19:01:12 <SotK> #startmeeting storyboard
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19:01:43 <SotK> #topic Announcements
19:01:47 <SotK> Migrations!
19:02:04 <SotK> searchlight and freezer this time
19:02:56 <fungi> yep, those happened
19:02:58 <fungi> also slogging
19:03:28 <fungi> and apparently we've learned that patrole moved to storyboard.o.o months ago but never let anyone know they needed bugs migrated
19:04:22 <SotK> heh, I'm glad that things are continuing apace
19:05:05 <SotK> #topic Migration Updates
19:05:15 <SotK> anything to update diablo_rojo?
19:06:31 <diablo_rojo> Ummm
19:06:40 <diablo_rojo> Nothing new besides those two that migrated last week
19:06:52 <diablo_rojo> Oh, and it looks like there is a QA subproject migrating soon
19:07:04 <diablo_rojo> That's about all I have there.
19:07:54 <fungi> patrole?
19:09:15 <diablo_rojo> Yep thats the one
19:12:34 <SotK> cool, hopefully others start moving a bit post-ptg
19:12:53 <SotK> #topic PTG
19:13:06 <SotK> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/sb-stein-ptg-planning PTG Etherpad
19:13:14 <diablo_rojo> Yeah I think we will have some more interest after
19:13:21 <diablo_rojo> I started adding topic there
19:13:26 <diablo_rojo> Feel free to add
19:13:40 <diablo_rojo> And I will also schedule us for Tuesday afternoon via ptg bot.
19:14:25 <SotK> thanks :)
19:14:34 <SotK> I will try to consider things to add to the list
19:15:13 <diablo_rojo> I won't be able to start us until 20:00 UTC
19:15:22 <diablo_rojo> Will that still work for you SotK ?
19:15:44 <SotK> yeah that'll be fine
19:15:50 <diablo_rojo> Coool.
19:16:19 <diablo_rojo> I have to cover the team photos for a half hour after lunch but then I'll be able to kick things off
19:16:32 <diablo_rojo> One other PTG thing.
19:16:40 <SotK> sounds good
19:16:42 <diablo_rojo> People want a tutorial during lunch.
19:17:13 <diablo_rojo> Any things I should cover besides like making boards, worklists (regular & automatic), stories & tasks.
19:17:47 <diablo_rojo> I feel like there is a lot of stuff I could cover but I don't want to bore people for 10 minutes
19:18:35 <fungi> yeah, i would keep to the basics
19:19:10 <SotK> me too, that sounds like a good list
19:19:38 <fungi> with prominent repetitive mention of the documentation
19:19:42 <SotK> maybe some using boards/worklists (ie showing the manual ordering for regular ones) too
19:19:42 <diablo_rojo> fungi, you wanna narrate while I do things? Or vice versa? I can probably do it alone, but I dunno what the setup will be if I'll have to hold a mike while computering...thats not so easy
19:19:50 <diablo_rojo> fungi, yeah thats a good idea
19:20:01 <fungi> happy to narrate if you have a basic outline of what you plan to do in what order
19:20:26 <diablo_rojo> fungi, I can put one together today/tomorrow and we can go over it Sunday morning or something?
19:20:43 <fungi> wfm, i've got no real plans before the tc stuff sunday afternoon
19:22:09 <diablo_rojo> Cool, thats what I was banking on :)
19:23:16 <SotK> any other ptg stuff?
19:23:25 <diablo_rojo> Don't think so
19:23:37 <diablo_rojo> Timing, etherpad and lunch things were all I had
19:23:53 <SotK> I assume there will be a hangout link nearer the time?
19:24:20 <diablo_rojo> SotK, yeah. I can probably generate one ahead of time, just havent gotten around to it yet
19:24:32 <diablo_rojo> Also reminds me to put speaker/mic on my packing list
19:24:40 <SotK> :D please do
19:24:52 <SotK> but there is no rush for a link, obviously
19:25:41 <SotK> #topic In Progress Work
19:26:31 <SotK> I reviewed your patch diablo_rojo, and also fatema's api patch
19:26:36 <diablo_rojo> SotK, awesome
19:26:48 <SotK> I'm afraid I noticed more spots where we use the name that I didn't notice earlier
19:26:48 <diablo_rojo> Yeah I saw comments, haven't gotten around to updating yet.
