19:01:02 <notmyname> #startmeeting swift
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19:01:09 <creiht> howdy
19:01:11 <portante> o/
19:01:14 <notmyname> welcome to the weekly fun times!
19:01:20 <cschwede_> Hello :)
19:01:20 <notmyname> who's here?
19:01:59 <notmyname> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Swift
19:02:11 <notmyname> sorry, just catching up. and going slow.
19:02:20 <acoles> here
19:02:24 <notmyname> just got to my desk about 3 minutes before the meeting :-)
19:02:57 <notmyname> ok, status updates on icehouse
19:03:08 <notmyname> #topic icehouse final things
19:03:34 <notmyname> by my count, there are 2 patches that should land today
19:03:50 <notmyname> and then we can safely do an RC tomorrow am (california time)
19:04:02 <notmyname> if-none-match https://review.openstack.org/#/c/81646/
19:04:05 <portante> I am still hoping the in-process tests will land
19:04:10 <portante> maybe that is too much to expect
19:04:11 <notmyname> which creiht and acoles and myself are looking at
19:04:16 <portante> I am almost done
19:04:28 <notmyname> and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/84456/ about swift-{account,container}-info
19:05:03 <notmyname> the 2nd there is important because we haven't realeased with those tools yet, and they are currently out of sync on master
19:05:14 <notmyname> ie different outputs etc
19:05:30 <notmyname> and unifying it before the release means less migration pains
19:06:03 <notmyname> the if-none-match patch is a nice feature and close
19:06:24 <notmyname> portante: if the func tests can get finished and reviewed today, that's great to include. but is that likely?
19:06:53 <portante> dunno. :)
19:06:55 <portante> just hopeful
19:06:58 <notmyname> ok
19:06:59 <portante> perhaps unfounded
19:07:03 <zaitcev> I'll look at if-none-match
19:07:07 <notmyname> zaitcev: thanks
19:07:21 <cschwede_> notmyname: i'm also looking :)
19:07:26 <creiht> right now I'm trying to figure out why the if-none-match stuff isn't getting test coverage
19:08:06 <notmyname> anything else on icehouse patches?
19:08:16 <cschwede_> creiht: me too, but i start thinking that the problem is coverage report, not the coverage itself
19:08:19 <peluse> fyi, here.  (WFH and having some VPN issues though)
19:08:24 <clayg> ohai!
19:09:12 <notmyname> ok, if nothing else for icehouse rc, let's move on
19:09:26 <notmyname> #topic tempest fyi
19:09:40 <notmyname> this is really just to make sure people know what's going on
19:09:47 <notmyname> a couple of things here
19:10:06 <notmyname> first, I've put some swift-related patches for tempest on https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Swift/PriorityReviews
19:10:12 <notmyname> so taking a look there would be good
19:10:33 <notmyname> second, and the bigger thing, is that tempest is going to get a lot more important to us in the future
19:11:00 <notmyname> the current discussions in the openstack board of directors is that the tempest tests will actually be what determine what can be called "openstack"
19:11:23 <notmyname> ie if it's tested by tempest and passes in most installs, then that can be openstack
19:11:35 <notmyname> if it's not tested in tempest, then it can't be called openstack
19:11:39 <creiht> heh
19:11:45 <clayg> lol @ creiht
19:11:47 * creiht goes to write minimal-stack
19:11:57 <notmyname> (there are a few other things, but the tempest part is most relevant to us now)
19:12:27 <notmyname> I don't really have much to add there. this is an FYI about the openstack steamroller process that is underway
19:12:42 <notmyname> any questions?
19:12:52 <cschwede_> notmyname: but tempest will only work with keystone?
19:12:59 <cschwede_> s/will/is/
19:13:11 <creiht> cschwede_: that may be on purpose
19:13:25 <zaitcev> keystone is not that bad
19:13:25 <creiht> not sure what the keystone requirements will be
19:13:26 <notmyname> ya. that's the way it is today
19:13:33 <portante> cschwede_: I think openstack wants to test how swift will be used in a full openstack setup
19:13:52 <creiht> zaitcev: but a *lot* of swift providers do not use keystone
19:13:53 <notmyname> portante: "openstack" thinks there is only a "full openstack setup"
19:14:04 <portante> sure
19:14:07 <clayg> notmyname: well that's the setup they're most concerened with
19:14:16 <creiht> notmyname: except for those clouds that don't run swift that will still be called openstack
19:14:18 <portante> and they leave individual testing to the respective projects
19:14:23 <notmyname> right. I'm not (currently) complaining about that. just acknowledging it
19:14:27 <creiht> hehe
19:14:34 <peluse> can we propose its not openstack w/o swift?
