21:00:06 <timburke> #startmeeting swift
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21:00:18 <timburke> who's here for the swift meeting?
21:00:20 <mattoliverau> o/
21:00:25 <notmyname> o/
21:00:29 <kota_> hi
21:00:57 <rledisez> o/
21:01:24 <clayg> o/
21:01:36 <alecuyer> o/
21:02:04 <timburke> pretty short agenda (i guess that happens for a while after a release)
21:02:08 <timburke> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Swift
21:02:19 <clayg> love it
21:02:30 <timburke> first up, updates!
21:02:36 <timburke> #topic py3
21:02:44 <timburke> who has progress to share?
21:02:54 * zaitcev hides
21:02:59 <timburke> hehe
21:03:04 * zaitcev remembers SLO and reappers
21:03:46 <timburke> yay slo!
21:03:56 <zaitcev> Oh, right. How many months did I promise SLO? It's there now. Still needs bulk first though, and there's a couple of tests that triggered re-think in bulk, although bulk's own tests did not catch it.
21:04:32 <mattoliverau> zaitcev: nice
21:04:51 <mattoliverau> I pushed a very slight update on the staticweb patch, just addressed comments
21:05:15 <timburke> definitely seems promising
21:05:29 <timburke> i'm currently working on s3api -- down to just 26 or so failing tests... but i think they're all to do with creating strings to sign, which might get messy
21:05:56 <tdasilva> o/
21:06:04 <timburke> anybody blocked on py3 work? need any help or want to highlight something worth reviewing?
21:06:51 <timburke> all right, moving on
21:07:01 <timburke> #topic losf
21:07:14 <timburke> i saw kota_ pushed up a series of patches
21:07:21 <kota_> yup
21:08:00 <kota_> i still need to fix (and perhaps squash) some of these tho.
21:08:40 <alecuyer> yes, the go modules, I think it's a good idea, I tried in on vagrant, posted a few comments and some changes to the Makefile
21:09:20 <kota_> thx alecuyer! I'll check what's going on in such a vagrant box.
21:09:51 <kota_> it worked in my box so i should check what's diff.
21:10:16 <timburke> cool -- sounds like it's coming along. hopefully we'll be able to have tests running with go code in the gate soonish
21:10:35 <kota_> i also *want* try to make ansible ploybook to repro the make in the gate env.
21:10:54 <kota_> timburke: :)
21:11:21 <timburke> again, anybody blocked? anything the rest of us should be doing to help this week?
21:11:31 <zaitcev> I'm scared of leveldb.
21:11:34 <alecuyer> otherwise, I still have unit tests to fix to go with the http/rpc change
21:11:56 <zaitcev> I'm going to ask for some kind of technical overview at PTG.
21:11:56 <alecuyer> zaitcev: tell me more :) here or outside the meeting, whichever is best
21:13:48 <timburke> well, how about after
21:14:06 <timburke> any other topics that should give updates?
21:14:27 <kota_> it looks like zaitcev wants to do that in PTG
21:14:36 <timburke> er, on which we should give updates? i suppose the topic itself can't provide an update...
21:15:36 <timburke> #topic PTG
21:16:03 <timburke> mattoliverau was great and already set up an etherpad
21:16:06 <timburke> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/swift-ptg-train
21:16:31 <timburke> i seeded a few topics; feel free to add more
21:16:50 <timburke> and of course, add yourself to topics you're interested in
21:16:51 * kota_ will do
21:17:30 <timburke> i ought to book a slot for the team photo -- does anyone have a preference for Thursday or Friday?
21:17:45 <zaitcev> either one okay by me
21:18:11 <timburke> looking at the days that people put on the etherpad, it seems like either will probably be fine...
21:18:25 <timburke> does anyone have a preference for morning or afternoon?
21:18:58 <clayg> Morning
21:19:04 <mattoliverau> I think I need to look at the strawman shedule again.. but I think either is fine
21:19:21 <clayg> I can get ragged after a long day of ptgā€™ing
21:19:30 <timburke> all right, i'll pick a slot
21:20:04 <notmyname> clay's suggestion of morning is good. doesn't matter the day. but morning or right next to lunch doens't interrupt the flow
21:20:21 <timburke> that's it for the agenda
21:20:28 <timburke> #topic open discussion
21:21:26 <timburke> (booked the photo for 11:20 on Thursday)
21:21:33 <mattoliverau> nice
21:21:40 <kota_> good
21:21:46 <timburke> who has other things to bring up?
21:22:01 <notmyname> the release happened!
21:22:09 <notmyname> ie the big ol' openstack stein release
21:22:15 <notmyname> so there's marketing around that
21:22:19 <timburke> totally did. there's a Stein! let's celebrate with beer
21:22:40 <kota_> nice
21:22:40 <notmyname> doesn't affect us *too* much (since we tagged a while back), but celebrate the wins :-)
21:23:09 <mattoliverau> oh a swift stein would be an awesome peice of shwag
21:23:38 <timburke> notmyname, you've done shirts before... how about it? ;-)
21:24:06 <notmyname> that would be cool, but it's a bit late for that. take a few months to make shirts
21:24:20 <notmyname> well, at least the way i've done them in the past
21:25:50 <timburke> so, i started poking at the quadiron patches. i think one of them may break compat for phazr, though :-/
21:26:49 <timburke> and i realized that i really want to restructure the libec unit tests, so we could have a separate job per external backend
21:27:19 <kota_> sounds good
21:28:35 <timburke> anyone have anything else?
21:30:07 <timburke> thanks for coming, and thank you all for working on swift!
21:30:14 <alecuyer> thanks tim
21:30:28 <timburke> i'll see most (all?) of you soon in Denver!
21:30:42 <timburke> #endmeeting