> given the heat import took somewhere in the vicinity of 14 hours for a single pass, i anticipate keystone taking at least that long if not longer
19:21:29 <diablo_rojo> fungi, yeah I expect similar
19:21:48 <lbragstad> diablo_rojo: that can wait until post summit, too
19:22:28 <fungi> thanks lbragstad!
19:22:50 * fungi feels bad about being so overbooked
19:22:57 <diablo_rojo> lbragstad, it doesn't take much effort to kick off the scripts, but I will prioritize it lower on the list :)
19:23:38 <lbragstad> cool - i know we're not short on things to do in keystoneland either... so making sure people have bandwidth to play with things after the migration would be good :)
19:24:02 <diablo_rojo> lbragstad, makes sense :)
19:24:16 <lbragstad> hrybacki: was interested in it specifically
19:24:55 <diablo_rojo> Noted. When I get it done I can let you both know.
19:26:00 <SotK> any more migration things?
19:26:15 <diablo_rojo> Not that I can think of right now..
19:26:44 <SotK> #topic In Progress Work
19:27:13 <SotK> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/storyboard-issues Octavia's concerns/issues with StoryBoard
19:27:33 <fungi> your cue, nmagnezi!
19:27:48 <nmagnezi> hi all
19:28:04 <SotK> hi!
19:28:16 <diablo_rojo> Welcome :)
19:28:19 <nmagnezi> just  wanted to know if there is any additional input needed from our side regarding https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/storyboard-issues
19:28:42 <nmagnezi> and wanted to ask for feedback (some of it was provided in the etherpad itself)
19:28:52 <diablo_rojo> nmagnezi, I think SotK and I have gone through and added comments to all of the points you brought up.
19:29:18 * diablo_rojo skims looking for things that need more info
19:29:41 <nmagnezi> diablo_rojo, yup. but since you discussed this internally on #storyboard i was wondering if there's anything more I should be aware of
19:30:39 <diablo_rojo> nmagnezi, Looks like 5 had a note
19:31:05 <diablo_rojo> What notification is missing? It looks like it works for someone
19:31:20 <diablo_rojo> (not many people have names with their edit colors)
19:31:32 <nmagnezi> diablo_rojo, sadly I don't recall who added this. I'll ask in our channel and keep you posted
19:31:47 <nmagnezi> as you said, the names are not shown
19:31:57 <fungi> yeah, i think right now notification only happens if you "star" the story
19:32:24 <diablo_rojo> Okay cool.
19:32:44 <diablo_rojo> So looks like most of the things we are open to and agree would be good to have we just are low on manpower.
19:32:52 <SotK> yep, or if you "star" (subscribe) to a project that has tasks in a given story
19:33:02 <fungi> ahh, right that too
19:33:23 <diablo_rojo> for 14, I went to go review again (didn't have +2 power when I originally reviewed) and its in merge conflict
19:33:38 <nmagnezi> yup. it works for me and for our PTL ( johnsom ) so I'll ask the other folks
19:33:42 <fungi> though at the moment e-mail notifications from private stories are still broken, if memory serves. that's a bug we want to fix, for sure
19:33:49 <diablo_rojo> I vaguely remember that happening a while ago which may have contributed to the lack of reviews.
19:34:13 <nmagnezi> what about subscribing other folks to a story? same is in Launchpad
19:34:21 <nmagnezi> number 9
19:35:12 <SotK> nmagnezi: that falls into the "would be good but we haven't got round to it yet" category for me
19:35:22 <diablo_rojo> I am fine with that, but its going to take some UI changes.
19:36:51 <SotK> yep, it'd be nice to have but like most of the things on that list its something that was either not a priority or not considered yet when we had sufficient time for rapidly implementing things
19:38:10 <fungi> well, and specifically features which were noted as actively preventing teams from switching from launchpad to storyboard got prioritized
19:38:36 <SotK> indeed
19:39:06 <nmagnezi> the lack of some features there is causing developers to file patches without actually documenting some issues as stories
19:39:07 <diablo_rojo> fungi, right. The blockers got priority. We are almost to the point where we can start working on the nice to haves/would make life better.
19:39:24 <nmagnezi> which is bad for our community
19:39:29 <diablo_rojo> nmagnezi, agreed.
19:40:01 <nmagnezi> since we would really want to have a process that bases on stories severity/prio and proactively backport stuff to our stable branches
19:40:44 <nmagnezi> people already start using tags in commit msgs instead..
19:41:01 <nmagnezi> (backport candidate for example)
19:41:11 <diablo_rojo> Interesting.
19:41:32 <diablo_rojo> I wonder how other teams are handling these issues..
19:41:34 * SotK would recommend using a board for that
19:42:05 <nmagnezi> SotK, you mean a Trello board?