19:14:36 <creiht> yeah we don't need to beat the dead horse here
19:14:36 <peluse> :)
19:14:50 <cschwede_> that said afaik tempest tests for swift are in a (very) good shape
19:14:52 <notmyname> portante: actually, ya. but that's dependent on tempest testing
19:14:58 <notmyname> err peluse^
19:15:05 <notmyname> cschwede_: that's good :-)
19:15:13 <cschwede_> good coverage for most functionalities
19:15:20 <notmyname> they didnt' used to be, but I know there has been some efforr to improve things
19:15:35 <notmyname> although they aren't using /info, which I discovered last night
19:15:50 <peluse> who maintains the tempest tests for swift?
19:15:51 <cschwede_> notmyname: but the plan is to use /info, might even be a patch for it
19:15:59 <notmyname> cschwede_: great!
19:16:02 <portante> are not unit tests per-project enough?
19:16:03 <portante> ;)
19:16:25 <notmyname> peluse: the tempest team. there's a PTL and core and everything
19:16:53 <peluse> so do they keep in pretty clsoe contact with the various projects to assure decent coverage?
19:17:23 <notmyname> peluse: I think everyone wants the current state of things to get better
19:17:31 <peluse> like... for example... do we need to do anything there wrt policies?
19:17:32 <notmyname> (dodge, dodge, political answer)
19:17:50 <notmyname> peluse: yes, probably. I don't know what yet
19:17:58 <peluse> its almost like you're running for some office or something :)
19:18:51 <notmyname> any other questions about tempest? I don't think there's actually much to do in here today about it, other than "don't ignore it, please"
19:19:16 <zaitcev> I'll try. If-none-match first though
19:19:26 <notmyname> zaitcev: thanks :-)
19:19:41 <notmyname> #topic storage policy update
19:19:50 <notmyname> clayg: peluse: can you give us a quick status update?
19:20:15 <peluse> I've got a small refactor and a bug fix ready for eyes.  Have a 3rd that depends on clayg's update on reconclier.
19:20:26 <clayg> aside from some polish the primary code paths are all complete
19:20:44 <peluse> next steps?
19:21:31 <clayg> there is work remaining for the reconciler, and particularlly with container replication - working through probetests and manual functional testing
19:21:49 <clayg> we'll need docs and some rebase'ing to prepare the full set of changes for merge on master
19:22:09 <peluse> OK, can we get some more folks to get the other lower hanging fruit ready-to-reivew patches pushed through so all that's remaining is clayg's reconciler?
19:22:15 <peluse> ...and docs
19:22:21 <notmyname> clayg: you've taken over torgomatic's branch, right?
19:22:44 <peluse> reminds me, notmyname, do you ahve someone good/at planninng on doing a doc section for SP or want me to take a stab?
19:22:44 <notmyname> ie, you'll be the one proposing those to master?
19:23:01 <clayg> notmyname: yeah i'm still poking holes in the cleanup_table approach and trying to hybridize his approach with the queue based reconciler
19:23:16 <notmyname> peluse: we're it. I'll be happy to help write those with you
19:23:37 <peluse> notmyname:  cool, let me know if you want me to start it if you want want to
19:23:37 <notmyname> clayg: great!
19:23:43 <notmyname> peluse: go ahead :-)
19:24:03 <clayg> peluse: I'd like to go over the unified diff and look for drive by refactorings and particularlly cleanup in tests that could be brought over to master before the storage policy patches
19:24:37 <peluse> so next steps:  (1) someone please rview the 2 patches I have that are small/ready (2) clayg to continue wrapping reconciler (3) clayg to udpate github patch set once those are done (4) me/notnmyane on docs (5) core folks review github patch set (6) clayg start to porse to master.  Yes?
