19:11:56 <notmyname> #startmeeting swift
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19:12:32 <grapsus> here for the meeting
19:12:37 <notmyname> again, sorry for the delay. seems that I'm having wifi problems
19:12:48 <portante> shall we postpone?
19:12:51 <peluse> here for the free beer
19:13:03 <notmyname> topics we need to address this week include the status of the havana release (first)
19:13:19 <notmyname> portante: I'd like to at least get a status update on the patches
19:13:24 <portante> okay
19:13:34 <notmyname> did I see the memcache patch merge earlier today?
19:13:52 <portante> I think it is in the queue, pool one, right?
19:14:10 <notmyname> ya, the pool one
19:14:29 <portante> in the zuul queue, behind like 20 other patches
19:14:31 <notmyname> the other one I'm curious about is the dropped connection one by torgomatic
19:15:09 <notmyname> portante: kk, so by tormorrow :-)
19:15:12 <clayg> torgomatic: the fix he came up with didn't really cut the mustard - he's posted a comment on it so I think he's gunna try again
19:15:29 <notmyname> ok
19:16:00 <notmyname> portante: zaitcev: any progress on reviews for your respective refactorings?
19:16:33 <portante> a few folks have reviewed them, but not much movement
19:16:35 <zaitcev> notmyname: Thanks for reviewing the trickies one for me, but I failed to drum up support.
19:17:01 <notmyname> bah. sorry zaitcev
19:17:38 <notmyname> any other outstanding patches that need to be addressed?
19:17:58 <grapsus> I'm new to this project
19:18:08 <notmyname> grapsus: welcome!
19:18:15 <Adri2000> hi
19:18:33 <notmyname> grapsus: right now we're wrapping up the release for Swift's contribution to havana
19:18:36 <grapsus> have you finished designing the API between EC codecs and swift-ec ?
19:18:39 <portante> notmyname: I believe we need to at least address the ondisk changes
19:18:55 <portante> clayg: have you considered that further?
19:19:06 <peluse> grapsus:  still WIP, do you have info on the Trello board where we discuss?
19:19:12 <notmyname> portante: what do you mean by "Address"
19:19:18 <grapsus> peluse: yep I read it
19:19:41 <peluse> grapsus:  that's the latest status, still open fpor mods.  We plan to discuss at hackathon as well
19:19:42 <grapsus> seems like this PyEClib isn't public
19:19:52 <notmyname> sweepthelegjohnn: ^
19:20:05 <sweepthelegjohnn> grapsus: i'll give you access
19:20:05 <clayg> I've mostly been looking at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/46957/
19:20:05 <clayg> portante: can you confirm that's top the tree for now?
19:20:26 <clayg> oh sorry, I think there's two conversations going on
19:20:28 <grapsus> peluse: I work on EC with Adri2000 I believe he already spoke to you
19:20:38 <peluse> clayg:  my bad, sorry
19:20:53 <Adri2000> I spoke with notmyname actually. maybe finish the patches discussion and move on to EC afterwards?
19:20:55 <portante> clayg: I think I need to rebase, but not much difference from top-of-tree
19:21:05 <peluse> grapsus:  lets let the topic of existing patches finish first
19:21:14 <grapsus> peluse: I have a very simple implementation of RS in pure python (~ 200 lines + tests), I wrote to be sure about the API
19:21:24 <grapsus> peluse: ok, sorry
19:22:02 <clayg> portante: ok, i'll keep on that one then
19:22:05 * clayg is done
19:22:31 <notmyname> clayg: portante: thanks
19:23:16 <notmyname> what else on the topic of patches for havana?
19:23:51 <portante> clayg: regarding ondisk changes that is based on
19:23:53 <creiht> yeah it is still a bit back in the queue
19:23:58 <creiht> sorry I'm late :)
19:24:18 <portante> don't we want to fix the ondisk changes so that hash_path is put back to utils?
19:24:59 <notmyname> portante: sounds reasonable, but I want to look at it again. clayg, you had thoughts on this, right?
