21:00:12 <timburke> #startmeeting swift
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21:00:19 <timburke> who's here for the swift meeting?
21:00:36 <mattoliverau> o/
21:01:03 <clayg> o/
21:01:04 <timburke> i know alecuyer and rledisez aren't going to make it
21:01:12 <mattoliverau> And am making breakfast for the girls, so could be interesting :p
21:01:17 <timburke> heh
21:03:16 <timburke> all right, agenda:
21:03:19 <timburke> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Swift
21:03:39 <timburke> not much new going on, mostly looking at updates. with that,
21:03:48 <timburke> #topic tempurl PUT restrictions
21:04:09 <timburke> mattoliverau did a great job of poking at some func tests and pushed them up
21:04:18 <timburke> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/659499/
21:04:18 <patchbot> patch 659499 - swift - WIP: Functests that stress tempurl xlo PUTs - 1 patch set
21:04:36 <mattoliverau> Still needs a bunch of work, will poke some more at it :)
21:05:22 <timburke> i had a few concerns that we maybe *aren't* actually comfortable with loosening our restrictions as we'd hypothesized at the PTG
21:06:05 <timburke> mattoliverau, do you think it's something we should continue bringing up during meetings, or is the review a better venue for discussion?
21:06:56 <mattoliverau> For now maybe the review, can move it back to meeting if it stagnates or needs some real grey matter :)
21:07:49 <timburke> sounds good. i don't want to harangue you every week unnecessarily ;-)
21:07:54 <mattoliverau> Loosening may be ok, but I think we need to be careful and make sure the cve holes are still plugged :)
21:08:11 <timburke> agreed
21:08:20 <timburke> #topic container building
21:08:32 <timburke> the container jobs are passing again!
21:08:47 <timburke> but i still proposed & landed a patch to make them non-voting
21:08:55 <clayg> 🙌
21:08:56 <timburke> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/659391/
21:08:57 <patchbot> patch 659391 - swift - Make build/upload/promote image jobs non-voting (MERGED) - 1 patch set
21:09:15 <timburke> more an fyi than anything else
21:09:32 <timburke> i'm excited to see what we build on top of these
21:09:59 <timburke> #topic migration to storyboard
21:10:34 <timburke> last week, diablo_rojo_phon said she was going to try to get our migration done
21:11:01 <notmyname> I saw she said something in -infra about working on it
21:11:04 <diablo_rojo_phon> I got the project created last week.
21:11:17 <timburke> not sure whether it's actually happened yet or not, though -- i think there was ... yeah! the project's created :-)
21:11:47 <diablo_rojo_phon> I had some issues with my SSH key to the Dev isntance that I got cleared up. Then we hit some python 3 issues that I think are fine now so I shoooould be able to run it.
21:12:05 <timburke> thanks diablo_rojo_phon! so does that mean that we could start creating *new* stories there?
21:12:12 <timburke> yay running things!
21:12:22 <diablo_rojo_phon> You can make test stories there for sure.
21:12:29 <diablo_rojo_phon> I wouldn't make legit ones there.
21:12:49 <diablo_rojo_phon> If you want to make legit ones in sb I would move forward with the project config change
21:12:59 <diablo_rojo_phon> That would create the project I'm the prod sb.
21:13:04 <timburke> yeah, makes sense. since it's the sandbox area and will likely get blown away at some point
21:13:27 <timburke> what's the sandbox url?
21:13:32 <diablo_rojo_phon> Yeah it's definitely not the 'real' place.