19:42:06 <SotK> like, add the things which need backporting to a board with a "Needs Backporting" (or similar) lane
19:42:14 <SotK> like a StoryBoard board
19:42:19 <diablo_rojo> I think a lot of the benefits of storyboard come from worklists and boards, but its such a different mechanism than what we are used to from LP its hard to get used to using them.
19:42:36 <SotK> but yeah it works pretty much the same way as a Trello board, if that is what you mean
19:42:41 <diablo_rojo> nmagnezi, yeah but they exist in StoryBoard :)
19:43:21 <diablo_rojo> You/ PTL/ Cores can set up a board for the team and manage stories priorities there.
19:43:32 <johnsom> The problem with the work lists and board is they are not searchable.  I.e. I can't do rich query against them.
19:44:14 <johnsom> I.e. like we did in launchpad, show me critical bugs with backport candidate
19:45:04 <diablo_rojo> SotK, how hard would it be to add filtering to the board view?
19:45:07 <clarkb> can't you do a search on both criteria (and potentially build a lane for that?)
19:45:16 <clarkb> I guess you can't modify the existing lane though
19:45:39 <diablo_rojo> I feel like this has come up before..
19:45:41 <SotK> clarkb: I think the problem is that there is no concept of "critical" now, since boards/worklists are intended to be used for that instead
19:45:58 <clarkb> ah
19:46:11 <johnsom> Right, it is just the order of stuff in these lists, boards
19:46:23 <johnsom> Which, is a huge pain in the neck to maintain I might add
19:46:56 <diablo_rojo> johnsom, I think thats where automatic worklists come into play.
19:47:19 <diablo_rojo> As you interact with the story and the criteria changes it moves so you don't need to manually update the board too.
19:47:30 <johnsom> But they are un-ordered, you have to order them by mental criteria of "critical", high, etc.
19:47:42 <johnsom> Automatic just means auto member or not
19:48:39 <johnsom> What criteria on a story? There is no priority metadata, etc. As far as I see the criteria is just when someone updated a comment
19:48:41 <diablo_rojo> Could they be separate lists? One for backport and critical and one for critical?
19:49:02 <diablo_rojo> criteria being project its associated with, tags, etc
19:49:05 <johnsom> And manage these by free-form tags?
19:50:17 <diablo_rojo> I would agree upon a set of tags and document them like tripleO did, but yes basically
19:50:52 <diablo_rojo> https://github.com/openstack/tripleo-specs/blob/master/specs/policy/bug-tagging.rst
19:51:29 <johnsom> We had defined tags in launchpad, but more importantly some key metadata fields on the bugs that could be used for rich search.
19:52:30 <diablo_rojo> SotK, what are all the criteria you can use to populate and automatic worklist?
19:52:59 <johnsom> We already have tagging issues with "backport" "backport-candidate", etc. in the tags lists
19:53:34 <SotK> off the top of my head, I think its the same set of things you can filter for in the list of stories
19:54:34 <diablo_rojo> SotK, which are..? :)
19:54:36 <nmagnezi> just by looking at a list https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/worklist/268 I'm missing  more metadata in this view such as severity / priority , assigned to, branches and more in order to have a good view of that actual list
19:54:40 <johnsom> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/nDQgUiT1/
19:55:16 <johnsom> Just a quick tag search with "bac"
19:56:28 <johnsom> i.e. nomenclature is already becoming a challenge
19:56:38 <diablo_rojo> So do a auto worklist for each of those with the additional criteria of all the octavia repos and is not merged.
19:56:51 <diablo_rojo> And have all of those worklists on a single backport potential board
19:56:52 <diablo_rojo> ?
19:56:57 <diablo_rojo> Does that work/make sense?
19:57:06 <SotK> diablo_rojo: status, assignee, title/description, project, project group, tags
19:57:34 <johnsom> None of those are the tags we defined for our team
19:57:40 <fungi> lp also had freeform bugtags, though what it had which sb is missing is the ability to mark certain tags as official which added typeahead matching and bolding in the ui. there's been some discussion on providing a means of tag standardization in sb along those lines
19:58:23 <diablo_rojo> johnsom, oh I misunderstood- I thought those were your tags.
19:58:49 <SotK> nmagnezi: if the tasks were in that list rather than the stories, the assignees at least would be visible
19:58:52 <johnsom> nope, those come up first, you don't get ours until "backport"
19:59:01 <SotK> I agree that UI needs some work though
19:59:39 <diablo_rojo> Ahh okay I get it now. Well if you have your tags defined, the same idea with the correct tags should work.
20:00:36 <SotK> we're out of time, but I'm happy to continue this in #storyboard once I've eaten some food
20:00:39 <diablo_rojo> the correct tags crossed with your repos should make it so you don't get any one else's stuff
20:00:41 <SotK> thanks for coming folks
20:00:53 <diablo_rojo> Yes happy to continue chatting :)
20:00:55 <SotK> #endmeeting