19:25:37 <portante> clayg, notmyname: my concern is that we release havana with a code move we don't really want
19:26:17 <notmyname> portante: right
19:26:19 <clayg> I think i had a different perspective on why you want an ondisk module, my initial thoughts made it pretty clean that things like hash_path and normalize_timestamp that are consumed by things that are NOT ondisk should not be in the ondisk module
19:26:41 <portante> mea culpa, after reviewing that change more thoroughly, I made a mistake moving hash_path, though I still believe normalieze_timestamp should be in ondisk
19:26:58 <clayg> another way to look at is to mark everything that is currently imported/used by the current in tree implementation as "ondisk"
19:27:14 <clayg> but I don't know when that stops... cause like readconf, half of utils...
19:27:33 <zaitcev> I tried to talk Peter to give ondisk a rest for a moment and just focus on getting the API in. This of course means 1) replicators use old API (but GlusterFS not using replicators), 2) no .setup method. On the upside, we actually deliver what we promised. And it's not some crap code cooked-up in a hurry to meat a deadline, just the most useful part of it in.
19:27:42 <portante> that is why I believe hash_path should go back to utils where it is shared and has a unit tests to verify it does not change
19:28:10 <zaitcev> It's nicer with ondisk, no doubt.
19:28:26 <clayg> anyway I think it's ugly but I don't have the chutzpah to carry a big "change the import path of a function just 'cause" patch through - so I shouldn't be whining about it
19:29:21 <notmyname> clayg: "it" == the normalize_timestamp location?
19:29:21 <portante> clayg: it seems we both arrived at a good case for hash_path NOT being in ondisk, so it seems worth it to put it back
19:29:56 <clayg> portante: maybe, it's not worth it to me, normailize_timestamp is the one where I acctually have code that sits outside of swift that got broke by the change
19:30:09 <clayg> like you can't talk directly to backend servers without importing from... ondisk!?
19:30:20 <clayg> i mean you could re-implement it
19:30:49 <portante> clayg: today that is true, because the backend servers rely on that for its ondisk format
19:31:07 <zaitcev> clayg: We didn't realize there was such code. I grepped through my out-of-tree stuffs, ghole grepped through his, surprisingly normalize_timestamp wasn't used anywhere.
19:31:16 <gholt> Heheh ghole
19:31:20 <portante> we'd have to change the backend code to use a different method and not share it
19:31:27 <gholt> I've been called worse; wait, maybe I haven't.
19:31:40 <zaitcev> ouch, sorry
19:31:42 <dfg> not twice. by the same person that is
19:31:46 <gholt> :)
19:31:56 <creiht> lol
19:31:59 <clayg> it's fine, I'm cool with it...
19:32:15 <clayg> I *really* not going to be able to carry a patch to relocate it thought - so I'm not going to whine about it
19:32:29 <gholt> The one use I found for normalize_timestamp turned out to be an unused import. So I was whining needlessly
19:32:36 <clayg> lol
19:32:45 <notmyname> portante: clayg: it seems that it's being used for 2 different things. so maybe it shoudl be 2 different functions (and that might be a bad idea too)
19:32:47 <portante> I don't mind carrying that patch if folks want it
19:33:24 <portante> this is the kind of small thing that we might regret not being satisfied with before the release
19:33:34 <davidhadas> hi
19:33:49 <portante> davidhaddas
19:33:50 <portante> hello
19:33:57 <portante> -d
19:34:14 <zaitcev> Yay I'm not alone with nick typos
19:34:48 <notmyname> I'd like to get to an EC status update. are we good with what needs to be done for havana patches?
19:35:23 <portante> i'll propose the hash_path restoration and you guys can vote on it that way, is that fair?
19:35:35 <notmyname> sounds good
19:35:44 <portante> one last thing
19:36:12 <portante> regarding the DiskFile API changes as a whole, would it make it easier to review if I also posted a unified combined patch set?
19:36:35 <portante> Right now it is broken out into four
19:36:52 * notmyname finds it useful to see the end result
19:36:55 <notmyname> but I can go either way
19:36:58 <peluse> I would appreciate that - have not been active in that effort and the size/complexity for a newb is one of the resaons why
19:37:10 <zaitcev> maybe like https://github.com/portante/swift/commits/acctcont-api only what you say, and then we can clone one, clone two, diff -urpN -X dontdiff one two
19:37:39 <zaitcev> or I am the last guy remaining in git age who does things like that
19:38:48 <notmyname> portante: I think you have the unified set (or can make it easitly). go ahead and put it up, perhaps marked as WIP
19:38:57 <portante> k done
19:39:02 <notmyname> portante: thanks
19:39:10 <portante> #action portante unified patch set?