21:13:50 <diablo_rojo_phon> storyboard-dev.openstack.org
21:14:46 <timburke> #link https://storyboard-dev.openstack.org/#!/project/openstack/swift
21:15:42 <timburke> i'd encourage everyone to try out the "make a story, comment on it, close it as either fixed or invalid" workflow, see how it feels
21:15:58 <diablo_rojo_phon> +2
21:16:15 <timburke> it will surely take a bit of getting used to, but with some practice i'm sure it'll be great
21:16:53 <timburke> #topic libec release
21:17:22 <diablo_rojo_phon> If anyone has questions please come ask in #storyboard
21:17:35 <timburke> last week we agreed it would be a good idea to get a 1.6.1 out, but so far i haven't had time to get together an AUTHORS/CHANGELOG patch. sorry
21:17:46 <mattoliverau> diablo_rojo_phon: thanks, and enjoy barcelona :)
21:18:08 <timburke> tdasilva offered to help (http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/%23openstack-swift/%23openstack-swift.2019-05-17.log.html#t2019-05-17T17:51:04) but i guess he hasn't had time either ;-)
21:18:23 <timburke> i'll try to get my act together this week
21:18:43 <timburke> #topic python 3
21:18:48 <mattoliverau> timburke: you got alot of other stuff done so no stress :)
21:18:57 <timburke> heh, speaking of:
21:19:08 <timburke> we have a func-py37 test gate job!
21:19:19 <mattoliverau> \o/
21:19:47 <timburke> that one file gets us to like 27% of our func tests :P
21:20:10 <timburke> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/642520/
21:20:11 <patchbot> patch 642520 - swift - Get functional/tests.py running under py3 (MERGED) - 16 patch sets
21:20:21 <timburke> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/645856/
21:20:21 <patchbot> patch 645856 - swift - Add py37 func test job (MERGED) - 8 patch sets
21:21:00 <timburke> more good news: we've got patches proposed to bring all but one unit test file under test on py3!
21:21:17 <timburke> i think i've got the list up-to-date at
21:21:21 <timburke> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Swift/PriorityReviews
21:21:38 <timburke> we're down to just two middlewares
21:21:54 <timburke> a handful of obj test files
21:22:08 <timburke> and test_locale.py (which has no patch yet)
21:22:13 <mattoliverau> nice
21:23:17 <timburke> i checked our coverage last week and this morning, and we've gone from 83% to 86.5%, which seems great
21:23:54 <timburke> and we've got some half-dozen func test patches waiting for review
21:24:34 <timburke> i'm not sure that we'll hit my end-of-the-month target, but it definitely seems like we won't miss it by much
21:25:10 <mattoliverau> timburke: youve done an amazing job getting the func tests and obj tests over!
21:25:21 <timburke> so great job everybody! keep reviewing! keep thinking about this!
21:26:18 <timburke> and keep testing. OVH did some nice mixed-version testing that uncovered a bug where we didn't specify the pickle protocol version we wanted
21:26:31 <timburke> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/659614/
21:26:32 <patchbot> patch 659614 - swift - Specify pickle protocol in REPLICATE() - 3 patch sets
21:27:14 <mattoliverau> oh nice find.. thats important :)
21:28:12 <timburke> #topic lots of small files
21:28:47 <timburke> ...only i'm not sure kota is here... so i guess not much change for the time being ;-)
21:29:23 <timburke> i did at least kick the merge-from-master from last week -- i should look at doing another merge for this week
21:29:43 <timburke> #topic open discussion
21:30:50 <timburke> oh, hey! looks like clayg approved my async-delete patch!
21:30:53 <timburke> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/659162/
21:30:53 <patchbot> patch 659162 - swift - Add operator tool to async-delete some or all obje... - 7 patch sets
21:31:02 <timburke> i was going to bring that up otherwise ;-)
21:32:24 <mattoliverau> oh cool, it uses the queue. I look forward to having a play with it
21:34:33 <timburke> there are definitely some interesting ideas in the review comments for where we could take it from there, including using something like the general task queue to drive a job that does the paging/enqueuing of the expirer entries -- super interesting
21:36:14 <mattoliverau> oh interesting, looks like even though it +a'ed I need to add it to my list of patches to read (esp the comments) :P Have these ideas been moved to the ideas page?
21:36:46 <timburke> mattoliverau, not yet. i'll put that on my list of things to do for next week
21:38:06 <timburke> all right, i think i'm going to call it
21:38:18 <timburke> thank you all for coming, and thank you for working on swift!
21:38:28 <timburke> #endmeeting