19:24:44 <clayg> peluse: I think we've been doing that quite a bit as we go but there may be some stuff that would look find on master as it and simplify the final change line
19:25:11 <clayg> peluse: somewhere in there is an icehouse release
19:25:29 <peluse> well, yeah, I didn't mean to imply an urgnecy ...
19:25:32 <peluse> but we are on the sp topic :)
19:25:35 <notmyname> clayg: tomorrow am the branch will be cut, then we're free to do whatever on master
19:25:42 <clayg> whoo
19:26:07 <notmyname> clayg: so you'll start proposing sp to master at lunch tomorrow? ;-)
19:26:16 <notmyname> it's done, right?
19:26:36 <peluse> 2 patches I mentioned above:  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/83252/ https://review.openstack.org/#/c/83840/
19:26:39 <clayg> heh, maybe
19:26:56 <notmyname> peluse: thanks
19:26:57 <peluse> maybe eat lunch first :)
19:27:07 <notmyname> any other questions or updates on storage policies?
19:27:35 <peluse> just a huge thanks to clayg for the exyta effort w/torgomatic's abse3nce
19:27:39 <clayg> it's probably best to get the first changes up and get some fresh eyes on them to see where we might want to add comments/logging rephrase this way or that, why this approach or that
19:28:09 <notmyname> yup
19:28:23 <peluse> you mean up on github or up in gerrit?
19:28:31 <notmyname> gerrit IMO
19:28:36 <clayg> ... unittest coverage, do we recommend multiple policies on a saio, should functional tests look for multiple policies.
19:28:41 <peluse> yup, agreed
19:28:53 <clayg> eah i ment gerrit
19:29:18 <notmyname> #topic open discussion
19:29:26 <notmyname> anything else to bring up today?
19:29:34 <notmyname> creiht: everything ok in RAX-landia?
19:29:43 <notmyname> oh, the hackathon!
19:29:56 <creiht> notmyname: as far as I know things are fine
19:30:03 <notmyname> cool
19:30:04 <zaitcev> I'm against recommending multiply SP on SAIO. The install is intimidating enough as it is, and we love new adopters. Functests are different, they are free to say "install SAIO and post-configure it to add SPs like so"
19:30:13 <notmyname> hackathon link is public at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/openstack-swift-june-hackathon-tickets-8309569145
19:30:13 <zaitcev> IMHO
19:30:32 <clayg> zaitcev: that's reasonable, although it's really just changing the example swift.conf
19:30:51 <peluse> zaitcev:  agree, not sure I'd see value in a deault multiple policy install on SAIO but back to clayg's comment - I do think functinoal test coverage needs to at least run on a non-default policy
19:30:56 <zaitcev> clayg: what does it do in absense of multiply rings, then?
19:31:26 <clayg> zaitcev: heh fair point, but you can cp object.ring.gz to object-1.ring.gz
19:31:38 <peluse> yup, that's mostly how I test
19:31:43 <clayg> zaitcev: but I think keeping the saio simple is reasonable
19:31:51 <peluse> and if you change swift.cnf and don't make another ring file you'll get puked on
19:32:01 <peluse> same as if you forget to make the regualr obj ring
19:32:05 <clayg> zaitcev: the only reason I find it particularlly interesting is probetests which are targeted at multiple policies
19:32:25 <zaitcev> hmm
19:32:33 <peluse> double hmm
19:32:46 <zaitcev> yeah, we do run probetests in the end of SAIO document
19:32:58 <notmyname> but that question doesn't need to be solved right here right now, does it?
19:33:15 <peluse> don't think so
19:34:17 <notmyname> anything else to discuss in the meeting today?
19:34:17 <donagh> notmyname: do you know which *day* swift has at the design summit? (planning travel)
19:34:46 <notmyname> donagh: there is a tentative schedule that has us split across thursday and friday. it's not a final schedule, though
19:35:08 <donagh> ok, that;s good enough for now
19:35:13 <notmyname> k
19:35:52 <notmyname> thanks for all your work. you're what makes swift awesome!
19:35:57 <notmyname> thanks for coming
19:36:00 <notmyname> #endmeeting