19:39:18 <notmyname> #action portante unified patch set
19:39:30 <notmyname> ok, EC status update
19:39:44 <notmyname> peluse: sweepthelegjohnn: grapsus
19:39:47 <peluse> policies:  freshly rebased and proxyu/container code is ready for review
19:39:59 <sweepthelegjohnn> PyECLib is functional and has a bunch of tests
19:40:10 <peluse> EC Lb API:  still being defined/discussed on Trello, plan to talk at hackathon more
19:40:13 <sweepthelegjohnn> shrink-wrapping for v0.1 release
19:40:22 <notmyname> sweepthelegjohnn: when are you opening it? (I thought you already had)
19:40:36 <peluse> grapsus:  if you have a lib it would be great if you can get in on the Trello discussion and make sure the current state meets your requirements and if not make some suggestions
19:40:49 <notmyname> peluse: grapsus +1
19:41:04 <sweepthelegjohnn> i can, i not am giving out access until a few i's are dotted
19:41:07 <grapsus> peluse: yep I don't have access to my work computer, I can post my API and code tomorrow
19:41:23 <sweepthelegjohnn> grapsus: what do you have?
19:41:47 <sweepthelegjohnn> grapsus: reed-solomon or something else?
19:41:54 <grapsus> RS EC lib in pure python, it's very compact (< 200 lines of python), slow, but it works
19:41:58 <sweepthelegjohnn> oh
19:42:01 <grapsus> I wrote to be sure about the API
19:42:07 <peluse> cool, so I suspect between what sweepthelegjohnn has and what Intel is doing we should have a pretty well ironed out API by end of this month, Kevin?  (I can't keep typing that nick :))
19:42:30 <sweepthelegjohnn> peluse: yes.
19:42:40 <sweepthelegjohnn> in fact, i think the api is good to go
19:42:40 <notmyname> sounds great :-)
19:42:49 <sweepthelegjohnn> a few more things, if you guys don't mind
19:42:50 <Adri2000> where can we find the state of the current proposed API? in PyECLib?
19:42:56 <peluse> I think so too, but wnated to reserve that strong of a statement until after hackathon
19:43:01 <notmyname> sweepthelegjohnn: go for it
19:43:07 <sweepthelegjohnn> ok
19:43:33 <grapsus> it's 100% test covered and the API is documented, I can post it, but we'd like to see your API too to see if we haven't forget anything
19:43:41 <sweepthelegjohnn> so, i talked with jim plank this week and will apparently be adding our GF-Complete (really fast galois field stuff) to Jerasure 2.0
19:43:55 <peluse> awesome!
19:43:56 <sweepthelegjohnn> i will inciorporate that into v1.0 of PyECLib
19:44:16 <sweepthelegjohnn> we think that integrating our GF work into Jerasure should be pretty easy
19:44:44 <peluse> wrt grapsus's question:  Kevin is the latest on Trello up to date with your last ocnversations with Tushar?  If not maybe you can post a "latest" just to level set
19:44:53 <sweepthelegjohnn> yes
19:44:59 <gholt> I'd really love for the multi-ring stuff to land on master. Is there a chance that could move there instead of the ec branch?
19:45:05 <sweepthelegjohnn> peluse: yeah, i made the updates to PyECLib
19:45:15 <peluse> gholt:  man I would love that too!