19:26:56 <SotK> good :)
19:26:58 <diablo_rojo> Hopefully will by the end of the week
19:27:23 <diablo_rojo> No worries :) I appreciate the comments
19:27:31 <SotK> I think the project groups by name patches are all ready for review now
19:28:00 <diablo_rojo> SotK, excellent
19:28:04 * diablo_rojo adds to review list
19:28:06 <SotK> also, it'd be good if someone could +A https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bugfixes+status:open please :)
19:28:23 <diablo_rojo> fungi, ^^
19:30:01 <fungi> yep, those seem to be worky
19:31:33 <SotK> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/599182/ is a tiny patch to fix something that I didn't notice in the UI patches we've merged so far where comments are all ugly and grey now
19:33:55 <fungi> http://logs.openstack.org/82/599182/1/check/build-javascript-content/b97a581/npm/html/#!/story/1759730 looks good
19:34:22 <SotK> I'm hopeful that by PTG I'll have a patch for alleviating the "rendering 1000 comments at once is bad" bug too, I was just feeling more creative than annoying-bugfixy this weekend
19:34:22 * diablo_rojo looks
19:35:02 <SotK> thanks :)
19:36:12 <diablo_rojo> SotK, we appreciate all of what you do :) Creative & bug-fixy alike.
19:36:47 <SotK> if anyone fancies making comment on the direction that this WIP story detail layout patch is going I'd welcome it, but its not really priority atm: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/599194/
19:36:51 <SotK> heh, I'm glad
19:38:05 * diablo_rojo opens 599194
19:39:14 <SotK> anything else in progress?
19:39:28 <diablo_rojo> So for some weird reason I am currently unable to view logs..
19:39:44 <diablo_rojo> I updated my browser and cleared my cache and nada
19:39:57 * diablo_rojo will have to look into that later
19:40:14 <SotK> you might need to accept the cert on https://storyboard-dev.openstack.org/
19:40:24 <SotK> I have to do it semi-regularly I find
19:40:56 <diablo_rojo> Ah yep that did it- I've never hit that before.
19:41:25 <SotK> good :)
19:41:33 <SotK> #topic Open Discussion
19:41:35 <diablo_rojo> ooOOoo I like the tags in the new view
19:42:01 <diablo_rojo> looks like some of the events formatting is a tad screwwy, but I like it overall.
19:42:17 <fungi> i'm trying to calculate "launchpad doomsday" (when our story 2000000 will collide with a bug 2000000 in lp)
19:42:20 <SotK> yeah, the events are still a bit WIP
19:42:37 <fungi> trending the last 100k bugs or so to see what the current rate of growth is
19:42:53 <fungi> we're about 200k away from collision
19:43:13 <SotK> eek
19:46:20 <clarkb> there is a realtively not terrible hack we could do should we hit doomsday. Add a trailing zero to all existing bugs, rewrite old numbers to new number and hand wave around where they collide (you have to use new url)
19:48:35 <diablo_rojo> New urls might be painful, but a necessary evil I guess
19:48:52 <SotK> that would work, except annoying for pre-doomsday links in gerrit
19:48:57 <SotK> I don't have any better ideas though
19:51:07 <clarkb> oh Ieant do redirects for old numbers
19:51:14 <clarkb> that will onlu break where they collide
19:51:37 <SotK> oh I see
19:51:40 <SotK> yeah that makes sense
19:51:40 <diablo_rojo> Oh okay thats less painful
19:52:03 <fungi> lately bugs have been added to lp at a rate of roughly one every 416 seconds
19:52:42 <fungi> which is far slower than i anticipated
19:53:29 <fungi> unless my math is off (i need to double-check my figures) that gives us until the middle of 2021
19:53:31 <diablo_rojo> Wonder what that says about the quality of OpenStack? compared to other projects?
19:54:13 <diablo_rojo> Oh cool, 2021 is aways away
19:54:17 <SotK> your maths matches my rough estimate
19:54:27 <fungi> well, in spot-checking bug creation dates, i also noticed that many if not a mahority of the bugs being opened on lp are for openstack projects
19:55:07 <fungi> so in theory the rate of bug accumulation on lp might slow noticeably as we move more projects to sb.o.o
19:55:45 <diablo_rojo> That's kind of what I guessed, but I am glad we have actual data to kind of back it up
19:56:09 <fungi> the potential slowing for lp is based solely on anecdata
19:57:16 <fungi> but at least we seem to have more breathing room than i was worried we might
19:57:57 <SotK> yeah, 2021 feels like a decent amount of space
19:58:05 <diablo_rojo> Yeah
19:58:16 * diablo_rojo was thinking months-ish
19:59:28 <SotK> ok we're about out of time
19:59:38 <SotK> catch us in #storyboard :)
20:00:03 <SotK> #endmeeting