21:00:53 <timburke> #startmeeting swift
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21:01:04 <timburke> who's here for the swift meeting?
21:01:08 <kota_> hi
21:01:14 <tdasilva> hello
21:02:23 <timburke> not too much on the agenda again
21:02:28 <rledisez> o/
21:02:34 <timburke> i think most of the activities been over on the etherpad
21:02:37 <timburke> so...
21:02:41 <timburke> #topic Denver PTG
21:02:49 <timburke> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/swift-ptg-train
21:03:21 <timburke> looks like people have been filling out whether/when they'll be there and what they're interested in, which is great
21:04:27 <timburke> if you haven't already, please note the topics you're most interested in; i might try to rearrange the etherpad just before Denver so the topics that most people want to talk about are toward the top
21:04:44 <kota_> I'll check it out more today as the prep
21:04:50 <timburke> (just to make things easier to find. hopefully. or it'll throw everyone for a loop)
21:06:11 <timburke> would it be useful for me to try to organize these topics into slots? like, do the ordering i said and then try to get us moving through them one or two at a time?
21:06:14 <clayg> hi
21:06:15 <timburke> or should we just kinda sort it out when we get there? i feel like that's what we've done the last couple times...
21:06:55 <tdasilva> timburke: fwiw i like the idea of some sort of scheduling into slots
21:07:41 <kota_> do we have 3 days for all? scheduling sounds good but it seems like we don't have to make them in parallel.
21:08:02 <clayg> plenty of time
21:08:17 <kota_> 9 topics so far
21:08:35 <tdasilva> kota_: just realized kazuhiro might not be there :(
21:08:41 <timburke> yeah, three days. looks like a few people are flying out saturday, though, so that day may be a little short
21:09:09 <kota_> timburke: kazuhiro will be there. he is planning to join PTG. only PTG tho, not attend to summit.
21:09:24 <timburke> (well, short for them. i have no doubt we'll yet again be one of the last rooms to empty out :-)
21:09:44 <tdasilva> kota_: great!
21:10:44 <timburke> looks like there are some evening events planned for thursday and friday that might be fun (and i think they both include some amount of free food/drinks)
21:11:21 <kota_> oh nice. is it for OpenStack-wide? or Swift specific?
21:11:37 <timburke> openstack-wide
21:11:38 <kota_> i may be missing that.
21:11:48 <timburke> game night thursday, and a general mixer friday
21:11:57 <clayg> mix it up baby!
21:12:49 <kota_> ic
21:13:09 <timburke> i know i got an email about it, but i don't know that there's a handy way to link to it...
21:13:25 <timburke> w/e
21:14:18 <timburke> we'll surely find some opportunities to all go out to dinner/drinks ourselves, too. i've been looking at various restaurants, seems like a pretty good beer scene
21:14:33 <timburke> anyone have anything else for the PTG?
21:15:52 <timburke> #topic updates - py3
21:16:38 <timburke> this might be a little quiet since neither mattoliverau nor zaitcev seem to be about, and i was on vacation for the last week...
21:16:58 <zaitcev> Well, I did look at s3api
21:17:06 <timburke> but zaitcev's been doing a great job of doing some reviews, spotting some bugs, and pushing up new patches!
21:18:10 <timburke> oh, and porting DLO actually landed! it was still working its way through the gate last meeting
21:18:49 <timburke> zaitcev, anything else i'm missing?
21:19:08 <zaitcev> Didn't you start on object server?
21:19:35 <zaitcev> Matt was finishing up with middleware, did tempurl
21:20:12 <timburke> yeah, i took a stab at reconstructor... then started to work on ssync and i forget where i left that...
21:21:17 <timburke> fwiw, our most-recent unit tests have 4574 of 6851 tests running under py3
21:21:19 <zaitcev> one run of tox will remind nicely :-)
21:21:51 <timburke> i think that's about it for py3
21:22:00 <timburke> #topic updates - losf
21:22:48 <timburke> i haven't seen much on the feature branch lately, but i'm guessing that's largely due to summit prep and such
21:23:34 <kota_> yup, and I was in vacation in the last week.
21:23:56 <rledisez> yeah, on OVH side we were mostly busy doing ops work on LOSF. alecuyer is off today (already in denver, in the mountains ;))
21:24:07 <timburke> oh nice
21:24:13 <kota_> wow
21:25:01 <timburke> anything else to bring up for it?
21:25:24 <kota_> no from me
21:25:26 <rledisez> nope
21:25:34 <timburke> #topic general discussion
21:25:55 <timburke> i've got two small items
21:26:18 <timburke> one is that it looks like we'll probably have https://review.opendev.org/#/c/653545/ as a community goal for train
21:26:39 <timburke> p 653545
21:26:41 <patchbot> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/653545/ - governance - Add IPv6 support and testing goal for Train - 9 patch sets
21:26:50 <timburke> i think patchbot needs to learn about opendev :-)
21:27:00 <kota_> IPV6
21:27:15 <timburke> fortunately, our testing should already cover that, so i don't think there'll be much of any work involved
21:27:36 <kota_> oh, is the gerrit host moved to opendev?
21:27:43 <timburke> maybe some small changes to our existing -ipv6 job to ensure it conforms to what TC is expecting
21:27:57 <timburke> kota_, yep! happened at the end of last week i believe
21:28:23 <timburke> the other is: i've been chairing these meetings for a bit now... how am i doing?
21:28:50 <timburke> do i move along too fast or too slow? i'm guessing more the former if anything
21:28:53 <kota_> agree > not so much of any work involved for IPV6 testing we have.
21:29:16 <timburke> so, yes, moving a little too fast :-)
21:29:59 <kota_> just right pace I was thinking.
21:30:06 <timburke> is there anything you guys would like to see to make our meeting time more effective?
21:30:23 <tdasilva> timburke: you are doing great. thanks for keeping up with openstack topics that might be of interest to us
21:30:43 <timburke> (and of course, feel free to reach out to me about it later, after having a chance to collect thoughts, etc. -- either in -swift or privately)
21:30:43 <kota_> I could follow if you go a little bit faster but it's not so slow so far. Too fast might be hard to track.
21:30:52 <rledisez> timburke: i would say you're doing great in a time were things are slowing down. the meetings are not what they used to be but it's not related to you. there is no new swift topics coming up as it used to be.
21:31:43 <timburke> kota_, that was exactly my worry -- i don't want to be going too fast and making it difficult to follow, especially for you and rledisez where english isn't your first language
21:32:15 <timburke> sounds like i should just keep doing what i've been doing :-)
21:32:23 <timburke> anyone else have things to bring up?
21:34:16 <timburke> all right. i think that's it then
21:34:38 <timburke> i propose we cancel next week's meeting as we'll be at the PTG
21:34:51 <timburke> but otherwise, i'll let you all get on with your day
21:35:02 <timburke> thank you all for coming, and thank you for working on swift!
21:35:12 <kota_> thank you timburke!
21:35:12 <timburke> #endmeeting