19:45:31 <sweepthelegjohnn> peluse: the only comment was specifying word size in the init function
19:45:32 <torgomatic> gholt: the plan is for multi-ring to get finished, then merge ec -> master, then do erasure-code stuff, then merge again
19:45:34 <torgomatic> IIRC
19:45:43 <gholt> Ah okay
19:45:45 <notmyname> gholt: peluse: ya, let's figure out how that can happen (not right now while I have 7 second ping times)
19:46:00 <peluse> BTW:  the policy stuff (multi-ring) is in multiple patch sets, some of which aren't done yet
19:46:15 <torgomatic> there's still a few more commits, like what to do if two diff. replicas of a container have different policies *and* objects in them
19:46:20 <sweepthelegjohnn> peluse: so the init only takes (k, m, type)…  E.g., (12, 2, "rs_vand")
19:46:26 <notmyname> I had hoped that the ec branch would help isolate some changes, but I think the jury is out on the effectiveness of it
19:46:28 <peluse> the one up there now (the big one) covers the basic plumbing in proxy and container.  there's still some obj module work and replicator work as well, not rnearly as big though
19:46:48 <torgomatic> notmyname: let's judge effectiveness when we merge back into master the first time
19:46:54 <notmyname> torgomatic: sounds good
19:46:55 <gholt> Yessir, maybe a hackathon thing
19:47:09 <notmyname> that would be a perfect time :-)
19:47:10 <sweepthelegjohnn> grapsus: what is your bitbucket account name?
19:47:11 <peluse> agree w/that!  (judge effectiveness later)
19:47:18 <grapsus> sweepthelegjohnn: grapsus
19:47:45 <peluse> Note however that I have been rebasing the policy patch each week after notmyname merges from master so its up to date
19:47:50 <grapsus> I have another question about EC, it is about server-side chunking
19:47:58 <peluse> shoot
19:48:07 <sweepthelegjohnn> grapsus: invite sent
19:48:17 <grapsus> what's your plan for that ? let's say I send a 2 Go file, will you buffer it entirely before calling EC ?
19:49:02 <notmyname> grapsus: no. EC each chunk as its read off the wire
19:49:36 <Adri2000> so chunking is done server side? this is not implemented yet, is it?
19:49:45 <dfg> notmyname: is there some list somewhere about subjects we want talked about a the hackathon? or do we figure it out when we get there?
19:49:46 <grapsus> sweepthelegjohnn: excellent, thank you ! I'm looking at the API, I will send mine tomorrow, but looks very similar
19:49:52 <zaitcev> BTW, I they fixed fedora's openoffice so I was able toread the EC PPT preso, it explained a lot
19:50:10 <notmyname> dfg: somewhat in person, but I'm also working on a list that I'll publish
19:50:19 <zaitcev> I just wish you guys weren't such... well... Just export it ot PDF next time or something.
19:50:22 <dfg> notmyname: ok- cause I have one.
19:50:25 <sweepthelegjohnn> grapsus: please run the tests in the README and let me know if everything works and the performance
19:50:31 <dfg> zaitcev: what EC PPT preso?
19:50:40 <grapsus> notmyname: Adri2000: so where will be this server chunk size determined and how ?
19:50:41 <notmyname> dfg: cool, make a wiki page on the openstack wiki. I'll use tat
19:51:15 <zaitcev> J1-erasureCode.pptx
19:51:32 <zaitcev> waaait a moment
19:51:40 <grapsus> sweepthelegjohnn: ok, I'll do, but if you're using 128 bit registers, perfs should be stellar compared to my POC with python ints
19:52:00 <notmyname> ok, moving on from low-level EC implementation details... :-)
19:52:02 <sweepthelegjohnn> even without that, i can get ~1 GB/s in some cases
19:52:20 <notmyname> what else do we need to discuss in here in the next 3 minutes?
19:52:36 <peluse> that went by fast
19:52:39 <portante> is the priority list of reviews still up to date?
19:52:47 <portante> is that working?
19:53:20 <notmyname> portante: I believe it's up to date and works for me. I'd like other feedback too
19:54:15 <notmyname> I have another meeting in a few minutes and have to run. any last minute things?
19:55:05 <peluse> portante:  where is the priority list of reviews available at?
19:55:12 <zaitcev> I'm going to look at the timestamp comparison, since I screwed up the mempool so well
19:55:13 <portante> sec
19:55:15 <notmyname> peluse: topic in the -swift channel
19:55:20 <zaitcev> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Swift/PriorityReviews
19:55:21 <portante> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Swift/PriorityReviews
19:55:26 <peluse> thanks guys!
19:55:39 <portante> was the irc topic at one point
19:55:59 <torgomatic> still is
19:56:09 <portante> of #openstack-swift, that is
19:56:29 <notmyname> thanks everyone for attending and participating today. we're out of time.
19:56:31 <notmyname> #endmeeting